Blockchain Decentralized eCommerce App/Website & Marketplace Development

Launch blockchain-powered decentralized eCommerce solution with the assistance of our experinced and well-trained blockchain development teams. Build undeniable trust with your users by offering them full transparency while buying and paying. Let your users enjoy intermediary free crypto payment in exchange for goods. Boost your brand recognition globally with our cutting-edge decentralized ecommerce app development services.

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Why Suffescom Is The Right Choice?

With years of experience in the tech industry, we have deployed various cutting-edge solutions for wide business domains. And now we are working on emerging technologies and have already delivered more than 70 decentralized platforms. You can rest assured your dream project is in hands of our talented and committed professionals.

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decentralized ecommerce app development

Benefits of Blockchain ECommerce Website Development

  • decentralized e-commerce website development
    Customer Privacy

    The decentralized environment preserves the identity and privacy of the costumes while offering high transparency.

  • decentralized e-commerce website development
    Reduced Costs

    Removing the third party from the process while making it happen directly between the two nodes saves the cost and time.

  • decentralized e-commerce website development
    Loyalty Reward Programs

    The valued customers can access the advantages of loyalty reward programs managed based on cooding of smart contracts.

  • decentralized e-commerce website development
    Smart Inventory Control

    Integration of the blockchain allows the teams to manage the inventory headache freely with the least human effort.

  • decentralized e-commerce website development
    Payment Mode

    The blockchain-based eCommerce platforms can process huge transactions for multiple cryptocurrencies without any failure.

  • decentralized e-commerce website development
    Better Supply Chain Control

    The blockchain allows the real-time tracking of the products and enables multi-phase communication transparent and seamless.

Characteristics of Our Decentralized eCommerce App Development Services

decentralized ecommerce platform development

Multi-chain Development

Develop eCommerce platform under multi-chain networks.

decentralized ecommerce platform development

Full Customization

Customize your platform with a wide range of tech stacks and expertise as you want.

decentralized ecommerce platform development

Secured Ecosystem

Get a reliable solution that maintains privacy and security of your data.

uber like app solution
decentralized ecommerce platform development

Cross-chain Environment

Cross-chain protocols enables connectivity with multiple blockchain networks.

decentralized ecommerce platform development

Layer 2 Solution

Create eCommerce platform under Ethereum's second layer with less gas fee.

decentralized ecommerce platform development

Fundraising and Marketing

Attract value investors to your platform that includes fundraising like ICO, IDO, etc.

Our Development Process For Blockchain Decentralized eCommerce Marketplace

decentralized ecommerce platform development
Requirement Gathering

It is the first stage where our developers understand your decentralized eCommerce business requirements. One big task is divided into smaller fractions. Depending on your requirements you will get a fully functional app.

decentralized ecommerce platform development
Planning Architecture

Defining a business decentralized architecture is important to make transactions quick and completely secure. Trust our dedicated teams with years of experience in crafting top-notch blockchain-powered solutions for you.

decentralized ecommerce platform development
User Interface Designing

The user interface should be easy to navigate and clear. The users should get what they want with just one click. Our designing team puts all the effort to make the user-friendly front-end match your demands.

decentralized ecommerce platform development
dAPIs Integration

dAPIs integration is an important part to offer an efficiently designed decentralized eCommerce platform. And we take care of this well. It includes data type, response code, etc for automatic task completion.

decentralized ecommerce platform development
Testing The Designed Product

Testing stage help to remove the errors in code and check if it is working perfectly. It includes testing the back end and front end functionality. Our team holds vast experience in testing the systems carefully.

decentralized ecommerce platform development
Platform Deployment

The last stage is deploying the final product after robust testing of the entire system before launching. Even if you have any query or face any technical issue you can reach us anytime.

Blockchains We Use For Building Future Ready eCommerce Solutions

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace

    It allows both parties to connect powerfully in a decentralized manner. With Ethereum, it is difficult to overrule the contract.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace

    It supports a transparent transaction process and high scalability which offers the optimized performance of the system.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace

    It is an open source platform that assists the developers to build a platform with eliminated transaction fees.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace

    Quorom is an easy-to-deploy tech stack that facilitates cost reduction and mitigates the risk processes on the platfrom.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace
    R3 Corda

    R3 Corda offers easy deployment of flexible smart contracts, and tracks and manages the assets efficiently.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace

    Steller allows low transaction fee and quickly process the transactions and also supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace

    Polkadot is a multi-chain application environment that allows cross-chain computations and cross-chain registries.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace

    It facilitates global payments by connecting the payment providers, banks, etc more quickly than any other blockchain.

Are You Ready To Launch Your Own Decentralized Ecommerce Marketplace?

Are you interested to own a fully customized decentralized platform? What can be better than an ecommerce marketplace to grab the brighter opportunities in the market? Don’t worry about the features and budget! We have a fully trained and experinced team of developers to offer you a robust eCommerce application under your budget with all the required features.

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decentralized ecommerce app development

Top notch Blockchain eCommerce Developers At Suffescom Have Served Global Clients

  • 70 + Blockchain Projects Delivered

    We have already successfully delivered over 70 blockchain projects till now globally.

  • 6+ Years of Experience in Blockchain

    Suffescom is one of the top companies that adopted blockchain at an early stage.

  • 150+ Blockchain Developers

    We are a family of more than 150 blockchain developers with high proficiency.

Why Choose Decentralized eCommerce Solution For Your Business?

decentralized e-commerce website development
  • No single point of failure leads to no double spending.
  • The blockchain consensuses mechanism let customers shop with trust.
  • The absence of central authority makes the transactions quick.
  • Better control on data regulation.
  • Reduced cost implementation.

Hit The Market With Rich-featured Decentralized Ecommerce Platform Under Our Assistance

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Outstanding Features Of Our Blockchain Decentralized Ecommerce Marketplace

decentralized ecommerce platform development

Customer App

Designed to offer a better user experience to the customers globally with multiple login options:

  • Login/Signup
  • Social Media Login
  • OTP Login
  • Advanced Search Filter
  • Wishlist
  • Order History
  • Online Payment Options
  • Track Order
  • Compare Products
  • Order Cancellations
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Easy Check Outs
  • Returns & Exchange
  • Compare Products

Seller App

Attracting features for bulk listing in one go makes it easy to use app for the sellers:

  • Sign up/Login
  • Social Media Login
  • Listing of Products
  • Set Price
  • Manage Product Listing
  • Offers & Discounts
  • Check Orders
  • Notifications
  • Seller Dashboard
  • Payout Preference
  • Commission Rate Management
  • Payout Preference
decentralized ecommerce platform development
decentralized ecommerce platform development

Admin Dashboard

Keeping track of all the business processes is easy with our rich featured admin panel.

  • Multi-Level Admin Access
  • Alerts & Push Notification
  • Customer Management
  • Products Approval
  • Managing Payments
  • Multi-Language Management
  • Ratings & Review Management
  • Manage Product Listing

Front End Website

Building an appealing front-end website can attract more audiences.

  • Easy Login
  • Product Listing Management
  • SEO Optimized Site
  • Product Listing Management
  • Wishlist Management
  • Seamless Payment Options
  • Filter-Based Search
  • Reporting Tools
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Communication Tools
decentralized ecommerce platform development

High-end Deliverables With Our Decentralized Ecommerce Solution

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace
    Retailer DApp

    We offer you a customized retailer app o manage the payments, supply of goods, quality inspection and goods exchange certificate verification from the worldwide retailer under one roof.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace
    Consumer DApp

    With our customer app, you can grab the globalized customers and offer them enriched user experiences with high data security and simplified buying and transaction processes.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace
    Supply Chain Application

    Get the advanced blockchain-based supply chain application to manage the operations. With P2P real-time tracking chains and high-quality products, you can keep alive your customer's trust.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace
    Loyalties Application

    It allows the ecommerce brands to launch crypto based rewards and enhance the circulation of crypto coins. Releasing loyalty cards lets you enter the future-proof business model.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace
    Crypto Payment Gateway

    Our blockchain ecommerce application supports multiple- crypto payments with a tailor-made cryptocurrency payment gateway embedded with advanced security features.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace
    Warehouse Management App

    The decentralized warehouse management application makes sure to satisfy the demand and supply of goods for the customers in the proper way. It eases the inventory control processes.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace
    Smart Contract Automation

    With our innovative decentralized ecommerce website, development services get smart contracts based quality control system. We can code the quality standards for every product.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace
    Warranty Management

    Going for our decentralized ecommerce marketplace development solutions ensures that you can effortlessly manage the warranty claims of all the products due to traceability features.

  • blockchain decentralized ecommerce marketplace
    Identity Management

    Automated identity management is the next best deliverable by us for your ecommerce platform building the trust among customers for your platform. It lessens the risk of data theft etc.

Advantages Of Defi Integration With Ecommerce Platform

  • decentralized ecommerce app development
    Lower Tranasaction Cost

    With the decentralized finance facilities, the retailer can directly get in touch with the customers removing the need for a central entity to manage the finance process.

  • decentralized ecommerce app development
    Transactional History

    Without getting the network consensus it is difficult to change the information stored on the network, only have the access to the history of the transactions from the beginning.

  • decentralized ecommerce app development
    Crypto Payment Mode

    Frictioness transaction solutions are possible with the use of the crypto wallets designed with blockchain integration reducing the transaction cost also.

What Is The Need For Decentralized Ecommerce Platform Development

decentralized ecommerce app development

Streamlined Operations

  • Pre-defined Smart code
  • Better Quality Management
  • High Automation

Enhanced Performance

  • Better Security
  • High Traceability
  • Fast processing
decentralized ecommerce app development
decentralized ecommerce app development

Transaction Cost

  • No intermediary Fee
  • Transparent Costing
  • Crypto payment
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Why Choose Us For Decentralized eCommerce Website Development?

decentralized e-commerce website development
Full Customization

You will get a fully customized storefront with all the required features to meet your needs. With great expertise in building blockchain solutions, we understand what our clients want from us.

decentralized e-commerce website development
Customer Oriented Approch

Our experts listen to your needs carefully to work accordingly to make your idea real with the best possible efforts. We offer equal dedication to every project irrespective of the size and cost.

decentralized e-commerce website development
Transparent Costing

We follow a transparent costing approach; our clients get all the details about the factors that cost them a certain point cost they pay to us for building the blockchain-based ecommerce platform.

decentralized e-commerce website development
On-Time Delivery

We strive to deliver our superior quality solutions on time without any compromises. We value your time and business so, we dont let you wait to launch your dream project.

decentralized e-commerce website development
Cost Effective Solutions

We offer you a highly functional decentralized ecommerce platform in cost effective range. You will get the custom-made solution with us satisfying your business requirements.

decentralized e-commerce website development
24*7 Support

Our technical support team is always available to assist you if you have any queries or facing any technical issues during the development phase or post delivery you can reach us.

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