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Take The Hybrid Approach With Cross Platform Desktop App Development For Maximum Compatibility And Performance

By Suffescom Solutions

May 03, 2022

Take The Hybrid Approach With Cross Platform Desktop App Development For Maximum Compatibility And Performance

The demand for versatile platforms to develop apps compatible with multiple platforms is increasingly high. When you decide to launch your app, the hardest question is - How to select the development platform for your app?

Choosing the right platform completely depends on your requirements and the purpose of launching the app. Different platforms like Android, iOS, and Linux ask for different platforms to create an app. However, if you are interested in launching an app compatible with most platforms, choosing the best cross-platform desktop app framework is all you need to do. Suffescom Solutions Inc., a leading Cross Platform Desktop App Development Company, facilitates clients with various cross app development services, including cross platform game development

Choosing The Correct Cross Platform Desktop App Development Company

There are multiple best frameworks for cross platform development that our experienced developers use to give you cross platform desktop app development solutions.

Best Cross Platform App Development Frameworks After Conducting Extensive Research:

Flutter - One of the Leading Frameworks for Cross Platform

Flutter is the youngest among the best cross-platform desktop app framework released in 2017 by Google. It is an open-source platform with unique features. Like, it uses Dart programming language than JavaScript. It allows the developers to view the real-time changes made in the app's code. Flutter can help launch a cross-platform application loaded with advanced users' needed features.

The Advantages of Flutter :

  • It offers an inbuilt graphic engine. It frees the developers from the stress of developing separate interfaces for android and IoS devices.
  • Dart language enabled the developers to write the code in a well-structured way, simplifying designing the complex applications.
  • The applications built using the Flutter platform show more efficiency in terms of performance.

Xamarin - Popular Framework for Cross Platform Desktop Apps

Developed in 2011, it is the best language for cross-platform desktop apps acquired by Microsoft. Its unique features make it a popular cross-platform app development tool and a different one. It is based on the implementation of the. NET platform, Mono. The implementation operation involves libraries, compiler, runtime, and c#.

The Advantages of Xamarin:

  • Writing code in languages like .NET and C# is quite easy compared to the other.
  • Reusing the third-party code bases is possible due to the easy inclusion of objective C libraries, C++, and Java.
  • It also shows lesser run time errors. At the same time, it facilitates the developers with a compile-time checking option.

Corona SDK

It is the best choice for the best cross-platform desktop app development. It is an open-source platform that offers you speedy app development services. Corona SDK is a lightweight programming language that can build gaming applications for the platforms like TVs, iPads, desktops,s, etc.

The Advantages of Corona SDK:

  • It is compatible with multiple plugins, analytics, and in-app advertising tools.
  • It works based on the Luna language, which is essential in making it a powerful and fast tool.
  • The developers can see the code changes in real-time as the cross-platform app framework responds to changes instantly.

React Native

Founded by Facebook in 2015, it became famous for hybrid frameworks in less time. It is a well-known cross-platform development entity for both android and IoT devices. The platform is based on JavaScript, which helps developers create interactive UI. It does not include HTML and CSS, but it has the components like polyfills and JSX. The USP of the react-native platform is that it clubs the features of JavaScript and ReatJS.

The Advantages of React Native:

  • The developers can create highly responsive UI with this platform.
  • The open-source platform has a huge community of developers as it offers sufficient support to them while learning through the ios or android app development projects.
  • It is compatible with third-party plugins. For example, Google Maps.


The next name on the list of the best cross-platform desktop frameworks is Node.JS which gets popular within a few days of its introduction in the market. It can transform JavaScript into a multipurpose language. The platform helps develop scalable, highly responsive, and server-side network apps.

The Advantages of Node.js:

  • Node.Js developers community is a huge one.
  • It has the fastest dynamic language interpreters due to the V8 engine in Node. JS.
  • It enables the developers to execute the database queries simultaneously.
  • It is based on the single-threaded model, which delivers smooth and even functioning apps.


It is an open-source platform based on Java. It is not only limited to javaScript but also supports AngularJ,Vue.js and TypeScript.It grabbed the position in the list of best frameworks for cross-platform desktop apps due to its characteristics like no need to install the extra plugins. So, the developers are free from the additional stress while using the platform. It has multiple inbuilt plugins that ease the developers.

The Advantages of NativeScript:

  • It supports the platform-based APIs in javascript only.
  • The framework supports the components like Android, Arsenal, and Cocoapods.
  • It is enriched with multiple plugins preventing the developers from downloading the third-party plugins.
  • Even without web views, the platform can access the attractive native UI.


The popular cross-platform app development framework is based on AngularJS.It is an open-source platform launched in the year 2013. The primary components of the framework are:

  • Apache Cordova
  • AngularJS

The apps built using the Apache Cordova principles are hybrid HTML apps. These apps run on the spacial shell of the smartphone; it is the USP of these apps. The examples are:

  • Android applications run on WebView
  • iOS applications run on UI WebView.

The framework allows the developers to build the apps with attractive and user-centric UI, which helps keep the users on your app for a long time. Users can easily access the menu and navigate on the app.

The Advantages of Ionic:

  • The framework has ready-to-use components that make it easy for the developer
  • A plethora of plugins is available on the platform to efficiently integrate the features that meet the user's needs.
  • As it is an open-source front-end framework, the developers can change the code depending on the needs.


PhoneGap was released in the year 2005 by Nitobi Software. Then in the year 2011, Adobe bought the framework. It is also famous for the name Cordova. The framework uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The feature that makes it above all the platforms is its robust back-end system, which contributes to its high speed.

Launch Your Own Cross Platform Desktop App

We are a cross platform desktop app development company. Our developers use a variety of frameworks that allow apps to work on iOS and Android platform simultaneously.

The Advantages of PhoneGap:

  • Apps developed by the PhoneGap run smoothly on the latest mobile OS platforms showing the least differences.
  • The framework supports a plugin-able nature, so extending the APIs modularly is easy.
  • The developers can access the libraries like Sencha Touch, MooTools, etc.

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium is an open-source framework released in 2008. The core features of this framework are device functionality, cross-platform API, and the Alloy framework based on MVC. Using the framework, developers can easily deploy the data modules as it offers a schema-less database ArrowDB. This framework mainly focuses on streamlining the process of mobile app development with the support of native components.

The Advantages of Appcelerator Titanium are:

  • It is a cross-platform app framework equipped with a pre-built connector for MS SQL, MS Azure, and Salesforce.
  • The framework also has various tools that help facilitate the faster development of mobile apps.

Sencha Touch

The primary job of the Sencha Touch is to speed up the hardware activities. It is the best cross-platform app development framework when you want inbuilt Cordova integration. One of the excellent features of the framework is that it makes the app development process for big businesses or large enterprises quite easy for the developers. It also adds value for the developers to create interactive themes.

The Advantages of Sencha Touch:

  • The framework constitutes over 50 inbuilt and personalized UI widgets along with a wide collection of the UI.
  • It comes with impressive backend collections.
  • It is possible to access the native APIs with the packages as it supports the Cordova integration.

Final Note

The apps mentioned above in the list reduce the developer's efforts while developing the apps. If you are interested in building a universally compatible app, select a suitable cross platform mobile app development company that can guide you better in making the right choice. The selection completely depends on the business needs and concerns. Also, the budget can be another concern for you even that can be solved with the assistance of the mobile app development company.

We can help you make a well-informed decision as we have a skilled and experienced team of cross-platform app developers. For more details, you can reach our experts now!!

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