Shippersbiz Blockchain-powered Logistics App

SHIPPERSBIZ is a blockchain-powered Logistics app designed with the purpose to enhance the traceability, visibility, and efficiency of food products. The solution ensures more visibility and transparency across the Supply Chain while enabling access to payment information. By leveraging the enhanced tracking capabilities of blockchain-powered logistics app, you can enable the tracking and monitoring of unforeseen circumstances.


Omega x Pharma Aid application

Omega X allows users to know the medications they need. Based on blockchain technology, It is well equipped with the features to provide consultation and medicine delivery on time. You can easily enroll into it , and use the features involved. It serves as an app where the users can get their answers related to any drugs and even consult the doctors as per their requirements.


P2E Gaming Treasure Play and Earn

P2E Gaming treasure is a legendary gaming platform loved by millions of players around the globe. Easy to hard levels pattern and guaranteed rewards earning smart features make it a blasting choice among enthusiasts. P2E Gaming Treasure offers a free-to-play option upto a certain level on selected games to boost users' interest in the platform.


SnakeMinia Play 2 Earn Platform

Play the classic game and mix it with all new features with hugs to the wall and utilise the zig-zap space. The platform level up users' experience to enjoy exclusive earning points while playing.


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