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Foster Your Business Towards Sustainability Through Our Electric Car Booking App Development

By Suffescom Solutions

January 30, 2024

Foster Your Business Towards Sustainability Through Our Electric Car Booking App Development

Electric Car Booking App Development

Design and launch a smart electric car booking app built with top tech stacks to deliver a seamless experience to businesses. Collaborate with Suffescom and take your taxi business to new heights with boosted brand awareness and enhanced brand popularity. Our taxi dispatch software solutions are highly customized, robust, and scalable which will amplify your business growth exponentially.

Key Statistics Linked with Electric Vehicles

  1. By 2027, the electric car rental market size is expected to be around $20.42 bn with a CAGR of 14.36%.
  2. The market leaders in electric car rentals are The Hertz Corporation, Zoomcar India Private Ltd., Avis Rent a Car Ltd, Enterprise Holdings, Inc., etc
  3. The fastest-growing regions in the electric car market are Asia-Pacific, Europe, North & South America, the Middle East, etc.
  4. By 2025, the no. of electric passenger vehicles will increase 4x times and by 2027, China will become the global electric vehicle producer with a 43.8% share.

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We are an IT company, offering electric car booking app and taxi business software development services.

How Does An Electric Car Booking App Work?

The user needs to sign in to the platform and create their profile. After browsing through different attributes, the preferred slot is booked for the desired duration. Similarly, the drivers will accept/reject the requests through the app and will discover the nearby charging stations and easily plan their journey.

The drivers are able to unlock the electric cars with just a tap on their smart devices and reach their destination without facing any obstructions.

If you want to start an electric taxi booking app business then we at Suffescom are the right partners for you. Get ready to generate massive profits and revenue for your business. We have the best ready-made solutions available for several ride-hailing apps. Our Uber Clone app is perfectly instilled with mesmerizing features that are surely going to maximize the customer base and streamline hassle-free business operations.

So, to be at the peak of the business game, all you need to do is talk over your project details with our experts and develop the best electric cab booking app.

Electric Car Booking App Development

We offers taxi business solutions such app development, dispatch software development and whitelabel cab booking apps with advanced features. Run your business online in couple of hours with us and generate handsome revenue with you taxi business.

Features Of Electric Car Booking App

Our feature-packed electric cab booking app promotes eco-friendliness and helps reduce the carbon footprint to make the world smarter and more sustainable. These spectacular features absolutely offer an enjoyable experience to users while embracing electric mobility

User App

User-Friendly Interface

A sleek and intuitive UI/UX design helps in easy navigation and is responsible for a seamless booking experience.

Vehicle Options

Offers access to a large fleet of electric vehicles, from compact cars to larger SUVs, hatchbacks, sedans, etc.

Real-Time Availability

Swiftly checks the availability of electric cars in the nearby location, promoting quick and efficient booking.

Reservation Management

Users can easily view, modify, or cancel their bookings through the app, providing flexibility and control.

Smart Alerts

Receive real-time notifications for booking confirmations, charging status, and other relevant updates to stay informed.

Safety Measures

Information on safety features of the electric vehicles, emergency contacts, and guidelines for responsible driving.

In-App Reviews

A platform for users to provide feedback and reviews, helping others make informed decisions and promoting continuous improvement.

Multi-Language Support

Cater to a diverse user base by offering the app in multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.

Integration with Sustainability Metrics

Display environmental benefits achieved by using electric vehicles, such as carbon footprint reduction, contributing to a more sustainable future.

For Drivers

Charging Station finder

Integration with a comprehensive database of charging stations, helping drivers locate and plan routes based on charging infrastructure.

Track Charging Sessions

With this feature, drivers can easily track their electric car charging expenses from anywhere by downloading every charging session data along with the aggregate cost of every charging session.

Near By Service Centre

Helps locate the service stations that come in the vicinity of the drivers to get their vehicle's parts examined and repaired.

Charging station details

This app feature offers in-depth information about the charging stations i.e. charging speed, type of connectors, parking facilities, etc.

GPS Navigation

With advanced GPS functionality, drivers can easily plan their routes, and gauge traffic jams /rush hour beforehand to ensure a smooth journey from start to finish.

Track Earnings

Our electric car booking app lets drivers track their daily/weekly earnings at a uniform place within a few simple clicks.

Schedule Charging At Station

Drivers can pre-book slots at stations for charging their vehicles directly through the app to reduce inconvenience in any form.

Admin Panel

User/Driver’s Profile Management

Helps in the seamless management of user and driver's profiles to handle payment details, and keep track of their booking history.

Payment system management

Offers secure and convenient payment options available within the app, to make hassle-free transactions for users.

Ads management setting

Helps create creative ads with a significant campaign objective, precise budget, and schedule to promote the services on diverse platforms to capture a wider audience.

Admin Dashboard

Shows insights related to the business performance by displaying reports, and analytics of bookings/rides. With the help of graphical charts, the overall sales and revenue statistics are shown.

Booking monitoring

Keeps track of all bookings including pending & confirmed and based on that assigns those to the available drivers.

Tech Support and Assistance

Admin has access to customer support within the app that helps resolve the queries and troubleshooting issues that are initiated during the booking process.

Start Electric Cab Business: Electric Car Booking App Development 

Elevate your business growth with our technology-driven applications embedded with matchless features and characteristics. Suffescom has a proven track record of developing world-class apps and software. Leverage our expertise and reach the peak of success.

Electric Car Booking App Development: Key Benefits

Our electric cab booking app is known for smooth booking processes and coherent electric vehicle management that streamlines business operations. Another great thing is the flexibility and phenomenal travel solution for both users and businesses. With the adoption of the electric car booking app model, the business stands a chance to not only gain financially but also acquire a fantastic brand reputation.

Environmental Impact

Helps reduce the carbon footprint by making a solid contribution towards a sustainable future and greener tomorrow that promotes a positive brand image.

Brand Loyalty

The alignment with sustainability trends helps facilitate loyalty among environmentally aware consumers who support businesses with a green focus.

Cost Savings

Businesses are able to enjoy lower operational costs compared to conventional fuel-powered vehicles, resulting in massive cost savings.

Market Expansion

Whilst electric vehicles are gaining mainstream attention, developing electric car booking apps opens huge opportunities leading to business expansion worldwide.

Market Differentiation

Providing electric car booking app services caters to the increasing demand for sustainable transportation solutions and sets your business at a top-notch level as compared to your competitors.

Corporate Partnerships

Helps form partnerships with electric vehicle manufacturers, and charging station providers, that create additional revenue streams.

Data Insights

The collected data based on user behavior including travel patterns, and popular routes through the app offers meaningful insights for crafting future business strategies and service improvements.


Helps in the great positioning of the business in the electric mobility space and is a part of the continuing shift towards sustainable transportation, maintaining relevance and longevity in an ever-evolving market

Top Revenue Model Of Electric Car App Development

Developing electric cab apps has proven to be beneficial for businesses at a larger level. Besides, offering brand value is also useful in generating higher returns on investment and boosting sales. Businesses can earn a constant income through various plans while providing extra perks like discounts on several services that help capture mega audiences.

Rental Fees

Charge certain fees from the users for the time they spend renting an electric vehicle through your app. Rates can vary based on the type of vehicle, time of day, or demand.

Subscription Plans

Offers subscription plans for frequent users, thereby offering benefits like discounted rental rates, priority booking, and exclusive access to different vehicle models.

Advertising and Partnerships

Allows collaboration with businesses related to electric vehicles, maintaining sustainability, and taking part in greener initiatives. It allows sponsored content, advertising, and partnerships that help generate additional revenue streams.

In-App Merchandise Sales

Selling branded merchandise, like Eco-friendly gear and accessories directly through the app helps generate additional revenue.

Affiliate Marketing

Collaborating with electric vehicle manufacturers, charging station providers, and other relevant businesses helps earn commissions for referrals and partnerships offered through the app

Beating the competition, earning massive money, and financial sustainability are the pivotal elements that are considered by every business. Above we have mentioned some of the top revenue models that will help you rake enough money along with an enjoyable and fruitful business journey.

How To Start Electric Car Hailing Business In USA, UAE and UK?

To start an electric car hailing business in the USA, UAE, and UK, research regulations, acquire electric vehicles, develop a user-friendly app, obtain necessary permits, and market your service effectively.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Electric Car App?

The taxi app development costs range between $30k-$90k. This is merely an estimation that depends on the level of personalization. Several factors influence the budget; have a look at them below;

  • Project Complexity
  • Level Of Customization
  • Geo Location Of The Developers
  • Expertise And Experience
  • Integrated Features
  • Size Of The Development Company

Book a meeting with our experts and get an exact price quote depending on your business needs!

Why Choose Suffescom For Your Electric Car Booking App Development?

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a prominent name in app development that has helped entrepreneurs flourish their businesses on a massive scale. To be a part of successful entrepreneurs, now is the time to get connected with our team and transform your dreams into reality. Here we have illustrated certain pointers that take us a notch higher than our competitors;

  1. Modern Tech Stacks
  2. Tech experts
  3. On-Time Delivery
  4. Multi Level Testing
  5. 24/7 Chat Support
  6. Agile Methodologies
  7. Affordable Prices

Get in touch with our team and develop an innovative electric car booking app with fabulous features and functionalities.

FAQs Related To Electric Car Booking App Development

Which categories of electric vehicles are available for booking?

Our app includes a variety of fleets, like compact cars, sedans, coupe, SUVs, etc. The user can select the type of vehicle according to their needs and preferences. Our app is updated regularly and provides the latest and sustainable features.

Is the app available in different languages?

Absolutely! Our developed app is aimed at catering to a diverse user base. It is available in multiple languages so that inclusivity and accessibility are maintained universally. The desired language is chosen in the app settings.

How much does it take to develop an electric car booking app?

It usually takes around 2-5 weeks to develop such an app, depending on the personalization.

How will the drivers find the charging stations for the electric cars?

The in-built feature i.e. “charging station locator” helps find the charging stations. They can simply access the map to find the nearby charging stations.

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