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Inspect your smart contract and improve its efficacy with our immersive smart contract penetrating services. We offer the best DeFi audit solutions and can do both manual and automatic testing to address shortcomings of your smart contract codes and prevent them from all possible vulnerabilities. Our smart contract auditors identify potential errors, compilation issues, and security flaws to ensure the code's quality.

Web3 Testing Services

Smart Contract Testing Services We Offer

Suffescom provides efficient smart contract testing services to ensure the reliability, security, and optimal performance of blockchain applications. We combine automated tools, manual expertise, and best practices to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities.

  • Smart Contract Penetration Testing
    Smart Contract Penetration Testing

    Smart contract penetration testing aims to simulate real-world attack scenarios to ensure security. Our services exploit vulnerabilities in smart contracts to identify potential security weaknesses.

  • Smart Contract End-To-End Testing
    Smart Contract End-To-End Testing

    We offer smart contract end-to-end testing that involve multiple transactions within the blockchain ecosystem. This includes testing user interactions, data storage, and contract upgrades.

  • Smart Contract dApp Testing
    Smart Contract dApp Testing

    Smart contract dApp testing involves assessing both the smart contract code and the frontend/backend user interface to ensure the overall functionality, security, and user experience of the application.

  • Web3 Testing Services
    Web3 Testing Services

    Our experts provide smart contract testing using Web3.js to ensure the reliability and correctness of your decentralized applications. It leads to safer and more trustworthy decentralized applications.

  • Smart Contract Blockchain Testing
    Smart Contract Blockchain Testing

    Code analysis and verification tools prove your smart contract code matches the blockchain bytecode. We offer tools such as Solhint, Solium, Slither, MythX, or Etherscan to perform code analysis.

  • Smart Contract NFT Marketplace Testing
    Smart Contract NFT Marketplace Testing

    Smart contract testing for NFT marketplace ensure tamper-proof and secure transactions between buyers and sellers. We use static and dynamic analysis to test smart contract for NFT marketplace.

Common Problems That May Appear Before Testing Blockchain Smart Contracts

Once you know the vulnerabilities in smart contracts, you will understand the importance of getting smart contracts audited by smart contract experts. Our smart contract audit solutions identify and mitigate all vulnerabilities to avoid significant losses.

Smart Contract Audit Solutions For Various Industries

We provide essential smart contract audit solutions across various industries, leveraging blockchain technology for decentralized applications.

  • Finance & Banking

    Finance & Banking

    Smart contract DeFi audit solutions prevent financial losses by automating financial transactions, trade settlements, and ensuring regulations compliance.

  • Supply Chain & Logistics

    Supply Chain & Logistics

    Smart contract testing ensures data accuracy and secure ownership transfer by tracking goods, verifying provenance, and automating the supply chain.

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Real estate smart contracts testing enables efficient property transactions, rental agreements, and title transfers for the validity of contracts and reduces fraud.

  • Gaming & Entertainment

    Gaming & Entertainment

    Smart contract testing powers digital asset ownership, in-game purchases, and decentralized gaming platforms to prevent vulnerabilities and unfair gameplay.

  • Energy & Utilities

    Energy & Utilities

    Blockchain energy smart contract testing facilitates energy trading, grid management, and metering, offering transparent and accurate energy transactions.

  • Education


    Blockchain education smart contracts testing ensures the authenticity and quality of products, enhancing the learning experience with accurate educational data recording.

  • Agriculture


    Agriculture blockchain smart contract testing traces agricultural products and automates payment settlements. It ensures accurate data and secure transactions.

  • Government Services

    Government Services

    Smart contract unit tests streamline public service processes and ensure transparent record-keeping. It enhances the reliability of digital government services.

Secure Your Blockchain Project With Our Exceptional Smart Contract Auditing Services

At Suffescom, we provide smart contract unit tests to ensure that your smart contracts on Blockchain are not susceptible to attacks and hacks in the future. Contact our experts today.

Smart Contract Testing Process We Follow

Being a reputable smart contract testing company, Suffescom offers end-to-end smart contract auditing services to help businesses launch error-free and secure blockchain applications. We have a team of developers and auditors who know the ins and outs of smart contract testing.

1. Client Consultation

To ensure a successful smart contract audit, our auditor understands the requirements of your project. This includes consulting the client and gathering all the specific details such as code, build processes, design, and other essential information.

2. Review And Testing

Our auditors use advanced tools like Slither, QuillHash, and more to review and analyze your code for potential risks thoroughly. Through this process, we inspect the source code and identify loopholes, bugs, invalid codes, typos, and syntax errors.

3. Manual Testing

Even with automated reviews, errors, and loopholes can slip through the cracks. Our expert auditors meticulously scan each code line, search for vulnerabilities such as time manipulation, logical flaws, reentrance issues, denial of service, and malicious libraries.

4. Functional Testing

To ensure that smart contracts are operating as per designated specifications, our auditors test each method and function under a range of conditions and parameters. This thorough approach guarantees reliable performance and flawless execution of smart contracts.

5. Initial Audit Report

After a thorough inspection of the smart contract, our auditors provide an initial audit report listing all findings and recommended solutions to fix any issues. Our smart contract testing solutions aid you in fixing the issue so you can resume development.

6. Rectifying and Inspecting

Now, our expert developers fix the bugs and issues found by the auditors in the codes. Once the edits are made, we as a prominent smart contract testing company, thoroughly reviews and tests the smart contract to ensure all issues are resolved.

Facts & Stats Of Smart Contract Auditing Solutions

The incorporation of smart contracts into business applications leads to a 50% increase in data quality. By eliminating the need for intermediaries and streamlining transactions, smart contracts have the potential to reduce costs and increase transparency, all while ensuring trust between parties.

  • DeFi projects have an alarming rate of being attacked - 79.2% of attacks occur in the DeFi domain
  • In the second quarter of 2022, 48 Web3 assaults were recorded, amounting to damages of more than $718.34 million
  • Ethereum suffered the most loss at $381.35 million
  • The BNB Chain was the most frequently targeted chain, with 26 vulnerabilities identified

Trending Blockchain Smart Contract Testing Methods

Our smart contract testing services provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring the reliability, security, and optimal performance of blockchain applications. They combine automated tools, manual expertise, and best practices to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities for more trustworthy decentralized applications.

Functionality Testing

Smart contract testing involves verifying that the contract results as expected and executes its intended functions accurately. This includes testing different scenarios, inputs, and transactions to ensure that the contract's logic operates correctly.

Functionality Testing
Security Testing

Security Testing

Smart contract testing services focus on identifying security weaknesses such as reentrancy attacks, overflow/underflow vulnerabilities, and unauthorized access to sensitive data that lead to hacks or exploitation if not detected and mitigated.

Automated Testing

Automated tools help catch common errors quickly. We use Truffle and Remix that offer testing frameworks and allow our expert developers to write test cases to ensure contract functionality and integration with the blockchain network.

Automated Testing
Manual Code Review

Manual Code Review

Despite automation, manual code review is crucial to catch vulnerabilities that automated tools might miss. Experienced smart contract audit company manually inspect the code for logic errors, vulnerabilities, and potential security risks.

Get The Best Smart Contract Audit Solutions From Our Experts

Suffescom is an experienced smart contract audit company with a team of auditors, developers, and consultants that test your platform on various platforms, tools, and protocols to be 100% sure and secured before delivery. Contact our auditors today.

Benefits Of Smart Contract Testing Services?

Smart contract audit solutions are essential for a business to prevent its decentralized applications from getting hacked by attackers. Moreover, to ensure that the data of their users is secured.

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    Robust Security

    Auditors use advanced testing practices to ensure the robust security of dApps development. By scanning your smart contract code, we bring peace of mind to blockchain platform security. Invest in smart contract testing for long-term savings and time efficiency.

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    Continuous Verification

    Auditors assess security risks and potential entry points for attacks, vulnerabilities, and hacks to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of their project's attack surface. They continuously update the threat model to account for future risks that may arise.

  • ico development services
    Comprehensive Audit Reports

    With smart contract audit solutions, you get audit reports that cover every aspect of your blockchain smart contract security, from vulnerability details to a concise executive summary of the testing project. Also, mitigation guidance to ensure complete security.

  • ico development services
    Full Security Assessment

    Our experienced smart contract auditors conduct a rigorous analysis and ongoing monitoring of smart contract codes to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities. Every bug and loophole is addressed and resolved to prevent exploitation by malicious entities.

Tech Stack For Smart Contract Testing Solutions

We test our third-party intervention-free Smart contracts for swift transactions and exchange processes using advanced tech stack. We find every vulnerability, bug, and loophole and fix them to ensure that your decentralized application is 100% bug-free and completely flawless.


Automated testing framework to make testing your contracts a breeze.

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Solidity


Framework for advanced smart contract development and testing.

  • ETHWorks
  • Easy to learn
  • Based on ethers.js


It makes coordinating asynchronous promises more straightforward.

  • JavaScript ES7
  • Defining Functions
  • HTTP Requests


It is a browser-based personal Ethereum blockchain for safe testing.

  • Built-in Block Explorer
  • Deploy & Run Transactions
  • Track Test Transactions

Chai & Mocha

Providing functions for comparing the test output with the expected value.

  • Assertion Library
  • JavaScript Framework
  • Independent Test Cases


Write small tests with minimal code and scales well for large projects.

  • Unit Testing Framework
  • Pytest Framework
  • Highly Extendable

Choosing Suffescom As A Suitable Smart Contract Testing Company

Suffescom is a well-known smart contract audit company with a team of dedicated smart contract auditors with real-world experience creating success stories.

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    High-End Expertise

    We have experts with years of experience in highly secure smart contracts. They are tech savvy and hold great knowledge in React JS, Ethereum, etc.

  • Web3 development firm
    Worldwide Network

    We at Suffescom Solutions have all the sources to deliver our service globally. We have the potential to provide service in more than 100 countries

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    Reputedly Recognized

    The reviews from our clients and the retention rate is our inspiration to deliver the best service. We are the best DeFi smart contract company in USA.

  • Web3 development firm

    End-to-End Services

    Get end-to-end service for smart contract testing project. The dedicated developers are always in touch with clients for suggestions and improvisation.

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    State-Of-The-Art Tools

    For testing the smart contract, we provide the ultimate solution of smart contract by using high-end state-of-the-art tools, high-level methodologies, etc.

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    Turnkey Solutions

    Hire us for the turnkey solution to provide an enhanced and user-friendly maintenance program with cost-effective solutions by the smart contract.

FAQs Related To Smart Contract Testing Solutions

Top-rated blockchain technology based smart contract audit solutions questions we have been asked countless times.

  • Which projects need smart contract testing?

    NFT marketplace development, dApp development, DeFi development solutions, ICO development, and many more projects require a smart contract audit to ensure all transactions are secure and seamless.

    How much does a smart contract testing cost?

    The average cost of performing smart contract testing solutions is $3,000-$60,000. This range depends on the usability issues by different businesses, regulatory compliance, and other typographical errors or specification misunderstandings.

  • How are smart contracts tested?

    Integration tests assess a smart contract's components as a whole, whereas smart contract unit tests troubleshoot contract operations individually. Integration testing identifies problems brought on by cross-contract calls.

    What are the best smart contract testing tools?

    Truffle, JavaScript, TypeScript, Solidity, Ganache, Chai, Mocha, Async, Await, Waffle, Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Gnosis Chain, and more are some best smart contract unit tests tools.

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