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How Much Does Blockchain Game Development Cost In 2024?

By Suffescom Solutions

December 20, 2023

How Much Does Blockchain Game Development Cost In 2024?

The Blockchain Game Development Cost Ranges Between $30000 to $150000. 

The cost depends upon your blockchain project requirements. Our analysts will look at the intricacies and provide an ideal quote.

From 2023-2030, the global blockchain gaming market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 68.30%. Besides mere playing, game lovers are allowed to own their in-game assets. Based on the popularity it enjoys, in the upcoming times, it is set to be the next big thing. In the overall scheme of things, various entrepreneurs look forward to developing blockchain games and taking their businesses to new heights. The only thing they are concerned about is how much does blockchain game development cost. For that, just go through our entire blog and check out the cost breakdown and the factors affecting it.

Statistics Linked With Blockchain Games

  • By 2027, the blockchain gaming revenue market size is estimated to be $65.7bn.
  • Also, from 2022-2027, the CAGR will be high as 70.3%
  • Some of the popular blockchain games are Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Cryptokitties, Splinterlands, etc.
  • Around 40% of blockchain gaming activity takes place on the Wax blockchain platform.
  • Globally, 60% of blockchain gamers are men and 40% are women

How Much Does Blockchain Game Development Cost?

Developing a blockchain game app/platform is a complex job. But with better utilization of the resources, we will help you build an intuitive application that is free from all kinds of errors and abnormalities. Below, we have illustrated some important factors influencing the blockchain game development cost.

  1. Game Complexity
  2. Game Type
  3. Technological Stacks
  4. Security Protocols
  5. Software Development Process
  6. Quality Analysis
  7. Experience & Expertise
  8. Integrated Features
  9. App Complexity
  10. API Integration, etc.

Based On The Development process

The development process is extremely crucial and requires precision at every possible step. Our software developers have the potential to build reliable and secure applications that captivate user attention. We will do everything from planning, analysis, requirement gathering, design/development, quality check, deployment and launch.

Game Design Documentation

Documentation, often signified as GDD, is the first step that is the foundation of any blockchain mobile application. Whatever needs to be developed practically is initially designed on paper. All the essential things, including the storyline, scope, game proposals, character profiles, storyboards, etc., are included.

Several requirements for the platform need to be included, like building an app for Android or iOS.It also incorporates basic information like a single or multiplayer, target countries for marketing, language used, etc.

Technical Specifications

This gives detailed documentation about the technical aspects that are related to the app development process. Every crucial information related to the app is summarized in this paperwork. In the true sense, it is the blueprint that has exact details about the implementation of the gaming steps.

The technical specifications are mentioned to eliminate any sort of confusion in the execution phase. It also saves a lot of time for the programmers when they are in the mode of assimilating technical designs, relevant procedures, etc.


Prototyping is the most common step that is adopted by game development companies. It is the way of releasing the app as a sample l. This provides a preview of the game and the app's fundamental design beforehand. This procedure is followed to understand better the areas that need upgrading. For instance, if any gaming stage needs to be improved at any point, then it can be done instantly. 

Architecture Design

The architecture of the gaming app is its structure that needs to be appropriate as per the demand. A robust architecture smoothens the whole development process. There are a lot of upgrades that are required at this stage to kick off enhancements.

If suitable steps are not taken into consideration, it might impact the application's working, especially speed. It decides the inclusive scalability, interoperability, and flexibility of the product.


The top factor that acts as the game changer is the programming languages. Some of the most popular programming languages are Java, Kotlin, C++, HTML 5, etc. Regarding gaming, HTML5 game development is cross-platform/browser, where blockchain games are developed more swiftly as compared to native ones.


After the app is developed, one needs to check the app for bugs and errors. There are a bunch of testing procedures that need to be performed, like unit testing, regression testing, load testing, usability testing, etc.

Launching and Maintenance

The final step in the game development process involves launching the app. Post maintenance, if there are any technical glitches, then those are resolved immediately by our tech experts.

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Development ProcessCost Estimation
Game Design Documentation$3000-$4000
Architecture Design$5000-$6000
Launch And Maintenance$5000-$6500

Book a meeting with our top consultants and get a detailed blockchain game development cost analysis!

Based On Genre

The game applications are developed according to the liking of online users. To fulfill their gaming necessities, there are various game genres around which gaming content is developed.

Adventure-Based Games

The adventure-type games are based on diverse mechanics. They are either super simple or extremely complicated. They have a much larger audience and have enough scope in the market. This is due to the engaging storylines that captivate the user's attention.

As per the market trend, the adventure gaming market, as per revenue, is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 9.42% by 2027. It's essentially related to the exploration combined with interactive storylines.

Casino based Games

Casino games are very high in demand among users as people have a natural inclination towards them. Moreover, the users are mostly men, corresponding to about 81% of the total audience. With an average age of 37 years. Some of the popular blockchain gambling projects include Edgeless, Gnosis, BitDice, Augur, etc.

Role-Playing Games

Role-playing game development is based on fictional characters. There is proper research done on character development. This makes the games more fascinating and engaging. The users have to play out those personalities and act accordingly.

These games are more liable to show creativity as anything could be designed in the backdrop. The millennials are their top-ranked fans and adore games like the Binemon, Six Dragons, Chain Guardians, Nine Chronicles etc.

Puzzle Games

These games are very easy to play. Individuals of all ages can participate in it. They are the actual stress busters. They could be considered the best choice for passing the time. It can also be best served to improve one’s memory while having fun at the same time.

Digital Card Games

When all kinds of games have moved towards the digital arena, so have the card games. The traditional ones require at least one counterpart other than the user. But these digital cards allow players to play the game alone with their opponent as the computerized player.

These games offer wide varieties, and the interface is widely mesmerizing with rapid movement and time-sensitive characteristics. Some examples of digital card games are Gods Unchained, Skyweaver, Sorare, Splinterlands, etc.

Different Genres of Games Development Cost
Adventure-Based Games$35k-$90k
Casino based Games$32k-$70k
Role-Playing Games$40k-$80k
Puzzle Games$30k-$60k
Digital Card Games$30k-$50k

These different genres of games have unique budgets, depending on which your blockchain game development cost will majorly depend.

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Technological Stacks

Tech stacks are essential as they remove the complexities of the development process, handle apps more effectively, improve product performance, optimize processes, etc. These include advanced programming languages(front and back-end), APIs, frameworks, artificial intelligence, operating systems, cloud storage, databases, etc. All these elements impact the blockchain game development cost heavily.

Integrated Features 

Features are an integral part of the blockchain game. As per the client’s requirements, many features can be added that directly impact the development cost. Here we have mentioned some of them below;


The visual images should be compatible with the theme of the app. It should not give an overwhelming response to the user. The designs should be easily blended with the application's appearance.

Loading Speed

Loading speed tends to make or break the user’s interest in the game. It should not take more than 2 seconds to load the gaming content.

Sound Effects

The sound system should be top-notch. Mesmerizing tones should be used to engage the players.

Easy Controls

The games developed should be easily handled by the user. The player should not find it hard to navigate through the whole app.

Game App Complexity

The game development budget breakdown heavily depends upon the intricacies involved in the app. This is explained as under;

Basic Games

Basic games have very few attributes; therefore, the money spent on them is low. The features that these games offer are simple. The graphic designs are substandard, requiring a few days to develop. The overall budget of these games is not that high; they are developed at the most reasonable price. The basic games app cost ranges between $30,000 to $50,000 and takes 2-4 months for development.

Medium Games

These games have interfaces that are slightly more attractive than the basic ones. The complexities involved in medium games are of moderate level. Moreover, themes, audio, and visual effects are slightly better than the previous ones. Their cost of development is overpriced as compared to the small games. The medium games app costs range between $50,000 to $100,000 and takes up to 6 months to get developed.

Advanced Games

As the name suggests, advanced Games are built on a large scale. Everything is lavish: sound design, image quality, themes, user-interactive interface, 3D gaming elements, in-app chat options, etc. In this case, the stunning facets elevate the budget big time. The medium games app costs more than $100,000 and takes more than a year to get developed.


The blockchain gaming industry has set some amazing records in attracting a global audience through its outstanding monetization models. The same goes for the play to earn NFT game platform, where businesses generate money through advertising, in-app purchases, ads, sponsorships, and much more.

If you are likely to develop a blockchain mobile game application, contact the best blockchain game development company like us and give wings to your ideas.

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