Pinksale Clone Script | Launch App like Pinksale Launchpad

Pinksale Clone Script | Launch App like Pinksale Launchpad

By Suffescom Solutions

March 10, 2023

Pinksale Clone Script | Launch App like Pinksale Launchpad

The Crypto industry is paving the way by creating a new atmosphere in the digital world. The innovative concept includes launchpads that ensure multi-level project verification and build users' confidence in the investment.

In the world of crypto, a launchpad like Pinksale has become a prominent name with thousands of projects listed and millions of users. It helps everyone to create their own tokens and token sales in a few seconds. The platform publishes only verified tokens that are available on explorer websites.

Initiating to build a Pinksale-similar platform that assists users in creating their own tokens and contributing to the token economy. You are at the right place.

Suffescom Solutions came up with a Pinksale Clone App Development as an instant solution for budding entrepreneurs.

Build Your Own Pinksale Clone App and Start Selling Today!

Build your own online marketplace, consider using a pinksale clone app. We can help you create a custom platform that meets your specific needs and allows you to start selling today.

We proffer ready to launch solutions at an affordable price. Still, wondering why Suffescom Solutions only? Do remember, we have 13+ years of experience in the IT industry and 5.5+ years of experience in blockchain to develop and launch diverse industries' software solutions.

For over 5 years, we have been into blockchain technology and delivered various similar technology products such as IDO launchpads, White Label NFT Marketplace, and trading platforms, with the ability of smart contracts, token standards, and more features. We have also worked on metaverse-like technologies such as Web3 development, Play to Earn platforms, etc.

On the way to create a launchpad like Pinksale…….

A Set of Tools for Token Sales

pinksale clone app script

How to Create a Clone Launchpad of PinkSale?

Planning For Pinksale Launchpad Development

The first step is to build and launch a platform like PinkSale to decide about your business strategy. Think about your goal or what you can offer unique from the existing platforms that ensure your business success. Your planning for the app will assist you in finding unique features and functionalities that your crypto investors wish to expect from a trustworthy platform.

White Paper Drafting

Once you are prepared with what you want to build and why? The next step is to create a white paper draft defining your plan business plans, platform features, and services you want to offer. The complete information on the white paper enables it to reach a wider audience.

Design And Development

Launchpad is designed with all the features and services for end users. So, plan here unique features, technologies to be used (for programming languages & blockchain) and, pre-programmed smart contracts, etc. These will enable faster project development and launching.

Wallet Integration

Whether you want a single wallet or multi-wallet feature on platforms like Pinksale, you have to decide in advance. App like Pinksale uses multiple wallet features to drive multiple users.

Development Of Pinksale Features

Platform features are designed to maximize users' convenience and make everything available at one click away like Pinksale offers. Look for features from creating profiles to multiple innovative features that fulfill millions of users' goals. We have below listed some essential features of the PinkSale platform. Do not forget to check them out.

Development Of Launchpad Ecosystem

Once the platform is developed, the next step is undergoing multi-level platform testing. It involves removing bugs, errors, and other issues from the platform that can hinder its performance and users' experience.

Launch Your Own Pinksale Clone App and Tap into the Lucrative E-commerce Market

Entering the thriving e-commerce market, launching your own pinksale clone app can be a great option. We can help you create a platform that mirrors the success of pinksale and helps you tap into this lucrative market.

How Suffescom Solutions Develop a Clone of Pinksale?

We build innovative solutions from scratch as well as using Pinksale clone Script. Building an app takes time and involves lots of costs. Therefore we choose a cost-effective Pinksale clone which is a replica of the most popular launchpad.

The white label Pinksale clone app is a tested and proven platform, embedded with modern features and a huge customization scope. The quick and easy-to-develop platform can be launched within 30-days only.

Our White Label Pinksale Clone App Solution For Varied Platforms

We offer white label pinksale apps for various platforms targeting various device customers. These involve:

Mobile App

We offer a multi-featured and secured platform for your mobile user customer and keep them updated on something new on the platform.

Web Portal

Our web portal is designed as an end-to-end encrypted user-centric platform that facilitates faster transactions with more transparency.

Window Software

To provide customers with a best-ever experience and perform transactions at lightning speed, we design and develop white label Pinksale apps for native and cross-platformers.

How does the PinkSale Clone app benefit?

Our designed PinkSale clone app offers the ultimate advantage to users and admins. Here we have listed a few, check out these, and more you can discuss with our excerpts.

  • Countless Payment Options
  • Multilingual Support
  • Offline Wallets
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Streamlined Dashboard
  • Super Fast KYC
  • High-Speed Transactions
  • Best-in-Class Security
  • Multi-Platform
  • Simple & Efficient Design
  • Passionate Team

Understand the Indispensable Features of PinkSale Clone app Development

Our designed App like Pinksale, backed by all the essential features of the launchpad platform. We have listed some, you can ask for more that can keep your brand stand out from the crowd.


Pinksale clone app homepage involves all the essential details such as total liquidity raised, total projects listed, total participants, and total value locked. You can look for a similar option or add unique details. With this, you can define various ecosystem-growing protocols or tools that define your platform.


The launchpad segment can imply options related to launchpads such as create launchpad, create fair launch, Create tokes, Launchpad lists, and more. The platform involves basic details explaining how you can proceed further at every level with information that can be used to create a launchpad, fair launch, or tokens.

Private sale

Your users can easily create private sales by connecting wallets. Under the private sale list, users can also check all private sales going on and find my personal sale and contribution to enhance the experience. More options such as filter by and sort by provide precise details.

Pink lock

The feature enables users to lock their token creation maximum value on the launchpad. Companies can raise the total amount locked, token address, token name, symbol, and decimals with a lock and unlock date information.

Pink Airdrop

Pinksale Clone app allows users to create Airdrop on the platform and list various airdrop platforms on the platform. Airdrop creation involves simple steps to create. And listing involves Airdrop Address, Token Address, Name, Symbol, Total Tokens, and more with the live Airdrop option.


Leaderboard defines the weekly data review. Your users can check weekly stats and graphical presentations from the token listing created and sold.

Pink anti-bot

Pink anti-bot is the largest, fastest, and cheapest blockchain network for crypto-to-crypto transactions. Allow your users to quickly enable, disable or blacklist certain tokens with Pink Anti-bot assistance.

Pool alert

If you want your users to be updated with a new pool, you can set a pool alert option on the platform. It will help users to find relevant options before investing.

KYC & Audit

KYC is only necessary for project owners to define the identity verification via passport or national ID. Enabling quick KYC and Audit options on the platform allows new users to list tokens on your platform and gives a reason to users to trust them.


Defining all about Pinksale like introduction, token matrics, launchpad, investments, roadmap, service fees, and more options that benefit users and project managers before investing. You can also link YouTube Tutorials to enhance users' experience.

Community Creation

The feature lets you allow a community of like-minded people in various languages. You can also create a community based on language for easy and quick communication.


Hashtag feature defines trending stuff on the platform, like what users are searching for or where they are investing. The option helps new investors to make faster decisions.

Quick box

Pinksale offers to create an option on the top to enable quick actions for launchpad creation, fair launch, pink pad, private launchpad, and more, as mentioned above discussed for creation.

Multiple- Language support

Pinksale platform offers support in two languages, but you can offer multi-language support in Pinksale clone apps to users. It will widen your project owners' and users' reach.

More Components To Consider While Developing Pinksale Clone

Multiple Wallet Creation

Pinksale platforms offer multiple wallet support to enable users to trade through any wallet. These are metamask, trust wallet connect, coinbase wallet, safePal wallet, and token pocket Math wallet. But you can choose more wallet options for the platform based on the target audience of using conscience. You can also go with customized crypto wallet development from our experts. We are ready to develop a solution with full security and functionality for your platform security.

Talk to our experts and grab the opportunity to get a special discount on tailor-made crypto wallet development services.

Blockchain Technology

Pinksale platform uses ethereum, BNB smart chain, Matric, Avalanche, Fantom opera, and Cronos to complete transactions faster. All these blockchain technologies vary from service fees, therefore, platforms that allow users to choose their best option. We also let you enjoy Pinksale like app development that offers users a choice of blockchain technology to trade in tokens at an affordable cost.

Smart Contract Development

Allow no more paperwork on your platform with smart contracts. It helps to complete transactions based on predefined conditions with the power of blockchain technology. We have an experienced blockchain basedyour smart contract development team to write, edit or update smart contracts and empower your platform.

Our Pinksale Clone Script Adorned With Variety Of Features For Admin

Our bespoke Pinksale clone app is powered with a variety of features and functionalities for admin. These features help the admin to manage the platform for smooth functioning. Some of them are:

  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Currency Activation
  • Order Management
  • OTP Verification
  • Pair Management
  • Analytical Reports
  • Commission Management
  • Customization

Understand The Revenue Generating Opportunities From Pinksale Clone

Pinksale is one of the most used launchpads in the market. It has supported 10,625 projects and raised $243.3 million with 1.1 million users. The massive success of the Pinksale platform became a motivation for others to start and flourish with similar launchpads in the market. As it is essential to understand the success of the platform, equally, it is important to find out the revenue model of Pinksale.

Generally, Pinksale generates income in two ways, i.e., service fees and KYC charges.

Service Fees

The platform does not use fixed charges from every token creation or minting, but it charges a fee based on various blockchain technology usage. Like, for Binance Smart Chain, it charges

  • Standard Token Minting Fees
  • Liquidity Generator Token Minting Fees
  • Baby Token Minting Fees
  • Buyback Baby Token Minting Fees
  • 2 types of Launchpad Fees
  • Fair Launch Fees
  • PinkPad Fees
  • Private Sale Fees
  • Pink Anti-Bot
  • PinkLock
  • Pink Airdrop

Similarly, the company charges for KuCoin Community Chain, Polygon (MATIC) Chain, Avalanche C-Chain, Fantom Network, and Cronos Chain fees.

KYC charges

The platform charges certain charges, such as $1000 per KYC, from project owners. Upon receiving the amount, it may take 24-48 hours to complete the KYC verification process.

You can opt for these two ways to generate income from your platform. We have more to recommend for your platform. You can also include:

Asset Sale

Allow fee charges on the compilation of sale of the ownership right to the token. Smart contracts only complete transactions after fulfilling the requirements.

Usage Fee

As discussed above, you can charge a usage fee for creating or minting tokens on the platform.

Subscription Fee

Allow only subscribed users to buy first-hand generated tokens from your platform only who have availed subscription plan.


Post special ads or make something trending on the platform with a pre-paid advertising feature.

Time to Launch your Pinksale Clone Script!!

Now, it's time to launch your Pinksale clone script platform with us. Procrastinating in your project in the flourishing economy can keep away a big chunk of market profit. So, here are some reasons defining why Suffescom Solutions could be your choice.


We have a solution for every budget and customer need.

Leading Technology

We are empowered with advanced technology that helps to build bleeding-edge platforms.

24/7 Support

We ensure anytime support. Our marketing experts are always there to take your queries.


Our blockchain developers have the expertise to build fully customized platforms.

Your App, Your Brand: Your app defines your brand, and we value your brand reputation. Our dedicated developers are ready to provide innovative solutions.

Quick App Launch

Our White label Pinksale app is quick to launch and embedded with powerful features.

Create a Successful Online Business with a Customizable Pinksale Clone Script

We offer a customizable pinksale clone script to help you create a successful online business. Our script is designed to provide you with all the essential features and functionality required to launch and manage your e-commerce platform easily. With our pinksale clone script, you can create a professional-looking online store that caters to your specific business needs and goals.

How much does Pinksale Clone App Cost?

The white label pinksale clone app cost near $25000 to $35000.

How to Create a Launchpad like PinkSale?

1. Prototype development of Pinksale Clone
2. Roadmap and deliverables planning
3. Design and Development
4. Crypto Wallet Integration
5. Testing and Launching of Pinksale

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