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Metaversity Development – How To Build A Digital Twin of Any University?

By Suffescom Solutions

October 21, 2022

Metaversity Development – How To Build A Digital Twin of Any University?

Necessity is the mother of invention. It is quite a common notion that fits perfectly in different scenarios in this technological era where a new innovation unlocks technology's potential every year.

Let’s take an example of the Pandemic that broke out a few years back. This affected the education system of the whole world adversely. However, the online education system emerged, perhaps with limited opportunities.

Considering such situations, Suffescom Solutions Inc. is initiating an advanced use case of web3 technology, i.e., “Metaversity,” to power up the education system in Metaverse. When learning collaborates with the virtual world, it becomes interactive and interesting.

Get in touch with Suffescom experts to develop a digital twin of the university. We have years of experience in web3, blockchain, metaverse development and can build the metaversity for you that can generate an abundance of revenue for you. Give your imagination a touch of reality by contacting a well-advanced blockchain development company.

What is Metaversity?

Metaversity is a live and synchronous digital twin of the higher education university in the virtual world. It is a platform where students, teachers, and other university staff come together under one umbrella, breaking the distance barriers. Students can attend classes in the metaverse with the help of some sophisticated gadgets without leaving the house. They can even take a virtual tour of the metaversity and enter any subject class, laboratory, library, etc. There is no denying the fact that the metaverse is actually bridging the gap between education and learners.

Why Invest In Metaversity?

Apart from the numerous benefits that the users get from metaversity, it is also beneficial from a business perspective. The vast opportunity that the metaverse beholds for investors and entrepreneurs are attracting business owners to develop a digital twin of campus in the virtual world.

Our team at Suffescom brought compelling statistics for you:

  • In the US, 3/4th of adults utilize the Metaverse platform for various purposes.
  • There has been a sharp rise in VR users since 2018. In 2021, approximately 23% were regularly visiting the virtual world.

University Digital Twin Development: Metaversity

Suffescom has the right and emerging set of tools and technologies to develop a robust and scalable digital twin of the university in the metaverse. By leveraging AR/VR app development solutions and many others, we build a platform where students can interactively engage with each other and mentors. We have built similar Metaversities for some Fortune 500 clients and are ready to offer our impeccable development services for your metaversity project.

Consult With Experts For University Digital Twin Development

Are you eager to build a renowned digital twin of the campus? Build a University in Metaverse and grow your business with Suffescom Solutions! We are just a call away!

The Development Process of Virtual University

We follow a 6 step approach to build a top-class metaversity platform using state-of-the-art technology.

Step 1- Requirement Fathering

In this, our team collaborates with you to discuss your metaversity project requirements and gather information from varied resources.

Step 2- Planning

We further move towards the project planning phase, discussing the project scope, setting deadlines, cost estimation, deliverables, etc.

Step 3- Design & Development

Post planning, our designers and developers will begin working on UX/UI graphics, frontend, and backend development.

Step 4- Testing

After developing the app, it undergoes a series of testing to ensure that it is free of bugs and various other issues.

Step 5- Deployment

Our team will deploy the metaversity app to your preferred network for your users upon successful testing.

Step 6- Maintenance

We never leave our clients mid-way; instead, we stay beside them even post-deployment so that we can resolve any emerging issue at the earliest.

Exclusive Features Of Digital Twin Of University

Virtual Tour

In our web3-enabled metaversity, your users can have a virtual tour of the university in the metaverse. They can properly visualize the metaversity mere with some gadgets.

Virtual Lectures

We build virtual classrooms to surpass traditional classrooms' boundaries. Your users can attend classes virtually while sitting at home in any attire. Students can experience life-like classes in the virtual world.

3D Objects

Our designers and developers will create 3D objects related to different subjects, such as science, history, math, etc., to give extraordinary experiences to the students.

Virtual Convocations

It is possible to attend convocations in the virtual world. We build metaversity where learners can attend and receive their respective degrees in virtual convocation meet.

Virtual Sports

Our developers build metaversities where students can participate in virtual sports and win exciting prizes with real-world value.

Virtual Events

The metaversity we develop for you would include virtual events that enable users to attend various events like meetings with teachers, parties, etc. Students can interact with mentors while at home.

Advantages Of Digital Twin Of Universities

Boost in Student Engagement

Through this trending technology, students get engaged with real-time virtual classrooms. Suppose students enter any biology class in the metaverse. In that case, they can connect with their mentors and other students thousands of miles away. They can do experiments and explore human and animal bodies together; for example, they can hold the “heart” of any animal or person in hand to can study it in a clear manner virtually or can travel to current or historical times.

Build University Replica With Our Metaversity Development Solutions

With our experienced web3 developers, we can launch your own virtual university in web3 space as per your needs. Connect with our experts over a FREE consultation call!

Improvement in Grades

With metaversities in action, students can learn from any part of the world, perform experiments virtually, go for one-on-one sessions with teachers, and clear their doubts anytime. They can explore more in the digital twin, which will ultimately lead to improved grades.

Connect Globally

With metaversity, individuals can connect with each other on a global scale. There would be no boundaries and learners from all around the world could visit your metaversity and get enrolled.

Higher Student Satisfaction

Students could engage with teachers and other learners effectively in the metaverse. They can discuss various problems related to different topics, such as math, history, science, etc. All these pros increase the satisfaction rate among learners.

Improved Data Collection

It would be easier to gather students' data since it will help gain insight into student behavior, discover gaps, measure progress, and many more.

Easy Access to a Disabled One

Metaverse is a great blessing for disabled people. They can go to any place without any difficulty, mere with some sophisticated gadgets. Persons with a disability can now study through the metaversity as it is not creating any hurdle in their personal and professional learning. Such immersive AR/VR-enabled settings can easily take the disabled ones to lectures, libraries, laboratories, sports grounds, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A University in Metaverse (Metaversity)?

This new revolutionary technology in the field of education is paving the way toward its success. AR/VR in education has eliminated this feeling among students as they can visit schools and become part of the classrooms virtually. Technology, including AR/VR, IoT, AI/ML, sophisticated gadgets, etc., is vital in making the metaversity project a huge success.

To create a learning campus in the metaverse, Suffescom Solutions cost you a budget-friendly offer depending upon the complexity of your project. Numerous factors reflect our pricing.

  • Number of developers involved
  • Number of features
  • Complexity of application
  • Number of hours
  • Tech stack used and many more

To get the right estimation cost, you can get in touch with our business analysts, who will listen to your project requirements and, based on that, will develop a pricing plan. You have the power to adjust the pricing as per your needs by compromising on some factors. We never compel our clients to increase their budget.

The cost to create a digital twin of the university starting from $90,000. Metaverse virtual examination platform costs $40,000. Virtual and dynamic libraries cost $30,000.

Top Universities That Built Their Digital Twin In Metaverse

  • Morehouse College, in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Fisk University, in Nashville, Tennessee
  • University of Kansas
  • St. Ambrose University
  • Southwestern Oregon Community College

Stick To Suffescom Solutions For Your Metaversity Project!

If you plan to develop a digital twin or replica of your university in the web3 space, shake hands with Suffescom Solutions. We can turn your ideas into reality!

What Do We Offer For Your Metaversity Project?

Suffescom holds more than 6 years of experience in Metaverse, Web3, and Blockchain development solutions. We have served numerous clients with 100% guaranteed and satisfied results. Our top-rated reviews and ratings over Clutch and Goodfirms are the right reasons why to choose us for your Metaveristy development project. With the help of cutting-edge technology, we built various customized metaverse platforms.

Latest Tech Stack

We use the latest state-of-the-art technology, such as blockchain, AR/VR, IoT, AI/ML, etc., to build customized metaverse campuses.

Highly Scalable Platform

Our developer team has years of experience creating fully robust and scalable applications and software based on Web3 technology.

Advanced Security

We adhere to maintaining the application's security level by offering complete data protection.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support services to our precious clientele. Whether you need us during day time or at night time, we will always be there to solve your query.

Hire us as your reliable partner in building amazing feature-rich digital twins for the universities!

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