Launch Your Unreal Engine Game With Advanced 3D Graphics

Launch Your Unreal Engine Game With Advanced 3D Graphics

By Suffescom Solutions

February 20, 2023

Launch Your Unreal Engine Game With Advanced 3D Graphics

Games grab the attention of individuals of all ages. There is no doubt that games are becoming an essential part of today’s life because people find these an energetic way of rejuvenation. Earlier, playing games impart just relaxation of the mind, but today’s games are far more advanced. One can enjoy these games in 3D, earn while playing games, and offers the opportunity to own the in-game assets, etc.

This modernization in the gaming industry is due to the advent of blockchain technology, which also offers tremendous benefits to game owners and players.

You might have heard of blockchain-powered games so far. The development of a game is as interesting as playing. To build a blockchain game, the Unreal engine is the most popular tool, empowering the gaming industry with its innumerable characteristics.

Are you planning to step into the gaming industry? Be wise and choose an unreal engine for game development company. Suffescom Solutions is the right choice for robust and scalable unreal engine game development. Our developers have created numerous stunning games so far.

What do you know about unreal engine? This blog gives you a deep insight into unreal engine gaming. Stay connected to the blog until the end for more information..!

What is Unreal Engine?

The Unreal Engine is developed by Epic games with more focus on 3D graphics. Due to its amazing graphical features, it is hugely opted by developers to develop mind-blowing games.

Some popular AAA games developed using unreal engine include Bioshock, Rocket League, Fortnite, etc.

An exciting feature of this engine is that it costs you nothing until you reach $1 million of earnings through your product. Isn’t it a good choice for your gaming platform? Also check here the overall cost of unreal engine game development.

Let’s dive deeper!

Why Should You Build Your Unreal Engine Game With Advanced 3D Graphics

Now that you are clear with the definition of Unreal Engine, you must also acquire some advanced information related to the same. Games using this engine can be developed for many environments such as PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, and Android.

Unreal Engine Based Game Development With Advanced Graphics

We work with all the latest game development tools and platforms to help you build stunning unreal engine game with superior graphic rendering, sound, animation, and display.

Let’s find some compelling reasons for choosing an unreal engine:

  • Unreal Engine offers work flexibility between different platforms.
  • Games can be created without writing any code.
  • It enables developers to develop games with two different systems.
  • It is an apt choice for involving some complexity in the game, like complex scenes and effects.
  • Unreal Engine has a huge community.
  • The biggest advantage is that it is completely free to use. They only charge 5% of your earnings from your games.
  • Unreal Engine also enables you to produce content for platforms like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
  • With Unreal Engine, you can create photo realistic views in real time.

Recognizing all these immense benefits and power of Unreal Engine, our team is ready to create a robust gaming platform altogether.

Key Features of Unreal Engine

Here are some potential key-features of Unreal Engine:

Real-Time Rendering

The unreal engine provides amazing features for rendering real-time worlds. Unreal Engine is comprised of Lumen, which provides numerous unbelievable scenes. One such example of Lumen is- turning on a flashlight, opening an exterior door, changing the angle of the sun with daytime, etc. Thus, it gives you freedom and you do not have to wait for lightmaps to bake or place reflection captures. The unreal engine enables you to create and edit lights that your players will while playing games.

UE5’s latest micro-polygon geometry system, “Nanite” create games by focusing on minute geometric details, enhancing the quality of the game and maintaining the real-time frame rate without any loss of fidelity.

Open World Toolset

Unreal Engine’s world partition system changes the way level management is done and automatically diverges the world into a grid. The new OFPA (One File Per Actor) system allows team members to work in the same region of the same world. With UE, it is possible to develop a massive world without the need for rebasing.

Built-in Character and Animation Tools

Unreal Engine allows you to animate in context, reuse existing animations, and modify animations to runtime gameplay conditions. There's a powerful new suite of artist-friendly tools for animation.

  • The production-ready Control Rig allows you to quickly and easily design rigs and share them across numerous characters, then animate them in Sequencer, where you can store and apply poses using the new Pose Browser and apply blended keys with undershoot or overshoot with the Tween tool.
  • IK Retargeter to transfer animations between characters with differing skeletons and proportions—for example, you might retarget a human motion to a wolf. Meanwhile, IK Rig allows you to alter a figure's movement additively, for example, making a moving character always glance at a target.
  • With Motion Warping, you may dynamically modify a character's root motion to align to different targets, such as vaulting over varied height walls, with a single animation.
  • Distance Matching is to regulate an animation's play rate.
  • Pose Warping to alter the pose dynamically to match the in-game character's motion.

In-Editor Modeling and Editing

Unreal engine 5 involves mesh modeling, UV editing, and baking toolsets resulting in a robust workflow that allows artists to generate and tweak assets directly in the Unreal Editor. These tools are convenient when working with dense meshes generated by photogrammetry programs such as Reality Capture or by kitbashing Quixel Megascans.

A new UV Editor window allows you to lay out, pick, transform, and cut and sew UVs in 2D space, view, copy, add, and remove UV channels, and a preview in 3D with a checker or custom texture.

Enhanced Editor UI and Workflow

Unreal Engine offers a more modern look, streamlined workflows, and improved use of screen real estate, making it easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Integration of Quixel Bridge enables easy drag-and-drop access to the whole Megascans library, with no separate download processes. It's part of the new Create menu, which provides a centralized spot for purchasing content and generating and placing Actors, with simple drag-and-drop workflows and one-click access to recently used Actors, making it faster and easier to populate your scene.

Procedural Audio Engine

Suffescom solutions introduce a fundamentally different way of generating audio with an unreal engine. MetaSounds is a high-performance solution that gives you complete control over the audio DSP graph generation of sound sources, allowing you to govern all aspects of audio rendering to power next-generation procedural audio experiences.

MetaSounds is equivalent to a fully programmable material and rendering pipeline. It has the ability to map game parameters to sound playback, massive workflow improvements, and much more.

Beautiful Final-Pixel Images

The featuristic Unreal Engine enables individuals to develop a still picture or linear content to produce offline renderer-quality imagery directly from Unreal Engine in a fraction of the time. The Path Tracer in Unreal Engine has improved stability, performance, and feature completeness, with support for hair primitives and the eye shader model, improvements in sampling, light transport, supported geometries, BRDF models, etc.

Specific Hardware And Software Requirements

To install the unreal engine, there are some software and hardware requirements which are as follows:

  • Windows 10 (64 bit) operating system
  • 8 GB RAM Memory
  • Quad-core Intel/AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or Faster
  • DirectX 11 or 12 compatible graphics card

In addition to these, you must also include:

  • If you will be programming games with Unreal Engine 4, you need to use Visual Studio 2017 v15.6 and above or Visual Studio 2019.
  • If you plan to code games for the iOS operating system, then you require iTunes 12 or higher.

Upon installing Unreal Engine through the Epic Games Launcher, you automatically get various DirectX components and Visual C++ packages installed on your system.

Installation of Unreal Engine

The installation process is comprised of a few steps described below:

  1. Navigate the Unreal Engine Official Download page.
  2. There are two license options available here.
  3. Publishing license: This is applicable if you want to create games.
  4. Creators License: Unreal Engine is utilized for more than only game development. It is widely used in filmmaking, architecture, and even engineering. You can select this license if you want to create content outside of the game.
  5. Then, you can begin the download process by selecting the appropriate License type and clicking the "Download Now" button.
  6. You can execute it once the download is complete.

Warnings such as security approvals and administrator authorization may appear during the download process. These are warnings that differ according to your operating system. You don't need to be concerned; simply grant the required permissions and proceed.

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