Providing Experimental Learning With Edutainment Game Development

Providing Experimental Learning With Edutainment Game Development

By Suffescom Solutions

August 16, 2022

Providing Experimental Learning With Edutainment Game Development

Modern-age kids don't learn like the way we used to learn in our elementary schools. Somehow, education and entertainment were two different aspects of our times, but modern educational entertainment nourishes students by relishing numerous learning processes.

Integrating some fun activities in learning helps children understand school subjects by improving their learning engagement with game-based visualizations. Combining education and gaming keeps learners engaged and results in better concept understandings. The edutainment apps provide study content with the game visualizations and elements. Kids can easily engage themselves with the app.

Choosing The Top Educational Game Development Services

Looking to create your own edutainment app for learners? Suffescom Solutions Inc. helps you develop your own edutainment gaming application that provides aid to kids and adults alike in a matter of weeks.

In this blog, we will discuss the game development process, insights, and the game development cost. Read further about the edutainment game development to know more about the educational entertainment concepts.

Let’s begin with the basics.

Edutainment Applications - Advanced Learning Sources

Edutainment apps for kids and other learners are the best learning source for preschoolers or kids of almost the same age group. They allow kids to learn things very interestingly while playing. According to top psychologists, children can learn better while adding fascinating game elements to their study applications.

Edutainment games are one of the prominent ways to learn and recognize huge informational data. The games are usually quizzes or quests with a theme related to cartoons or movies. Edutainment games are rising, and they will surely be the future of our education system. Its uniqueness and overnight growth make it a good business investment.

Edutainment Gaming Stats & Facts

The edutainment gaming applications show a great rise in popularity after the COVID-19 pandemic hits hard. In 2017, the educational gaming market crossed $8500 million. The severe demand for educational games in the lock-downs pushed the market greatly, generating very high revenue for the businesses.

As per Statista, education and games were holding top category positions on the Google play store and Apple play store. Have a look at some facts about educational video games:

  • Between the ages of 5 and 8, kids spend roughly 3 hours per day using digital screens.
  • According to 72% of US parents, their kids' gaming media helps them learn.
  • According to 60% of US parents, digital media positively impacts their kids' creativity.
  • Children between the ages of 5 and 8 own a mobile device in 67% of cases.
  • Children under eight play games on mobile devices for about half their daily gaming time (21 out of 40 minutes) (compared to consoles and computers).
  • 25% of kids between the ages of 0 and 8 have access to instructional gaming equipment at home.

Types Of Edutainment Games

You must be very careful when creating an Edutainment game for kids or learners. You must remember the different categories to cater to:

  • Game for the kids to play and learn
  • Game for the parents to supervise their kids

Have a look at different edutainment games for the kids.

  • Games for special kids
  • Social games for communication
  • Games for school subjects
  • Board games
  • Games for life skills
  • Games for strategic thinking
  • Games for problem-solving

Mechanics For Edutainment Game Development For Kids


It is a well-known gaming mechanic when we think of building an edutainment game for learners. One must add quizzes to the journey of any character to make them best for any adventure game.


Puzzle mechanics are integrated into any adventure or RPG game with other mechanics. They can be used alone for a learning game with some visualizations like the names and colors of any objects.


Merging two or more objects is a part of gaming mechanics that is considered extremely fun for the learners. The kids can learn basic science concepts by merging objects.


Creating a house or any other objects helps kids to develop strategic thinking. These mechanics provide complete learning by offering lessons in specific subjects.


The connecting mechanics is usually found in hyper-casual games where learners connect two or more points, crossing every obstacle. It generates analytical skills where kids can easily learn to connect things.


Timers are used to complete any task in a given time, which creates pressure on learners' minds. These mechanics are mainly used for quiz educational games to find the right solutions in particular timings.

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Expand Your Business With Our Edutainment Game Development Services

Suffescom Solutions Inc., a leading metaverse game development company, helps you build your own edutainment game platform with our technical experience in creating different blockchain-based P2E games on different platforms. Our edutainment games strive to provide entertainment along with a piece of great knowledge to the kids or any other learners.

Our dedicated edutainment game developers are proficient in creating games in the metaverse, blockchain, NFT, P2E, etc. We facilitate our clients with end-to-end educational game development services providing all the features you need to add while creating.

Develop Your Own Customized Edutainment Game

Leverage our experience and ready-to-use platforms to build your custom educational game at a faster rate and at a lower cost.

Known as the best metaverse development company, we provide the best designs while handling all your queries to grow the business that can help you generate great revenue.

We provide a wide range of edutainment game services at the best price to meet your business needs. Have a look at what we offer:



  • 3D Game Modelling
  • 2D & 3D Character Design
  • Mobile UI Design


  • Mobile App Development
  • iPhone App Development
  • Android App Development
  • React Native App Development
  • Flutter App Development

Best Practices To Consider Before Creating The Best Edutainment Game

Adding Characters and Plot

The factors that differentiate learning and edutainment games are the elements provided in the educational game application. Besides adding game elements like quizzes and puzzles, we focus on adding plot, characters, and setting for creative entertaining learning. Linking information to the visuals by creating a game plot around the subject and adding modern characters helps to retain knowledge by catching children's attention.

Adding Fun Elements

Creating an edutainment game focuses on making learning easy with fun for kids. Therefore, game fun elements should be considered before proceeding to the development phase. You can mix educational elements with the game mechanics. Also, you can create a plot to make it more enticing for kids. Another interesting way is to add art, animations, and superior visual and sound effects.

Adding Accurate Facts

We have often seen that games help kids pass their school tests. For instance, one kid passed his history test with the help of the Assassin's Creed game. It is a non-educational action game that indicates the time period and the geographical locations. So, it is very important to make a game attractive, but moreover, it must provide accurate and proven facts.

Adding Eye-Catching Art & Music

You might know that kids have more sensory experiences than adults. They prefer watching animations, light but effective sounds, and beautiful artwork in any application. Consider adding clear and huge visual elements that focus more on the game details. Also, choose high-quality audio and some catchy sound tunes that match the game's concept. We always prefer adding some vibrations in the app that are considered engaging for the kids.

Adding Expressive Elements

Effective learning comes from the engaging creativity we need to integrate into your game development process. Create your game elements in such a way that use kids' creative thoughts to express themselves more. Some best creative ways are:

  • Let kids identify the accurate color in the game by solving any riddle.
  • Offer cooking visuals to teach kids about the food and fruits' names.
  • Include associations for more knowledge.

Adding Smaller Sessions

Usually, hyper-casual games provide smaller sessions that help kids to learn more without getting bored. Younger kids lose their focus early, and they ignore long length sessions. Short sessions with effective mechanics and engaging tasks let kids play and learn for a long and valuable time.

Adding Multiplayer Modes

Multiplayer modes are an important practice that lets kids play games with friends or parents. You can join a team or compete with other players. Never consider creating a massively multiplayer online game, but let the kids invite their friends or family to play together.;

Adding Achievement and Reward Feature

Rewards are always considered the best engaging way for the kids. For small kids, watching any animated character after solving any puzzle is the best reward. For older kids, reward them with the in-game currencies or the game badges to let them share on social media. Consider adding a feature to share the kids' achievements with their family and friends.

How Do Businesses Generate Revenue From Edutainment Game Applications?

While planning to create an edutainment game, one must know about monetization ways to help businesses generate revenue. Some best monetization strategies for the edutainment game business are:


Ads are generally considered the common monetization way, but in the case of an edutainment app for kids, it can be a focus-disruption thing. This mainly affects the learning and the losing focus of the kid. So, to add this method, you must go for the best visual ads and place them in a way that doesn't affect the child's learning.

Premium Downloads

Consider this method if your application is very reputed in the education learning market. People will ignore paying for your game if you do not have any reputed or popular edutainment publisher's partnership.


The subscription model is the best strategy to generate revenue for developing an edutainment game for kids. It gives full scope access to the users at a very low price. You can also attract users by giving a short trial to play the game.

In-app Purchases

It is also considered a good way to generate revenue. You need to integrate the best mechanism if you want to add in-app purchases.

Make Learning Fun With Our Educational Game Development Services

Suffescom Solutions is offering services for education game development for different genres ranging from action to educational games. Talk to us now!

Key Takeaways

  • Compared to traditional learning, edutainment games are more effective in improving kids' learning in interactive ways.
  • "Learning through play" transforms the learning experience by making the process fun and engaging for the children or other learners.
  • Blending traditional learning and edutainment games in the study areas will make students pay attention to the learning, improving their fundamental concepts.

Children love to play games, which has resulted in a huge rise in educational game development. Digital gaming-based learning improves engagement and achievement in educational gaming learning.

Want to know more about education learning, gamification, and metaverse? Keep in touch with the leading virtual reality game development company and validate your idea.

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