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Pirate Pets

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Pirate Pets: NFT based M2E Game

Enter the future of gaming with a powerful NFT based player vs player game - Pirate Pets. Players can earn in-game rewards like NFT pirates and NFT ships and monetize daily gaming activities.



As we design a futuristic NFT-based game, integrating emerging technologies that offer an unmatched gaming experience was our top priority. Here are some of the challenges we have faced;

  • High-definition graphics and attractive game visuals bring along the risk of the game crashing and hanging.
  • In-built crypto wallet for secure NFT storage and in-game tokens.
  • Ensure each pirate character and ship has its own unique attributes and exclusivity.
  • Employ powerful blockchain support to widen the reach and attract more online players.
  • Easy to use game interface as NFT game targets beginners and experienced online players.

Advance Feature

  • Appealing Character

    Appealing Character

  • Crypto Wallet


  • NFT Marketplace


  • Tokens & Skins

    Tokens & Skins

  • Social Media

    Social Media

  • Easy Signup

    Easy Signup


Our NFT mobile experts carefully crafted a game development plan to meet the client’s expectations and deliver what’s expected.

  • We employed the best gaming engine (Unreal software) and UI/UX to create unique in-game characters - Pirates, ships, skins, etc.
  • Integrated Ethereum-powered crypto wallet for secure NFT storage and sale.
  • After a detailed discussion with the client and our blockchain experts, we decided to use the Ethereum blockchain.
  • With special attention to detail, the design team created unique game characters.

Technology Stacks

Here’s how we design a full suite solution with trending tech stacks for our client.

  • React Native
    React Native
  • React JS
    React JS
  • Node.JS
  • MongoDB
  • Figma
  • Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Photoshop


Founder: Pirate Pets

"I am extremely impressed with the Suffescom Solutions blockchain team and everyone involved in bringing my project to life. They were responsive to my suggestions and kept me informed about the latest project developments in a timely manner. The creation of various project milestones made it easy for me to keep track of the project's progress. Overall, I am extremely impressed with the tech expertise, dedication, and professionalism."

Denial Richard
Founder: Pirate Pets

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