Play to Earn vs Play to Own: Creating Sustainable Gaming Industry

Play to Earn vs Play to Own: Creating Sustainable Gaming Industry

By Suffescom Solutions

August 02, 2022

Play to Earn vs Play to Own: Creating Sustainable Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is going through a transition stage where Blockchain technology changes how the games are played. It’s presenting new limitless opportunities to gamers all around the world. With this new trend, businesses are narrowing down the previous issues of security and user acquisition. At the same time, it’s helping the industries take full advantage of the new business models like Play to Earn, one of the most popular gaming models.

There are a lot of Play to Earn game platform available for the audience. That’s why they are more aware of it. But going through a phase of technological advancements, there has been a new paradigm gaining the attention of the people businesses refer to as Play to Own. Compared to P2E games, the P2O game model offers to own assets within the game. It will elevate the gaming incentive while providing a sustainable economy for the gaming industry.

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In the long term, the play to own model might appeal more to the audience and engage them in a better way. But, what exactly is the difference between both of these platforms? Let’s explore Play to Earn vs Play to Own.

What are Play to Earn Games?

Play to Earn NFT game platform refer to the games where the users can play the game and earn digital assets with real-world value. It excites the gamers most because they can perform the gameplay and get rewards based on that. These rewards can include cryptocurrency tokens, in-game assets, and more. The user will have complete ownership over the rewards, which they can quickly sell, transfer or even buy from the other gamers.

What are Play to Own Games?

While talking about Play to Own games, the players earn NFTs such as a piece of land or any in-game materialistic things. They can easily trade or sell those things on the marketplace they want to. It will enhance the status and offer complete security. There will be a marketplace of similar assets where people can liquidate those assets.

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Play to Own vs Play to Earn

Play to Earn might be the first step of creating blockchain game revolutions. But it won't be the last one. It is a great thing that you get to earn things through playing games. You sell in-game assets to generate revenue. One can consider it just as one of the benefits.

Although the play to earn is popular amongst gamers, it can't contribute to creating a sustainable gaming economy. Play to Own might be the best way for the gaming industry to evolve and expand globally.

Implementing the Play to Own instead of Play to Earn can put the power in gamers' hands. They will be entirely responsible for offering an engaging gaming experience to the users. One more thing that can't be achieved through Play to Earn is the open economy.

Play to Own can create such games to create an eco-system where everyone would like to contribute. They will do it to have their share in that. Each person will have the actual ownership of assets consisting in the game. It'll be fun to play for the gamers while creating ever-enhancing gameplay for the audience.

The gamers will play to own different assets in the game. The most significant thing is that the cost of these assets won't be determined by a rewarding contest. The open market will determine its price when you want to trade or sell it. It can act as a future investment for people to rely on.

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Along with that, Play to Own will contain the play to earn mechanics as well. As the players progress in the game, they will keep earning the regular rewards they are obliged to make.

Now that players have started to earn. You might supply them with multiple ways to spend that money as well. So, the economy can keep going, and they don't keep it within themselves. It will increase the number of practical applications of assets.

There are some minor things like upgrading characters, weapons, or more. In the Play to Own, people want something beyond that, like turning it into cash, selling the assets for fiat currency, or trading those assets with others.

Due to its decentralized nature, the control will be in the hands of users irrespective of Play to Own vs Play to Earn. It’s one of the most important features of blockchain technology. Moreover, an efficient community can quickly add up things towards enhancing the game experience.

Key Features of Play to Earn Platform

Through play to earn platforms, people can easily monetize their gameplay and generate revenue instead of depending on audience donations. As these games use the blockchain as their primary technology, the in-game currency is always a form of digital cryptocurrency. It doesn’t end here. Let’s know about the key features included in a play to earn platform:

Secure & Reliable

Built on blockchain technology, P2E platforms are the most secure platform. It uses multi-layered security protocols that help to maintain the integrity of users’ data. A unique ID is assigned for every transaction that allows seamless operations and transactions.

Earn Real Money

As it is clear from the name, the Play to Earn platform can help you earn real money. With every level up in the game, you will get rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies or other in-game assets. You can easily trade those assets for fiat currency.

Gaming Profile Integration

You will create a single gaming profile integrated across multiple platforms through blockchain technology. It will allow the players to play any game they want to. All of their earnings will be stored in a digital wallet. Not only that, you will save a lot of time as well. In this way, you will be more accessible to your audience.

Key Features of Play to Own Platform

As blockchain technology progress towards its concluding development, Play to Own might make a robust impact on how people play games. It offers a decentralized network that allows the transfer of asset value, just like in the real world. This model will easily enhance the gamified experience and bring it to the audience in the most influential fashion. There are much more features to that. Here are some of the key features:

Own & Sell

In the play to own game, the developers allow people to own the digital assets instead of earning some rewards or in-game assets. All these assets will come with a tangible value that can be easily put on the marketplace. From there, other people can buy from the people selling their assets.

Rare Properties

It is a similar feature to the games we play now. There will be some rare properties that aren’t available commonly. The players will have to complete the set of those rare properties. As a result, it will increase your earnings.

Enforcing Ownership

An essential feature in the play to own platform is enforcing ownership. You might own something within the game, but there must be a sense of security that the thing will indeed remain yours. The functional economy will offer to enforce some laws for efficient and complete ownership. It will give the players a feeling of pride. They have to maintain those properties for better price and gameplay.

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The Future Lies in Blockchain Gaming

No one will be able to deny that the future of the gaming industry lies in crypto gaming. Traditional gaming has a number of drawbacks. Those can be easily overcome with crypto gaming. It’s a trending topic currently in the gaming industry. People are leaning over the play to earn a platform. As a result, more businesses are interested in making their fortune through it. But we mentioned earlier that playing to earn is a great concept through which you can attract a lot of audiences. It can be your initial step while stepping up in the industry. But, it would be best if you always looked for opportunities. The Play to Own will indeed offer you that.

A business with a long-term vision will surely attract an ecosystem that can become sustainable and cater a large group of individuals. A Play to Own platform might be just right for the businesses with such types of goals. The players can earn or buy digital assets that help in creating a long term value. It will excite people to get more involved in the game.

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There will always be trending debates about which one to choose: P2E vs P2O. These platforms undoubtedly provide you with fascinating features. You can choose what to implement depending upon their features with the help of Suffescom Solutions Inc. with dedicated experience as a Metaverse Game Development Company.

The gaming industry is always on the run towards advancements to keep gamers engaged. It might be the need of the hour as well. Businesses can achieve a new version of the in-game economy with the help of blockchain technology. For that, Play to Earn and Play to Own might be the best way to take advantage of such an opportunity.

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