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Launch the P2P crypto exchange platform with a 100% customizable crypto exchange script. Our peer-to-peer crypto exchange development services help businesses decentralize the legacy financial system. Embrace private and more secure transactions that provide users with a seamless and highly encrypted crypto trading experience.

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Whitelabel P2P Exchange Development Services

P2P escrow crypto exchange platforms have numerous benefits yet to be explored. Blockchain fintech solutions are drastically impacting the transaction methods we use nowadays. As many B2B and B2C businesses are switching to blockchain-based crypto wallets to carry out transactions, we help businesses by creating a P2P setup for them.

Our whitelabel P2P crypto exchange development solutions offer an escrow option to transfer funds or assets securely. These P2P platforms are supported by robust technologies that make the perfect match between seller and buyer based on the requirements of both parties.

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Whitelabel P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange App Features

Integrating P2P cryptocurrency exchange with existing transaction systems eases the process, making businesses recognizable in a very limited time frame. Whether it is about security or scalability, the P2P crypto exchange platform ecosystem brings defined success in the near future.

  • Crypto Swapping
    Crypto Swapping

    With the crypto-swapping option, crypto traders conduct secure transactions without involving middlemen that secure the trading process.

  • Overflowing TPS
    Overflowing TPS

    As customers and businesses speed up their transactions, our platform functions as a secure, quick, and efficient P2P crypto trading platform.

  • KYC/AML Verification
    KYC/AML Verification

    The most prominent feature is KYC verification. Users' identities are verified, preventing fraud like money laundering or terrorist financing.

  • Hot Wallet
    Hot Wallet

    The hot wallet is connected to the internet and crypto network and is used to trade cryptocurrency and view how many tokens are available.

  • Multi-Layer Security
    Multi-Layer Security

    SSL and two-factor authentication add an extra layer of security to the platform. An OTP is required to log in to a P2P crypto exchange account.

  • Advanced Chart View
    Advanced Chart View

    Advanced charts are a powerful tool for viewing crypto movement, technical analysis, and comparing various charting features and timeframes.

  • Multi-Lingual Support
    Multi-Lingual Support

    Our peer-to-peer crypto exchange offers multi-language support, allowing users to communicate with other users in their preferred language.

  • Wallet Integration
    Wallet Integration

    Our peer-to-peer crypto exchange development solution integrates with the multi-crypto wallet, allowing users to manage cryptocurrencies.

  • Escrow System
    Escrow System

    This smart contract-based escrow feature tracks all activities and exchanges crypto without any pitfalls, providing an extra trading security layer.

  • Payment Gateway
    Payment Gateway

    This P2P crypto exchange feature enables users to trade their desired crypto within the platform for easy and fast crypto transactions.

  • HTTP Authentication
    HTTP Authentication

    HTTP authentication works by having the server request authentication information from the client with base-64 encoding information.

  • Anti-DDoS

    The anti-DDoS protects users and the P2P crypto platform by preventing anyone from breaking into the system with bogus traffic.

Launch Peer-to-Peer Crypto Exchange Development Platform With Us

Want to develop your P2P crypto exchange platform? We have expertise in developing a whitelabel P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform, enabling crypto trading with blazing-fast speed. We create a smooth and seamless ecosystem where users can benefit from the platform by trading in cryptocurrencies.

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange App Screens

Create a cutting-edge P2P crypto exchange platform by utilizing the elite P2P exchange building services offered by Suffescom. Our P2P exchange script is plugged with a Bitcoin escrow script and a separate escrow API that can be integrated with existing exchanges.

How Does Our P2P Crypto Exchange Platform Work?

The P2P crypto exchange includes a streamlined process that allows for smooth navigation through the interface and lets users complete transactions easily.

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User Registration

User Registration

The users must register on the platform with their details to access the platform.

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KYC/AML Verification

KYC/AML Verification

KYC/AML verification of each user helps keep users with malicious intent away.

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Placement Of Order

Placement Of Order

The user selects the crypto for trade and adds the market or limit order amount.

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Confirmation Of Order

Confirmation Of Order

The seller and the buyer confirm the order to be initiated on the platform.

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Connection Of Buyers & Sellers

Connection Of Buyers & Sellers

Buyers and sellers connect on the platform to discuss the trade and its conditions.

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Creating Wallet Address

Creating Wallet Address

Connect a wallet compatible with the crypto exchange platform to begin trade.

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Holding Of Assets

Holding Of Assets

The smart contracts-based escrow holds the assets to be sold after confirmation.

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Complete Payment

Complete Payment

Once the order is initiated, the buyer takes the first step and pays.

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Confirmation of Payment

Confirmation of Payment

The seller sends in the confirmation of receiving the order payment.


Storing Of Asset

Storing Of Asset

Once the transfer is complete, the buyer stores the assets in the cold wallet.

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Transfer Of Assets

Transfer Of Assets

The released assets are then transferred to the Buyer’s wallet address.

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Release Of Asset

Release Of Asset

Once the seller confirms the payment, the escrow releases the assets to the buyer.

P2P Crypto Exchange Development Process

Implementing our fundamentally decentralized blockchain technology creates a peer-to-peer exchange that conducts transactions without a middleman by bringing together buyers and sellers directly. As a crypto exchange development company, we assist you in developing a flawless platform

  • 01

    Project Analyze

    Before entering the development phase, the first and foremost step is to analyze the project, evaluate the requirements, and create a roadmap for P2P crypto exchange development after thorough research.

  • 02


    While designing the exchange platform, user satisfaction is of utmost priority. To create highly intuitive user interfaces, recommendations are- don’t build a flashy UI design that won’t be attractive to users.

  • 03

    Tech Integrations

    We develop the software and integrate adequate technology tools like NodeJS, PHP, Laravel framework, MEAN, MERN stack, and more to develop the P2P decentralized crypto exchange platform.

  • 04


    After designing, another important aspect is the smart contract development, legal policies, etc. Suffescom employs eminent developers with fully-fledged knowledge of the latest tech stacks.

  • 05


    Further, the P2P crypto exchange platform undergoes rigorous testing to remove any bugs or issues. If any error or glitch is found, it is removed immediately so as not to affect the user experience.

  • 06


    Once the crypto exchange platform is thoroughly tested, it is deployed in the live environment. We always keep an eye on the performance of the platform to keep glitches away post-deployment.

Benefits Of Our P2P Exchange Development Services

P2P crypto platforms are protected with institutional-grade securities with secure vaulting, cryptographic hardware, and organizational governance to boost multi-layer security safeguarding assets. The P2P crypto exchange models assist you in extending your trading platform with efficiency to handle the rising demands of the platform. Suffescom offers ready-to-market futuristic crypto exchange software that satisfies your business needs.

  • Multi-Language Support
  • Multi-Currency Convenience
  • Seamless Customizations
  • Impregnable Security
  • Community Development
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Liquidity Support
  • Rewards & Referrals
  • Low Trading Costs
  • 24x7 Customer Support
  • Cutting-Edge Blockchain Solutions

P2P Crypto Exchange Clone Services We Offer

We offer a variety of readymade P2P crypto exchange clone scripts to establish a business immediately in the blockchain sector. Leverage P2P exchange clone development solutions to give users a hassle-free trading experience. Contact our team for readymade P2P exchange development that allows users to trade directly without needing a centralized third-party.

Why Choose Suffescom For P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

Choosing Suffescom Solutions as your P2P crypto exchange development company can transform your business into a crypto platform with higher ROI. Our solutions offer instant transfer and numerous options over banks. We aim to give end-users a spontaneous, reliable digital transaction without hassle.

  • Modern Tech Stacks

    We incorporate the latest technology stacks to develop digital solutions for your business that are highly efficient and effective.

  • Blockchain Experts

    At Suffescom, we have top-notch blockchain developers with years of experience. Our work can be seen by looking at our testimonials.

  • Bespoke Solutions

    Our team of experts adheres to providing bespoke solutions to take your business to the next level by fulfilling all your business goals.

  • Round-the-Clock Services

    Our team stays in touch with the client during post-deployment services to assist them in removing errors faced by the end-users.

  • On-Time Delivery

    Our blockchain team dedicatedly takes up projects to deliver them back by accomplishing all the business goals within the timeline.

  • Result Oriented Approach

    Suffescom’s dedicated teamwork with a result-oriented outlook makes us focus on the outcomes while developing any platform.

FAQs Related To P2P Crypto Exchange Development

Top-rated whitelabel P2P crypto exchange development-related questions we have been asked countless times.

  • What is the process of a P2P exchange?

    A P2P exchange operates on the core tenet of blockchain technology, namely decentralization. It enables direct trading between customers and sellers without the use of middlemen.

    Why launch a P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform?

    As it enables traders to swap cryptocurrencies without the admin's involvement, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange is the future of cryptocurrency transactions.

  • How much developing a P2P crypto exchange costs?

    P2P crypto exchange development cost ranges between $25,000-$80,000. The cost vary according to the features and other factors you intend to include in your exchange.

    How can a P2P crypto exchange platform be created?

    A whitelabel P2P crypto exchange solution or a P2P crypto exchange clone script can create a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange from scratch.

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