Gameta Web3 Gaming Platform Based On X2E Model | Gameta Clone Development

Gameta Web3 Gaming Platform Based On X2E Model | Gameta Clone Development

By Suffescom Solutions

September 08, 2022

Gameta Web3 Gaming Platform Based On X2E Model | Gameta Clone Development

Web3 is emerging and there are so many conversations on the latest technologies indicating the future is in the hands of this blockchain-based web3 technology.

However, in the present scenario, web3 is in its nascent stage. It is not yet discovered to the fullest by individuals. Therefore, to make it easily accessible to users, Gameta is stepping forward with its unique features and functionality. Gameta assists in gaining popularity and attracting a customer base for increased ROI. It is a platform where several users play varied casual games together.

Are you excited to know more about Gameta and its clone? This blog is for you! The team of Suffescom Solutions Inc. has curated this informative blog for all those aspirants who want an insight into everything about the Gameta clone development and how it can benefit your business.

Let’s get into the topic to understand it in a better way!

Excel Your Gaming Business With Gameta Clone Development Services

Looking to launch your Web3 Fun Game On Solana like Gameta? Suffescom Solutions offers Gameta clone development services which are fully customizable, and scalable.

What is Gameta?

Gameta is a platform that enables multiple players to play different games simultaneously. This is established with the only aim of making web3 popular by converting web2 users to web3. Gameta holds the features to attract users towards itself. It brings together web2 items like games, music, and media for web3. Gameta comprises 4 major components: Immigrate, Establish, Build, and Tokenomics. Gameta is a unique X2E model that is easy to play. Players can earn money while doing any activity.

Let’s get some idea about its components:


This primary step includes significant features like: Low barrier (optional private key escrow, automatic creation of on-chain addresses, etc.) and a Multi-product matrix (includes a large audience, casual games, education, high frequency, etc.)

There is no doubt that Web2 is soon going to be passe. Therefore, everything including Games (P2E), Tools (T2E), Learning (L2E), etc., are revolutionised by Web3.


Gameta is fully involved with Web3, so to enjoy the benefits of Gameta, you first need to understand web3. Further, to safely use the Gameta ecosystem, users are required to complete web 3 actions before being recognised as real Web3 users. Gameta enables users to Grow, earn, and gain higher rewards, enjoy unrestricted access to DeFi protocols, and users can also send in-house messages to each other.


It involves Gameta DID, Gameta DAO, and Gametaverse.

  • Gameta DID is designed on the basis of the user's behavioral data and profile characteristics of users.
  • Gameta DAO facilitates effortless communication among Gameta users and allows users to vote on the platform's development.
  • Gametaverse is a multichain platform enabling individuals to participate as users, builders, or both.


Gameta has 2 types of tokens:

  • W3G (used inside the game)
  • HIP (a governance token)

Building Gameta clone will incorporate all these components to represent the true version of Gameta by Suffescom and the team.

Gameta Clone Development

Gameta Clone contains bug-free source code utilised to create a blockchain game development platform, just like Gameta. You can buy NFT, which is required to start playing and earning money. Following this, it is a very lucrative business opportunity. We have years of experience delivering custom blockchain-based solutions to our clients, and building a Gameta-like platform is no new. Our proven expertise has a thorough knowledge of the platform and its related tools and technologies. Before building your Web3 Fun game like Gameta, read the information thoroughly.

How To Use A Platform Like Gameta?

Gameta-like platforms can be used in a similar way the Gameta. Below listed are steps to follow:

Download and install the dapp

The first step is to choose a dApp that sounds interesting to you, like a game, tool, or learn dapp. Once the selection is made, the next thing is to install it via the link provided on the website.

Locate the dapp

This is the next step where you will locate the selected and installed dApp on the product section of the Gameta website.

Register and Login

Now, you must register and log in to the dApp. Just follow the instructions given on the screen to register for the dApp successfully and you will receive a secret recovery phrase that you need to keep safe. After registering yourself, you can now log in to dApp.

Purchase NFTs

Once you log in to the platform, you are eligible to purchase NFTs on the marketplace. For purchasing, you would require a cryptocurrency wallet to make these transactions.


If you are a gamer, you must first purchase NFT to begin playing and earning revenue. Upon completing game levels and missions, you will be rewarded with W3G and, in some cases, Tokens of Governance. The amount of earnings depends on your NFT; if you have more NFTs, you will earn more money.


For tools, registration and login are still required before you can use any of its features in their normal state. To win, you must purchase NFTs and accomplish the desired tasks and activities. The amount of money you win will also be determined by the number and quality of NFTs you have.


Gameta provides additional learning apps for vocational procedures and will work to develop more learning apps to meet more learning goals. You can complete your learning objectives normally by registering and joining the Learning DAPP, but you will not receive any financial benefit.

You can also enter L2E mode, in which you must first buy NFT, complete the apprenticeship, or answer the challenge, and you will be rewarded W3G, the amount of which is still determined by the quantity and quality of NFT you have.

Building and using the Gameta clone is not difficult, provided you have chosen the best web3 game development agency- Suffescom Solutions. With us, everything from development to deployment in the blockchain would go seamless and secure.

Now, let's talk about the tokens of Gameta clone…

Tokens of Gameta Clone

Gameta has its own set of tokens that describes the economic system of the entire Dapp and determines the X2E model's durability. The W3G and HIP are the 2 tokens that lay the foundation of Gameta's economic system. Remember that these two tokens do not have an immediate exchange relationship.


These tokens are found in the dApp and are recognised as revenue settlement tokens. You can have any amount of W3G; there is no limitation. However, you can earn W3G tokens only if you have accomplished your in-game tasks and have enough quality NFTs. You can trade your W3G tokens, exchange them, or can even store them to gain more profits later. To develop NFTs, you also require W3G.


The HIP is the governance token of Gameta that has a total supply of 1,000,000,000. You can get HIP in 3 prominent ways: having high-ranking and high-level NFTs, staking gold coins, or buying from exchanges.

Gameta NFTs and Wallet

For trading NFTs, users will be required to have a Gameta Wallet with which they can buy or sell NFTs, receive coins, and earn HIP. When users open Gameta dApp, they will be asked to subscribe to the Gameta wallet. At that time, users can create their Gameta wallet account, and it automatically connects with the dApp. Gameta wallet is an asset management system that combines a centralised wallet’s experience with a decentralised wallet’s security.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Platform Like Gameta?

Gameta clone script does not cost as much as building from scratch. This is because developing a clone includes picking up the code of the original platform and altering it according to the owner's requirements. This is the smartest option to choose when you do not want to spend a huge amount or are under a limited budget.

Building a clone does not mean that you can’t add any additional features or functionalities to your app; in fact, you can tell your requirements to our experts, and they will find the best possible method to incorporate all the features into the platform.

In addition to this, the cost also depends upon many other factors like the number of developers involved, the complexity of the platform, the tech stack utilized, etc.

To get an exact estimate of the development cost, you may contact Suffescom’s business analysts, who will carefully examine your project and generate an estimated development cost of blockchain. Feel free to contact us anytime!

What Kind of Games Are There on the Gameta Platform?

Gameta has numerous games for players to play and earn. These include

  • Ants Runner
  • Invest Master
  • Sleep Ragdoll
  • Super Gloves
  • FrogPrince Rush
  • Human Tower
  • Tadpole Count

All these are easy to play, just like you play Temple Run or Fruit Ninja. Gamers can download them easily from Google Play and install them.

In such games, users play and collect coins which can be exchanged in return of in-game tokens (W3G). However, if the player fails at any point, he will lose his points.

Future of Gameta

Gameta is a successfully running project with a minimum number of users right now. But the popularity of this platform is broadening with the speed of light. Thus, in the nearby future, it is going to be the first choice of users.

The scalable model of Gameta is the most exciting part, and due to its dynamic nature, it will attract users from diverse segments. Gameta ecosystem is going to be a thriving platform. In addition, Gameta aims to provide all web3 activities under one umbrella i.e. X2E; X is defined as any activity.

Launch A Staggering Web3 Game With Top Gameta Clone Development Company

Playing games over Gameta can be interesting to play and attractive to watch. If you also want Gameta Clone development services, contact us now. We are just one click away!

Why Hire Suffescom Solutions To Develop The Gameta Clone Script?

Suffescom Solutions Inc. has the expertise to develop a Gameta-like platform using the latest tools and technologies. We have successfully delivered thousands of projects related to blockchain to numerous clients. Our developers, designers, testers, and analysts all have years of experience delivering top-quality clone app development services. Our dedication towards our work and our result-driven approach has attracted numerous clients.

What we will offer you:

  • 100% Customized solutions
  • Cryptocurrency Support
  • Compelling UI/UX Design
  • Advanced Technology Usage
  • Scalable Models
  • Fast and Huge Returns of Investment
  • Rapid Transaction Executions

Hurry up! Consult with our business analysts to discuss your project details.

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