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Adopt Full Cycle HTML5 Game Development Solutions to Create Advanced HTML 5 Game For iOS and Android

By Suffescom Solutions

August 16, 2022

Adopt Full Cycle HTML5 Game Development Solutions to Create Advanced HTML 5 Game For iOS and Android

Technologies are evolving rapidly. Every other day, we get to see a different version of the programming language. This constant enhancement revolves around solving the previous issues left unsolved by the creators. With time, the developers are always looking forward to framing out new tools for solving complex problems.

Talking about gaming, HTML5 is the most cherished technology. It has become the favorite of gaming developers. Programming related to gaming is used at a much higher level worldwide. HTML5 game development is picking up pace as it encompasses everything from two or three-dimensional graphics, intuitive application programming interface, and so on.

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This article is an eye opener as to why this programming language is becoming the first choice of the HTML5 game development companies.

Before getting into the details, let’s grab some fundamental information about HTML5 and how it helps boost the gaming world.

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What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the latest or technically the fifth version of the HTML (Hypertext markup language). It was released in 2008 by the W3C consortium and Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG). This programming language has greater relevance than that of a markup language. Using such technology, one can build cross-browser and cross-platform games like HexGL, CrossCode, etc. There are tremendous perks associated with the HTML5 gaming, which is why it's gaining popularity day in and out.

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Key Features of HTML5


HTML5 has an amazing geolocation feature that helps insert and implement the maps on the web pages. The most basic example of a geolocation feature is World Maps.


There are two kinds of storage elements provided by HTML5. One of them is available on the window session known as the browser tab, and the other type is available on the local storage, i.e., in between the browser sessions.

New Application Programming Interface (API)

This language provides a new form of API. It involves two dimension graphics on the web page with superb drag and drop options and advanced browser history regulation.


There is a footer element in the HTML5 programming language. This component is found either at the foot or the bottom of the webpage. There is a piece of copyright information associated with the site navigation items and social media.

Another Potential Features of HTML5 are:

Easy Updation

The presence of single code makes it convenient for the developers to update the HTML5 games. Whatever changes are required, they are done without any complexity. After making the desired changes, the app need not be resubmitted in the app stores.

Offline Gaming System

The games framed under HTML5 allows users to play them offline. There is no need for the internet as there is a huge amount of information related to the users in the cache. There are no complications whatsoever in implementing the "cache manifest" method to record suitable information linked with sessions locally.

Utilizing Web Technologies

Different versions of the same game are created using the same codes and technologies. Frameworks like node.js and javascript are used to design the back and front end of the game. This is done to make the game versions for all platforms. All the algorithms and the data structures are remodeled on the client and server sides. This is done to reduce the time taken for the development, streamline maintenance, and pull out errors and defects.

Getting Higher Returns

The open source technologies like CSS, java script, HTML5 can be used in combination to reduce the extra expenses. The games built with the fusion of such technologies are used for free downloads. Loads of money are earned via monetization and advertisements. These ads are displayed within the game, making it an in-app option. Based on the feedback the users or advertisers give, the ads are curated in the most relevant way.

Creating Multi-Player Games

The programmers can create multiple-player games using HTML5. With the help of web technologies such as WebSockets provide real-time communication among the users, and Node.js validates the users and saves the session data. It is also helpful in building the gameplay on various gaming sessions.

Why is there a Need for HTML5 Programming Language?

The adoption of HTML5 is now prevalent in developing crypto games, and this has become possible because of the additional characteristics that are offered to them.

Distinction Between HTML and HTML5

Javascript SupportCannot Run DirectlyRuns with JS – web worker API
Browser SupportOnly on oldBoth on old and new
Elements(Navigation, Header, Footer)Not PresentPresent
SyntaxComplicatedEasy to understand
Attributes (Async, Charset, Ping)AbsencePresence
Error HandlingCan’t Handle Incorrect SyntaxHandle Incorrect Syntax
Use of HTML tagsMandatoryPossibly Avoided

Apart from the above discussed features, some additional facts play a significant role in utilizing HTML5 in building gaming solutions.

Providing Cross-Platform Support

Cross-platform game development is the ultimate preference of the developers. There are many reasons behind the adoption of such a platform. Some of them are swift compilation, affordable cost, resolutions, aspect ratio, plugins, easier testing, and so on. It has the capability to run the games on multiple platforms like windows, android, and iOS. Besides this, HTML5 games also run on various browsers such as blackberry, safari, chrome, opera, Mozilla, etc.

The experience level of these games is just amazing. And more than anything else, the gaming view is similar in all of them. To be more technical, the developer must code once and deploy it anywhere. This is how cross-platform and cross-browser games are developed by utilizing HTML5.

Easy Promotion

We know that the games crafted using HTML5 are available on different platforms, mobile and web platforms. There is the adaptability and accessibility of the people in diverse operating systems. This makes the marketing a bit easier as the games reach a much wider audience.

Use of Gaming Engines

Gaming engines helps develop gaming frameworks. The center of attraction is generally on the textures, character models, etc. Developing a game from scratch will take a lot of time. But still, there are gaming companies that take their own time in designing their gaming engines.

The creation and designing of the gaming engine require specific open source libraries slightly different from the existing ones. HTML5 has the caliber of handling complications and making the HTML5 game development process easier. The gaming engine framework looks after the animations, maps, graphics, video, Audio, etc.

Popular HTML5 Game Development Frameworks

Phaser 2D Game Framework

Phaser is an HTML5 framework that is open source. It was created in 2013 by python storm. It was developed to design interactive video games. This framework shares great compatibility with mobile and web browsers. So, this is a plus point for the developers to showcase their games on various platforms. Its functionality depends on two technologies named Canvas and WebGL.

Canvas supports the browsers in creating the in-browser graphics. On getting paired with WebGL, the highly captivating and attractive environments are designed for the players. Depending upon the complexity, either high or low, the developers can have access to significant libraries. An in-built asset loader assists the sprite sheets for animation, loading data files, images, audio, etc. The advantage of fast rendering is expected because of the phaser moving between the Canvas and WebGL.

Kiwi.Js 2D Framework

Now redesigned, it is the fastest and easiest to use HTML5 gaming framework for desktops and mobiles. The gaming tools help develop extremely entertaining games. This gaming engine utilizes the CocoonJS framework for designing and deploying native apps on the AppStore. It's an outstanding platform for building games for android, chrome, and iOS apps.

Here, the 2D canvas is used for outdated browsers and WebGL for the latest ones. The touch feature helps the developers build single and multi-touch games. Some functions include transformation and upgrading the canvas with the latest details.

Babylon.Js 3D Framework

Babylon.Js has uncountable attributes, and the latest version is babylon.Js 4.2, which has absolutely new characteristics. This help enhance workflows by using the code-first attitude. It's a simple yet powerful one that saves developers time. This new framework has some real-time PBR filtering and supports .hdr files. It is also used to enhance environmental shadows and lightning.

Advantages of HTML5 Game Development

  • The first and foremost advantage of the HTML5 is its compatibility. The games built-in HTML5 are readily available on phones, PCs, and other devices. The main objective behind building a game is to simplify the gameplay. The developers need to check out the input types and screen sizes to make customizations as per the need. The deployment of games is done either as the local web or mobile games.
  • It is an open-source engine with a complete set of game development tools. The utilization of substantial APIs makes the whole playing experience awesome.
  • There is the availability of javascript engines and frameworks for 2D games like Play Canvas, Minko, Turbulenz, etc. these gaming engines develop the 2D games straightforwardly. All these technologies are allowed access by HTML5 and are not boring.
  • The development time is super fast in HTML5. The developers get their work done very easily. It is because there is no holding back for the compilation, updation, and debugging during the development phase. The design of the ultra-modern games makes them interoperable while running on the browser.

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  • HTML5 has an essential component known as Canvas, used for designing any 3D shape. This tool helps convert simple graphics into multi-dimensions. It is done via programming, or the graphics are added straight away as the canvas element. All the latest browsers support the canvas; if any API framework needs to be added, they are also available.

Bottom Line !!

The HTML5 game development has numerous features and ingenious characterization that takes the games to the next level. The adoptions are done in accordance with the relevant taste of the users. Keeping in mind the needs of the gaming enthusiasts, the HTML5 game developers are well versed with all the futuristic technologies. All the two and three-dimensional graphics with audio APIs. The performance and the development costs are easily maintained with this programming language. All the challenges are met while developing fantastic gaming solutions.

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