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Understanding Intraday Trading App Development for Your Business Growth

By Suffescom Solutions

January 01, 2024

Understanding Intraday Trading App Development for Your Business Growth

In the dynamic realm of financial markets, swift decision-making is paramount. And intraday trading is a testament to this need for agility.

As investors seek real-time opportunities to capitalize on market fluctuations, the demand for a sophisticated and user-friendly intraday trading app has surged.

Intraday traders who held positions for more than a year had a success rate of 73%, while those who held positions for less than a day had a success rate of 47%.

Venturing into intraday trading app development aims to empower traders with a cutting-edge platform that integrates advanced analytics, live market data, and intuitive interfaces seamlessly.

By harnessing the power of technology, our intraday trading app aspires to redefine the trading experience. At Suffescom Solutions, we offer users a comprehensive suite of tools for technical analysis, trend identification, and rapid execution of trades. Let our tech-savvy minds help you get an intraday trading app for an unforgettable experience.

The intraday trading app has become an indispensable companion for traders navigating the complexities of intraday markets. They can trade and get results in one day instead of waiting for days. Read on to unlock a new era of precision and efficiency in intraday trading through our innovative and meticulously crafted mobile application.

How To Start Trading Business With Intraday Trading App?

Same day trading business is booming now, and maximum users use intraday trading apps for sell and purchase stock. It facilitate users to deal with other financial instruments within the same day.

Key Statistics of Trading Apps

Trading app users are growing with each passing day. As the name suggests, intraday trading is where individuals buy and sell a financial instrument in one trading session. Below is a detail of its popularity-

  1. The global online trading market will enhance at a compound annual rate of 6.4% per year, boosting an estimated 13.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2026.
  2. The leading market, the United States, with an 18.5% CAGR, will likely expand further through 2033.
  3. 43.5% of traders are between 25 and 34 years old, while 15% are more than 45.
  4. A stock trading app generally costs $65,000 to develop.
  5. The global market is likely to grow at a CAGR of 13.8% from 2023 to 2030, considering trading as one of the scopes.

Features of Intraday Trading App

Traders and investors must ensure their intraday trading platform meets their trading needs. Day traders and other short-term traders may need specific features, such as access to market-depth information for price levels and more. Below are top-notch features of the intraday trading platform:

1. Safe Registration and Login

The sign-up process for intraday trading app development is easy and fast so that traders can register within a few clicks. You can customize the sign-in portal according to the information you want to ask them. For instance, user name, contact details, email address, social media networks, and Google account. An authentic and secure process prevents user data from getting compromised.

2. Cross-Platform Accessibility

In the tech-driven world, traders require access to their accounts on the go. While providing an intraday trading app to your audience, ensure it is accessible on multiple platforms, including mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. It allows traders to access their accounts from anywhere at any time. Further, mobile usage is on the rise. It is essential to develop your app for iOS and Android.

3. Authentication

An authentication process of app development verifies a user's identity. To ensure that authorized users access trading accounts, a reliable trading web app must have authentication measures to guard your account from authorized access. Some standard authentication measures are multi-factor, two-factor, and biometric authentication.

4. Dashboard

A dashboard is a user interface that exhibits pivotal information about trading accounts. It locates KPIs in one place. Executing a dashboard allows you to see key performance indicators, such as users' trading history, portfolio, and market trends. Also, it helps traders monitor their accounts and develop informed trading decisions.

5. Multiple Payment Methods

You must integrate multiple payment gateways to make the transaction experience convenient for users. Having various options for users to transact with the gateway of their choice. For instance, traders can pay using credit/debit cards, net banking, etc.

Integrating these features into an intraday trading app boosts your business growth when users utilize them hassle-free. Developing such platforms is gaining prominence as per people's demands.

Indicators of Intraday Trading App

The price fluctuations in the stock market are incomprehensible and erratic. Traders use statistical tools to find patterns and draw insights into future trends. Below are a few intraday trading indicators described below:

Moving Average: A technical analysis tool traders use to predict price trends. Traders can set the interval on a graph to 1 min, 5 min, 1 hour, 1 day, 10 days, etc. It is fruitful for short-term traders and long-term investors. It gives a broader view of the ongoing trend within the time interval while smoothening out the short-term fluctuations.

Bollinger Bands: A more technical analysis tool helps the trader recognize oversold or overbought shares. It includes three lines, such as a 20-day simple moving average line. The two lines are at two standard deviations in their positive and negative directions.

Relative Strength Index (RSI): A technical analysis tool that emphasizes the prevalent price changes to recognize if the stock is trading in an oversold or overbought state. Its value wobbles between 0 to 100. An RSI value of more than 80 earlier recommended an overbought condition, while a value below 20 defined an oversold condition. The index rises with the increase in stock price and vice-versa.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD): A trading indicator identifies signals for trend continuation or reversal in a stock's price movement. MACD is average with a histogram that signals whether the momentum is low or high.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Intraday Trading Software?

Intraday trading software build with much complicated programming and integrated software that impact the price of Intraday trading software development. Also, development cost is depend on complexity and no. of resources that we aligned for the project. Know more about Intraday app development cost.

Ways to Gain More from Stock Trading Application

Monetizing an intraday trading app includes trading in one session and some great ways to gain from it. They are as follows:

1. Membership Charges:

You can ask for a membership/subscription fee from the traders to invest in the stock market. They can go for it since they make profits using the app. The revenue graph increases with the large number of users. Also, you can offer various types of memberships based on the duration selected by the users. For example, keeping the low membership charges for an annual subscription will engage more users to subscribe for long durations.

2. Transaction Fee:

Whether buying a new stock or selling an existing one, there must be a transaction fee for each transaction the user makes. It is up to you to decide a specified amount for it to make money from your stock market app. The best thing to do is to keep the transaction charges low so users don't pay unnecessarily, preventing them from jumping to your competitors.

3. Sell Financial Services:

You must provide different financial services through your intraday trading app solutions. These services include insurance, trading packages, and mutual funds, to name a few. You can affiliate with other businesses in this field if you don't have such services. You will earn a commission for every recommendation. Your audience will undoubtedly be relevant to such service types. The revenue model will work and maximize business profits.

4. Advanced Alerts:

It includes push notifications that notify users of their latest stats and updates. Users paying for it will get advanced alerts before others so they can avail of it to the fullest. It is a lucrative way to monetize a trading app.

5. Sponsored Ads:

This revenue model discloses the sponsored advertisements of other businesses in the financial sector. You can keep some video sections or banner spaces in the platform where you can advertise other businesses' services. These paid ads will help you earn as you charge for those ads, promoting their services on your application. The increase in audience leads to a boost in significant costs.

The intraday trading app development process needs researching the stocks you want to take a position on, analyzing the charts closely with indicators, building your strategy, and including a stop-poss to prevent heavy losses.

Intraday Trading App Business Model

Our whitelabel Intraday Trading App operates on a commission-based model, charging users a small fee per trade executed. Premium features and real-time market data subscriptions generate additional revenue, ensuring a sustainable and profitable business model.

Benefits of Investing in Intraday Trading App

If you plan to integrate intraday trading into your platform, below are four benefits of investing in it.

Elimination of Overnight Risks for Traders

Also known as gap risk, it concerns traders as it moves in an unfavorable direction overnight. Overnight risk comes into play when you hold a position or a trade for more than one day. Intraday trading eliminates this risk for users, preventing them from significant developments during the after-market hours. Thus, it enhances credibility among users while trading.

Potential for Higher Returns for Business and Traders

Though the profit potential may be lower per trade than other trading strategies or tactics, day trading offers ample opportunities. Many experienced traders have earned hundreds of trades in one day. The profits from their trades add up to become influential. People doing intraday consistently and successfully throughout the year by investing more in your app will increase your daily returns.

Potential for Short Selling

Short-selling allows your users to sell an asset first at a higher price and buy it at a lower price. The difference between the selling price and the buying price is your profit. Traders use this trading when the market experiences a brief downward trend or during a bearish market.

Examples of Intraday Trading Apps 

Robinhood: Robinhood features a user-friendly interface and allows users to trade options, stocks, and cryptocurrencies without charging commission fees.

Etrade: It provides a platform for intraday trading, offering a range of financial instruments, research tools, and educational resources.

TD Ameritrade: This platform offers a comprehensive suite of trading tools and resources for intraday traders, including access to stocks, options, and ETFs.

Fidelity: Fidelity's trading app provides users access to stocks, options, ETFs, research tools, and educational materials.

Conduct thorough research and select an mobile app development company that aligns with your business needs and preferences

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Final Thoughts

Investing in an intraday trading business can be rewarding if you hire a prominent and reputed app development firm to build its platform. With discipline and dedication, you can navigate the complexities of intraday trading business and achieve your goals flawlessly.

Make your investment worth it by getting an intraday trading platform that responds! Connect with our experts now!

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