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Uber Clone

Launch your online ride-hailing, taxi-booking, and carpooling business with our Uber clone app. Enjoy advanced features and functionality like Uber and manage cabs effortlessly with a robust admin dashboard. Revolutionize your business operations and customer experience with our cutting-edge Uber clone app development solutions. At Suffescom Solutions, we specialize in crafting bespoke applications tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Uber Clone

Get Your Uber Like Taxi Business Online Today!

Ready to take your business to new heights with our Uber clone app development solutions? Harness the power of technology to stay ahead of the competition with our expertly crafted Uber clone app solutions. Whether you're in the transportation industry or looking to streamline your service offerings, our team of experts is here to bring your vision to life.

We offer fully customizable Uber-like app development solutions to suit your unique requirements. We'll explore your goals, assess your needs, and develop a customized strategy to drive your business's success. Unlock your business's full potential with Suffescom.

Elevate Your Business With Uber Clone App Development Solutions
Uber Clone App Development

Uber Clone App Development

Hire Uber developers to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey and start an online ride-hailing business. Our experienced Uber clone app development team guarantees success with a feature-rich and easy-to-use Uber clone app.

Our Uber developers hold expertise in developing apps like Uber. We create apps that work seamlessly on iOS and Android platforms, enabling taxi startups of all sizes to expand their customer base and operate their business effortlessly. If you're interested, please get in touch with us.

  • Feature rich

    Feature rich

  • Fully Customized

    Fully Customized

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

  • Ready to launch

    Ready to launch

  • Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

What We Provide In Uber Clone For Multiple Services

We offer a feature-loaded and robust Uber clone app, empowering budding entreprenuers to start providing online ride-hailing services. We understand the intricacies of developing user-friendly, feature-rich applications that drive engagement and foster customer loyalty.
Instant Ride Bookings
Instant Ride Bookings

Our uber clone allows users to instantly book rides with native Android & iOS apps.

Schedule Booking
Schedule Booking

Users can use this feature and schedule future rides with a specific date & time.

Driver Tracking
Driver Tracking

Our uber clone app allows users to track the live location of their cab on the map.

Seamless Payments
Seamless Payments

Customers can choose from multiple payment options to pay for their rides.

Ratings & Reviews
Ratings & Reviews

Customers can share their reviews and rating as per their ride experience.

Call Driver
Call Driver

Customers can directly call their driver for any queries regarding taxi services.

Know Your Driver
Know Your Driver

Customers can use this feature to interact with cab drivers with one-touch communication.

Panic Button ‘SOS’
Panic Button ‘SOS’

During emergencies, users can use the panic button to inform family members & friends.

Notification Alerts
Notification Alerts

Send real-time push notifications, alerts, and sms to your customers.

Apply The Promo
Apply The Promo

Customers can use promo codes to grab an extra discount on their total trip fare.

Submit Document
Submit Document

Drivers need to submit documents for verification to get started.

Manage Requests
Manage Requests

This feature allows drivers to real-time manage (accept or reject) the incoming requests.

Earnings Summary
Earnings Summary

Our uber clone software allows drivers can view total earnings from rides and tips separately.

Route Navigation
Route Navigation

Our ride-hailing app provides route navigation to pickup & drop locations to save time.

Driver Chat Support
Driver Chat Support

The app allows drivers to chat with the customer or support team if they have an issue.

Share Referral Code
Share Referral Code

Drivers can share the referral code with friends to earn benefits as they register.

Automate Workflow
Automate Workflow

Admin can manage multiple users and assign roles to sub-admins as per their choice.

Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Admin can view detailed reports & actionable insights for efficient decision making.

Set Pricing
Set Pricing

Our uber clone app allows admin to set ride pricing based on cab, distance, location, etc.

Fleet Management
Fleet Management

Admin can manage fleet offering to target cab riders in different segments

Manage Payments
Manage Payments

With a powerful admin panel, the admin can set commissions, driver payout, and more.

Discounts & Proms
Discounts & Proms

Admin can send push notifications of attractive new offers & discounts.

uber like admin panel
uber like login

Corporate sign up and later login using the same credentials to get started and access services.

Manage Profile
Manage Profile

Manage your corporate profile by entering details like company name, URL, location, etc.

Create Request
Create Request

Make instant ride requests by entering the number of employees, pick & drop off location.

Manage Employees
Manage Employees

Corporate can manage (add/remove) employees and view & update each employee's details.


With our Uber clone app, corporates can find specific details related to employees and trips.

Ride History
Ride History

Corporates can view the request history from employees in the panel and all rides in detail.

uber like corporate console
Upload Documents
Upload Documents

Drivers can upload documents such as license, ID, registration certificate, etc for verification.

Attach Banking Details
Attach Banking Details

Drivers can add bank details in the panel to directly receive the payments in bank accounts.

Trip Earnings
Trip Earnings

Drivers can view earnings from all previous rides and filter them based on date and time.

Manage Vehicles
Manage Vehicles

Our uber clone app allows drivers to manage vehicle details & more.

Trip History
Trip History

Drivers can check their completed trip history & view details based on date & time.

Automatically Idles
Automatically Idles

A driver can automatically set status as idle and turn on status to receive a new ride request.

Uber Like App Solution

Exciting Features of Our Uber Clone Solutions

We update our Uber Clone app with changing technology trends and add next-gen features to help you gain a competitive edge. From intuitive user interfaces to robust backend systems, we leverage advanced features to deliver seamless experiences across all platforms.
Uber Like App Development
Child Seat Preference

Our Uber for X clone script feature allows you to choose the child seat preference for safe rides.

Uber Like App Development
Handicap Accessibility

Uber for X also provides the privilege for those who need handicap accessibility and traveling with utmost comfort.

Uber Like App Development
Add Destination Later

“Add destination later” inside your Uber Clone solution allows your customers to add a destination at any time.

Uber Like App Development
Favorite Driver

Customers can also go with the pick up of their favorite driver to make their riding experience the outstanding one.

Uber Like App Development
Book Ride For Others

You can also allow your customers to book rides for their closed ones and reach more by adding this facility.

Uber Like App Development
VOIP based Call Masking

Assure privacy with the VOIP-based call masking feature. The feature will help you protect the customer’s essential data.

Uber Like App Development
Block Fraud Riders/Drivers

Get the detailed insights of both clients and drivers and block the fraud members from disrupting the business.

Uber Like App Development
Multi Payment Gateway

Multiple payment gateway integration within our solution allows you secure, faster, and easy payments.

Uber Like App Development
Toll Calculation

To provide trouble-free rides to customers, you can add a toll calculation feature to visualize overall pricing.

Uber Clone App Loyalty Feature: Scale Up Your Cab Booking Business
Our Uber clone app has integrated best-in-industry loyalty features to elevate your taxi booking business and generate higher returns. Integrate our Uber clone app solutions seamlessly into your existing infrastructure to optimize efficiency and maximize ROI.

Referral programs for new customers

With referral programs, costumes can earn reward points, and you can add new users to the platform.

Point System for customers engagement

Our user-friendly uber like software is crafted to engage new customers.

Interesting Reward Options

Give reward points to customers and drivers based on their successful completed trips.

uber like app solution

Improve Customer Acquisition

With an in-built loyalty program of our uber clone app, you can improve your customer acquisition.

Win Lost Customers

With our uber like app in-built loyalty program, you can win lost customers through bonus points and activities of referred friends.

Loyalty Program for drivers

Keep drivers on your uber like app engaged with the in-built software loyalty program.

Uber App Clone For Ride-hailing Businesses of All Sizes

Our Uber Clone app is a digital ride-hailing business solution that helps budding entrepreneurs and existing cab booking service providers expand their business. The intuitive user interface of our Uber-like app makes it easy for users to book a ride. Our ready-to-launch Uber Clone app can be customized to any business requirement.

Create App Like Uber

Launching An App Like Uber Is As Simple As Cakewalk!

Leveraging our extensive technology domain expertise, we have simplified the setting up of an Uber-like ride-hailing startup for our worldwide clientele. Our team works closely with yours to ensure a smooth transition, providing comprehensive support at every step.
  • Uber Like App Solution
    Request Free Demo

    Request a free demo before investing in our uber like app development. By integrating the app's API into your website, you can manage operations directly.

  • Uber Like App Solution
    Finalizing Features

    Enhance your cab booking business by having robust uber like app development in place. An Uber Clone App must have all features that allow customers to book service with ease.

  • Uber Like App Solution
    Quick App Launch

    Suffescom's Uber like app development ensures you don't miss out on any single ride. You can enable customers to book rides instantly by entering the ride details in-app.


Uber Clone App Development Process

Over the years, our team of experienced developers has mastered crafting stellar Uber clone apps following a six-stage development process. Our agile development approach allows for rapid iteration and updates, ensuring your app remains competitive in an ever-evolving market.

Analysis of Requirement
  • Understanding the requirements
  • Analyzing project’s specifications
  • Arriving at a Solution
Wireframing & Designing
  • Wireframe structure
  • Blueprint of each screen
  • Designing of App
Client Approval
  • Approval for wireframe
  • Approval for each screen
  • Approval for app design
  • Basic application architecture
  • Basic Coding
  • Laying out Important segments
  • Basic app Testing app
  • Ensuring no bugs
  • Final app tweeks
Final Deployment
  • App Stores Integration
  • Client’s server Deployment
  • Making App accessible to users

Ready to take your ride-hailing business online with our Uber clone app?

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One-stop Platform

Multiple Uber Clone App Development Solutions

Uber Like App Solution
On-demand Bike
Extremely Affordable & Quickest Rides!

Our Uber like app development is not just about booking cab services. You can also launch your own bike rental marketplace for affordable bike rides. From booking the bike to paying, everything is much more convenient for users.

Uber Like App Solution
Ride Sharing
Launch Car Rides At Affordable Rates!

Grow your cab business with our advanced uber like app development. With our fully-customized development, you can give passengers the advantage of sharing rides with others as per their destination requirement or preferred route.

Uber Like App Solution
Individual Cab
Best For Personal Transportation Needs!

An individual cab service is an economical option for daily commute. Adopting our uber like software enables you to offer users dependable rides every day, especially those unable to get appointments on their own.

Uber Like App Solution
E- Rick
Say Yes To Green Mobility & Stands Apart!

Not only think of your potential customers, but also for the environment. Go green by introducing the E-rickshaw ride services. Our development helps you enable customers to cover minimal distance in an environment-friendly way.

Uber Like App Solution
Booking Rental
Cab Booking On Rent At An Affordable fare!

Take your cab rental business to a whole new level by enhancing the ability of rental booking. With our uber like software equipped with advanced features, you can more easily manage ongoing and advanced bookings.

Uber Like App Solution
Corporate Shuttle
Reliable For Corporate Mobility Of All Time!

Partner with multinational companies to be their corporate shuttle. Bring innovation to the shuttle service to keep corporate clients moving. An advanced shuttle management system can be reliable for corporate mobility of all time.

Multi-layered Safety Features

Our Whitelabel Uber app has in-built advanced safety features to ensure the security of riders' & drivers’ data and restrict unauthorized access.

  • Uber Like App Solution
    For Drivers

    Driver alert for speeding feature allows customers to report speeding drivers, which sends a warning to the admin.

  • Uber Like App Solution
    For Riders

    Users can share their trip details with loved ones to track their trips. You can have peace of mind at your fingertips.

  • Uber Like App Solution
    Cyber Attack Prevention

    Our specially trained team is available 24/7. Reach them in the app with your questions and safety concerns.

Get Whitelabel Uber Clone App At A Cost You Won’t Believe

Whether you want to streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, or drive revenue growth, our solutions are tailored to meet your goals and objectives. We offer a robust and fully-featured whitelabel Uber clone app at a price you won’t believe.

Uber Like App Solution
  • 1
    Expand your existing cab business with our Uber clone application
  • 2
    Cutting edge in-app features like Route Optimization & Geo Tracking.
  • 3
    Take your driver in real-time like Uber.
  • 4
    Complete tech support from development to deployment of your uber clone app.
  • 5
    Easy to launch and set up a branded Uber-like application.
  • 6
    100% customizable Whitelabel Uber-like app.
  • 7
    Ability to set price based on location, available drivers, estimated time, and distance.

Quick Build To Successfully Launch
Uber Clone App

We are ready to write your ride-hailing business success story. Future-proof your business with scalable and flexible app solutions designed to grow with your organization. Get a feature-loaded Uber clone app today!

  • Contemporary Marketing Research
    Contemporary Marketing

    To make your business stand out in the market, we intensely monitor your competitors and implement the latest technology and features.

  • Secure and Reliable Solution
    Secure and Reliable

    We deliver secure and reliable uber-like applications with a seamless combination of advanced technology and features.

  • Post-Development Support

    We stay connected with our clients and offer affordable post-development services to keep the app updated continually.

  • Faster Deployment
    Faster Deployment

    Let your cab business grow at a faster pace by getting your hands on a Uber like app development with faster deployment.

  • Marketing Support
    Marketing Support

    Inbuilt marketing tools in the Uber clone app assist in reaching more customers and provide intensive marketing support.

  • Advanced Technologies
    Advanced Technologies

    Keep up with upcoming demand in advance with technologies like AI added inside the Uber clone app and make them future secure.

What Does Suffescom’s Feature-Loaded Uber Clone Offer?

Suffescom’s Uber clone app solutions help companies unwrap exponential growth, generate skyrocketing sales, and offer users unmatched taxi booking experiences.

  • Business Expansion
    Business Expansion

    Launch a ride-hailing service that allows riders to book a ride quickly and investors to expand their cab booking business.

  • Higher ROI
    Higher ROI

    Provide an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to enter the on-demand industry, expand their business, and earn millions.

  • Custom Solution
    Custom Solution

    Our Uber clone software is ready to deploy and can be customized multiple times to meet specific business requirements.

  • Advanced Tech-Stack
    Advanced Tech-Stack

    Whitelabel uber-like ride-hailing software solution that we offer is built on an advanced technology stack and features.

  • App Deployment
    App Deployment

    Once your Uber-like app's development and testing process is completed, we launch the app on multiple app stores.

  • Maintenance & Support
    Maintenance & Support

    Our app maintenance services make sure that your ride-hailing app works effectively even after post-deployment.

On-demand Solutions

Uber For X Clone Script

Snow Removal And Plowing Services App

Offer snow removal and plowing services with our reliable Uber for X snow removal services solution. Launch a dedicated snow removal and plowing platform customized as per your specific business needs.

Snow Removal And Plowing Services App
On-Time Courier Delivery Service Offering Platform

Launch a courier delivery platform with our dedicated uber for X courier delivery app. Allow your customers to live-track and monitor courier status with our highly reliable courier delivery app solution.

On-Time Courier Delivery Service Offering Platform
Fleet Management And Taxi Hailing App

With our Uber for X Taxi services, you can launch the personalized taxi-hailing app with an intuitive app interface. Offer attractive app features such as real-time tracking, scheduled or on-time pick-up for an excellent ride-hailing experience.

Fleet Management And Taxi Hailing App
Uber Type Apps For Limousine

Launch a dedicated limousine ride-hailing service with our Uber for X app Limousine for users. With our dedicated Limousine software solution, you can offer your customers an exceptional yet reliable ride-hailing experience.

Uber Type Apps For Limousine
Get 100% Solution Of

Some More Uber For X Clone
Script Products

Why Us For Uber Like App Development?

Suffescom’s development team has more than 10 years of experience and has assisted clients in different business verticals to start their entrepreneurial journey.

  • Separate Apps for All

    Our solution has separate apps for customers/service providers and one admin panel.

  • 24/7 Support

    Provide 24/7 technical support, can avail any time if you get issues related with the app.

  • Cost Effective

    Get cost effective and all latest features in built in your uber like software.

  • Customization

    Shine among your competitors by customizing the application based on your requirements.

  • Your App, Your Brand

    Launch your Uber like app and create your own brand name with your brand logo.

  • Smart Job Allocation

    Manage your entire software through a single admin dashboard.

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