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Develop a custom-fit on demand handyman app built with world-class features and futuristic tech stacks. Hire developers from Suffescom and build a superb app that will streamline all your business operations. Our professionals work with utmost focus and deliver the best product supported by a user-friendly interface. Leverage the potential of our handyman app solutions & services and tap into the world of matchless opportunities.

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Handyman App Development

Key Statistics Related To Handyman Apps

Build the best-in-class white label handyman app at cost-effective prices. Utilize our handyman app development services and uplift your customers' experience to a whole new level. Here are some important facts related to the Handyman app.

  • By 2030, the market value of handyman software is expected to grow at a massive $5257 MN. Also, from 2023-2030, the CAGR is expected to grow at 8%.
  • The popular handyman apps are TaskRabbit, BrightNest, Thumbtack, AllBetter, etc.
  • By 2033, the handyman service market is expected to reach $1.8BN.
  • The key regional markets for handyman services market are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa.
How Does The Handyman App Work?
How Does The Handyman App Work?

Handyman apps seamlessly connect customers with professionals to perform household services such as cleaning, plumbing, furniture movers, carpentry, etc. Customers can create a profile and add the type of services they want, along with the available date and time. They can even view the charges before booking the services. On the other hand, the service provider will allot their personnel to visit their locations at the desired time.

Looking for a top on demand mobile app development company? Suffescom is a renowned name in the app development industry because of its highly secure, robust, and reliable services that can make your dreams a reality.

Magnificent Features Offered By Our Handyman App

The availability of superior features helps optimize the user experience to the ultimate level and streamlines the entire process, be it the customer, admin, or service provider app. Here, we have illustrated the features as follows;

Booking Management

Booking Management

Helps view, cancel, and reschedule appointments in the case of last-minute emergencies or change of mind.

Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple Payment Methods

The users can make payments through different modes of payment, be it wallets, cards(debit/credit), or cash.

Live Tracking

Live Tracking

Helps customers track the status of their booked services with their estimated time of arrival, all in real-time.

Calendar Booking

Calendar Booking

With this feature, the customers are able to browse the available slots and make decisions accordingly.

Feedback and Rating

Feedback and Rating

Offers feedback for services received via reviews and ratings, making it easier for other users to opt for the desired service provider.

Booking History

Booking History

Helps access past bookings and invoices related to the services availed based on which personalized recommendations are available.

Interactive Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard

Provides a centralized view to the admin that helps them manage users, check transactions, and analyze the app's performance in a seamless manner.

Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts

The admin is able to set different alerts related to upgraded versions, discounts, latest features, etc., which are automatically sent to the users.

Tech Support

Tech Support

With this feature, all the questions related to user queries are effectively handled and resolved by tech experts.

User Management

User Management

Our handyman app helps in the smooth onboarding and management of both customers and service providers.

Order Management

Order Management

Helps browse the pending orders and order history related to service providers & customers and view payment status.

Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Help track key metrics like user engagement, service usage, revenue, sales, profit and organize data in a creative format.

Profile Management

Profile Management

This tool helps service providers update personnel's personal information, skills, and service offerings.

Booking Management

Booking Management

With this feature, the service provider can view, accept, and reject customer service requests.

Earnings Dashboard

Earnings Dashboard

The visually appealing dashboard helps track earnings and commission payouts with personalized reports.



Integrated map services provide efficient route planning by planning the easiest routes with in-built voice assistants.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Service providers will view and respond to customer feedback and take necessary steps to enhance their services.

Service Completion

Service Completion

Allows service providers to checkmark the services as accomplished, create online invoices, and send them to clients.

Handyman App Development: Step-By-Step Process

We follow a sequential process encompassing everything from conceptualization to planning, designing, and development. Hire our vetted pool of developers and get a highly scalable and reliable app free of irregularities.

Handyman App Development: Step-By-Step Process
  • Market Research

    Market Research

    The first step is to identify the target audience and perform a competitor analysis of how their app works and which features they include.

  • Describe your value proposition

    Describe your value proposition

    In this phase, services and functionalities that benefit customers are proposed to understand customers' pain points.

  • Creating wireframes and mockups

    Creating wireframes and mockups

    During this phase, wireframes of the app are created, including the app illustration that encompasses the graphics and color themes.

  • UI/UX design

    UI/UX design

    Building an interactive and visually appealing app holds customers' attention, keeping user engagement in full swing.

  • Development


    This phase takes care of everything from the front and back-end activities, tech stacks, feature integration, database and cloud management, etc.

  • Testing


    Specialized technical testing procedures are implemented to remove the app's abnormalities., thereby enhancing performance.

  • Deploy and Launch

    Deploy and Launch

    The bug-free app is finally deployed on the dedicated server and made available to app store users.

Why Should You Consider Whitelabel Handyman App Solutions?

Handyman apps streamline everything from booking to scheduling and payment processes. This helps boost efficiency, translate into quick response times, and reduce turnaround times. Moreover, they offer absolute flexibility by booking services in advance based on availability.

White label handyman app development solves the user pain points to a greater extent. It makes it convenient for users to access a varied pool of skilled professionals providing various services on a single platform, catering to their needs.

Why Should You Consider Whitelabel Handyman App Solutions?

Business Perks Associated With Handyman App Development

Handyman apps like TaskRabbit offer mesmerizing benefits to users and businesses. From a business point of view, on demand apps help create a positive brand image, boost customer loyalty, and enhance the digital presence to a much larger level.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Eases the overall booking and managing of services, eventually leading to faster turnaround times and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Global Reach

    Offering fantastic services via mobile apps helps businesses reach a larger audience base to expand their customer base.

  • Elevated Customer Experience

    An easily navigable and user-friendly platform upgrades the customer experience, which results in repeat customers and purchases.

  • Seamless Communication

    The app provides direct communication between customers and service providers, eliminating miscommunication and maintaining smoother interactions.

  • Optimized Resource Allocation

    Real-time tracking helps businesses allocate their resources, such as task assignment and management, based on their location and skill set.

  • Data-driven Insights

    The Handyman app generates data based on customer preferences and service usage patterns to make accurate decisions and help businesses optimize their operations.

  • Cost Savings

    Helps automate administrative tasks, leading to massive cost savings when it comes to operational overheads and workforce.

  • Brand Loyalty

    A well-crafted app with peculiar features and best-in-class customer service helps instill loyalty among users, which leads to a larger user base.

Add-On Features Of Robust Handyman App

Our handyman app solutions are tailored to the client’s requirements and aligned with business objectives. At Suffescom, we are committed to offering robust and scalable services, amplifying your customer experience to the top-notch level. Moreover, our developed app has additional features that attract users big time.

  • Registration


  • Feedback


  • Payment gateway

    Payment gateway

  • Analytics


  • Advanced search

    Advanced search

  • Privacy


  • Chat module

    Chat module

  • Order history

    Order history

Explore Our Best-In-Class Handyman App Development Services

Boost your revenue with our handyman app solutions applicable to small-scale and established enterprises. With our white label handyman app, get ready to enhance your digital presence with matchless features and superior design.

Handyman App Development: Leading Revenue Models

The app owners will be able to earn huge amounts of money through different mechanisms, be it subscriptions, licenses, partnerships, etc. We have enlisted the popular revenue-generating streams below; check them out.

  • Subscription Model

    Users pay a monthly subscription fee to unlock exceptional tools and deluxe features on a monthly and yearly basis.

  • Commission-based Model

    The app charges a commission fee for every completed transaction between the service provider and the customer.

  • Advertising Model

    Businesses charge companies for placing their ads targeted at customers/service providers, leveraging the existing app's user base.

  • Lead Generation Model

    Charging service providers for leads or customer inquiries generated through the app. Service providers pay a substantial fee for every lead and inquiry received.

Choose Suffescom As Your Ultimate App Development Partner

Suffescom is a noteworthy mobile app development company that has helped several businesses across the globe in developing softwares for various niches. With 13+ years of proven experience in the IT industry, we will help you develop a perfect application that will give you an edge in the market.

  • Customization

    We offer 100% customization services to our clients to tailor the necessary changes in their projects.

  • Pocket-Friendly Prices

    We develop apps with utmost precision and perfection at cost-effective prices without hampering the quality.

  • 24*7 Customer Support

    Our tech support team offers round-the-clock services to clients and resolves their issues instantly.

  • On-Time Project Delivery

    We adopt agile methodologies to complete the project on time within the decided timeline.

  • Strategic Approach

    We adopt a strategic approach to achieve top-quality results by developing a suitable plan of action.

  • Ultra-High Security

    We use robust security protocols that protect sensitive information and app data against potential threats.

FAQs Related To Handyman App Development Services

Here are some frequently asked questions based on handyman app development.

  • How much does it cost to develop a handyman app?

    The average development cost of a handyman app is usually between 8 to 12k. The cost is subject to variation based on the level of customization.

    What types of services are available on the app?

    The app includes various services, such as plumbing, home cleaning, carpentry, painting, and electrical work.

  • Which programming languages are used to build on demand handyman apps?

    The tech stacks for building such apps are React Native, Swift, Java, Kotlin, etc.

    How long does it take to build a handyman app?

    Building a handyman app takes around 10 days, depending on factors like the app development technology, UI/UX design, integrated features, etc.

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