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Start Blockchain Powered Crypto Trading Business: Dex Aggregator Development

By Suffescom Solutions

July 25, 2022

Start Blockchain Powered Crypto Trading Business: Dex Aggregator Development

Dex Aggregator Platforms are Booming in These Days!

New financing platforms, new challenges, and the latest tech stacks. All these are required to build a responsive, effective, and user-friendly DeFi aggregator platform. It is a platform where numerous DEXs platforms list under one huge Defi space in order to ease the handle operations and make it convenient for users.

If you are interested in developing a DEX aggregator, then hiring any well-renowned DEx development firm will solve the purpose for you. Suffescom is one such organization that is ready to cater to your needs with 100% satisfactory results.

What Do You Know About DEX Aggregator ?

Unlike CEX, DEX is a decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies without any need for central entities. Therefore, users have complete control over funds stored or traded in the DEX platform which is not possible in centralized exchanges (CEXs). The technology behind decentralized exchanges is the Ethereum blockchain which requires smart contracts to work in a proper manner.

Talking about CEXs, these are centralized exchanges, not built on blockchain technology, and require central authorities to perform operations. The third parties also collect trading fees from users.

How Well You Are Aware of The Aggregator in Finance?

The term aggregator is very simple to understand. Its function is quite similar to central banks or private banks. Aggregators act as an intermediary between lenders and borrowers with higher security levels. Aggregators provide financial guarantees to lenders and borrowers. Interested borrowers can take loans in charge of a nominal fee, from which some portion is deducted by the aggregator as a commission for providing service.

This is a very basic definition of an aggregator that can be understood by a person with little or no knowledge about it.

DEX Aggregator Platform Development

Let’s shed some light on DEX platform and gather some information to make a smart move in DeFi DEX Aggregator Development.

What is a Defi aggregator?

One of the best and most promising versions of the Defi project is the aggregator, and about 20% of trading is done on non-custodial Ethereum exchanges.

A Defi aggregator gathers data from the creations of Defi protocols and combines it into a single interface. It enables the trader to choose more wisely. The way that aggregators operate in the Defi market is somewhat similar. However, the aggregator assumes responsibility for the interoperability of various DEXs covered in the list of services rather than huge banking institutions.

A person can access a variety of DEXs by registering on such an aggregator and creating one account and one wallet for the user. The decentralized exchange aggregator also connects liquidity pools, lowers transaction costs, and performs additional tasks. In addition, aggregator with Defi interaction gets more importance.

DeFi DEX Aggregator Platform Development

DeFi aggregator platform development depicts a roadmap to building DeFi based DEX aggregator. It involves a set of sequential steps to bring high-performing entities under one roof.

Starting your own venture of DeFi, you require the assistance of DEX aggregators experts. Sometimes the business person who wants to pursue the crypto sector, wants its users to be able to trade freely over the platform without feeling reluctant or having no knowledge. There a DEX aggregator can play a vital role in guiding the users to make the best move in transactions utilizing an algorithm that gathers the greatest swaps accessible across all decentralized platforms.

Suffescom is a leading Defi Development company that builds platforms based on the requirements of the project with high-grade security. Our team is efficient at developing Defi platforms from scratch as well as building its clone.

We excel at developing a White label Clone script for specific clients who want customizable ready-to-use scripts. These clones are no less in features and functionality as compared to their originals. Instead, one can add extra features to their decentralized exchange platform.

Base Architecture of DeFi Aggregator:

While building the DEX aggregator, the emphasis is given to its base architecture as well which is comprised of the following.

  • User Interface
  • Transaction history
  • Network listings
  • Available tradables
  • Trading off points

DeFi Aggregator Development Process

DeFi aggregators act as a search engine for DeFi trading. It operates on smart contracts, developed by eminent developers. Smart contracts automate the regulation of user-platform relationships. The development of DeFi aggregators must be highly secured by following the greatest security protocols.

It is not a piece of cake to develop such a platform where one can find the most suitable option to begin trading cryptos. Thus, the need for expert developers is required. They will assist in building a user-friendly DEX platform by considering all the requirements of the client. In order to build a decentralized exchange aggregator, we will employ our best technical expertise with years of experience, following a strategic approach of development developed by them.

5 Major Steps That Include During DEX Aggregator Development:

Analyze the project

In the development process of the DeFi DEX aggregator, the development team first analyzes the project, its goals, competitors, requirements, etc. Further, they build a roadmap accordingly to perform all the operations smoothly and to develop a product that fulfills the expectations of clients and end-users. In this phase, the development team works collaboratively with the project owner to clearly define the scope of the work, timeliness, budget, and build a plan to carry out with development.


When everything gets planned and a roadmap is built, the team of designers comes into play. It is translucent that aggregators are built to improve the customer experience by offering a single interface for interaction with multiple protocols. So, it becomes necessary to build a platform that is easy to use and engage with customers. Hiring a skillful UX/UI design team can help you in incorporating incredible features into a user-friendly interface that the end users will enjoy.

Smart Contract Development

Then begins the development phase. The backend development of DEX aggregators requires the building of smart contracts. Smart contracts are the backbone of the platform, thus, hiring eminent developers with experience in creating smart contracts would do wonders. They will construct the platform according to your requirements and make sure that the dex aggregator development disintegrated with security protocols.

Front-End Development

The front-end development is highly imperative since this is the main part of the Dex development with which users interact directly. Developers need to ensure that all the interfacing elements are rightly positioned and users are eligible to interact with the platform more successfully. While doing front-end development, suitable frameworks and libraries are selected.


The final part is the testing phase where the newly built platform is thoroughly tested. It ensures that the platform is working properly and all its features are also functioning in the exact manner they are supposed to be. Testing helps in finding any bugs or errors so that they can be resolved as soon as possible before deploying and making it public. As these involve the development of smart contracts, thus testing and auditing become essential.

DeFi Aggregator Platform Development Services

Contact with our highly qualified DEx aggregator platform development solution provider. Start your own crypto exchange business with top-notch DEx aggregator platform development services.

By following all the above-illustrated steps, you can definitely build your fully functional decentralized exchange aggregator.

If you want to sit back freely without any headache of creating an aggregator, then the best way is to hire an experienced development team of Suffescom. We will deliver secure software solutions to you.

How Does DEX Aggregator Works?

The working phenomenon of the DEX aggregator is simple. As soon as the aggregator is implemented, you become eligible to choose the best deal from all of the defi trading platforms instead of a single Dex platform. They can help the user with trading fees, slippage optimization, and figuring out token prices as per the trading limits. The above-mentioned functionality will compile the ideal swap rate for end-users in a few seconds. They help the user avoid rejected transactions and lessen the effects of a price reduction.

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The dex aggregator development will aid the owner of the project in attracting users to the platform, which ultimately leads to large revenues.

Why Invest in a DEX Aggregator?

Though you might have got some clarification DeFi DEX aggregator, still, most of you might be thinking why invest in the DeFi DEX aggregator?

The high liquidity protocol used by DeFi DEX aggregators increases the DeFi platform's trading speed. The platform's interoperability feature minimizes slippage and offers the most competitive prices. It makes swap operations simpler, enabling users to make profitable trading. If transaction costs were lower, the trading platform would draw more users.

The DeFi yield aggregator software will simplify the process of defi yield farming development and exchanging. The crypto exchange app aggregator will let customers switch to high-yielding protocols, which will boost revenues for both users and the company.

Benefits of DeFi Aggregator:

The DEX Aggregator Development is highly advantageous for users. It provides better usability and convenience to users. Let’s discuss all the benefits of aggregators in further points.

Increased security

The DEX outperforms CEX in terms of confidentiality and privacy. Additionally, DEX is also responsible for maintaining total control over possessions and avoiding the possibility of losing everything as a result of a hacker attack. Thus, the user doesn't keep any assets in the on-site wallet.

Better Liquidity

The extreme control and lack of decentralization seen at CEXs led to the development of DEXs. The DEX is decentralized, but because it was only recently introduced to the blockchain industry, there is a limited liquidity pool. Therefore, someone who wishes to purchase a large number of coins or tokens can easily or significantly change the price. It won't be capable of finishing the transaction. Therefore, merging many DEX into a single aggregator improves the liquidity situation.

Better Prices

Slippage is a problem with limited liquidity that can cause the price to fluctuate either upwards or downward. It carries out a number of substantial operations. Therefore, purchase and sell assets at a price that was not what you had predicted. Price slippage is less even for large-scale orders with improved liquidity.

Better Trading Conditions

The operations that traders carry out within a single platform are limited. They, therefore, need current price assurance instead of overcoming the challenge of registering on other platforms. As a result, the decentralized exchange aggregator gives you access to the best price offer on numerous DEXs.

Major DEX Aggregator Functionalities

Are you all excited about the DeFi DEX platform? Get some goosebumps with some of its exclusive functionalities.

  • Yield farming
  • DeFi Staking
  • DeFi Pooling
  • Liquid management
  • Exchange platform
  • Tokenizing assets
  • Governance
  • Insurance
  • Stable coins
  • Interoperability
  • Scalability

Essential features of DeFi DEX Aggregator Development

DeFi DEX aggregator offers amazing features to product owners.

Looking for its features! Here is a list of its exclusive features.

  • It's fully configurable
  • Platform with a lot of liquidity
  • Transactions at a high rate
  • Tokens for gas
  • Integration with multiple DEX platforms without any restrictions
  • Adoption and integration of tokens are unconfined.
  • Ledger of transactions

Why Hire Suffescom for DeX aggregator Development?

When you are going to enter into the blockchain-based aggregator business, then Suffescom is the best choice for development services. We, being the renowned company in DeFi smart contract development, are a proud team of developers, designers, testers, and analysts. All business needs of your project will be fully catered to, with recommendations to improve any part of development.

Upon hiring us, you will get a chance to meet our team of analysts who will listen to your requirements and accordingly build a robust plan to deliver top-notch services to you. We have a professional team of experts with years of experience and knowledge of DEX aggregators. Till now, we have successfully delivered a number of services to numerous clients.

What you will get here?

  • Top-quality services
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Team of blockchain developers
  • Multiple token standards
  • Improved security

Why You Should Hire a Top-Notch Company For DEx Business Startup

Few important things that you should notice before hiring a DEx aggregator development companies. If you are planing to start finance business via decentralized network then you should talk to our developers regarding bug free smart contract development solutions.


With enough research and thorough knowledge of Suffescom’s developers, we curated this informative article for those who wish to invest in dex aggregator development. The above-stated information will hopefully clear all your concerns regarding Defi aggregator and motivate you to develop such a platform with some impressive features. With DeFi aggregators, new users can successfully build strategies without understanding the complexities of DeFi trading.

Contacting Suffescom for decentralized app development services will pave the way for success in nearby future. We will leverage our experience and expertise to deliver top-quality products with cutting-edge technology.

Just visit us and we will happily respond to you within 24 hours.

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