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Tap into the future of healthcare management by harnessing the power of our EMR and EHR software development solutions and transforming the way healthcare professionals manage their patient data. Our EMR software developers are well-versed in state-of-the-art technologies, helping businesses implement smooth communication between healthcare providers and thereby delivering ideal patient care.

EHR Software Development

360° View Of Our EHR Healthcare Software

Explore the seamless journey toward healthcare management with a personalized demo of our software. Discover the splendid features, intuitive interface, flawless integration built with robust security protocols and modern clinical decision support. Our dedicated team of EMR software developers will offer you extensive support for ongoing success.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software Development

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software Development

Drive operational efficiency and experience a perfect exchange of patient information among various healthcare systems by venturing into EMR software development. It will help healthcare organizations to fetch meaningful insights about the patients while utilizing the data analytics attributes instilled within the EMR systems. Moreover, the software will facilitate you with matchless interoperability, amplifying care coordination and resulting in enhanced patient satisfaction.

As a leading EMR software development company, we will help you grow your healthcare business and thrive in this competitive landscape while addressing your challenges. Our customized EMR solutions will seamlessly be integrated into your existing workflows to help you deliver better patient care.

Our Comprehensive EHR Software Development Services

Explore our extensive EMR software development services that will help you improve patient care and ensure regulatory compliance. Get ready to witness comprehensive training/support, making sure there is a seamless transition to the new system, thereby prioritizing business and user satisfaction.

  • HIPAA and GDPR Compliance

    Our developed EMR and EHR software comply with the HIPAA and GDPR regulations to offer privacy and protect personal data.

  • EHR System Certification

    We assure the software is EHR System Certified, which helps in the effective storing and sharing of patient data in a structured format.

  • EMR and EHR Mobile App Development

    Our seasoned developers build robust mobile apps that help manage remote tasks and easily access patient data.

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  • EMR and EHR Integration Services

    We are capable of integrating tools and technologies, resulting in exceptional doctor-patient relationships.

  • AI-Driven Remote Patient Monitoring

    Uses AI to analyze patient data that helps in timely detection of health problems and the creation of customized treatment plans.

  • AI Chatbots in Healthcare

    With AI-powered chatbots, the workflows are streamlined, appointments are automatically scheduled, and instant support is offered to professionals.

Want An EHR/EMR Software For Your Healthcare Business?

Stay ahead of competitors and boost productivity with our EHR/EMR software solutions. Take control and empower your team with real-time access to patient data from anywhere, anytime.

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EMR/EHR Software Integrations

We have the potential to integrate third-party healthcare platforms and APIs that aid healthcare professionals in tackling various administrative obstacles within the healthcare domain.

  • DrChrono

    Integrating with the DrChrono platform offers medical billing, patient scheduling, and superior patient care, enhancing patient care and empowering healthcare providers.

  • CareCloud

    The platform integration streamlines the workflow and allows healthcare providers to facilitate high-quality care, elevating efficiency and profitability.

  • AthenaHealth

    With this third-party integration, the healthcare providers can increase their financial performance and operational efficiency.

  • Kareo

    We provide custom integration with a cloud-based medical software platform, providing solutions for telemedicine and electronic health records.

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  • Veradigm

    With this platform integration, healthcare providers can capture fantastic clinical outcomes and advance healthcare innovation for providers, payers, and organizations.

  • CureMD

    We use CureMD to provide functionalities like better patient communication, medication management and personalized care.

  • Epic

    We use Epic, which offers a fantastic set of modules for clinical decision support, patient record maintenance, and improved patient care delivery.

  • OpenEMR

    Integrating with the OpenEMR platform provides flexibility, making it accessible to everyone with ever-evolving healthcare demands.

Custom EHR Software Development Solutions

We focus on offering tailored EHR software solutions that foster interoperability and improve the management of medical history data, thereby providing numerous other advantages within a unified database.

  • Custom Healthcare Solutions

    Custom Healthcare Solutions

    Enables healthcare providers and patients with top-grade features, including scheduling appointments, optimizing healthcare quality and much more.

  • Interactive Patient Portals

    Interactive Patient Portals

    Helps patients to quickly get their helath details and handle e-prescriptions in just a few clicks, thereby upgrading the doctor-patient relationship.

  • Healthcare Analytics

    Healthcare Analytics

    Our custom EMR/EHR software is powered with AI/ML technology that helps make predictions based on predictive analytics to make accurate decisions.

  • Compliance & Security

    Compliance & Security

    Our developed software adheres to HIPAA and GDPR regulations and meets security standards, ensuring scalability and safety at the highest level.

  • Telemedicine Applications

    Telemedicine Applications

    Our custom telemedicine apps come with spectacular features and are integrated with advanced technologies for proper health monitoring and tracking.

  • ICD-10 Codes

    ICD-10 Codes

    With this system integration, doctors can conveniently categorize the diseases as per the symptoms uniquely identified with a comprehensive coding system.

Looking For Patient Intake Management Software?

Harness the power of our patient intake management app development and optimize your patient care to the ultimate level. Our innovative patient intake management software helps schedule appointments with reduced paperwork and administrative burden, thereby saving time. Hire our seasoned developers to build a patient intake management system that offers real-time updates to patients and healthcare providers, tracks appointments, handles insurance details, etc, all in one place. Partner with us and explore how our team of experts will help you optimize your workflow and deliver matchless quality healthcare.

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Must-Have Features of Fully Developed EHR Systems

Experience our EHR software's top-notch features, including interactive patient portals, robust security measures, and splendid support tools with analytics capabilities.

1. Patient Management Portal

Offers patients easy access to their health records, such as booking appointments and viewing tests directly, inadvertently exhibits transparency and uplifts the healthcare experience.

Patient List Management

Helps add, update, and maintain the complete list of patients within the EHR software that aids in easily retrieving information.

Intake Assessment

Allows the doctors to collect essential information about the patients' health status, and medical history to provide better treatment.

Individual Notes

Helps doctors to make notes of their patient's medical history, progress and current treatment in the form of personalized notes.

Day And Night Notes

Stores information like treatment updates and patient status about the patients with respect to day and night shifts.

Group Therapy Notes

Helps record details about the therapeutic sessions of different patients, showing discussed topics, patient progress etc.

Discharge Summary

It depicts the patient's medical history, medications prescribed, treatment received, suggestions for follow-up care, etc.


Holds information like policy number, patient insurance information, coverage dates, insurance provider name, etc.

2. Clinical Record Section

Acts as a primary hub, offering healthcare providers all patient health information, including lab results, vital signs, medications, reports, etc.

3. Billing and Financial Dashboard

Comes with an intuitive dashboard that improves the revenue cycle management and guarantees accurate billing practices, revenue analysis, payment tracking, etc.

4. E-Prescriptions

Helps healthcare professionals in the electronic generation and transmission of prescriptions automatically from the patient's EHR to the pharmacies.

5. Integration With Test Labs

Allows secure data exchange among the labs and healthcare providers that optimizes performance, mitigates errors and on-time access to diagnostic information.

6. Interoperability

Enables the smooth exchange of patient information with the doctors irrespective of the software while elevating coordinated care, optimized efficiency, etc.

7. Decision Support

Comes with tools to make the right clinical decisions to enhance patient safety, improve clinical outcomes and provide reminders for preventive care measures.

8. Communication

Provides effective messaging sending notifications, promoting solid patient-related information coordination with reduced errors and top-notch workflow efficiency.

9. Distributed Access

Enables the secure assessment and handling of patient information from varied locations without hampering data security and privacy.

10. Hospital Facilities Management

Incorporates the tracking facility attribute, handling equipment inventory to improve efficiency, decrease downtime, guaranteeing a much saferenvironment for patient care.

Evacuation Drills

Integrates features involving conducting drills, documenting evacuation routes, detecting assembly points, and evaluating the efficacy of evacuation protocols.

Fire Permit

Enables the real-time tracking of permits necessary for fire prevention measures such as emergency exits and fire alarm systems.

Disaster Drills

Helps conduct drills for disaster scenarios that happen naturally or due to mass casualty incidents, thereby gauging response times and finding improvement areas.

Pest Control

Helps track the pest control activities by conducting pest control inspections and monitoring pest activity trends.

Temperature Logs

Allows the seamless tracking of temperature trends and ascertaining compliance with temperature-sensitive storage conditions for vaccines and other medications.

Food Menu

Allows healthcare professionals to document patients' dietary preferences, and streamline meal plans taking cognizance of the allergies and nutritional requirements.

TB Risk Management

Possess tools that monitor TB risks, track screening results, and ensure communication between doctors and the TB care unit.

Unlock New Insights With Our Trusted EHR/EMR Solutions

Unlock New Insights With Our Trusted EHR/EMR Solutions

Empower your healthcare business and maximize productivity with our advanced EHR/EMR tools. Collaborate with our team of experts and streamline your workflow instantly.

Types of EHR Software Development Process

Witness the different EHR softwares providing remote accessibility, customization and integration with other platforms. Depending upon the project requiements, you can choose the type of EHR system.

  • 01
    Physician Hosted

    Possess all the patient-related data hosted on the physician's server, and the entire effort is put into the overall maintenance and security of the data.

  • 02
    Remotely Hosted

    All the EHR data is stored and maintained on the third-party server, which means the external entity takes care of the maintenance and security.

EHR Software Development Tech Stack

Our EHR software possess dynamic tech stacks that amplifies the performance of the system to the next level.

Front End Development

  • HTML5 icon


  • CSS3 icon


  • react.js icon


  • Vue.js icon


  • JavaScript icon


Back End Development

  • NGiNX icon


  • Laravel icon


  • MySQL icon


  • Redis icon


  • AWS icon


Why Choose Us For Complete Healthcare Record Management Software Development?

Suffescom is a noteworthy EHR software development company that has helped businesses realize their potential. With more than 13 years of experience developing interactive software and platforms, we have become pioneers in introducing groundbreaking solutions and setting industry standards.

  • Customized Solutions

    We provide personalized solutions to our clients tailored as per their project requirements.

  • Top-Security

    Our team uses robust security measures and protocols to protect sensitive patient data.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Our designers are capable of building intuitive designs that help with easy navigation.

  • Round-The-Clock Services

    Our tech support team is available 24* 7 to address and resolve the issues.

  • Modern Tech Stacks

    Our developers use advanced tech stacks making the software efficient, scalable and reliable.

  • Seasoned Developers

    We have a proficient team of developers with in-depth knowledge about their domain.

FAQs About EHR/EMR Software

Top-rated EHR/EMR SoftwareDevelopment-related questions we have been asked countless times.

  • What are EHR systems?

    EHR stores manages, and accesses patients' medical information on a digital platform. Every patient’s health history, including diagnoses, treatments, and medications, is available online and can be accessed remotely.

    What Are The Latest Technology Used In EMR Software?

    AI, IoT, voice recognition, cloud computing, and data analytics are some of the latest technologies used in EMR software.

    How much does it cost an EHR software system?

    An EHR software system costs $30k, depending on the customization level.

  • What are the benefits of using EHR or EMR systems?

    The advantages of EHR software include optimized efficiency, elevated patient care, superior doctor-patient accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced patient engagement.

    What is the relationship between the EMR and the EHR?

    Both of the software systems manage the patient health details. EHR includes comprehensive health records across different organizations, while EMR signifies maintaining records within a single organization.

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