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Usher A New Way Of Digital Ownership With NFT Token Development Services

By Suffescom Solutions

February 20, 2023

Usher A New Way Of Digital Ownership With NFT Token Development Services

NFTs stand for Non-Fungible Tokens. In the blockchain industry, it gained enough recognition with its various use cases.

“Pictures of Apes” became a smasher in the past. A headline about apes gained people's attention: "The pictures of apes have been sold for tens of millions of dollars.”

This is such a big amount that nobody can get out of it so easily. Mere with some pictures, how can somebody receive such a huge sum of money! It’s so surprising, but that’s the reality. And this has been made possible with the creation of NFTs. Those pictures of apes were in the form of NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

NFT platforms are a booming business idea, bringing opportunities for many investors to invest in NFTs and earn profits in the long run. Hire experts who can carefully handle your NFT business without any vulnerabilities.

Choose The Best NFT Token Development Services

A NFT Token is nearly a certificate of ownership of any digital asset. It's important to select the appropriate NFT platform. For NFt token solutions, being in touch with experienced NFT developers is important.

NFT Explanation

NFTs are blockchain-based tokens representing any piece of art, digital content, or media, including sneakers, tickets, university degrees, real estate, in-game items, etc. It also represents a digital certificate of ownership and authenticity of the assets. The process involved in creating tokens is called minting, and artists, creators, and license-holders can create these non-fungible tokens through the process.

Minting is a process of transforming digital files into crypto assets stored on any blockchain network. In detail, it involves signing blockchain transactions with token details and uploading them to the blockchain to trigger the smart contract function. Minting gives rise to new tokens or coins.

How Unique is Tokenization NFT?

An NFT comprises a unique token identifier and metadata stored in a smart contract, which helps identify its owner. By the time the owner transfers its assets or token ID to the next user, it becomes easy to verify the ownership.

Difference Between Fungible and Non-Fungible Assets

Non-fungible means any asset that cannot be exchanged. All NFTs have unique identities which make them different from one another. A perfect example of NFT - a non-fungible token is baseball cards. Every card has a different Id and attributes like design, player, rarity, and edition number. When all these credentials vary, then it is impossible to exchange 2 baseball cards directly. Thus, baseball cards give a perfect explanation of non-fungible assets.

On the other side, fungible assets are those which can be easily exchanged with their liked ones. Take an example of any fiat currency; let's assume the US dollar. One dollar can be exchanged with another dollar. It does not provide any unique IDs to the assets as non-fungible does.

Exciting Features That Set NFTs Apart From Others

1. Uniqueness

The prime feature of Non-fungible tokens is that they are unique with variable token IDs. Due to unique token identifiers and metadata, no two NFTs are similar. Thus, they can’t be interchanged with one another.

2. Scarcity

Due to the scarce nature of NFTs, their value is rising high. However, NFTs or assets can be developed more in number by developers.

3. Ownership

Non-fungible tokens provide ownership to their creators. They have the right to trade their NFTs anytime. As NFTs are found on DLT, where accounts of creators are associated. The NFT creators have control over the account's private key so that they can transfer the tokens anytime to anybody.

4. Transparency

NFTs are decentralized blockchain-based tokens that give every owner the freedom to verify digital assets' authenticity. Decentralization technology has made the whole of transactions easy and immutable so that every activity like token issuance, token trading, etc., can be tracked and verified.

5. Interoperability

This exciting feature of NFT makes it possible to trade various digital tokens on different blockchain platforms using a decentralized bridge.

6. Indivisibility

Non-fungible Tokens are not divisible. Single NFT must be used in full while trading. Just take an example of a movie ticket. Whenever someone buys a movie ticket, he cannot use it partially or in sharing with another person. A single ticket is allotted for a single person. Similar is the case with NFTs.

Scalable NFT Token Development Platform Powered By Top Blockchain Technologies

Build your best-in-class token for NFT marketplace with blockchain industry experts. We have a team of nft developers with expertise in every blockchain netoworks.

Decentralized NFT Token Development Services

To get uninterrupted and end-to-end customized white label NFT marketplace development services, calling Suffescom Solutions would be a beneficial decision.

Have a Look at our NFT Development Services:

NFT Exchange Development

With the NFT exchange platform, it is possible to display all NFTs in the market, making it easy to trade. We have the best Blockchain Based Smart Contract Developer who can build secure and scalable platforms for trading NFTs. We have the right set of tools and technologies and expertise in blockchain, smart contracts, and token development to develop your remarkable exchange platform.

Identity Management

Our token development services include identity management, where all the crypto assets are managed successfully. We build a unique platform eligible for performing identity management for all associated individuals leveraging the features of each token.

Crypto Collectibles

NFT is not only about trading but also about collecting. Our designers and developers will go the extra mile to build your robust crypto collectible project, enabling every owner to sell, buy, or exchange tokens. The creator of cryptos gets full ownership of the token, benefiting them with every exchange of tokens.

P2P Exchange

Our team at Suffescom is adept at all the latest technologies, including blockchain, web3, defi, and many more. We will build a robust NFT token development platform allowing peer-to-peer transactions to provide transparency and security while exchanging assets. We will make your exchange platform P2P friendly at no additional cost.

Open Marketplace

An open marketplace allows every NFT owner to buy, sell, exchange, and examine the popular NFTs. This offers seamless operations while trading NFTs for your customer base, making your NFT platform the most sought-after platform among the audience.

NFT On Different Blockchain

Our expertise lies in building NFT exchange platforms suitable for NFTs with different standards like ERC-721, ERC-1155, etc. We ensure that we build platforms that are eligible for all blockchain networks and fulfill the scarcity and demands of different standardized NFTs.

Hire the best NFT Marketing Specialists Firm to get endless development and support services!

Now, let’s get an insight into the standards of NFTs…

NFT Standards On Blockchain Networks

1. Ethereum Standards-

  • ERC 721:

Blockchain- Ethereum

Origin- 2017

Written in- Solidity

ERC 721 is a token standard that makes coding easy to compile without much effort. The code written with this standard is more foreseeable and reusable. Another benefit of this token standard is that this helps in creating unique NFTs and in verifying the token owners with their unique identifiers.

  • ERC 1155:

Blockchain- Ethereum

Origin- 2018

Written in- Solidity

It is an improved standard that requires only a single smart contract to build multiple fungible and non-fungible tokens. ERC-1155 enables the effective and secure transfer of tokens. With ERC 1155, the overall cost of trading tokens can be reduced to a great extent.

2. Non-Ethereum Standards

Ethereum networks are widely accepted networks that come with numerous advantages for building NFTs. But recently, developers have pointed out the high gas fees of the Ethereum DLT. Thus, other public DLTs are coming into the limelight as their rivals.

Hedera is one such public DLT that provides low gas fees and improved performance. With Hedera, developers can mint native NFTs at a discount of more than 99%.

Launch Your Own NFT Token Development Marketplace

By creating your own NFT marketplace solution, one can enlist the digital collectibles and enable the investors to buy, bid, or exchange on your platform.

What Are The Use-Cases of Non-Fungible Tokens?

NFTs received a prestigious position a few years back as several investors opt for this platform for added profits, and creators own NFTs to trade them for better income. Whether for business owners or NFT owners, a decentralized platform is a must for using NFTs.

To make this happen, fully functional decentralized non-fungible token development services are required. If you want to peruse some of the best use cases of NFTs, then find the points below:


Well-established businesses or brands can create non-fungible tokens that can be traded on the open market. These could be physical as well as digital collectibles. If you are aware of CryptoKitties, then you might also be aware that NFTs are utilized to create a new group of collectibles. In addition, NFTs make it easy to tokenize items, including coins, baseball cards, degrees, stamps, etc.


While playing online games, users buy numerous in-game items for which they do not have ownership; however, blockchain-based play to earn NFT game development has made it possible to create in-game assets that give full ownership to their creators. With NFTs, it is possible to build anything included in the game, like weapons, furniture, etc., that can be further traded or exchanged on multiple marketplaces.

Digital or Physical Art

Converting art into tokens is another crucial use case of NFTs. With non-fungible tokens, artists can sell their work through NFTs. Personal art pieces are such a treasure for every artisan that they never compromise with their ownership. Thus, with decentralized NFTs, anyone can convert their art into digital assets without losing ownership.


NFTs are also used for converting the individual’s credentials like driving licenses, university degrees, professional certifications, etc., into digital assets with unique identifiers. Uploading these unique documents and certifications on the blockchain ensures the authenticity of the credentials.

Event Tickets

Many behemoths are now generating their event tickets in the form of NFTs, which assist in verifying the ownership of tokens and their authenticity. Selling NFT tickets ensures the elimination of vulnerabilities in any manner.

In addition to all the above-listed use cases and applications of NFTs, these can also be used to create social tokens (community tokens, personal tokens, fan tokens, etc.) and decentralized domains.

Suffescom Solutions Inc.- Your Reliable Partner in NFT Development

Some pronounce NFT as “en eff tee” while for others, it is “NeFTs”. Well, whatever the pronunciation people use, it's not going to change its working process, features, characteristics, and use cases in today’s digital world.

With years of experience in providing blockchain, web3 NFT marketplace development services, we have moved heaven and earth to provide impeccable NFT token development services. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable developers know every ins and outs of NFTs, which is the major factor in our success.

If you want to explore our services and make a user-friendly NFT exchange platform, then call our business analysts now! They will contact you and briefly describe our services, including the estimated development cost.

Here is what we have in store for you:

  • High-class team of developers
  • Fully customized solutions
  • Whitelabel services
  • Enhanced security
  • On-time delivery
  • 24/7 support services
  • Transparent working system
  • No hidden charges
  • 100% Satisfaction

Finally, Investing in crypto token development would be a win-win situation for companies as it is rising in popularity each coming day. NFTs have connected the blockchain, crypto, art, and gaming industries in one enlarged ecosystem. NFTs are unique and irreplaceable; therefore, creating tokens ensures the uniqueness and ownership of the assets for the creators.

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