Genopets Clone Script: Launch Your Move-To-Earn Gaming on Solana

Genopets Clone Script: Launch Your Move-To-Earn Gaming on Solana

By Suffescom Solutions

August 29, 2022

Genopets Clone Script: Launch Your Move-To-Earn Gaming on Solana

Planning to invest in the world's first free-to-play platform that offers reward-winning opportunities to users in crypto? If yes, Genopets Clone Script is a one-stop destination for all your needs. A blockchain technology-packed gaming platform embedded with modern users' expectations and ready to generate income.

Wondering How it’s Possible?

Remember, Genopets Clone is a whole concept in the NFT gaming world with the potential of grabbing players' attention. A fully customized platform is designed in different phases to meet the demand of GenZ users. More you can learn while scrolling the blog or consulting with our experts.

We provide end-to-end play-to-earn gaming platform services and solutions. Right after understanding your business idea, our team of 150+ blockchain developers is ready to serve with 360-degree Genopets Clone website and app development services. We have already developed various blockchain-powered play-to-earn platforms, ecommerce stores, NFT marketplace, and more.

Let’s explore more about Genopets;

What is Genopets Gaming Plafrom?

NFT-based gaming platform - Genopets designed to popularise the web3 gaming experience. The platform offers an extensive range of free-to-play games with the opportunity to earn rewards in crypto. The game is also designed with the unique qualities of blockchain technology and non-fungible assets.

The main NFTs available on the Genopets platform are Genesis Genopets and Habitats. SFT Resources include Raw Crystals, Refined Crystals, Terraform Seeds, and other upcoming game additions. The platform functions through two tokens named- $GENE, and $KI, where $GEN is designed for governance and staking activities, and $KI is utilized to purchase in-game assets.

What is Genopets Clone?

Genopets Clone is a readymade M2E platform embedded with blockchain development and offers a 100% bug-free solution. A ready-to-launch platform packed with advanced features to provide exclusive opportunities to players and earn handsome rewards. Genopets is developed on Solana blockchain technology, but you can develop your platform on any blockchain networking like Polygon, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BNB), Tezos, or more based on your platform functionalities needs.

To deep dive into Genopets Clone benefits, features, functionalities, technologies, and other details:

Why Your Business Needs Genopets Clone?

The platform comes with various compelling reasons for businesses and players procuring gamers' attention. Moreover, the platform benefits new gamers to start with a free gaming experience and earn rewards in most trending digital currency or tokens.

  • Shielded with hack-proof blockchain technologies
  • Ample of award-winning opportunities
  • Decentralized nature
  • Splendid gaming experience
  • Fastest and highly secured transactions

It’s a one-stop destination for gamers to embark with an online NFT gaming development platform and business to build a secure marketplace to generate revenue.

Genopets Clone Script App: The Future of Virtual Pet Gaming

As a leading Genopets Clone Script App Development service provider, we understand the future potential of virtual pet gaming. Our innovative solutions offer an immersive experience that will take your gaming to the next level.

What Makes Genopets Worth Playing?

Unique Concept

The platform is designed to harness both worlds with free to play and play-to-earn NFT gaming experience. The platform’s dual-earning opportunities involve:

  • Free players can earn by selling their Genopets, whereas
  • Paid players can sell their Genopets
  • Have the option to earn $K1 from everyday activities.
  • Power to sell in-game items: Habitats, Crystal, and more

PvP Interaction

The platform offers various ways for players to pit their pets against each other via a series of mini-games. The battle takes place in an arena, and winners along with items can walk away with items fallen from opponents.

Global Audience

Easy to use, the platform can be accessed from anywhere with a smartphone. The feature enables users to keep moving with the game as it's a move to earn a platform that requires regular physical activities.

Immersive Graphics

Beautiful gaming designs and 3D charters, Genopets draw everyone’s attention. So, it's a perfect moment to fly with the time and build your own Genopets-like platform.

Build Your Own Genopets Empire With Our Clone Script App Development

Our Genopets Clone Script App Development service empowers you to create your own virtual pet empire. With our expert solutions, you can build a game that will captivate audiences and keep them coming back for more.

How Can You Reap The Revenue Generating Opportunities With Genopets Clone Marketplace?

NFT gaming platform Genopets offers a fascinating environment for businesses to generate revenue. Here are some ways to help you make money from free-to-play NFT gaming platforms.

  • Opportunity to sell in-game assets with $GENE, and $KI tokens that keep up gamers' interest to unlock the new levels.
  • Enjoy special ads that pop up on the platform
  • Charge commission on specially exchanged tokens
  • Levy special fee on tokens purchasing
  • Allow users to upgrade Genopets and use them to battle.

Other ways to generate revenue from Genopets gaming clone.

Habitat NFTs:

There are several NFTs where your platform lives and evolves. You can allow your users to market or craft in-game tokens. Players can also enjoy in-game habitats and rent out options to generate extra income.

Crystals NFT:

Users can craft NFTs using GENE tokens and KI tokens. Each crystal is different and plays a different role in the evolution of Genopets.

Augment NFTs:

These are NFTs that allow you to upgrade the physical properties and performance enhancements. Users can also change the body arts for better looks and finishing touch.

Various Phases of Genopets Platform Development Process

Stay ahead of competitors by understanding their loopholes. Avail the opportunity of where Genopets is leading or lacking with experts.

PHASE 1 [IN PROGRESS] - Private Beta

With the first phase of Genopets, the players will be able to

  • Acquire Genesis Genopets & Habitats
  • Convert Energy to KI Token with a Habitat
  • Summon Baby Genopets & Evolve
  • Trade on NFT Marketplace Partners
  • Bank Steps & Set Personal Goals
  • Convert Energy & Level Up with XP
  • Stake GENE & Earn KI Tokens
  • Refine Crystals & Get Terraform Seeds
  • See their Rank on the Leaderboard
  • Manage, Rent, and Terraform Habitats

PHASE 2 [Releasing Soon] - Whitelist Public Beta

The company is planning to expand its gaming size while introducing new mechanics.

It helps players too;

  • Play Nurture Minigames - Feed, Fetch, & Pet
  • Complete Challenges & Earn Achievements
  • Battle in Turn-Based PVP Minigames
  • Use Advanced Motion Tracking & Wearables
  • Craft Items, Augments, & Power-Ups
  • Augment & Customize Genopets
  • Refer Friends with Invite Codes

PHASE 3 - Future Launch

It will allow players to connect in-game and explore the new world of Genovese together. Therefore players will be able to;

  • Join Seasonal Challenges to Unlock Augments
  • Experience an Epic Story with Quests
  • Craft & Terraform in App
  • Explore the Open World of Genopets
  • Connect with Additional Health Sensors
  • Engage in Multiplayer & Team Battles

Understanding these will let you create your Genopets clone script strategy with industry experts.

Top Features We Offer In Your Genopets Clone Platform

Attractive Home

We design an alluring homepage to catch users' eyes and motivate them to stay on the platform and join the online gaming world without spending money.


The gaming segment involves various games available for players to play and win rewards in the NFT gaming world. You can also categorize the games based on start, level up, earning potentials, battles, exploration, and more options.


The token segment defines the various tokens available on your platform with a motto. Like KI tokens are designed for Crystal Refinement, Alchemy & Crafting, Terraforming, and GENE TOKEN are used to Stake GENE For Rewards, Exclusive Genesis Drops, and Governance Voting.

Chat Support

To address players' issues related to registration or playing games. AI-powered chat support always keeps ready to support users.


Keep your users updated with what’s new on your platform. Social media integration is a perfect way to reach a wider audience in a few clicks only.

Paper to Guide

A white paper section on the platform defines everything about the company. If the users have queries related to reward systems, gaming, sustainability, and more can check from this segment.

Avail In-Game Tokens Benefits

The platform consists of 3 types of in-game tokens, each used for different purposes.

  • $GENE: The token is designed and used for staking purposes. Holders have the right to vote on gaming platforms and recommend certain levels of changes in the future.
  • $KI: The in-game tokens reward players who buy Habitat. These tokens accelerate the evolution process of in-game assets for sale.
  • XP points: These are designed to level up your gamer's gaming experience. You will earn the points as you move.

How Do Genopets In-Game Pets Work?

Genopets is the first NFT-generated platform where users can hatch, nurture, battle, and evolve digital spirit animals. The NFT marketplace development platform allows baby Genopet minting before starting a game. Your users can create a first imbue personality that matches them. Players will start imagining mini personality assessments. Users can also build or acquire more than one collection from the marketplace.

Genopet's gaming platform revolves around four stages named - infant, young, adult, and mystic that can be used to accelerate the growth of Genopets. As the platform permits a nonlinear evolution process, means users can create several time variations in characters. Most importantly, by adding daily steps challenges, your Genopets will be able to customize attributes, level up, and increase rarity.

Create Your Own Unique Virtual Pet Universe With Genopets Clone Script App Development

Our Genopets Clone Script App Development service allows you to bring your unique virtual pet universe to life. Our team of experts will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind game that reflects your vision and captures the hearts of players everywhere.

Technology Stacks For Your Genopets Clone Platform

While developing a next-gen Genopet clone solution, experts focus on end-to-end encrypted advanced technologies. Here we have tech stacks where we focus on;


To build your web3 gaming platform, our experts use the most popular and widely used blockchain game development engines such as Unreal Engine, Web3 Game Development, Construct Engine, GotDot, Infinity Engine, SAGE, Game Maker, Open3D and more.

Blockchain Technology

Genopet is developed on Solana blockchain technology; you can ask our expert to develop the same platform on Ethereum, Polygon, Hyperledger, Polkadot, or any popular platform that fits your business needs.

NFT Marketplace

Developers use various software and tools to build an NFT marketplace, like;

  • Languages & Frameworks - Django, Python, PHP, GraphQL, CSS 3, Solidity, and more
  • Libraries - React, Moment.js, Lodash
  • Design - Font Awesome, Google Fonts, Figma
  • Development - Webpack
  • Analytics - Google Analytics, Amplitude

Crypto Wallet Creation

Whether you want to build Custody, Public key, and Private key, you can choose Coinbase Wallet, Mycelium, or Metamask for sending, receiving, or trading crypto. You can also look for customized Crypto wallet development services from our exports that offer 100% data security and a reliable platform.

Why Choose Us?

Over the last decade, Suffescom Solution has become a priority for many brands, especially in launching the Play to Earn or Move to Earn platform. Here are promising features of our services;

Bleeding Edge Technology Knowledge

We have handpicked the top blockchain technology experts with cutting-edge technology knowledge for all your project development needs. You can approach us with your business requirements; we have solutions for everything.

24*7 Availability For Clients

We are available to help and address our customers' queries round the clock. So, feel free to reach us without watching the clock or understanding the time zone difference.

Special Offer For Startups

We came up with a special offer for startups. From getting blockchain consultancy services to special discounts, reach us for your best offer.

Bugs Free Solution

Our experts cross-check deliverables multiple times before delivering. We ensure your solution should be glitches-free.

Expertise To Deliver Schedule Projects

We understand your valuable time. Therefore offer time-bound Genopets clone development services.

Fully Customized Solution

Our designers and developers have years of experience in development. Hence we are ready to deliver a bespoke Genopets clone platform at affordable prices.

Still, if you have any queries or issues, schedule a meeting with our experts and get a reliable solution on time.

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