GameFi Clone Development: Monetize Blockchain Game Platforms

GameFi Clone Script: Launch & Monetize Blockchain Game Platforms

By Suffescom Solutions

September 08, 2022

GameFi Clone Script: Launch & Monetize Blockchain Game Platforms

Are you planning to take a step further into the gaming business? Or do you want to transform your traditional gaming business into a blockchain gaming business?

Well, GameFi Clone Script Solution can help.

Traditional games work in a very centralized manner. The gaming platform is only responsible for creating, producing, developing, and updating the game and its elements. But, things differ in the case of GameFi. GameFi projects allow players involvement to take any platform decision. This process is known as DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a leading IGO development company that rules the industry by creating various blockchain game launchpads. We have been ruling in blockchain technology for the last 6 years. Our experts facilitate business owners with guaranteed top-notch security solutions while designing a gaming IGO launchpad.

GameFi Clone Script

Gamers may find and play well-known blockchain games while keeping track of their play-to-earn yields with the help of GameFi Clone Script. GameFi combines "game" and "earn," similar to the well-known cryptocurrency term DeFi, or decentralized finance.

GameFi Clone Software is a blockchain aggregator and launchpad platform with a decentralized application. It enables business owners to create an IGO launchpad similar to GameFi, to buy virtual assets in well-known blockchain games.

The GameFi Clone at Suffescom Solutions Inc. provides a variety of the most cutting-edge games available, along with the first cross-game marketplace for exchanging goods. Both cryptocurrencies and video games are aware of the value of rarity and the practicality of digital assets.

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GameFi Launchpad Project Types

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the most popular blockchain game development model in which the players purchase the avatars' NFTs to fight them with other creatures in the game battle. Through the game, the players earn rewards in the form of SLP tokens to exchange for real money.


Decentraland (Mana) is an Ethereum-based GameFi project that allows global users to rule a shared virtual environment. It provides NFT games in the metaverse that facilitate users to enter and play the game they want. It is considered a metaverse NFT game that differs from Axie Infinity.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a P2E nft game platform that includes Blockchain, NFT, DeFi, and Metaverse in a single platform. This platfrom allows players to build their own virtual games and digital assets. The Sandbox facilitates gamers to create their own character and purchase digital assets through SAND crypto build for this 3D metaverse platform.


Operated on Binance smart chain, Cryptoblades is a web-based NFT game that allows users to play games on their official website. The players use powerful weapons to overcome their opponent creatures and collect SKILL tokens. These tokens help players to upgrade their levels and their character strength. The users can have Gate.lo, Xt.Com, Lbank, and other popular exchanges to purchase cryptoblades.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a Solana-based blockchain game with two native tokens: ATLAS and POLIS. It is a futuristic game that allows players to explore space and create new civilizations and economies. It is an advanced P2E game that uses Unreal Engine 5 nanite to build immersive visual graphics in a 3D virtual world.

GameFi Clone Functionalities For Platform Enhancement

Sale Of Tokens

It provides a schedule of upcoming initial game offerings (IGOs). Users can select the whitelist option by clicking the project details link. They must then consent to the terms and conditions.

Investors should select the blockchain network and integrate wallets supported by the WalletConnect open-source protocol, such as Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Wallet, and other wallets. They can then use their current balance of cryptos, stablecoins, and DeFi tokens to purchase the project's native tokens.

Dashboard For Suprise Boxes

On a launchpad like GameFi, a certain element of surprise is guaranteed. The list of Mystery Boxes that have not yet been opened or sold is available to investors. They can click the Join Now button to view information such as the quantity and cost of the boxes for sale. Buyers may confirm the project's legitimacy by looking at the block explorer.

After seeing information such as the rules, supported blockchain network, minimum rank, series content, accepted virtual currency, type of mystery box, and timeline of purchasing in-game assets, they can then process transactions.

Staking Panel

When investors select the Staking Pools area, they can earn large returns. They should switch to a specific blockchain network, such as Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, and conduct transactions using the GameFi clone's user interface.

After examining the total pool amount, the joining time and ending time, and the various variants' holding terms, they can begin staking (Rookie, Elite Pro, and Legend). The list of finished stake pools is eventually shown.

Metaverse Panel

There is a list of the most popular games, upcoming IGOs, tournaments that have just begun, and Player-vs-Player and Player-vs-Environment games. Users can demonstrate their skills and earn various incentives based on how well they do in challenges and competitions.

Every game uses a Play-to-Earn (P2E) system to function. As a result, users can select a mode that suits their skill level, purchase and sell NFTs like heroes and warriors, and get rewards. This typically depends on variables like the number of levels completed, the number of opponents eliminated, and the sum of points gained.

Integrated Help Centre

Users can contact the help desk to fix problems. They get immediate assistance with any problems relating to transaction processing, software and hardware wallets, competing in different tournaments, converting cryptocurrency tokens and DeFi assets, collecting rewards, getting access to airdrops for new projects, and getting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

GameFi Clone Script Development Process

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Features Of GameFi Clone Script Solution


We offer a launchpad for IGOs (Initial Game Offerings) tailored especially for the in-game digital assets and is not chain-specific with our GameFi Clone Script. We offered game objects and tokens for the IGO launchpad development to test whether the gaming industry could be a successful business.


The accelerator in our GameFi clone script comes with ready-made tools and templates. These resources help blockchain game creators and teams to deliver games faster by using contracts for token economies, P2E dynamics, and NFTs.


With the help of this function, users can learn more about and participate in the creation of blockchain games. To sell, transfer, lease, and perform other actions with their in-game and non-fictional items (NFTs), players can put them on the GameFi global market.

World Market

Participants can buy and sell in-game assets to interest more players, and numerous sporting events may be held concurrently in one location. A multi-chain NFT marketplace is another name for this type of market.

Earn Guilds

GameFi clone is the best guild for BSC, token owners, and polygon game players. Token holders can support the play-to-earn gaming projects by considering scholarships and other imaginative objectives made feasible by this methodology.


Simple blockchain games with this capability can assist crypto novices in getting used to NFTs and play-to-earn business models.

House of Public Auction

Players submit bids on expensive and rare in-game assets in the game's auction house.

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GameFi Clone Script Development Process

Have a look at the below-illustrated development process steps of the GameFi clone script:


The first phase of developing a GameFi clone launchpad is to create a development plan. This plan is created with the team discussion with the project owner. All the ideas are shared, and a roadmap is created accordingly.

Whitepaper Creation

The whitepaper provides a detailed description of the project. The writers create it after the roadmap is successfully created. It includes the project details like tokenomics and project vision.

Design & Development

The next phase is the designing and development phase of the GameFi clone script. Our expert designers, developers, testers, and analysts start the process by converting the idea of script solution platform development into reality.

Token Creation

During the development phase of the GameFi clone platform, our team will create a native token. The token is the primary way to perform any transactions.


After the successful design and development, the platform is ready to be on the market. Our team provides immersive marketing techniques to announce and launch your GameFi clone platform worldwide.

Token Listing

Once the platform is in the market, we help you list your tokens to other fundraising platforms. It helps you generate funds for your gaming project. Once the funds are collected, our developers will start GameFi clone script development.

Launch your own GameFi clone launchpad platform to generate business funds. Our experts are capable of creating a launchpad for gaming businesses to choose the right platform. Contact us now!

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Discuss Monetization Methods For GameFi Clone Platform

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Monetization Methods For GameFi Clone Platform

In-App Purchases

The best way to earn money is by allowing users to purchase your game without paying any cost. This might sound crazy, but you can earn money by letting people pay for your in-game purchases. You can also offer gamers currency, bonuses, and benefits by paying real money.


Freemium games can be downloaded and played free, but you can pay for additional (premium) features, virtual goods, or other benefits. These games often have IAPs. Try to add value to the game with something that people will appreciate if you want to introduce IAPs rather than removing them and then charging for it.


Add-ons and other content provide great value to your gaming platform. But for that, you need to provide decent, engaging content for the players to purchase. The game must gain popularity to sell its avatars, weapons, and other assets.


Advertisements are counted as the best monetization method for a GameFi clone platform. The owners can start a passive income by showing adverts in your game. It sounds impressive, but it isn't that easy. Your game needs to be a highly popular platform so that people share your game, and you get a huge number of downloads that can help you make money.

The Future of GameFi

Due to the industry's ongoing development, there will probably soon be new models and modifications of present models. GameFi stakeholders are already looking into a few further uses. On some platforms, for example, users can select the most advantageous cost for an NFT mint.

Others started as guilds but have changed or adjusted their business strategy to take the NFT gaming market into account. This field is quickly changing due to the extensive trials being conducted. These stakeholders' participation benefits the Web3 ecosystem completely.

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Why Choose Suffescom?

GameFi clone script solution offers a game environment for earning money. Suffescom has the capacity to create launchpads like GameFi for the gaming sector, assisting users in making wiser decisions from the onset of development by selecting the appropriate platform.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. has effectively held onto its position as one of the leading companies offering blockchain development services. Our clients provide us with positive customer reviews. We constantly strive to deliver flawless IGO NFT gaming launchpad services to our customers.

Why Are We Leading the Industry?


Our expert team of highly skilled professionals has years of diligent experience in blockchain technology development.

Team with Exceptional Skills

Suffescom’s talented developers and designers are well-versed in providing game launchpad development solutions with unique features for your business growth.

24/7 Support

We are ready to provide you with technical support even after your project is live. We provide post-development solutions to resolve any error or bug. Contact our experts for any post-deployment solutions.

Thorough Testing

Before handing the project over to the owner, the Suffescom Solutions Inc. team undertakes thorough testing procedures. The goal is to give users a seamless experience.


We offer trustworthy, secure systems that appeal to users.

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