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How To Create a Bitcoin Like Exchange Website?: Key Steps To Follow

By Suffescom Solutions

January 03, 2024

How To Create a Bitcoin Like Exchange Website?: Key Steps To Follow

Interested in starting your own bitcoin exchange platform? Great. It's a most lucrative platform with amazing stats. Check out some of them;

  1. Bitcoin (BTC) 24th trading volume 37.86bn USD
  2. Daily Ethereum transaction volume 1.087m
  3. Bitcoin (BTC) network transactions per day 264,360

Moving with the development process, websites like the bitcoin exchange require lots of work to be done before building. You need to be well-versed in coding for designing and developing tools, API integrations, smart contract development, and more. Most importantly, all these need adequate planning before building.

Choose a Bitcoin exchange website development company and enjoy hassle-free project development. Otherwise, you may need to struggle with updated tools and technology that can delay website creation. Get in touch with our blockchain experts team for consultancy to bitcoin website development services. We have blockchain industry-passionate professionals to deliver top-notch security-packed projects.

In this article, we have framed the Bitcoin exchange website development process. Follow us and build your innovative Bitcoin exchange website platform that buys and sells Bitcoin the way you want!

Key Steps To Start Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Website

Step 1: Find Out Your Competitors

Making a wealthy development strategy is the first face of development, especially when you are planning to build a platform like a bitcoin exchange. You need to research existing platforms, their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Conducting a complete business analysis lets you decide your platform features and functionalities and ways to enjoy the booming market.

You should also read bitcoins success stories and reasons for the failure of such a bitcoin platform. This will motivate you to build a perfect fit platform for your user's needs.

Step 2: Decide Your Business Operations

The most crucial aspect of the business is to decide how and where your business will operate. Basically, it implies countries for operation. Whether you want your business to function globally or go with a selected audience, you need to decide before development. Why? Because large companies require lots of funds and comply with countries' regulations. Failing out can end up in jail.

Bitcoin Exchange Like Website Development Solutions

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network that can help to buy and sell cryptocurrencies BTC/USD, USD/USD, ETH/USD and USDC/USD.

Make sure you will arrange paperwork in every country and get a license in every country. You can also hire a lawyer to ensure you are in compliance with all the local laws and regulations.

Step 3: Understand Your Target Audience

The next big step in development is to understand your target audience. You must be aware of who will be going to invest in your platform. And how the market will allow your business to flourish. To ensure that you understand your target audience, it may be helpful to work with a web design agency in Los Angeles. When it comes to bitcoin exchange, these days, people of all ages and backgrounds are investing. Keep in mind all these before building your platform. You should also be aware that, if you are planning for a multi-country platform, it must have a multi-language platform.

Step 4: Define Your Platform

The biggest challenge in the development process is to define your website - how it will look. Functions? Features and more aspects. You need to come out of these with an adequate strategy to build a professional and secure platform. Working on page speed is another concern for developers. Otherwise, businesses struggle with high bounce rates.

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Security features are the key factor for business success. As users never want to make transactions on a platform that lacks security issues or has higher chances for data stealing.

Step 5: Coding Is A Key

The Coding Stage of Platform Development Involves Three Steps:

Choosing An Open-Source Exchange Program:

It allows users to choose among the existing open-source program and start building their platform. This is a simple and quick way to start, but you will find only limited features on this program. For this, you need to look for expert assistance to add value-added features to the platform.

White Label Bitcoin Exchange:

The already tested and tried method of platform development with no bugs. This method is also a cost-effective solution for businesses as a website can be completed in 40 days only. But it has a drawback in that it allows only limited code writing.

In-House Software Development:

In-house website development is the most trustworthy technique. It allows business owners to enjoy fully customized features and functionalities the way they want. From design to development and maintenance, each responsibility lies on the Bitcoin exchange website development company.

Step 6: Find A Payment Processor

An exchange platform cannot fulfill its purpose without a payment process. Therefore you need to integrate a reliable payment transfer processor that gives you access and enables buying and selling of digital assets.

Remember, some banks offer fast processing options, whereas in other cases 2-3 working days to process. Share words with the fastest bank operator and enjoy the most reliable solution.

Step 7: Time To Fire Up Marketing Strategy

Once you are done with all the aspects, it's time to light the fire on your solution with amazing business strategies. Step up your social media account and integrating with the platform is one of the important steps to market your platform effectively.

Prominent Features Of The Bitcoin Exchange Website

Admin Panel

When it comes to managing different functions of the platform, robust admin features always come to mind. It must be capable of handling credit or debit funds, editing trading fees, addressing support-related issues, managing cryptocurrency listings, adding new currencies, and much more!

User Authorization and Verification

To ensure transaction transparency, reduce frauds and boost speed on the platform, it is imperative to go with anti-bot verification, two-factor authentication, data encryption features, etc. it can facilitate the user onboarding experience on your platform.

Simple User Interface or User Panel

A simple user panel has many advantages, especially for new users that look for a simple and clear interface. It helps in improving function and reducing trading time. With this, a simple user interface offers detailed statistics, funds withdrawals, funds deposits, order management, etc.

Trading Engine

The trading engine enables users to track bids, open orders, generate new trades, find new trades, etc. Also, it handles order-books access, balances calculations, and matches the selling or buying transactions on the platform.

Crypto Wallet

The must-have feature in the exchange platform for bitcoin, it allows storing, sending, and receiving of different cryptocurrencies. The platform must offer the opportunity to create hot or cold wallets with distinct features.


The feature allows traders to make real-time and data-backed decisions faster and leverage the best trading opportunities so that your users don’t miss a chance to change trend options, trend strength, etc.

Intuitive User Interface

The user interface has the opportunity to hide the possible complexities of cryptocurrency trading and offers immense support to beginners. Users can deposit or withdraw unlimited funds from the platform.

Push Notifications

To keep your users aware of the latest crypto news, latest trends, price changes, crypto coin exchange listings, special offers, etc. Users can also set push notifications based on their needs or preference.

Choose Correct Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

Get in touch with our crypto exchange platform development experts for consultancy to bitcoin website development services. We have blockchain industry-passionate professionals to deliver top-notch security-packed projects.

Transaction history and order book

Crypto exchange platforms offering transactional history have always been appreciated by users. Therefore, make sure your platform should allow details about trade rate, operations time, other transaction information, etc.

Customer Service

Customers always have lots of queries and FAQs before and after investing. Answering them on time builds your platform reputation and users' trust.

Range of Currencies

It is impossible for any exchange platform to offer all the cryptocurrencies, but you should add 50-150 currencies on your platform based on your users. This feature helps to land more users.


Add-on features always add to earnings. Therefore, you can offer learning material, videos, or other tools that help users to gain knowledge of cryptocurrencies. For this, you can offer rewards to encourage users to do research and offer rewards for the same.


Some crypto exchange platforms motivate users to Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more with trust by offering handsome earning opportunities. Users can invest money for a fixed period or variable.


As discussed above, one needs to meet with laws and regulations of countries before trading. Therefore, you should allow operations to specific countries only.


Understanding and integrating the FIX protocols, web sockets, and types of APIs are essential to collaborating with different platforms together. Whereas web sockets enable the exchange of information related to market movements and trading changes.

Advanced Features That Users Look For On Bitcoin Exchange Website

When building a user-centric platform, it is also essential to understand the key needs of users. Here we have listed some of the features that every user looks for before investing;


Financial institutions never offer security for your crypto exchange platform. Therefore, you should take your own platform responsibility. Make sure your platform must be secured with two-factor authentication and complies with all the practices of storing customer data.


Rules regarding crypto exchange platforms vary from country to country. Some have relaxing norms, whereas others are strict with their policies. So, make sure your platform must be accessible from the given location, and users should understand it.


Platform fee generates revenue for the business. It can be levied according to the transaction or based on currencies. Plan out the way you are going to offer to your users.


No user looks for exchanges that have long liquidity tenure or distributed liquidity systems. So, make sure your system should not offer delays during transaction conversion.

Coins Offered:

You cannot offer all the coins on the platform. But you should have trending and secured coins on the website. It builds security compared to new ones that have a higher risk.

Educational Tools:

Not all the users registering on your platform will be educated. So offer videos and material guidance to empower their knowledge.


To hold or keep the crypto keys, Bitcoin exchange-like websites allow online storage of different digital assets. Some of the professionals also look for additional storage space.

Tax Information:

To minimize the taxation complexities of laws, your platform should guide users' taxes levied while buying and selling assets.

  1. Other Indispensable Features Of the Bitcoin Exchange Website
  2. Registry Lock
  3. Smart contract development
  4. Web Protocol Security
  5. Cold wallet
  6. Domain Name System Security Extensions
  7. Anti-DDoS modules
  8. Key Technologies Used to Build Bitcoin Exchange Website
  9. Technology Stack involves a list of technologies used to develop and run a bitcoin exchange platform.
  10. LAMP - Linux Server, Apache, Mysql DB, Php
  11. Website Development: PHP - Laravel / Codeigniter
  12. MEAN Stack: MongoDB, Express JS, Angular js, Node js
  13. Blockchain technology: Solana, Polygon, Hyperledger, Corda, Ethereum, and more with trustworthy blockchain technologies.

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