How To Make A Cryptopunk Like NFT | CryptoPunks NFT Clone Development

How To Make A Cryptopunk Like NFT | CryptoPunks NFT Clone Development

By Suffescom Solutions

February 25, 2023

How To Make A Cryptopunk Like NFT | CryptoPunks NFT Clone Development

Nft is the most widely used term in today’s times. The moment it has come into existence, it has become the talk of the town. There has been crypto mania regarding NFTs in the crypto space. The worth of nft is worth a billion dollars, and it will eventually grow with time. Crypto is an nft that is built on the ethereum blockchain network. Their popularity has exploded in the virtual industry, and the people's craze is just electrifying. Entrepreneurs are keen on crypto punk token development to take their business to the next level.

What are CryptoPunks?

CryptoPunks are art images with a 24x24 pixel aspect ratio. These are generally boys and girls, including some aliens, zombies, apes, etc. These are punky creatures that serve an incredibly unique appearance. They support an 8-bit digital art form, tokenised with ERC-721 tokens.

It was launched in June 2017 by two Canadian software developers namely John Watkinson and Matt Hall. These are considered the most quintessential and precious NFTs. Owing to the demand, today, there are more than 10k CryptoPunks available in the market.

Cryptopunks, as discussed above, run on the ethereum blockchain development because of its public record possession with each NFT asset. The crptopunk NFTs are created with the help of automatic computer programs. The project corresponding to such NFTs was launched with a gas fee of around 8 USD. in some cases, the crypto punks were even allocated absolutely free of cost. Out of 10k crypto punks, almost 9k was shared among the experts, and the remaining 1k was kept retained by the team.

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Where Cryptopunks Stand Now?

Starting from being distributed free, now the time has come when this platform has been a transaction of about $ 2 billion. At present, they are estimated to be sold for around six to seven figures. the cryptopunk owners have also started to promote their own punks as an avatar on various social media sites.

Types of CryptoPunks

Fundamentally there are five major types of cryptopunks, the names are illustrated as under;

  • Alien(9 alien punks)
  • Male(6039 punks)
  • Female(3840 punks)
  • Ape(24 ape punks)
  • Zombie(88 zombie punks)

Expensive CryptoPunks bought as of February 2022:

TypesMarket Worth
CryptoPunk #5882$23.7 million USD
CryptoPunk #4156$10.26 million USD
CryptoPunk #5577$7.7 million USD

Estimation of a CryptoPunk

Art in its general form has various fans, and every person's perspective varies drastically. When it comes to characterizing the value of any art encompassing NFT, it just becomes a perplexing thing. Enjoyment can be taken as one of the elements that one can fetch from the art. As far as cryptoPunks are concerned, their valuation is also dependent on other factors.

Let’s check them out below!


The most significant role that forms a part of the valuation is the popularity of the nft. in the recent past, the monthly sales of the crypytopunks were between $5k to $50k.After being in huge demand, its sale shot up to about $2.96 million. This was the first time when these NFTs had hit such a massive figure. After that, it again recorded $680 million worth of transactional value.

Apart from the valuation, there are about 1200 distinctive buyers. The spike in the number of buyers is mainly because of the most prominent personalities like musicians, wrappers, athletes, actors, etc. It has become an influential symbol that has reached the recognised mainstream. Various avatars are created as avatars that one could use as a profile picture on their social media accounts. Also, there is the general integration of NFTs with Twitter that took place in 2022.


Another factor that influences the estimation of cryptopunk nft is maturity. The high value is evaluated on the basis of the ageing factor. The more they age, the more will the value of the nft. The age attribute also gives it an “OG” touch to it by giving it subcultural importance. It could be better explained by the example. The former CEO of Twitter, when he made his first tweet, then on selling the same, it got a higher value and was indicated as a historical milestone.

More charm is added to such NFTs by the inclusion of the giving NFT names, descriptions, links, traits, and vitality on the ethereum blockchain.


When the cryptopunks are created, they all vary from each other. It is just not possible that a single punk will resemble each other. The NFT creators are fully responsible for making the different versions of the characters. Individual identities are related to every punk that maintains the authenticity of the nft.

The difference is maintained by giving them caps, chains, bracelets, headbands, etc. to them. This makes the features non-identical and rare. This is an excellent strategy from a sales and marketing point of view. When the items are rare, then their values are increased.

How to Make a Cryptopunk Like NFT?

Pick Your Artwork:

To begin with; it’s important to choose an artwork with different avatars like alien, male-female faces etc. This is the most significant part where the full focus needs to be on selecting the type of art. The basic factor is that the art form should be unique. There are a few steps involved in the whole process:

  • Select an image editor app for your pixel art program with 24X24 or 32x32 canvas.
  • Create desired eyes, mouth, hair and other parts as per your wish.
  • The design takes place in various layers like designing the structure in stage 1, face in stage 2, eyes on stage 3 etc.
  • Then the images are exported as png while combining the images in the script.
  • After that, create a directory and specify it with a name in the script folder.
  • It is of utmost importance that the png images are stockpiled in the directories. There are separate directories for the nose, eyes, ears, mouth, face etc.
  • An appropriate programming language is installed, and the images are integrated inside the script with apt coding.

Want To Make A Cryptopunk Like NFT?

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Having Sufficient Ether:

The biggest factor that adds up to the success of this nft project is to have a suitable amount of Ether (ETH). Developing an nft like this requires a massive budget. But to wrap up its development at the most realistic pricing, hire the best NFT token development company to finish the project on time.

Select a Marketplace:

After getting the desired budget, the next thing is to choose a platform to promote your nft. Some admired marketplaces for the NFT listing are Rarible, Mintable, and OpenSea. Out of these, only opensea can be considered as an option as it is free of cost. No fees are charged on joining this marketplace. On proper research, one can find a worthy white label NFT marketplace according to their needs. In the subsequent step, it’s time to link the digital wallet to the marketplace.

Develop Your NFT Like CryptoPunks:

Once the digital wallet is connected to your choice's marketplace, the token's nft minting takes place. Following that, it’s necessary to store the artwork of your choice. Make certain to upload an outstanding artform with every created nft


After the successful featuring of the artwork in the shape of nft, the process does not end here. Because just the development of cryptopunks is not sufficient to make money out of it. To get the appropriate price for the generated art, one needs to display or promote it in front of a large section of the audience. Thus, the concept of trading works wonders to attract the attention of people and get noticed for the brilliant stuff that you have created. This will end up raking in a large amount of money.

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How to Buy CryptoPunks and NFTs?

Conventionally, one needs cryptocurrency in US dollars to buy a CryptoPunk. But the difference is that one can't purchase them with any cryptocurrency, be it bitcoin (BTC). However, ether, the digital currency of the ethereum, is the most convenient option.

Below are a few steps mentioned to buy a cryptopunk;

  • Download a popular cryptocurrency wallet called “MetaMask” that emphasises the ethereum.
  • Then, put ETH in the cryptocurrency wallet. one needs to buy ETH on the cryptocurrency exchange if case one doesn't have any.
  • After this, there is the bidding followed by trading(including purchasing and selling) of the CryptoPunks. All this process takes place in the CryptoPunks marketplace whenever there is an ETH in the MetaMask wallet.
  • Also, the cryptopunks are sold on multiple NFT platforms. A few of them are sold at the very famous fine art auction house.

These are the very basic steps that are involved in the buying of the cryptopunks.

Those days are gone when the cryptopunks were free of cost. The most reasonable price to date at which the punk was sold was about 70.95 ETH. This is equivalent to nearly about USD 221,000. Millions of dollars can be obtained for CryptoPunks on the open market. It’s been more than five years since the crypto punk project witnessed the sale of more than USD 2 billion, which is approx. 693,500 ETH as of Feb 2022.

Why Are CryptoPunks So Valuable?

The prime reason behind the exorbitant prices of the cryptopunks is as they are the first of their kind. It was created much before the time when there was just a vague idea about NFT. The concept is based on providing simplicity with robustness. The cryptopunk ownership is considered to be like having a chunk of history. From this point of view, charging absolutely no gas fees allowed many nft lovers to be a part of the punk owner race.

Their worth is the greatest among all in the present layout. If we look at the images, they are not that attractive. But their scantiness in the virtual world makes them a rare item. This is a typical case of supply-demand. This has developed a craze among the people to own an nft of their choice.

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Now the thing is, when there is the availability of only 10k cryptopunks globally, then it is quite understandable that more people will want to own them. Due to the lesser quantity, the prices rise exponentially. It could also be well explained that when more people are behind a thing, its cost eventually shoots up.

Seeing its demand, various massive companies such as VISA has bought a cryptopunk worth $150k.This shows that cryptopunks are not going anywhere and are here to stay for a longer time. This insane madness has made the sale of the cryptopunks very occasional. The sale of cryptopunk on the opensea is not functional right now.

So, what people have done is they have put on a substantial amount of money into their punk and are in no mood to sell them. Their value is constantly expanding as their characterization is more than the usual pixelated image.

Bottom Line!!

Crypto punks in its nascent stages has already started to bring in more capital. It is giving a huge competition to the rest of its contemporaries. The future of cryptopunks is assumed to be the biggest backbone of the NFT community.

Nothing is going to come into their way to success to mark their place in the crypto space. Besides, facing gigantic pressure from its peers, these are still enjoying the limelight.They are worthy of being at the peak and enjoying the top spot.

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