How To Create A Blockchain Game? Know Everything To Make Blockchain Game

How To Create A Blockchain Game? Know Everything To Make Blockchain Game

By Suffescom Solutions

February 25, 2023

How To Create A Blockchain Game? Know Everything To Make Blockchain Game

Blockchain technologies are slowly but steadily infiltrating various business sectors such as logistics, insurance, finance, and others. However, other exciting direction-blockchain games saw a surge in popularity in 2021. These are blockchain-based games that incorporate cryptographic elements.

Forging Your Idea Blockchain Game From Scratch

What makes blockchain games so famous, and what are the most important factors to consider when developing a blockchain game?

Blockchain games are built on blockchain technology and incorporate cryptographic elements. The most important fact about this technology is that it gives the user complete control over an item within a game.

This allows you to freely exchange items with other players without transferring your entire account for the sake of one thing. The adoption of blockchain technology in gaming creates an entirely new player-driven economy in which anyone can create their unique content.

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In this post, we shall cover the benefits, and features, and also access some of the points we should keep in mind while developing a blockchain game.

Some Critical Points in the Process of Creating your Blockchain Game

There are some 398 active blockchain games today, a 92 percent increase from just a year ago. Undoubtedly, gaming was the first real use-case for Blockchain, completely transforming the industry and making games more interesting. How the game overcomes the remaining obstacles will serve as a case study for other industries considering mass blockchain adoption.

Before starting a blockchain gaming platform, the developer should hold a grip on the most critical points in the process. They are as follows:

Blockchain Capabilities and Constraints

To begin with, it is critical to analyze the blockchain infrastructure. Knowledge of blockchain security, applications, integrations, and limitations is also necessary.

Blockchain developers must know all the blockchain consensus- the hash functions, and the distributed ledger technology. Understanding the different blockchains and how they will function is very crucial for creating your ideal blockchain game.

The Data Structure

The game developer should always structure the blockchain network according to the demands and requirements of the clients. Understanding different types of ideal databases and data structures for the target network is critical.

Smart Contract Creation

Understanding the various types of smart contracts and how to create them is necessary for implementing the best kind of contract for creating your blockchain game.


Blockchain dApps can be decentralized using multiple protocols and procedures on various blockchain platforms. A blockchain game developer should be well-versed in decentralization and its application to blockchain games.


The fundamentals of blockchain operations are cryptography and the digital ledger. To know which algorithms work best for different types of blockchain networks and how to develop them, the blockchain game developer should be well-versed in cryptography and various algorithms.


A blockchain developer must understand the economics of cryptocurrencies and their implementation on the Blockchain. Understanding the factors that influence cryptonomics and related monetary policies is also critical.

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The Main Features of Your Blockchain Game will Include:

For many years, game developers and publishers have had a monopoly on the financial benefits of gaming; however, the recent evolution of Blockchain in the gaming industry is allowing gamers to get a share of this lucrative space while also allowing developers to create unique and valuable in-game features.

Ideal Digital Ownership

Blockchain technology provides the ideal solution for elevating digital ownership to a new level. Blockchain proof of ownership applies to various industries because it allows for transparency, decentralization, and cryptographic security. Fashion, sports, music, and supply chain management are such enterprises. Furthermore, Blockchain provides users with a mathematically verifiable digital asset scarcity, which helps reduce the fraudulent and counterfeit industries.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

NFTs, also known as Non-Fungible Tokens, allow players to convert in-game collectibles, assets, and artifacts into “a real-world” currency. For example, you may own virtual-world items and obtain real-world value by trading or selling them on a digital asset marketplace. Blockchain secures and records the scarcity and ownership of these items (NFTs).

No centralized agent can change the public address where the assets are stored. As a result, no one can change the ownership of any in-game assets.

Low-Cost Payment Processing

The gaming industry is available to people all over the world. Games are played between players from various countries. In a typical online game, players must pay exorbitant fees to use online gaming. Furthermore, while players can use fiat currencies, the transactions are not cost-effective. A solution for transferring their assets without waiting days for payment processing is also always required. Blockchain platforms like Solana enables instant payments anywhere in the world - with no limitations. Gamers can do away with their debit or credit cards thanks to Blockchain. Blockchain provides a decentralized method for payments of any size.

Monetary Gains for Gamers Through Play To Earn Nft Game Development:

The play-to-earn blockchain model allows the game developers to earn fair and square money. The more gamers play, the more they sell tokens, in-game assets, and other digital collectibles with full property ownership rights. For instance, NFT trading is also on the verge of becoming a serious business, and they sell out in the real world in exchange for some real money. The P2E game development models are here to stay as they present vast opportunities for both sides – gamers and developers alike.

Most notably, the NFT gaming environment is rapidly expanding to include more advanced Integrations and building frameworks. Innovators of this field are now leveraging long-standing game engines such as Unity and Unreal for Unity game development and Unreal game development, providing the best gaming experience for their players.

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The Advantages of Blockchain Games For Developers

Creating a blockchain game necessitates a substantial investment. However, the outcomes of these games tend to justify the effort. Here are some of the most significant advantages of developing games on a blockchain.

Advanced Data Encryption

It has advanced data encryption. Blockchain-based games employ technology that secures the storage and use of crypto tokens. This means the risk of hacking is low because all the data is stored on a decentralized blockchain.

Possibilities for Advancement

The crypto-games market is gaining heavy momentum, and companies that invest in it gain access to numerous opportunities for growth. When they implement innovative blockchain solutions, they are more likely to gain market share.

User-Friendly Experience

Blockchain games provide high levels of security and transparency, ensuring players have a pleasant experience.

Asset Distribution Transparency

The total transparency of asset distribution will appeal to players who want to own their assets and ensure no one can take them.

Several Factors which Influence Blockchain Game Development Cost

The more games you want to make, the more fun you'll have! Among the most important are:

  • The complexity and functionality of each game - the more complex and sophisticated the functionality, the higher the price.
  • The amount of time you want to spend on it - if you have a tight deadline, the team will take longer to complete your project, which means a higher price tag.

Developing a blockchain game app can range from $5000 to over $500,000. As a result, you should budget for the costs before embarking on your journey. You can learn more about the blockchain game development costs in detail by contacting a company like Suffescom.

Let Us Have a Quick Look Over Some Examples Of Blockchain Games:


CryptoKitties was surely one of the first blockchain games. It is based on the idea of collecting one-of-a-kind creatures. The game's premise revolves around owning Kitties. They are, in essence, “ERC-721” tokens. There are only two options for the player from there: breeding or trading.

Despite the limited gameplay, CryptoKitties has become quite interesting. It is regarded as more of a novelty than a revolution.

The selling price of those assets is an essential factor to consider here. Some creatures sell for more than $100,000.


The game's core is an inspiring commitment to creating "virtual, public frontiers." Even among blockchain games, this one always stands out.

Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world with a wide range of activities.

Players can buy digital land in the Genesis City and use it to create "scenes" in the game. Each scene is analogous to an app, which can be designed, built, and maintained using the original SDK.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a game inspired by Nintendo's favorite Pokemon series.

We own our Axie NFTs and can resell them following the “play-to-earn” model. We can exchange the crypto tokens for money. You can breed the characters called the Axies, which will let you build your powerful team to sell on the marketplace.

Assume you are an artist!! The players can create an interactive virtual library for your work in Decentraland. Perhaps you own a company. You can promote your products by establishing a virtual headquarters.

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To Summarize

Blockchain technologies have become increasingly complex in recent years. They are growing and changing at a rapid pace.

The ability of players to earn money rather than buy items and spend money inside a game has grabbed the interest of gamers and other significant players in the gaming industry.

Suffescom Solutions is here to assist you in developing your unique Blockchain game with ease. This surely will include blockchain development, NFT game assets, crypto wallets, and payment gateways.

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