Develop Animals Based Play To Earn Game | Pet Based NFT Game Development Company

Develop Animals Based Play To Earn Game | Pet Based NFT Game Development Company

By Suffescom Solutions

August 16, 2022

Develop Animals Based Play To Earn Game | Pet Based NFT Game Development Company

The blockchain industry has reformed the gaming industry. The rise of NFTs and play-to-earn games has fused skills and income. The goofy animal-based play-to-earn games are attractive and bring back the vintage vibes. The development of animal-based games started after the groundbreaking success of Pokemon Go. The game created a mixed reality where the players could trap and battle animal-like alien creatures. With the birth of blockchain development, the gaming industry could welcome a decentralized approach to playing and earning simultaneously.

Are you in search of developing an animal-based P2E game that will break off all charts of revenue collection with its splendid features? Suffescom Solutions Inc. is the right place for you to take a stop and relax as we have an un-matchable experience of more than fifteen years in the blockchain business. We develop blockchain games that provide a definitive list of blockchain services that has satisfied thousands of our clients worldwide.

What Are Animal-Based P2E Games?

Animal-based P2E games run via a blockchain-powered mechanism providing opportunities to earn and trade NFTs in the form of game assets or Cryptocurrencies. The game has animal-like characters that can be traded and battled with other animal-like or animal characters to earn points. The games have their native token and offer options for in-app purchases in the form of cryptos. The Animal based play-to-earn games follow the DeFi protocol, which offers flexible earnings to the gamers along with vivid opportunities for innovations.

Differentiating and Discussing P2E NFT Game Cost:

An Indie Game Or Independent Game

An indie game is mostly developed without any backup from the publisher with an efficient team working for more than a year and will have an average development game cost of around $250k-$750k. The P2E NFT Game Cost development will increase if the time frame gets lowered or more features are requested to be added.

You Are Just One Door Away From Building Your Animals Based P2E NFT Games

If you are interested in developing your own Animal based p2e NFT games, do get in touch with us right away. We are expert in developing pet based games with play to earn concept.

An AAA game

An AAA game category game has the highest budget and encompasses all the known names in the publishing world. The game cost estimation for a AAA category will start from $1M and range somewhat to $25M. This game takes years to build, even with a team of more than a hundred game developers.

III Game (Triple I)

It is a mix of indie games with AAA category games. The indie game adds the creative aspect to III games, and the high budget is added via the AAA category. This game can touch $1M-$10M in its budget. The team count will be anywhere from 2-20 members. The game will often be released alone or with a smaller indie publisher.

What Are The Features Of Animal-Based P2E Games?

Collection of the Animal Character Or Pets:

The initial character or pet can be obtained by just summoning it for some native currency tokens. Players can also buy the initial character via auctions, and every new animal/pet is born in a specific time frame. Players can also bid and buy the pet and start their gameplay.


In animal-based p2e games, the options to create new offspring are available via breeding two pets. The baby pet goes to the matron and has characteristics resembling the parents or the recessive traits it inherits through an ancestor.


The pets are blessed with certain levels concerning their evolution and powers for their rarity. The players in many animal-based p2e games can level up their pets by feeding them the native tokens of the game.

Battles and Rewards

The animals can win rewards by engaging in battles or face-offs that enable them to test their evolution powers. The rewards can be in the form of in-game assets or directly the native game’s currency. When battling with a fully evolved animal, the chances of winning will be high.

Governance and Marketplace

The most catchy feature of decentralized gaming is that it is not run by makers but on the players' votes. So your gamers can vote for suggestions and new features to be added to the game.

The game shall have an NFT marketplace development platform for the trading of animals/pets. The bidding is not interrupted by any third party, and the price is set only by the seller and consumer.

The Native Token

The native token of an animal-based play-to-earn game is a cryptographic utility token used as a secure medium for exchange between the players. This token cannot be used anywhere outside of the game. Frequently, your game shall reward the players with additional native tokens based entirely on usage, contribution and activities in the game.

Some Examples Of Animals-Based P2e Games Are:

Axie Infinity

It is the most popular animal-based p2e game in the blockchain world. The animal-like characters in Axie Infinity are called “Axies” and can be bred, battled against each other to create a kingdom or traded as NFTs in this blockchain-powered game. You can trade the NFTs in the game for real money. The native AXS token is used as a breeding fee. The users can also vote for other features they wish to add to the game. The Axie gamers have made massive earnings in Crypto worth over a hundred thousand dollars via third-party sponsored tournaments.

Are you looking for an Axie Infinity-like p2e nft game development to boost your revenue charts? Suffescom Solutions Inc. already has 100% genuine white-label services like an Axie Infinity Game Clone to upscale your gaming business. Through the Axie Infinity Clone Game, your gamers can enjoy different gameplay modes while earning cryptos.

My Defi Pet

It is another popular NFT-based P2E game powered by Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain. The game comprises pets that battle and evolve with a unique set of powers. The integration of Decentralized Finance in the game makes it safer and easier to trade NFTs. The offsprings formed have traits and powers inherited genetically and are battled again to win several rewards. The native token DPET is used for breeding, pet evolution, and token staking.

My Pet Hooligan

This animal Based play to earn Game development has been carried out by AMGI studios as an NFT project with NFTs in the name of My Pet Hooligon NFTs. The native utility token used in the My Pet Hooligan gameplay is “KARROT”, which is used in their Rabbithole virtual world gameplay. In My Pet Hooligan's virtual world, there are other utility tokens called $SEEDS, ERC-155 semi fungible tokens that give unique abilities to the game's genesis owners.


In the blockchain-powered p2e game Cryptokitties, the gamers can collect and breed cats called cryptokitties. The Cats have specific genetic traits or powers that are transferred to the next generation after breeding. The unique qualities are called "Cattributes"; when a new kitty introduces a new attribute, "mewtation jewels" are awarded that indicate the royal bloodline.

Suffescom Solutins Inc. brings the Cryptokitties Clone Game to game enthusiasts who are fond of investing in animal-based p2e games.


The world of animal-based p2e games has a lot of revenue-generating potential advantageous enough for the game industrialists. Blockchain-based play-to-earn nft games are the ideal deal for both the gamer and the elite business class who is fond of digital art. The modern-day Crypto investor lacks time but is keenly following the NFT trend. On the other hand, the gamer lacks money and can get a thousand opportunities to earn while playing on the Blockchain-powered gaming platforms. The animal-based p2e games are goofy and rustic, attractive enough to the GenZ gamers, who are fond of vintage games.

Remember, the GenZ aren't just adolescent gamers; they are in their mid-twenties and are pairing their gameplay skills marvellously with the earnings of millions in the form of cryptos.

Why Choose Suffescom Solutions Inc.?

Suffescom is the ideal company for your ideal Play-to-earn game with its 13+ years of experience in the blockchain business. We assure the best services in Blockchain game development through the following characteristics that we proudly possess:

High Security and Safety

Suffescom provides safety and security in the DeFi-based blockchain games through regular Smart Contract Audits and detecting bugs before they can cause any damage.

Choosing The Top Pet Based NFT Game Development Company

Suffescom Solutions is a top play to earn game development company where you can create your own unique animal-based P2E gaming platform on your business goals and requirements.

Skyscraping Revenue Generation

Through its efficient and able team of blockchain game developers, Suffescom Solutions Inc. creates a set of top-notch blockchain products that will sky-rocket your revenue numbers.

Higher Transparency and Interoperability

Blockchain interoperability enables the blockchains users to interact with each other without the involvement of any intermediary making it fully decentralized. Suffescom Solutions Inc. ensures that the blockchain services it offers provide interoperability and data tracking to ensure transparency.

Faster Payment Options with Genuine Verification Procedures

Suffescom ensures that the client payments in their platforms are safe and the profiles are genuine and verified, considerably reducing scamming opportunities.

Brilliant NFT Experience Via Highlighting Points Like Ownership and Raribility

NFTs are unique digital arts ruling the web and selling for thousands of dollars online. Suffescom Solutions Inc. makes sure that the NFTs are rare and unique for selling faster.

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