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LocalBitcoins Clone

Launch a crypto exchange app like LocalBitcoins that offers a Bitcoin, Altcoin, and token trade-off. Suffescom Solutions LocalBitcoins clone script pulls your audiences to crypto domains for P2P transactions. We offer customized, 100% clones of LocalBitcoins features and functionalities in LocalBitcoins like app development.

LocalBitcoins Clone

Stats About LocalBitcoin Crypto Exchange

  • 8M+


  • 190+


  • 10+

    Years of Operation

  • 150+

    Fiat Currencies For Trading

Stats About LocalBitcoin Crypto Exchange
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White-Label LocalBitcoins Clone Solutions

LocalBitcoins clone is a decentralized crypto trading platform that lets you deal and trade directly with other investors. There are no corporate overhead stock-like exchanges or centralized trading websites, thus making this platform more customizable, secure, and fast. You need a fully-featured and personalized clone script to create a futuristic crypto exchange platform like LocalBitcoins.

LocalBitcoins clone app development offers a ready-to-use crypto exchange script with a stunning user interface and amazing features that are enough to impress your trading community. Launch your LocalBitcoins clone software with a customized P2P exchange script to directly connect with the counterparty to complete the trade.

Lead The Industry With Innovative LocalBitcoins Like App

Planning to start your own highly profitable crypto trading sector? You’re at the right place. Simply use our whitelabel LocalBitcoins Clone Script solutions.

LocalBitcoins Clone Script Features

LocalBitcoins clone script solutions offer a peer to peer Bitcoin exchange platform for business growth. Suffescom helps you find your solution to build a crypto exchange platform with features that are better than your competitors.

  • Escrow Security

    Escrow Security

    Reduce counterparty risks to safeguard your digital assets from thieves and ensure successful peer-to-peer transactions.

  • Multi-Currency Wallet

    Multi-Currency Wallet

    Without taking any risks, store and retrieve your digital files. You can add and remove more than 500 different coin types from your wallet.

  • Launchpad


    An open platform for new cryptocurrencies or tokens for listing or trading helps your exchange generate liquidity and boost brand recognition.

  • 100+ Payment Options

    100+ Payment Options

    Users can transact in assets using more than 100 different payment methods, including UPI payments in more than 150 different nations.

  • Quick Buy, Sell, & Swap

    Quick Buy, Sell, & Swap

    Make trading and asset swapping amongst traders possible in a matter of seconds. With a single tap, allow users to look for trade offers right away.

  • Decentralized P2P Lending

    Decentralized P2P Lending

    With decentralized functionality in P2P trading and lending, users can use smart contract control to trade and lend cryptos with anyone.

  • 2F Authentication

    2F Authentication

    We provide two-factor authentication for buyers and sellers to make the crypto trading process more secure with its state-of-the-art technology.

  • Platform Advertisement

    Platform Advertisement

    Users can create advertisements online or offline to buy or sell Bitcoin and promote the availability of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

  • KYC & AML

    KYC & AML

    The LocalBitcoins clone is regulated with anti-money laundering or KYC regulations. Users can trade for free and can set their limits safely.

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

    Allow easy tracking of the latest developments and order alerts. Users can select the push notification for the news alerts on the platform.

  • Search Option

    Search Option

    Robust search and filter options save time and effort. The users can easily select the orders which are under their budget requirements.

  • Rating & Review

    Rating & Review

    Users can rate their experience and provide a genuine review of the platform which helps improve the reliability of the platform.

Workflow of LocalBitcoins Clone App Development

The LocalBitcoins clone script is equipped with the features and functionalities of the original platform. It has a similar workflow which lets buyers, sellers and admins have an easy time using the crypto exchange.

  • Users can begin to engage in the P2P trading process on the LocalBitcoins clone platform after registration and completion of account KYC
  • The marketplace is where users browse the listed buying or selling ads by the other users or list their ad and invite others to trade
  • White-label LocalBitcoins clone comes with an in-built escrow function to give security to the buyers and sellers
  • The chat function allows buyers and sellers to interact and bargain and settle all transactions within a time specified to avoid a penalty
Workflow of LocalBitcoins Clone App Development

Build The Best-In-Class Crypto Exchange With White-Label LocalBitcoins Clone Solutions

Take hold of your crypto business future with our true-and-tried LocalBitcoins Clone Script today. Create your own peer to peer exchange with our ready-made LocalBitcoins Clone.

Launch A Peer-To-Peer Crypto Exchange With LocalBitcoins Clone Solutions

You can make peer-to-peer trading easy and secure with LocalBitcoins Clone Solutions. The platform features several aspects that renders it accountability, reliability and security making it the first choice among traders.

  • Ensure Accountability

    Ensure Accountability

    LocalBitcoins clone solutions allow users to easily complete KYC during registration. Users can also verify each other's credentials and funds with the rating and review function.

  • Fraud Protection

    Fraud Protection

    The escrow feature provides safety to the user's interest. Buyers and sellers can prevent fraud by depositing their funds to their escrow accounts until the transaction completes.

  • Simple Operations

    Simple Operations

    Our LocalBitcoins clone solutions provide a hassle-free and easy-to-use platform with engaging features that are easily understandable and enhance productivity.

  • Provide Unrestricted Trade

    Provide Unrestricted Trade

    The crypto exchange clone development services are built to expand peer-to-peer trading. This will allow users to place their orders and settle their transactions instantly.

LocalBitcoins Clone Script Development Process

Suffescom is known for its quality results and exceptional services that are a result of a meticulous development process.

  • Organize the Plan

    Our team notes down your requirements during the consultation. Our professionals set up the creation of your exchange platform development procedure based on your needs.

  • Development of UI

    The user interface (UI) is the first impression of your platform, thus our professionals create the best UI. Our developers get to work as soon as the client approves the user interface.

  • Creation of Features

    Our professionals create the features that the client requests for the exchange platform and also work to integrate the trading engine and all other functionalities.

  • Integration of Cryptocurrencies

    After the exchange platform has been created, our experts continue to work on placing the client's needed cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and tokens into the exchange.

  • Check Out Your Platform

    Testing is the next destination for our developers. Our professionals sequentially test your exchange while keeping an eye on real-time activity, testnet workflow, and bug fixes.

  • Start the Exchange

    The designed exchange platform is installed on the client-server and made available on the market for consumers to use once the aforementioned processes are complete.

Monetizing Methods Of LocalBitcoins Clone Script Solutions

LocalBitcoins clone script solutions offer multiple monetization options to generate revenue. These can be implemented individually or together to increase the revenue stream through your white-label localBitcoins clone platform.

  • Trading Commission And Fees

    There is always a trading fee for each crypto trading operation. The fees can be a commission or a fixed amount, input/output operations fees, and further services. The rates on the LocalBitcoins clone are 1% for trade transaction and 5% for each transaction: It is charged when a user uses the maintenance services for billing.

  • Advertisements

    The LocalBitcoins clone introduces the paid ads promotion function. The platform owner can put them at the beginning of the listing, use a special design to highlight them, offer recommendations, and put them on the main page. Additionally, space allocation can be done on the screens to list the banners and contextual advertising.

  • Web Mining

    This is done by using the computing resources of the devices of visitors to mine cryptocurrency. If the site is popular, the effectiveness of such mining increases, thus, making a huge profit.

  • Publication Fees

    The crypto exchange software like LocalBitcoins introduces a publishing fee to request for buying or selling Bitcoins, which will be charged whether the transaction took place or not.

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Revolutionize Bitcoin Trade With LocalBitcoins Clone Script Development Company

Suffescom Solutions, a P2P cryptocurrency exchange development company, has established a global crypto space contributing to the tech world with innovative LocalBitcoins clone software development solutions. Develop and deploy the best clone solution with wide payment methods, and robust trading features. Our tech team can turn up your crypto business idea with the white label LocalBitcoins solution to make use of the cryptosphere's credits.

On-Time Delivery
On-Time Delivery

We follow agile methodology to complete each step of the process on time and deliver your project as per the discussed timeline.

Professional Developers
Professional Developers

Our team of clone developers are backed by an experience of over 13 years giving us an edge over other professionals.

100% Quality Assurance
100% Quality Assurance

We have maintained a reputation for delivering the best results and delivering clone solutions per the expectations.

Rapid Time-to-Market
Rapid Time-to-Market

We work towards making the time between development and deployment in the market as short as possible.

Cost-Effective Solutions
Cost-Effective Solutions

We follow a transparent pricing policy. Our LocalBitcoins clone solutions are affordable to give you the best value.

24/7 Support
24/7 Support

Our customer support team is available 24/7 via call, email or chat to assist you with any queries about the services.

FAQs Related To LocalBitcoins Clone Script Solutions

Answering the most commonly asked questions about LocalBitcoins Clone Script Solutions.

  • What Is LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

    A ready-made P2P Bitcoin exchange platform that functions like LocalBitcoins crypto exchange is called LocalBitcoins clone script. The peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges phenomenon serves as the foundation for the LocalBitcoins clone script.

    What Is The LocalBitcoins Clone Script Development Cost?

    The cost of LocalBitcoins Clone Script development ranges from $7k to $20k. The price will vary based on client requirements and additional features or customizations.

  • Why Choose Suffescom’s LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

    With cutting-edge frameworks that correspond to the standout features of the widely used exchange scripts, we provide the LocalBitcoins clone script. Even after the product has been delivered, we provide expert product advice.

    How Long Does It Take To Develop A Crypto Exchange Like LocalBitcoins?

    It takes 1 to 3 weeks to create and deploy a crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins.

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