Improve Legacy Systems By Introducing Use Cases of Blockchain in Public Sector

Improve Legacy Systems By Introducing Use Cases of Blockchain in Public Sector

By Suffescom Solutions

September 08, 2022

Improve Legacy Systems By Introducing Use Cases of Blockchain in Public Sector

Blockchain technology has created ripples in every sector. Its popularity has reached immense heights. There are numerous advantages to the blockchain, and that's why it has become a hot favorite of various high-profile enterprises. Its utilization is mostly seen in private businesses. But seeing the positive results, the public sector has also been keen on implementing this fantastic technology.

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Need For Blockchain In The Public Sector

There have been enormous cases related to data theft and privacy in government projects. The implementation of blockchain technology has resulted in data protection, fraud reduction, and non-security breach. All the resources are shared on a distributed ledger system that is fully protected by cryptography. This is extremely helpful in removing every data leakage point.

The biggest challenge that these govt. Institutions have to face enhancement in their services. These are for enhancing the working efficiency. It includes asset tracking, identity management, regulation, procurement, etc. It also helps enhance the citizens' services, such as voting, taxation, healthcare, and much more.

Blockchain has the potential to solve various data integration-related issues. There are complications pertaining to the system migrations when there is any technological upgradation. The implementation of the following parameters can resolve such problems:


There is a large number of open source platforms that are updated continuously. This is the most secure and faster way of building communication between the systems.


When blockchain is used in any business process, obstacles are bound to be created. The whole hierarchy related to the workflow is altered. The government institutions are liable to reengineer the business process and modules. There is also the incorporation of a management outlook to handle the changes.

Implementing brand new data management in complete association with blockchain technology provides its citizens with amazing use cases.

Let's discuss them below in detail…

Identity Management

The parameter that acts as the fundamental of any government service is the digital identity facility. There are a lot of data management tools that promise to provide valid and verified information about the citizens. This identity management verifies the basic information about the citizens without going into much detail.

This can be understood with the help of an illustration. In the case of blockchain in local government, the citizen's ID is verified for name, address, residence, etc., and no confidential information is revealed.


Registries serve as the true record for everything starting from marriages, business tie-ups, criminal records, etc. The management of such registries, if done manually, will take a lot of time. Hence, various legacy tools are used today.

But somehow, there have always been discrepancies related to data. Blockchain implementation for registry management has resulted in positive results. There has been tremendous transparency that removes any fraudulent activities. There is also the provision of real-time updates and speeding up the registry cases for quick land transfer.

Smart Cities

Today the world is shifting towards modern and futuristic societies. Smart Cities are the best example of such ultra-advanced localities. People have become more connected than before, due to which it has become difficult to handle data. The blockchain application has solved this problem by offering incredible solutions.

Smart cities are built from data management in all the fields like healthcare, education, sewage, transportation, energy management, etc. Hence, blockchain is a reliable technology that provides an impeccable experience to its citizens.

Smart city solutions deploy services to supervise, plan, and analyze the data related to people, assets, and building structures. To handle facilities related to criminal investigations, municipal systems, water supply, universities, libraries, etc.

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The healthcare system requires an enormous amount of security and privacy. The proper usage of EHR (electronic health records) improves the efficiency and updation of records. EHR has a lot of perks; some of them are illustrated as under;

  • The biggest advantage is allocating digital prescriptions that are easily available to the patients and the healthcare facility. This also serves as a record that can be accessed anytime.
  • It leads to the most personalized healthcare as every piece of information is readily accessible to medical practitioners. They can look at the patient's medical history whenever they want.
  • The most innovative thing is that the ownership of the data can be sold for further research work after adequate volunteering by the patient.
  • There is no issue experienced while making advanced payments for the medicines and the healthcare providers.

Blockchain in healthcare facilities has turned around to be a boon, especially, in the case of supply chain management systems. There have been times when there has been mismanagement in the supply of drugs/medicines or medical equipment. But with the introduction of the blockchain, such issues are on the way to get improved.

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Traditional banking is a centralized system where a central authority handles all the transactions. Banks perform several tasks like currency management, cheque issuance, issuing letters of credit, foreign exchange dealings, and much more. No doubt these things, banks perform their job, but sometimes there are chances of fraud and corruption. Blockchain technology in finance technology has become the best choice for making accountable banking and managing real-time payments to overcome this situation. There is an increase in providing instant settlements, error elimination, and enhanced capital optimization.


There are various sectors that are a part of the governance. Some of them are education, pension, insurance, defense, etc. There is utmost precision taken to protect sensitive information and build smoother coordination between the parties. All this is attained by the implementation of blockchain technology in KYC verification and other public sector.

Blockchain in governance allows real-time synchronization between the participants along with transparency. It can be clearly understood as under;

Sovereign Wealth Fund

These are the govt. Sponsored funds that require investment in foreign currencies to generate revenue. Their proper management is necessary, and blockchain does the same by ensuring sustainability.


There has always been a delay in pension-related documents, whether submission or verification. The blockchain execution has streamlined lots of possibilities that help boost the entire pension process.

Law Enforcement

There is a vast expansion of digital data growth in the law field. The data needs to be truly secure and private. So, the blockchain in law enforcement has sucessfully built a cost-effective storage solution that is tamper-proof.

Law enforcement agencies rely mainly on the data. It should be authentic and without any alterations. The data is fed through the hyper-ledger-based blockchain system. The auditors, third-party organizations, and the corresponding agency are enabled to view and validate all the virtual evidence.

It works so that even if there is a slight modification in the files, the blockchain system, through its cryptography characteristic, will inform the auditors or the relevant agency. Then, it is upto them how they are going to process further.

The use of tightly secured algorithms encrypts the data, breaks it down into small segregated elements, and then sends them to various storage endpoints. It ensures the security of the data at every level. If the data gets leaked out, the attacker doesn't get what they desire.

There is the availability of the blockchain evidence locker that provides an audit log of the data. Almost everything from the input, access and deletion is recorded. The digital activities are verified, and every asset is verified by providing confidence per the legal cases.

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Smart Voting

Voting takes place in almost every country globally. It has been witnessed that there are discrepancies related to the vote count. Accuracy has always been the point of concern in such situations. There has always been a shift in voting from the ballot boxes to the electronic voting systems. But still, the trust is somehow not maintained.

Thus, blockchain integration in voting helps digitize the distributed ledger system that uses smart contracts. Its working is extremely simple. In the beginning, the citizens are informed about the voting procedure. After that, a token is issued for every casted vote. This restricts the chances of double voting and provides complete transparency and an audit trail mechanism.

Benefits Of Blockchain In The Public Sector

Gaining The Trust Of Citizens

When in power, it's very important to develop a good understanding of the people. The trust needs to be built to allow the smooth functioning of the policies without facing any obstruction. There is a need for transparency that can develop a smooth relationship with the citizens. Proper data verification can only occur by applying blockchain solutions. Even a higher level of clarity can be achieved by executing blockchain technology.

Data Protection

In today’s time, hacking has become a common issue. The major target of these hackers has become the govt. organizations. There is massive confidential data pertaining to the country. The data breach can result in a huge disaster by leaking out every security detail. Many technologies from the past have been applied to safeguard the data.

But somehow, there have always been loopholes that resulted in data spills. When the people’s identity is in danger and becomes vulnerable, there is a requirement for a robust platform. Such platforms require ultra-advanced blockchain solutions that record and perfectly manage virtual identities. The data becomes significantly safe, secure, simple, easy to handle, and without any modifications.

There is absolutely no room left for system hacking.

Reduced Costs And Enhanced Efficiency

While drafting a budget, we have seen that government organizations always have expenses exceeding the budget allocated. So, every year there is huge disproportionality denoted as the major budget variance. This means that the utilization of blockchain, when done appropriately, can result in cost reduction. All this is done by reducing the repetition, updating processes, enhancing security, and contacting the audit load. All this results in maintaining the data integrity.

The inconsistent funds that are part of the budget are more, and arranging them is essential. Now, the actual problem lies in arranging such funds. This is an extremely time-consuming procedure and a costlier one. This can be solved by using a blockchain that maintains a precise audit trail with more precise accuracy. There are several govt. organizations that have already started with the blockchain app development.

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Wrapping Up!

Blockchain technology is an evolving technology that has full potential to transform the strategy in which governments tend to function. A highly secure blockchain public ledger is created to maintain smooth data sharing and handling transactions without any failure.

There is much more to explore about blockchain, but its application in the government sector has served as a perfect boon.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a prominent company that has introduced the concept of blockchain in the public sector for various organizations.

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