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IGO Development Company For Captivating NFT Gaming Launchpad Projects

Suffescom, an IGO Launchpad Development Company, specializes in developing blockchain game launchpads. As part of our ongoing support, we are glad to provide IGO Development Services across boundaries. Our team brings great effort to guarantee top-notch security when designing gaming IGO Launchpad for our clients.

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Nearly 6+ Years of Leadership in NFT Gaming Launchpad Development

We provide NFT gaming launchpad development solutions to launch a platform to explore the Web 3.0 virtual world efficiently. Suffescom Solutions Inc. facilitates users to host an NFT launchpad to mint NFT projects in a secure, scalable way. We also provide IGO Launchpad Development services to raise funds for your new game project. We strive to create a next-gen NFT gaming platform to make a reliable blockchain gaming ecosystem.

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initial game offering development company
initial game offering development company
NFT Gaming

What Is An Initial Game Offering (IGO)?

Initial game offerings (IGOs) allow investors to invest in gaming projects at an early stage that has the potential to pay off handsomely once they are released. Mobile game developers prefer to finance through Initial Game Offerings (IGO) Services for a variety of reasons. Instead of relying on publishers or venture capitalists, game developers can raise funding through an Initial Game Offering.

Making A Difference

IGO Launchpad Development Services

We are pleased to provide IGO Development Services across frontiers as part of our ongoing support. While designing gaming IGO Launchpad for our clients, our staff takes care to provide top-notch security. Several development stages have been accomplished in order to provide excellent IGO launchpads for clients all around the world.

IGO Development services
Initial Game Offering Launchpad Development
Fundraising Model

A Brief Introduction On The Initial Gaming Offering Fundraising Model

The initial gaming offering (IGO) is a financing strategy designed specifically for NFT gaming projects. It's similar to other popular crypto fundraising schemes like the ICO, IEO, IDO, and so on. In layman's words, here's what IGO is all about: An IGO launchpad is used by a new game project in need of funding to get off the ground. Investors conduct research on the project and, if it appears to be promising, they join in the IGO in exchange for in-game assets or tokens. Early adopters or investors gain benefits from the assets they hold over time as the initiative grows.

Screen View

Initial Game Offering Screen View Of Funded Projects

  • Funded Projects


  • Total Participant


  • Raised Capital


Project Name Type Participants Total Raised ATS Since IDO Ended Networks


1083 250000 %628 24/02/2022 IGO


1271 100000 %302 08/03/2022 IGO
Astra Guild Ventures

Astra Guild Ventures

700 500000 %500 14/03/2022 IDO
Endless Battlefield

Endless Battlefield

735 200000 %628 28/03/2022 IGO
Mecha Chain

Mecha Chain

395 300000 %620 11/04/2022 igo-polygon
What We Do

Be In A League With NFT Based Gaming Industry Offerings

Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) are the next generation of NFT gaming, designed to improve the ecosystem's reliability. The gaming platform is known for anticipating and adopting technological advancements. The majority of the upcoming technologies we anticipate have already been developed and shown in the gaming industry. The future of technology will rest solely on people's creativity and imagination. The change begins when it begins to consider all of the possibilities. Our IGO launchpads will assist customers in creating a location that they can fully exploit in order to demonstrate the true potential of their gaming concepts or initiatives.

IGO Launchpad Development Company

IGO Launchpad Development Services

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Cumulative IGO Launchpad

Type Of IGO Launchpad We Provide

  • IGO Launchpad Development Company
    Fixed Launchpad

    We assist creators and gaming studios in embracing a healthy ecosystem for their blockchain and digital asset plans through integrating process.

  • IGO Launchpad Development Company
    Tiered Launchpad

    NFTs, a decentralized asset, are at the heart of our platform and vision, which aims to highlight how blockchain will usher in a new era of digital ownership.

Exclusive Features

Features We Offer In
IGO Launchpad

  • IGO Development services
    Digital Wallet integration

    Pay individuals or businesses securely in any currency, anywhere in the globe. Allow recipients to select how they would like to receive their funds.

  • IGO Development services
    Anti-Scam Measures

    Scam-Prevention Measures Integrate anti-scam techniques to track proxy patterns, blacklists, and other factors to make your IGO launchpad more trustworthy.

  • IGO Development services
    Flow trading

    Flow trading removes limitations such as cooling periods. The launchpad uses flow trading as there is no need to wait for transactions to be processed.

  • IGO Development services

    By making everything completely transparent to users, you can earn their trust. The source code is open to the public for inspection and verification.

  • IGO Development services
    Diverse staking models

    Our IGO launchpad creates numerous stacking modules that allow all users to engage in the IGOs, hence providing the ecosystem to the users.

  • IGO Development services
    Automated Liquidity pool

    Allows you to create an automated liquidity pool to your IGO launchpad, allowing investors to contribute funds to the pool in exchange for yields.

  • IGO Development services

    The use of a KYC in the IGO Launchpad by a leading IGO Launchpad Development Company helps to secure privacy and prevent fraudulent behavior.

  • IGO Development services
    Cross-Chain Compliance

    We provide a decentralized cross-chain fundraising platform that allows projects to raise funds while assuring early stage investors of their safety.

  • IGO Development services
    Multi-Chain Support

    Multiple crypto wallets can be supported by a Multi-chain IGO Launchpad. Build a crowdfunding platform with our multi-chain IGO launchpad solution.

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Next Level IGO Launchpad Development

Future Of Initial Game Offering Or IGO Launchpad

The future of decentralization appears to be promising. To raise finances, a large number of company platforms are entering the IGO sector. The IGO launchpad development will continue to flourish as long as there is a desire for new gaming platforms. As a result, when it comes to decentralized gaming and profiting in a frictionless manner, these launchpads are ideal for business.

In the future, NFT gaming platforms will be phased out in favor of the asset, which can be used for gaming. And we intend to keep the innovative development troop going, which fuels technology with the help of the people.

Initial Game Offering Launchpad Development
Launching Idea

NFT Gaming Launchpad
Development Process

  • 01
    In-depth Analysis

    Our analytical step begins with a demonstration of the goals that must be met. We create detailed documentation about user expectations.

  • 02
    Planning Process

    We'll sketch out your launchpad's concept, and then create a detailed plan to turn it into a reality. This stage entails visualizing how you want your launchpad to appear.

  • 03
    Design & Development

    We design the launchpad before we start building the. To determine how launchpad elements would appear and interact, various prototypes are constructed.

  • 04
    Native token Creation

    The next step is to create inherent digital currency to improve the customer experience. This is crucial in contributing to your platform's liquidity pool.

  • 05
    Launchpad Development

    We put our best effort into designing the fully-functional IGO launchpad platform with all of the latest features, keeping all client and business demands in mind.

  • 06
    After Support

    We provide above-and-beyond support to keep up with the launchpad's constant changes. Our developers promise to assist you with any technical issues.

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IGO Launchpad Perks

Benefits Of Initial Game Offering

IGO Launchpad Development Company
  • New gaming initiatives are highlighted.
  • Aids entrepreneurs in raising the necessary funds.
  • A simple and quick funding process.
  • Supports NFT-based gaming projects that are efficient.
  • Provide 100 percent stock stake in the company.
Choosing Us For Initial Game Offering Development

Why Choose Suffescom For Initial Game Offering Launchpad Development?

  • Initial Game Offering Launchpad Development
    Developers with prior experience

    We have evolved into a team of highly skilled professionals in the arena of NFT gaming launchpad development after years of diligent research and development on blockchain technology, gaming, and NFTs.

  • Initial Game Offering Launchpad Development
    Round-the-Clock Assistance

    Our IGO development services include ongoing assistance for your NFT gaming launchpad even after it has been launched. You can contact us at any time if you have a question, and we will gladly assist you in resolving it.

  • Initial Game Offering Launchpad Development
    Process of Extensive Testing

    On every stage of the launchpad's creation, we run a slew of tests. This is done to guarantee that your users have a consistent experience.

  • Initial Game Offering Launchpad Development
    Secure Platform Solutions

    We create a secure environment in the IGO launchpad development for you that will earn the trust of gaming and NFT fans.

Top-Grade Solutions

Various Initial Game Offering Launchpad Development Solutions we Offer

  • IGO Development services
    GameFi Clone

    Our GameFi clone script's main goal is to allow you to quickly launch a gaming launchpad and to conduct a number of gaming operations.

  • IGO Development services
    SeediFy Clone

    The gaming assets powered by NFTs are highly designed. Games built on the Ethereum network give feasibility support to in-game assets.

  • IGO Development services
    GameStarter Clone

    Gaming ventures that want to meet their funding goals with a great return on investment have overwhelmingly selected Gamestarter.

  • IGO Development services
    EnjinStarter Clone

    EnjinStarter is an IGO platform dedicated solely to the launch of gaming initiatives with our white-label solution.

  • IGO Development services
    Binance Clone

    Binance Launchpad is credited with introducing Axie Infinity, today's most popular NFT game to ntroduce yourself to the market with a bang.

  • IGO Development services
    Launchpad TrustPad

    NFT purchases can be easily bought and sold regardless of what is going on. New games can originate from the existing blockchain network.

  • IGO Development services
    Coinlist Clone

    It's a decentralized exchange platform where investors can take use of decentralized exchanges & encourage people to use cryptocurrency.

  • IGO Development services
    Blokpad Clone

    The Bloktopians' Launchpad is BLOKPAD. It incorporates a mission with Metaverse technology and contains Web 3.0 applications.

  • IGO Development services
    Solana Clone

    Solana is one of the most well-known Blockchain-based IDO/IGO Launchpads to increase the speed and scalability of online transactions.

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