How To Start A Blockchain Gaming Platform?

How To Start A Blockchain Gaming Platform?

By Suffescom Solutions

April 17, 2023

How To Start A Blockchain Gaming Platform?

Blockchain is an evolving technology and has found its application in every sector. Gaming is no exception. Games have always enjoyed popularity among users all the time. They are a great way to put off the burden from the shoulders and relax. Before blockchain, there was a craze for video games, PC games, and Play-Stations. The most important thing that captures the players' interest is the riveting graphics and the seamless user experience. These two things are top-notch if we see them from the blockchain perspective.

Blockchain Gaming Platform is a new way of building a decentralized game that allows secure transactions about the in-game assets. It is advantageous to both businesses and gamers. Businesses can curb deceitful activities and minimize the prices of gaming items. Gamers can use cryptocurrencies to buy in-game assets that ultimately can be exchanged for fiat currencies.

Blockchain and web3 gaming are the driving factors of decentralized games. They have literally transformed the way how gaming used to be in Web 2.0.

Before discussing decentralized gaming, let’s have a little glimpse of the traditional gaming models and how they got remodeled into P2E.

Conventional And P2E Game Models

The conventional gaming models include pay-to-play, which is paid. Here the gamers needed to pay substantial fees to be a part of the gaming platform. This fee is often termed the subscription fee. But with the advent of this mind-blowing technology, the play-to-earn (P2E) model has come into existence. This is the best way to unwind and immerse yourself in the gaming world and, on top of that, earn money. So, this is the best way to generate a passive income while playing.

P2E NFT Game Development has brought the worth back to the players and can generate rewards through in-game assets such as avatars, tokens, digital lands, weapons, and more. This can be achieved by completing all the tasks and fighting against the other players to make a significant progression in the game stages. There is a list of the P2E games that are described as under;


In this game, the players can buy, sell and breed virtual cats. Here, the ether cryptocurrency is a must to be a part of the game for performing any trading action.

Zed Run:

This allows the players to buy/sell, breed and contest them. Betting is available on the virtual horses, and the user receives the rewards for winning.

Axie Infinity:

This game involves cute pets that are bred to earn any digital collectibles and resources.


Here, the users trade the virtual items fundamentally on the WAX blockchain.


The players can buy virtual land in the 3D world and then either sell or rent it.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a P2E NFT Game Development company that has developed several P2E games. Zed Run Clone, Axie Infinity Clone, and AlienWorlds Clone are some of the P2E NFT games that are developed by us. Willing to develop similar platforms? Contact our team!

Blockchain Gaming Platform

The blockchain gaming platform is embedded with top-notch functionality and advanced security characteristics. It provides advantages to gamers and developers. This is the need of the hour involving in-game crypto transactions. Blockchain gaming platform development is not a piece of cake. Huge brainstorming goes into it, as the problems existing in the centralized gaming platforms need to be identified. So, a sophisticated development operation needs to be performed. Now, several factors can come into play that can cause obstruction in the development process.

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Blockchain Gaming Platform - Development Process

Blockchain gaming platform is a daunting task as various challenges come in the way. A series of steps need to be followed to perform everything without any resistance. Check them out below!

Develop An Idea

The fundamentals behind the blockchain gaming platform is the innovative idea that will form the basis of gaming mechanics. It will include everything from the blockchain infrastructure, consensus mechanism, blockchain platform, programming languages, features, APIs, frameworks, and more. This thing will come into existence when proper planning and research are behind finally implementing the plan.

Research And Planning

Without research and planning, nothing can be achieved. To streamline things, research should be performed on the scope of the blockchain game project. A roadmap is created that will involve the strategies as to how things will be planned out.

After analysis, a documented review of the blockchain gaming project is executed from the beginning to the end. Meanwhile, the objectives are determined, and ways to reach them are ascertained. Market research plays a key role in recognizing the variation existing in the market and taking necessary steps to bridge them.

Establish A Team

The blockchain gaming platform development requires a pool of experts. A top technical team of blockchain game developers with expertise in blockchain technology and web3 needs to be formed. The right pool of people with adequate information about blockchain and game development is very important. This will require to hire dedicated web3 developers, dApps Developers, and more.

Choosing A Blockchain Platform

The appropriate blockchain platform is a must to develop a blockchain gaming platform. There are various platform options, such as Ethereum, Solana, EOS, TRON, Polygon, COSMOS, Tezos, etc. Weigh their pros and cons, and examine which will go with your blockchain game.

Create Digital Assets

When the above stages are completely fulfilled, it's time to create digital assets. These assets are in accordance with representing the characters, weapons, or any props. The design of such assets should be distinguished and attractive, which makes it important to elevate the value.

Build The Gaming Mechanics

The ideation and creativity related to the blockchain gaming must be carried out with the development team. Rules are to be decided for buying/selling and training digital pets. The gaming mechanics should be such that the gaming activities take place seamlessly. For that, there needs to be quality testing of the blockchain game. Whatever bugs and errors are present, they must be detected at the earliest.

Payment Integration

Payment Integration is an essential part of developing blockchain game trading. A secure and robust payment platform is merged with the blockchain platform. This is done to allow the gamers to perform the transaction by the trading of digital assets. A reliable exchange platform is crucial so that every settlement occurs in a secure environment.

Game Launch

When the above phases are successfully met, it's time to launch the game for the users. The pivotal thing is that merely launching the game will not bring in many users. For that, promotion is necessary. Advertising of the blockchain games is done either by social networking channels, building communities, or contacting the relevant marketing companies that will help you reach your intended audience.

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How to Make More Impressive Decentralized Games?

Decentralized games have created a great buzz in the blockchain gaming world. The vision behind decentralized gaming is nothing but to empower gamers by making them co-creators and also collaborators. Besides this, there is the concept of reward systems that encompasses digital asset ownership, profit distribution, and in-game assets. Such assets are easily transferable among different games and open to being sold on exchanges.

  • Decentralized gaming can be made more impressive with in-game assets. The games encompass the majestic masterpieces applicable during the creation of the realistic 3D gaming environment. Now, in this blockchain game, you can include various objects, icons, characters, background effects, music, vehicles, furniture, weapons, etc. These things create a massive impact on the gamer's mind. These are developed by the game developers under the supervision and are plugged into the game to make the gaming experience exhilarating. This is the best way to create a notable mark among the competitors.
  • Animation, spectacular visual effects, 3D environment, animations, advanced UI/UX designs, top-notch video production, outstanding cinematics, and live action are the prime elements that capture the gamer's attention. The riveting visuals that play in the backdrop of the blockchain game are enough to make the player stay on the platform.
  • These things are valid, but nothing can work without security. Security is important when gaming transactions take place. Whatever transaction takes place in the blockchain, they are in the form of cryptocurrencies. The blockchain is a trustworthy platform, and based on this technology, the crypto banks offer white label banking solutions to their account holders. This is the place where virtual currencies are deposited and set to trade and loan. It adds an extra boost to make a stunning blockchain game.
  • There is an option for building an integrated gaming profile that helps access the games and features available on the blockchain gaming platform. It is a wonderful platform that can be run around various gaming portals. This enhances the user experience by simply making the everything accessible to the customers.

Blockchain technology can potentially provide amplified solutions to gamers and businesses in the web3 sphere. Check it out yourself!

Role Of Web3 Gaming In Generating High-Revenue

Web3 Gaming is the flagbearer of decentralization, and its applications can be found in multiple sectors, with gaming being an important one. There has been a drastic shift in gaming platforms from conventional to blockchain-based ones. Web3 game development has truly allowed players to take power into their own hands. A deep sense of democratization keeps the power in the player's hand, disregarding the central authority.

Gaming guilds are the best way to generate high revenue in web3 gaming. These platforms are built by professional communities to exchange ideas and develop great interaction among peers. Specific groups are created to form fully organized clans and teams. Now, such guilds work as a great source for creating revenue. Their mode of operation is the same as that of the investment firm, where the members distribute the gaming funds to access the in-game digital assets.

The members of this guild are then allowed to play games and get the assets in the configuration of the NFTs. They are unique, and earned revenue is divided among the players. Such guilds have greatly influenced the web3 gaming market due to the collected assets.

Gamestarter is a blockchain platform that is entirely based on the web3 ecosystem. This crowdfunding platform, popularly known as the IGO launchpad, enables developers to fundraise money by pre-selling in-game assets. It offers the developers a beneficial opportunity for funding as they are open to fundraising while completely retaining the entire equity. It establishes the latest revenue streams for the players and developers. The concept of referrals, bonuses, rewards, and excellent marketing tools broadens the developers' horizon to build an NFT community.

Bottom Line!!

The blockchain game development services has revolutionized gaming prospects to a wide extent. The factor that has played a crucial role in its popularity is decentralization. This transformative technology has elevated the financial element of the gaming realm. Several profitable activities occur, such as P2E, earning while playing, and asset trading in the form of non-fungible tokens. It's considered an optimistic step bound to break the records and the old mentalities associated with the gaming industry.

There is no doubt that the blockchain gaming platform is yet in its initial stages, but looking at its demand, one can’t deny the fact that individuals and businesses are keen on investing in such projects. Financing the blockchain and web3 games is the best way to be at the forefront and create an incredible space for a captivating experience.

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