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How Much Does It Cost To Develop NFT eCommerce Marketplace?

By Suffescom Solutions

September 07, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Develop NFT eCommerce Marketplace?

NFT and its growing popularity are not hidden from anyone. The craze revolving around the trading of these digital assets has suddenly gained momentum. On the other hand, the evolution of the ecommerce industry has resulted in the swift buying and selling of products. The integration of ecommerce with the NFT marketplace is assumed to create fireworks in the digital space. The NFT Ecommerce Marketplace Development is in demand for the purpose it serves NFT lovers. Large e-commerce firms have successfully launched their marketplace where smooth trading of NFT assets takes place.

Why NFT Ecommerce Marketplace Development Is Considered As The Future Of The Digital Industry?

The NFT ecommerce marketplace development is now among the top picks of entrepreneurs to invest in. The way the market has responded to the NFTs is incredible. They entered the market and became desirable just like that. It is by virtue of the NFTs and cryptocurrencies that it took a decade to be acceptable by people worldwide.

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The inclination of businesses towards the NFT Ecommerce Marketplace Development is increasing because of the following factors;

Smart Contracts

These programmable codes perform all activities, such as documenting, controlling, and executing events without human interference. The process is automated completely, and there is no requirement for intermediaries, which helps eliminate the loss caused by fraud.

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The absence of any single governing authority helps in making mature decisions. There is no interference whatsoever from a single entity. The decision is taken via all the members of the decentralized network. Decentralized NFT marketplace solutions improves transparency and promotes security.


Expanding businesses often involves an extensive way to increase revenue by trading assets. The uniqueness of NFTs helps in maintaining ownership as they are represented by a unique identity.

NFTs have a high scope and uphold strong demand among business peers and the general public. These have a lot to offer, due to which they have a significant impact on the global economy. The combination of both of these entities will allow mass opportunities underpinned by security and transparency.

Power of NFT Ecommerce Marketplace Development

The e-commerce industry has often resulted in the delay of the products that irks the customer. If they have already paid for the product, then unnecessary fear surrounds them. With NFT based ecommerce platforms, tangible products are tokenized that directly impart ownership to individuals. This delivers a sense of relief among the buyers even if there is a delay in the arrival.

There are two important things about the NFT Ecommerce Marketplace, which are mentioned below;

NFT Redeeming

It means if someone has an NFT worth $80000 for an expensive painting. Then the individual can redeem the token for the painting immediately after the tokenization is completed. This is similar to that of pre-booking. This will ultimately lead to greater demand for NFTs and related products in the ecommerce marketplace.

NFT Supply Chain

Integrating the supply chain with the NFT ecommerce marketplace is extremely pivotal. The delay in the items is a serious concern. The suppliers and the customers often face issues related to delivery. Moreover, the items are delivered to the wrong destinations due to the sheer mismanagement on the side where the inventory, distribution, and order processing takes place. Consolidating the supply chain with NFT helps deliver the products to the correct customers. There is a vast scope for traceability, reliability, and precision.

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Key Features That Affect The NFT Ecommerce Marketplace Development Cost

If you are interested in developing an NFT Ecommerce Marketplace, then one of the things that should be your preference is the features. It is because these are directly related to the cost of infrastructure. A well-established NFT marketplace development company can help you in achieving your goals.

The developed platform has an intuitive user experience that helps customers navigate the platform seamlessly. It also enables them to perform transactions that are secure and straightforward.

Here we have mentioned the essential features that must be contemplated for the NFT Ecommerce Marketplace Development.


This is the essential feature of an NFT ecommerce marketplace, as it offers users all the relevant information related to the assets. This information encompasses the particulars related to the owners, buyers, sellers, prices, purchase history, previous bids, etc. The storefront is a dashboard that gives the users complete details by using interactive animatics to create customer engagement. The analytics are shown in tabular format, and stats are mentioned in different graphical formats, like a line graph.

Search And Filter Functionality

This feature helps the users in finding the items that are on sale. This is specifically designed for the sellers so that the search process is hassle-free. The filter option separates the other items from the rest by hitting on a specific keyword. In addition to that, there are categories built, that depict various collectibles which are readily available for purchase.

Create Listing

The NFT Ecommerce Marketplace Development enables the sellers to create listings that are then integrated into the developed platform. Listing is synonymous with selling; it contains all the necessary deal detailing, including the type of deal- auction or fixed price, max and min sale price, and more.

Auction And Buy

An NFT Ecommerce Marketplace possesses the feature to insert the bidding amount with appropriate specifics related to the bidder and the expiry date of the auction. This will create a seamless buying setup.

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The role of wallets is to help the users in storing the NFTs, and through this channel, the transactions (sending and receiving) of the cryptocurrencies take place. Now, there are two scenarios, one is to develop a customized wallet, and the other is to simply integrate the already existing wallet in the NFT marketplace. Of course, the charges will be more in the custom wallet.

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Push Notifications

The notifications play an important part in the NFT marketplace. Whenever a new NFT drops, the customer is informed through these alerts. The inclusion of the push notification feature dispatches the information in real time. The NFT Ecommerce marketplace development is heavily dependent upon the alerts to make customers very much involved in asset trading and perform amplified conversion rates.

Reviews And Ratings

The most realistic thing is that reviews and ratings are paramount for any business model. They are responsible for creating a positive stature for the business. The customers find it easy to choose which one is the best marketplace.

Taking into consideration these features, we can say that the NFT Ecommerce Marketplace can cost roughly between $35,000 – $70,000 and more, and if features other than the mentioned above are to be added, then the price is going to escalate. For a detailed version, check out the table below:

FeaturesAverage Cost
User Login$2000-$5,000
Profile Creation$1000-$3000
Storefront Creation$14,000-$15,000
Search and Filter Bar$2,500-$3,000
Wallet Integration/Customized Wallet$3000-$10,000
Push Notifications$1,000-$2000

Other Elements That Influence The NFT Ecommerce Marketplace Development Cost

Technological Stacks

The tech stacks are important for the NFT Ecommerce marketplace. It includes everything from programming languages, databases, front-end, back-end, interfaces (UI/UX), frameworks, APIs(application programming interface), performance tools, servers, operating systems, etc.

Tech-StacksDevelopment Cost
Programming Languages$15,000-$30,000
SQL Database$30,000-$40,000
Operating Systems$40,000-$50,000
Front-End Frameworks$50,000-$60000
Blockchain Platforms>$600000

NFT Development Team

The team working towards the development of NFT Ecommerce are the

  • Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • The Development Team (including developers and UI/UX Designers)
  • The Quality Assurance Team
Development TeamDevelopment Cost (in %)
Business Analysts10-15%
Project Managers25-30%
Development Team30-35%
QA team20-25%

(This “%” signifies the value from the total cost.)

The development team is again bifurcated into sub-categories; let’s explore!

App Dev. ProcessTime SegregationAvg. Dev. Cost
ResearchBased on the Niche$100-$350
Design(UI/UX)Based on Wireframes & Mockups$2000-$50,000
DevelopmentBased on the Functionalities$10000-$50000
Adding AnimaticsBased on the Degree of Animations$2000-$25,000
BrandingLogos and Social Media$5,000-$30,000

The cost does not stop here; after the development, there needs to be the maintenance of the platform. The maintenance and support are extremely crucial as it helps in sustaining the NFT solutions for a longer period of time. The maintenance costs are shown as under;

MaintenanceDevelopment Cost
Platform Updates$8,000-$15,000
Third Party Integration$15,000-$20,000
Server Cost$5000-$8,000
Security Patches$12,000-$20,000
Bug Removal$5,000-$11,000

Size Of The Development Company

Based upon the size of the company, the prices also change. Broadly speaking, there are three types of firms such as startups, AKA small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale enterprises.

Here, the cost depends upon the work done, the time taken to complete the work, number of persons taking part in the development process.

It is simply understood that with more time dedicated to developing the NFT ecommerce marketplace, the prices will rise. With the tabular format, let’s understand this;

Size of The Development TeamDevelopment Cost
Small Scale$35000- $50000
Medium Scale$55000-$70000
Large Scale>$70000

Complexity Of The Project

Every project is different and has diverse complications. The complications depend upon what kind of features need to be added and whether development takes longer than the usual time. Every single thing is considered, and the budget is decided accordingly.

Project ComplexityDevelopment Cost
Simple Complexity$8000-$45,000
Medium Complexity$45,000-$100,000
High Complexity>$100,000

The main point that should be noted is that this is the average cost value and not the fixed one. So, to get the accurate development cost of your NFT Ecommerce Marketplace, it's always better to get advice from the experts.

At Suffescom, we have an experienced team of business analysts that will provide you with the solutions pertaining to your project. Discuss your project, ask for suggestions, and tell them about your project requirements. Don’t hesitate to share your opinions and ask questions in case of any doubt. Also, get a free consultation talk with our top-notch consultants, that will help you strategize your business plan and provide you with financial advice. 

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By now; it is clear that we not only help the clients in developing but also provide consultation to them. We, as a top-tier IT Consulting Company, have helped individuals to create a platform that they had just dreamt of. With the higher expertise of our development team, we have developed NFTs that meet the objective of your brand and shoot up the profits.

Suffescom can help you with the technical aspects of the NFT Ecommerce marketplace development. In case you still are not assured, just contact our team via a call or email. Get a rough estimation for creating such a platform for your business.

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