Best Cross Chain NFT Marketplace Development Company Services Provider

Best Cross Chain NFT Marketplace Development Company Services Provider

By Suffescom Solutions

June 28, 2022

Best Cross Chain NFT Marketplace Development Company Services Provider

The crypto space is enjoying its best phase in the present-day world. Due to the emergence of the cross-chain NFT marketplace, it has become a comprehensive platform to develop and authenticate NFTs. NFTs have become a trustable name in the crypto market. They have billions of valuations and this is all due to the transparency and the security that it serves its customers.

There are people that are trying to build their own NFT in the relevant domain. And getting to know about its pros can help you to invest in them. They get unified with their contemporaries very smoothly and therefore can be expanded to different chains from Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Solana, and many more.

Before proceeding further, it’s important to clarify that, there is a slight difference between cross-chain and multi chain NFT marketplace. The concept of exchanging data on multiple blockchains is the same for both but the variation lies in the procedure of achieving the result.

Launch Your Own Crosschain NFT Marketplace

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What is Cross Chain NFT Marketplace?

The interconnection among various blockchains is optimized by the flawless information exchange between them. All the blockchain technologies are linked with each other. It definitely increases the interoperability between various blockchain networks. It builds communication within the system that improves the efficiency of the overall system. the other benefit of this marketplace is to impart censorship checks, swapping tokens or coins.

Cross-Chain bridges are built to provide a secure connection for the smooth flow of transactions. There is an effortless transaction (sending as well as receiving) of tokens over the entire network. All this is done without the need for a centralized exchange. The main job of these bridges is to act as a mode of transportation between blockchains. This reduces the gap between them and allows interaction. Some of the most popular cross-chain projects are Binance Bridge, BitGo’s Wrapped Bitcoin, Terra’s Shuttle Bridge, etc.

There are a lot of business entrepreneurs that are looking forward to making an investment in the cross-chain NFT marketplace due to its high demand.

Now, the question arises why there is a requirement for such a marketplace? To answer this question, let’s go through the article!

The Necessity Of a Cross Chain NFT Marketplace In The Gaming Field

The crypto industry is facing multiple ups and downs this year. Slowly and steadily, things are returning to the track right now. it’s a nice gesture and thus proves that it can withstand the test of time. This scenario can be well understood by the following figures;

In Jan 2022, there were nearly about $5.3 billion in NFT trades, along with that the top 100 NFT collections were estimated to be around $14.8 billion. Which was around 15% less value than the one in November. It showed around a 50% decline in the ETH’s price in the same span. now, coming to Feb, the prices of NFT trades has doubled to $10.6 billion. All these facts are based on the survey conducted by the DappRadar.

This change in statistics is enough to show the flexibility that this platform offers. Now, to be more precise, it is quite evident that the majority of the NFTs are built on the ethereum blockchain that is valued in ETH. The gas fees corresponding to the ETH are extremely high and also consume the overall NFT returns. Another issue that is faced by this platform is, that the trading is limited to exactly one chain.

nft real estate tokenization projects

The most crucial reason that allows for the NFT trading across numerous networks is that there is no constant shifting of various marketplaces on multiple chains. besides this, they are competent enough to mint their personalized NFT utilizing any cryptocurrency.

Build Your Own Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace: Our Customizable Solutions

Looking to develop your own cross-chain NFT marketplace? Our customizable solutions for cross-chain NFT marketplace development can help you build a platform that meets your unique business needs and objectives

Applications of Cross Chain NFT Marketplace

The cross-chain NFT marketplace has a lot of applications but the extensive one is in the gaming field. The uprise in the GameFi domain is not hidden from anyone. There is a valid price that is allotted to their NFTs. The value of NFTs inadvertently supports their acquisition by the dominant corporations. this has taken place, as there is a shift towards crypto mostly in fields like music, art, and luxury items.

For Instance:

There is an NFT marketplace that has a complete focus on the GameFi sector. It has multiple transformations which makes it unique from the rest. The thing that sets it apart from the rest is its potential to trade NFT items from diverse games. This can be well interpreted by taking an example of the Axie Infinity(an online blockchain game). It enables the trading of NFT assets on their own marketplace. Therefore, it suggests that Axie users can’t trade outside the marketplace. It creates a lot of inconvenience to game lovers.

To get control of this issue, there is another marketplace called “Agoran”. This permits the listing of games and selling of their NFT assets. such as MyDeFiPet is a virtual pet game in metaverse that will have access to another marketplace like Agoran.

From the above-cited example, it is understood that this platform relies on simplicity and user-friendly characteristic. this applies to both the NFT developer and the end user. It also possesses a noninvasive solution that links the operations between existing and forthcoming blockchain platforms.

The ultimate goal of such marketplaces is to progress towards an unlocked metaverse where everything is affixed in offline and online experiences. The objective is to make the projects related to blockchain development more maintainable and reachable. These platforms are known for reducing the risks for the investors.

Creating a Robust Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace: Our Cutting-Edge Technology Stack

With our cutting-edge technology stack, we can help you create a robust cross-chain NFT marketplace that offers seamless functionality and user experience. Trust us to deliver innovative solutions for your cross-chain NFT marketplace development needs.

How Does This Gamefi Sector Achieve Such Excellence?

The delivery of the 3D game NFT like personalities and assets is unique as per a single game. Again taking the case for “Agoran”, it can be stated that they are functioning firmly with fantastic game studios to form a conventional protocol where these assets are exhibited consistently across all games. These assets are displayed in three dimensions on the marketplace, to give an attractive and upgraded viewing experience for potential customers.

Apart from this, the most significant part is that the traditional NFT game development marketplaces do not authorize the sellers to index their assets on different marketplaces. For example; a marketplace called “Axie's” requires vendors to impart dedication to their own marketplace. On the contrary, “Agoran” is beyond this regulation. Multiple NFT game traders are allowed to list on “Agoran” as well as on additional marketplaces. This is a much greater privilege that is not supported by any other NFT gaming marketplaces.

Another metaverse-inspired game called “Alice in the wonderland” is at present in the development phase, built on the Harmony blockchain. They are going to utilize ICON Bridge to provide cross-chain NFT minting between ICON and Harmony. The ICX ( ICON Cryptocurrency) is able to mint Wonderland NFTs on the Harmony blockchain, which is stored in the harmony wallet.

The cross-chain communication between the ICON and Harmony is provided by its own service handle. This harmony blockchain consists of the application logic like refund handling, minted cost (discounted), token minting, etc. the real transmission of the messages takes place through the relay nodes that are exchanged with the relays handled by ICON.

Salient Features of Cross Chain NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace development exudes a lot of options to its customers. Their main motive is to incorporate every minute detailing to make the platform convenient to work with. These features are added at the right place by taking help from experienced blockchain developers. In the case of a cross-chain NFT marketplace, the components of the crypto market need to be analyzed accurately. All these elements should be verified for stability and compatibility. Various critical factors need to be taken into consideration before the addition of the features.

Some Of The Awesome Features Are Illustrated As Under;

User Interface:

The user platform needs to be highly interactive. The users are easily attracted by the looks of the platform. This is the best way to grab their focus. A well-built platform allures the customers and forces them to stay there for a longer period of time. The ultimate aim of the developers is to make the website, the center of attraction by giving it an elegant appearance. All this is done by making use of the computerized designs. These designs should be adaptable and easy to access. The accessibility greatly depends upon the graphical user interface (GUI) by integrating voice-controlled characteristics.

Smart Contract Connectivity:

Smart contracts are the programs that get automatically executed on the decentralized network.

There is a proper balance maintained for sending transactions across the entire network. There is no interference from the users when the transaction takes place. Everything is reprogrammed whenever there is any deployment on the matrix. All the rules are defined by the smart contracts by self-executing the code. The interrelation between the smart contracts can neither be manipulated nor be removed by any means.

Master Control Panel:

This panel is the most special one where the admin has all the potency about the current happenings taking place in the platform. as the name suggests “master”, acts as the top priority element in the entire network. This acts as an added advantage and enables the smooth functioning of the marketplace. There are times when an issue takes place while the platform is operating. In that scenario, all the power lies within the master control panel. this also helps in avoiding the situation that causes disruption.

Application Programming Interface:

There are numerous kinds of API’s that offer multiple functions. There is excellent compatibility that occurs because of the usage of this programming acts as an add-on where it verifies the owner of the NFT. With the advancement in the digital domain, the transference of ownership is also taking place. It will be advancing in the upcoming future. thus, API helps in authorizing the owners to avoid unauthorized access to the invalid or false user. There is an integration of the wallets that are based on web 3.0 technology. It allows the working in the much-advanced form.


The NFT is all about integrating the blockchain protocols but as it is a recent technology, there are not adequately defined protocols. these set of rules when not implemented in the correct order or segments could prove dangerous at any point. this is the only reason why there is a hesitation among the users to adopt this mechanism. there are other risks that are involved in the security aspect of the marketplace. There are images and videos that are stored in the centralized or decentralized platform the cross-chain platform is a modern version of the existing one, top tier security is required. Hi-tech firewalls and protocols should be applied to avoid any danger.

Growth Hacking Tool:

There is constant monitoring that is required during the NFT token development. it has a dashboard that contains all the requisite information regarding statistics. each and every insight is shown to the admin. That information allows them to see what are the users doing in the marketplace, and what products have they viewed the most. Every single data is collected automatically. It helps the analysts to have a better perspective of their platform. This eventually increases the working potential of the marketplace.

Perks of Cross Chain NFT Marketplace

  • The important information and details are saved in the servers that cannot be altered. Because of the presence of high-level security, all the assets available are safe and cannot be lost.
  • There is increased liquidity in the marketplace so after finishing one trading, the other one is available for the next trading.
  • There is 24/7 customer support that is provided to the users to answer their queries.
  • The unique element is that it offers amazing compatibility to the users working on different technologies or devices.


There are several use cases of the cross chain NFT marketplaces that have made blockchain technology extremely thrilling and compelling to be utilized by users. before this, there was a devoid such interoperable marketplace but with this, the business has just shot up drastically.

At Suffescom Solutions, you will get an experienced team of professionals that will lead you through the whole process and will provide you with a reliable solution through which you can get maximum return on investment.

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