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August 05, 2022

Blockchain as a technology has transformed everything over the past few years. It has its amazing implementation in the various realms of software advancement. Most commonly, they have been in the news for all the good reasons. Talking about NFTs, DeFi, DAO, and crypto wallets, all of them are the best applications of the blockchain. The brilliant amongst all is its infiltration into the gaming world.

Most popularly known as the nft or crypto games, they have undoubtedly created a buzz in the gaming industry. The online gaming world has a lot to offer, from opportunities to entertainment in a subtle form. They are set to achieve lots of benefits from cryptocurrencies. The crypto games have constituted a lot in maintaining reliability and integrity. There has also been a significant increase in gaining customers' trust due to the full-fledged integration of safety protocols in Crypto game development.

There is a huge collection of crypto games developed by crypto game companies

available in the market. They are either free of cost or paid. Without wasting any time, let's begin!


This is a crypto farming game that is built around a sustainable economy. here, the players are allowed to form strong strategic challenges to grow their crypto farm. In this game, the players are required to grow crops and raise animals on virtual farms. These produced items are helpful in building their own crypto farms and earning crypto coins. It is available on both android and iOS platforms. This game is executed with the help of a digital wallet application known as "Tron". Also, these coins are exchanged for bitcoins.

ICE Poker 

It is a virtual game in the decentraland metaverse where the players bet and win genuine cryptocurrencies. Numerous tournaments are organized virtually where the top-ranked players can win various crypto prizes. The players are required to be in a digital avatar in decentraland. There is a limit set for the number of players playing each day. There is another option of renting out the NFTs from other players.

Merge Cats

Merge cats is a highly addictive game with amazing gaming designs. The concept of this game is to literally merge the kittens and take them to a completely different world. The look of the cats is the same as that of the cryptokitties. They have the ability to earn and acquire the cryptocurrency by buying cats or making them over the flight strips.

All this is done to help players earn coins and obtain them via the crypto wallets. Here, daily searches for the SOULS are performed, and the tokens are withdrawn on acquiring them. This is done by exploring different locations and winning suitable rewards in the form of tokens.

OX Universe

This game is for the space enthusiasts that help the players in traversing the whole universe. The users are able to craft spaceships and travel through galaxies and planets. By making full utilization of the resources, the players can travel through all the extreme parts of the galaxy.

Top class graphics are used while purchasing various parts of the spaceship. There is another option of unlatching the fractions of the game. The possession of the NFT allows the owner of the planets even after being hit by a meteorite. The planets available are lesser in number, but the new players are in dire need of them, which makes a great case for earning profit.


In this game, the players are allowed to buy cats and one needs to have atleast two cats to get them to breed. For breeding, the user is required to shove the button after choosing the cats. After that, there will be eggs kept in the inventory. On clicking the eggs, the kitten gets produced in the stock.

There is the trading of virtual cats by allowing players to breed and sell the cats. All the available cats are tradable, which means that the players can sell them in return for actual money.

Technological Stacks Involved in Building a Crypto Game


Solidity is an object-oriented programming (OOP)  language that is crafted for designing small contracts. It is developed by the Ethereum Network team to execute the desired business logic. This language is helpful in creating the desired chain of transactional records in the entire blockchain network.


It is an open-source framework that is easy to understand. The already existing elements are utilized to create a web app. Such kind of web application is in a more structured format and is highly scalable. Everything is organized and managed by the inclusion of interfaces and namespaces.


This is a javascript library that is used to design the user interface. The interfaces created are extremely creative and intuitive. The straightforward designs are automatically upgraded as the data changes.


It is an open-source database that is entirely written in C++ programming language. It also provides highly adaptable document schemas. Also, it is a completely cloud-based developer data platform.


It is an open-source, cross-platform javascript and is capable of running on a single process. There is a set of asynchronous primitives in its library. This prohibits the javascript code from getting blocked. 

The benefit of Node.js  is that it aids the developers in writing the javascript for both the service and client-side without knowing a new language.


This is a platform that helps build a client page app utilizing TypeScript and HTML. It helps in the execution of the core functionalities that are imported into the application.

By utilizing the above tech stacks, it's very easy to develop a trustworthy and powerful Crypto game development platform.

Suffescom Solutions is a noteworthy Crypto Game Development Company with a skilled team of experts who will lead you through the development journey.

Developing blockchain game requires professionals with a sturdy tech stack. The persons that are actually behind making use of these technologies are the software development  team members. Their role and responsibility is discussed below;

Project Managers

Project managers are responsible for creating milestones and meeting the deadlines for various projects in a gaming studio. Their job is to manage the daily projects and monitor the routine targets. All the necessary goals are initially set and work is initiated to improve the quality of the work.

Front-end and Back-end Developers

The role of front-end developers is to design the game by associating with the team members, testers, and artists to develop games. All the mobile/web apps are delivered on the client-side. The back-end development allows the rendering of these apps on the server-side.

UI/UX Designers

The UI/UX designers create a fully fascinating design that can garner the users' attention. The features are designed with complete customization and the interactive and intuitive in nature. Every sensory element is checked for usability, ergonomics, and availability.

Android and iOS Developers

There are various technologies and platforms which are responsible for showcasing gaming solutions. For a platform like android, the games designed by the android developers are made available on the google play store. Similarly, the games designed by the iOS developers are available on the apple store. 

Quality Assurance Team and Testers

After the development process, testing the software for bugs and errors is essential. A dedicated team of software testers removes such issues at the earliest. The QA team takes charge of the software's efficiency, quality, and execution even after the release.

PR Team

A dedicated public relations team is responsible for building strong relations with the general public. This creates a nice buzz among the people surrounding the new game releases.

Procedure for Crypto Game Development

The popularity enjoyed by the crypto games is just out of the world. It has captivated the players with larger-than-life creative graphics. As an output, it might look simpler, but a lot of effort is put together to make the designing process smooth and uncomplicated.

Comprehending the gaming infrastructure

Before starting the project, it's important to have a look at how this will be beneficial to the users. One needs to understand both advantages and limitations. Besides this, what are the core feature elements that should be added, is also essential. Whatever attributes are included, they should be unique to give the users a better option.

Knowledge about databases and data structures

The working of crypto games is focused on using various data structures and databases. Proper structuring of the crypto network is crucial and depends upon the user's requirements. The crypto developers should know how to make their best use.

Recognizing decentralization and smart contract development 

The information related to blockchain development platforms with certain protocols in game development should be known. The concept of decentralization and its implementation is a requisite. Additionally, they must know about the self-executing protocols that are not governed by any authority but monitored under specific terms and conditions.

Expertise in cryptography and Cryptonomics

To develop a game like this, the knowledge about digital ledger and cryptography is essential. All the information about the algorithms that are applied in cryptography must be known to the developers.

Moreover, understanding the cryptocurrencies right from coding to the mathematical frameworks should be known. Studying the elements affecting cyptonomics and its policies also plays an important role.


Outstanding programming skills in a developer are a must. This is actually the basis of any decentralized app. Whether a beginner or an experienced developer, they must be aware of the facets of developing a crypto game.

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Winding up !!

Crypto games have redefined the gaming industry. The existing dynamics of the gaming platform have stormed the global technology domain. These games are played in a much safer environment. The players are required to create their profiles, and people put their money on intangible assets. 


In case the players are not playing the game, the digital assets are stored securely in the centralized server. Crypto games are in huge demand due to the widespread use of cryptocurrency. They are creating a roar in the market due to their fun and interesting attributes.

Building a crypto game is a profitable business because of the inflated demand for cryptocurrency in this virtual economy.

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