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Create a VR Game and Revolutionize Gaming With Custom Full Cycle Virtual Reality Game Development

By Suffescom Solutions

March 26, 2023

 Create a VR Game and Revolutionize Gaming With Custom Full Cycle Virtual Reality Game Development

Technology advancements to create a virtual world are immense. People are more than excited to be a part of a virtual world. The most prominent technology that has powered this concept is Virtual Reality (VR). It is a concept of the futuristic world. With each passing day, a new industry knows about how it can benefit from this technology. That’s why it’s making buzz around the globe.

The most prominent industry that is impacted by Virtual Reality (VR) is Gaming. The metaverse game development solutions can offer an immersive experience to the gamers. As a result, it transforms traditional 2D gaming into a 3-dimensional platform. The users will have an experience similar to the real world.

On top of that, the metaverse gaming industry powered with VR technology can be the next big thing in the gaming sector. But, you will need to keep it simple and precise. We might be on the path of virtual world creation with virtual reality gaming that can mark an era.

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So, it might be the right time to get into virtual reality game development to get a competitive edge. Now, let’s explore more about how you can successfully develop a virtual reality game with simple steps.

Basic Concepts of Virtual Reality Game Development

While developing virtual reality games, there should be a complete blend of innovation and creativity. Then, the probability of being successful will increase. But to begin, you might know about the basic concepts involved in the game:

Complete Set-Up

Firstly, visualize the complete setup where the game is going to take place. So, you know how the characters and in-game assets will fall into place.

In-Game Assets

In-game assets are one of the main reasons why a game becomes popular. So, give more emphasis on them. It includes character costumes, props, and rewards, depending on the game genre. These must be something that excites the users.

Focus on Detailing

The intricate detailing of the graphics will enhance the user experience. Give priority to making the graphics more realistic as you can. It involves textures, 3d graphics, and mapping. The graphics and in-game assets should also have detailed features and functionalities, much like the real world. Unreal engine game with advanced 3D graphics is hugely opted by developers to develop mind-blowing games.

Game Behavior

When you develop a game, it involves action that automatically has some reaction. So, it must not be early and not so late as well. The interaction defines the game behavior.

Simple Steps to Virtual Reality Game Development

Now, your basic concepts might be clear about the VR game. But, how do you get started with virtual reality game development? Although multiple distinctions of VR have been discovered, a lot of them are left now. The VR pioneers follow a road-map to the development of VR games. Here are the essential steps you can follow:

Come Up with the Game Concept

When you begin to start the implementation of a VR game, the first thing is that you must come up with the concept for the game. That concept can only reach development if it has a dedicated and innovative vision. So, it would be best if you had what you are going to build in your mind. Is it something that you will be excited to play? If yes, it might become something big in the future and attract millions of people.

To generate some fresh ideas, you should decide on several aspects like:

  • Target Audience
  • Amazing Moments
  • Emotion Triggers
  • Reason to Use VR

The concept must have a story line that will engage the targeted audience. It will become a more immersive experience for users to create a virtual world. All the highlights of the game must be written to know about trigger moments. Remember, these things are just a raw idea of how your game will be. You can modify it depending upon the situation in the next stages of development.

Contemplate the Targeted VR Devices

You can’t play the virtual reality game on any device. Specialized hardware devices are available to play it. The next step is to choose the VR device on which the users will play the game. It is crucial to decide as it is a factor affecting your target audience. There are multiple devices that you can choose from:

  • Light Mobile VR
  • Premium Mobile VR
  • PC VR-headsets
  • Standalone Solutions
  • Console VR

While choosing a VR device from the options mentioned in the above list, keep in mind that your target audience must be able to buy the device conveniently. Multiple devices have their own different properties.

Decide on Graphics You Want to Use

Now, it is time to choose the graphics that you will use in the game. The choice of graphics influences the financial budget of virtual reality game development. But it would be best if you did not let it influence your decision. However, there are multiple graphics available to choose from:

  • 2D Graphics
  • 3D Graphics
  • Photorealistic Graphics
  • 360 Panoramic Videos

Irrespective of the graphics you choose, you can add some elements of 360°. It will make your game more interactive. Although it is a challenge to implement, a team of experienced developers can do it with ease.

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Choose the Game Engine

Before the development begins, you choose the game engine to use. Your VR project will be built on it. There are multiple game development platforms with their own properties and tools available. It can be a daunting task to do as each platform has the upper hand in a certain area. But, the most promising game engines are Unity and Unreal Engine. Creating a VR game in unity is bringing more exciting opportunities for players than ever. A comparison of Unity Vs Unreal game engine is always going between them.

Our game developers will analyze the requirements and challenges of the project. Then, depending upon the analysis of whichever game engine meets the needs and solves those challenges effectively will be, they will choose the appropriate one. However, they are already familiar with different game engines. With their expertise, they will save a lot of time and money. So, the project completes within the chosen timeline.

Choose the Development Team

The most important decision is to choose the development team to undergo the game implementation. As a top-notch AR & VR App Development Company, Suffescom Solutions has a team of professional developers who are aware of the challenges in VR development. They have found ways to overcome it. Game developers like these might be the perfect choice for your project. They will eliminate many common errors. So, you can have an innovative game depicting the real-world experience. On the other hand, an inexperienced team might cost you more money and time.

Game Research & Development Road-Map

Every game development is a challenge. But VR game development needs to be planned precisely to avoid any last-minute modifications. There will be issues. To prevent them, the game developer must test it as the development progresses. The feedback will become essential after every development iteration. Instead of getting feedback after the development process, make all the changes at once. It is better to change game scenarios in the development phase itself. But it might look like a hefty task. But after the development phase is over, you will notice that the launch of the game happens without any issues.

The development road map must contain a step-to-step description. It will make the process easy for the developers. On top of that, there will be clarity at every step. Moreover, you know that the development is running on the correct path.

Making the Game Live

Once the development is completed, the last step is to make the game live. So, the players are able to access and play it. You might need a gaming platform to publish the game and make it available in the market. These platforms have some set of requirements. So, your game might have to meet those needs. Think before you decide on the platform. Conduct research to know which platform your target audience uses more often. Launch your game on a platform that is well-known and popular amongst audiences.

Tips for VR Game Development

With a successful VR game development road-map, you might be able to create a virtual world for gamers. But, it is an exhausting process. So here are some tips to ease your through the virtual reality game development:

Make it Really Interactive

Keeping your game at the highest level of inter-activeness might be the most important in the VR game. When a player comes to play the game, they expect it to feel like the real world. Remember that it’s not for a flat screen. Besides that, the users won’t interact the same way you anticipate them. So, it would be best if you adapted accordingly.

Keep Comfort of Players in Mind

In the virtual game, the players are actually in the game. So, they should be comfortable while playing the game. They shouldn’t feel bad physically when they return to the real world. To create a virtual world, you should consider the players' comfort. There should be a complete balance of every aspect when the user is playing the game.

Imagine & Experiment

Virtual Reality games in the metaverse can go beyond your imagination. So you don’t need to push back your thoughts. It will be good if you expand your creative limitations. Work on those fascinating ideas and try to experiment. You can undertake new things in the development phase. The end result will be a futuristic game. It must give an experience that people have never experienced before.

Cross-Platform Vision

When developing a game, you should have the vision to launch it on multiple platforms. So, the game can reach a broader range of audiences. These types of games give freedom to the players. They can easily port between platforms without losing their in-game assets, experience levels, and much more.

Integrate Dynamic View

For a better experience, the game must have a dynamic field of view. The players must be able to see the same view in the game as they see it with the naked eye. It will enhance the experience. Most importantly, it can be linked with the player’s movement. So if the player is not moving, they see a wide field of view. On the other hand, as the player starts to do movements or actions, the view reduces to a narrow field.

Things to Keep In Mind for VR Game Development

Virtual Reality Game Development is going to define the future. So, you must be precise with its functionality and features. Here are a number of things to consider while developing the VR game:

  • The player is responsible for moving around itself while playing the game.
  • Block the peripheral vision if you don't want the player to move around. Apart from that, you can even place the player in a certain stationary mode in certain situations.
  • Optimize the game's frames per second as per the user's requirement.
  • When you want to transfer a player from one place to another within the game, there are two options: Smooth or Teleportation Transition. Smooth movement allows the player to move around seamlessly. To teleport, the player can directly be sent from the location. The player just needs to do some action.

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With each passing year, technology is evolving to the next level. One thing is sure there are a lot of advancements still left in the field of virtual reality. But VR has already impacted the gaming industry in a way never before. It will continue to do so, anyhow bigger.

The metaverse powered by virtual reality can fulfill your vision to create a virtual world. You can start your metaverse journey with the help of virtual reality game development. It can offer you millions of ways to design and develop a game that can be the pioneer of the industry. But for that, you might need guidance from a metaverse development company.

At Suffescom Solutions, with Oculus Game Development Services, we have the right professionals to build your own gaming virtual world in the superior metaverse platforms. With our futuristic approach, you can benefit by making your digital presence in the metaverse. It is an opportunity that every business should seize in the near future.

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