Huobi Clone Script Development | Build A Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Like Huobi

Huobi Clone Script Development | Build A Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Like Huobi

By Suffescom Solutions

June 27, 2022

Huobi Clone Script Development | Build A Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Like Huobi

Huobi clone script is a cryptocurrency exchange script that includes all the features, trading functionalities, and plugins like Huobi. At Suffescom Solutions, we will help you in developing a secure cryptocurrency exchange platform with advanced features and top-notch plugins.

What Is Huobi Clone Script?

Huobi is a ready-to-launch script that possesses all the components, modules, attributes, functionalities, and much more that are present in the original Huobi crypto platform. The added benefit of this script is that it allows the customers to make personalized changes according to their requirements.

Build Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Like Huobi

With our Huobi clone script development services, you can launch your own cryptocurrency exchange platform that mirrors the functionality and features of the popular Huobi exchange.

This script is free from bugs and integrates advanced trading features including staking, spot trading, derivatives trading, etc. We provide the Huobi liquidity API to our customers.

Huobi clone script will enjoy a great demand in the future. Thus, it's time to make the most of the situation and launch a unique cryptocurrency exchange platform.

White Label Huobi Clone Script Solution

This is a ready-made platform that has basic inbuilt features. It is a convenient way to build a white label crypto exchange platform very swiftly and in reduced time. We provide secure cryptocurrency wallet development services and have successfully executed security protocols such as fingerprint recognition, data encryption, registry lock, two-factor authentication hardware security modules, etc.

These are extremely important characteristics that need to be considered before choosing a solid crypto exchange. Prior to launching an exchange platform like this, one must get hold of the superior features that this clone script has to offer.

Huobi Growth Model

This is a widely known cryptocurrency platform that provides spot and derivate products to its users. the formal website has approx. 10 languages. they have acquired investments from noteworthy investors, due to which they have become the third largest exchange platform in the relevant industry.

The average amount of trading per day reaches 127,000 BTC, which makes the Huobi exchange the third-largest in the crypto industry. It was in 2017 when bitcoin trading was banned by the Chinese government.

After that Huobi pulled out all the services from china and established Huobi Global with a yield of about 850 billion USD. In 2019, the spot market reached the first spot in terms of the 24-hour trading volume.

Exclusive Features of Huobi Clone Script

Flawless User Interface:

The ultimate objective of an exchange platform is to provide a seamless interface to its users. the first thing, which is noticed by the users is its is not enticing enough, the user will not spend the required time on the platform. So, the goal is to develop an attractive interface that will compel them to navigate through the entire platform.

User-Friendly Admin Panel:

The most crucial feature of a Cryptocurrency exchange platform is to have an adaptable admin panel. The layout of the admin panel should be precise and the menus should be clearly visible. all the relevant information should be displayed in an accurate format. The user should not get irritated while searching for the required information.

Registry Lock:

A cryptocurrency exchange platform is a very sensitive thing that requires double-layered security to lock the domain. there are higher chances of unauthorized access by hackers. therefore, to prevent situations like this, one needs to take extra care. There is a protective shield called “registry lock” that prohibits the deletion of the essential elements from the registration details.

DEX Trading:

The interconnection between the buyers and settlers is maintained by a DEX platform. The decentralized exchange platform is basically a P2P (peer-to-peer) marketplace and is non-custodial, thereby being in charge of the private keys while executing on a DEX platform.

Revolutionize Your Crypto Business with Huobi Clone Script Development

With our Huobi clone script development, you can now launch your own cryptocurrency exchange platform in no time!

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

This allows the users to safely store their cryptocurrency and recover it in the form of digital assets. The crypto transaction takes place with the help of public and private keys. The public key is actually the wallet address and the private key is the password that enables access to the cryptocurrency.

Cold Wallet:

This is secure storage for the crypto assets that are maintained offline. A much-advanced security layer is provided by the integration of a cold wallet into the exchange platform. It enables biometric authentication with multi-signature validation so that the assets are immune to theft.

Add-Ons of Huobi Clone Script

Off Exchange Trading:

Also known as OTC (over-the-counter) trading, it regulates trading between two parties without the interference of the exchange. Here, the prices are quoted by the market makers to trade any financial product, currency, or security.

Margin Trading:

This allows the users to borrow Virtual Assets on the exchange platform. The permitted users utilize the margin loan as leverage (borrowed Virtual Assets) to open a position that is larger than the balance of their Account.

Liquidity API:

This type of Liquidity Application program Interface (API) is integrated into the Cryptocurrency Exchange. It offers the users liquidity by exhibiting the order book of any popular exchanges.

Referral Program:

The motive behind the referral program is to invite friends. This is done by sending a referral link / QR code to obtain rewards every time trading is completed.

Two-Factor Authentication:

Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to online accounts. For this, important credentials are required to acquire account access to the crypto wallet.

Trade Engine:

All the records are kept in the trade engine software, it is essentially the landing place of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. New trades are produced if two orders are satisfied with each other.

In-App Features

Multilingual Support:

Now, to gain a lot of customers, they should be able to comprehend what exactly this platform offers. If the user does not understand a bit of what is written or mentioned in the app, then it is a setback. To overcome this difficulty, there is the presence of multilingual support that supports various languages.

Live Chat System:

This feature enables 24/7 technical assistance to the users. There is a live chatbot that answers the queries of the users at any time. Whatever issue the customer is facing is resolved by the tech-support members. Here, the customer talks directly with the representative of the company through client messaging software.

Session Timeout:

There is a specific time when the user doesn’t perform any action, at that time the session is suspended and needs authentication before commencing the new session. The user stays on the same page with a message alert that shows the session is timed out.

Transform Your Business with Our Huobi-Inspired Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Join the revolution of digital finance with our innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform inspired by the success of Huobi.

Fingerprint Unlocking:

For identification purposes, speedy access, and enhanced security fingerprint unlocking is required to offer a secure control against cybercriminals. This is a complete biometric verification method. It provides 100% accuracy as compared to regular passwords and unlocks the workstation swiftly.

In App Authentication:

The login password is not enough to enable authentication, therefore a PIN code is provided that supports excellent protection mechanism. There is a proper “authentication pair” that takes place in between the users to prevent any unverified access to the system.

Crypto Widget:

They allow smooth access to bitcoin prices and crypto by connecting the widget to the home screen. It constantly displays cryptocurrency rates on the screen. The user can personalize it according to their own requirements. This attribute is completely customizable where new tokens/coins are added to the exchange regularly.

Premium Benefits of Starting a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges like Huobi

Reducing Hacking Risk:

The users need not transfer their assets to a third party due to, avoiding the third parties ensures enhanced security thus protecting from any theft or hacking.

Blocking Market Manipulation:

The decentralized exchanges have the ability to provide a peer-to-peer exchange of cryptocurrencies. This restricts market manipulation and safeguards the users from wash trading.


There is no filling out of customer details for KYC (know your customer).so, decentralized exchanges provide anonymity and provides privacy.

Secure Transactions:

The presence of multiple layer security along with two-factor authentication ensures secure transactions.

Instant Access:

The user can have access to the cryptocurrency wallet at any time and any place without any obstruction.

Faster Transactions:

As the non-essential elements are removed from the path, the speed of the transactions is increased.

Easy Deployment Process:

The uncomplicated validation and superior backlog prioritization help in the simple deployment process.

Launch Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Like Huobi

With Huobi-like features, our cryptocurrency exchange platform offers seamless trading experiences and cutting-edge security measures.

User-Friendly Access:

Users are able to log into their accounts conveniently and check their account balance without resistance while investing and trading process.

Why Choose Suffescom Solutions For The Cryptocurrency Exchange Like  Platform Development?

We are a distinguished crypto exchange clone development company that has all the potential to meet business needs. We are a renowned DeFi exchange development company that has expertise in building decentralized apps and defi exchanges. We are an ace-class team of professionals that have specialization in developing decentralized protocols like Huobi. We provide great assistance to our clients who pick us for Cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

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