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Suffescom Solutions delivers unparalleled healthcare blockchain development platform solutions to help you provide seamless care. Integrate advanced technology of blockchain in healthcare and embrace a more secure, transparent and efficient operations.

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Revolutionize Your Healthcare Industries By Implementing Blockchain in Healthcare:

Aiding organizations to enter a decentralized ecosystem while creating long-lasting impacts.

  • Assisting the healthcare industry with blockchain’s decentralized technology and making a secure platform for the patients’ data with easy transactions.
  • Blockchain for healthcare industry is providing the pathway of decentralized and limited access to keep the patients' data safe and secure with effectiveness.
  • Developing Blockchain-powered games that help the gaming community to combine skill with income simultaneously.
  • Blockchain for healthcare data management will omit fake prescriptions and frauds from the platform and will prepare a genuine model to run.
  • Any user from any corner of the world can get onto the platform without being physically available onsite and can consult the doctors as well.

Advantages of Our Blockchain Healthcare App Solutions

Integration of blockchain in healthcare open up endless growth opportunties for heathcare businesses worldwide. Here are some benefits of blockchain healthcare app solutions.

  • blockchain for healthcare industry

    Decentralized Network

    Our blockchain healthcare solutions enable decentralized data storage and transmission to protect sensititive business information.

  • blockchain for healthcare industry

    Interoperable Standards

    Our blockchain healthcare app solutions offers support to media like text, audio, image, 3D files, video, PDF, PPT, and others.

  • blockchain for healthcare industry

    Full Stack Programming

    We leverage HTML, Css, Javascript, WebGPU, and other technologies to build future proof healthcare solutions.

  • blockchain for healthcare industry

    Smart Contract

    We integrate smart contract within blockchain healthcare app solutions to enhance overall efficiency and security.

  • blockchain for healthcare industry

    Payment Wallets

    Our blockchain healthcare solutions comes with integrated digital wallets to provide payment payment convenience.

  • blockchain for healthcare industry

    Maintenance & Upgrade

    We ensure timely maintenance & upgrade of blockchain healthcare app solutions to ensure that they never get down.

Embrace the Advantages of Blockchain in Healthcare

Suffescom Solutions is backed by a team of 750+ experts and 13+ years of experience. We can help your healthcare business dive into the blockchain technology in the most effective way.

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Key Highlights of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Suffecom’s expertise allows it to build unique solutions that deliver real results. Our blockchain healthcare industry solution is effective and scalable because of the advanced tech stack that forms the foundation for it.

  • blockchain for healthcare data management

    Smart Contracts

    Smart contracts automate every action on the platform. These set of conditions form the prerequisites for any action or transaction and therefore make the platform highly secure and reliable.

  • blockchain for healthcare data management

    Artificial Intelligence

    Integration of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare improves the overall user experience. NLP can further help with better data processing and clinical documentation.

  • blockchain for healthcare data management

    Crypto Wallet

    Integrate crypto wallets to your platform to allow seamless crypto peer to peer transactions. Create a custom crypto wallet in Python or JavaScript and facilitate secure and realible transactions.

  • blockchain for healthcare data management

    Blockchain Technology

    Suffescom Solutions has the expertise in providing blockchain healthcare solutions in multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, etc. Our experts will help you find the best fit for your platform.

  • blockchain for healthcare data management

    Shared Ledger

    A shared ledger records, shares and synchronizes all transactions within a blockchain network. With all data distributed among the nodes of a network, the data becomes secure and impossible to tamper.

  • blockchain for healthcare data management


    Decentralized applications built on powerful blockchain help maintain a seamless flow of data and operations. It eliminates and single point of failure leaving no room for errors or malicious activity.

Adaptable Blockchain Healthcare App Solutions

Blockchain healthcare solutions have the potential to reduce the present expenditure bubble, preserve health information, and enhance the patient care experience. Blockchain technology in healthcare provides management of the medication supply chain, safe data transfer of patient medical records, and assistance in genetic code discovery. Our blockchain solutions obscure any person's identity with detailed and secure protocols that can safeguard the sensitivity of medical data.

Blockchain Healthcare App Development

Features Of Our Blockchain Healthcare Solutions

Our blockchain development services for healthcare will help the industry to grab a safe and secure platform for the healthcare industries to avoid any third-party interference on the platform and leakage of the patients’ data.

  • Blockchain Healthcare App Solutions

    Supply Chain

    Blockchain-based contracts can assist human services organizations in tracking supply-demand throughout its entire life cycle, including transactions, agreements, and deferrals that have occurred.

  • Blockchain Healthcare App Solutions

    System Interoperability

    Medical care records to avoid treatment delays. By decentralizing data, blockchain could solve this problem. Everyone in the healthcare network could access records while maintaining data responsibility.

  • Blockchain Healthcare App Solutions

    Clinical Trials

    Our blockchain healthcare app development assures the storage of medical insurance can benefit from blockchain technology. Clinicians can identify bogus information thanks to blockchains' transparency.

  • Blockchain Healthcare App Solutions


    Electronic Health Records allow healthcare institutions to keep a digital, more organized record of the patients. A single patient registration may be created using blockchain technology. It's a remarkable technology that will allow high level of security and easy access from everywhere.

  • Blockchain Healthcare App Solutions

    Control Over

    In Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Industry, anybody who is willing to get to the health records would require the patient’s public key. Patients could control who should get what information. Since the information is spared in the encoded frame, it stays unreadable to the hackers.

  • Blockchain Healthcare App Solutions


    When it comes to blockchain, how can we avoid the major thing about blockchain technology? The blockchain healthcare app development also provides complete security for every single piece of data on the platform and allows only selective personalities to make any changes with the access key.

Boost Your Business With Our Blockchain Development Services For Healthcare

Our products and services are focused on meeting your company's requirements. Our deliverables collaborate in an extraordinary way that ensures that our clients will survive in this competitive industry and prosper there.

Blockchain in Healthcare

Our Blockchain Healthcare Approach

We deliver our blockchain healthcare solution in the following industries with the technologies mentioned below:

Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Aid Your Business With Blockchain In Healthcare Solutions

At your request, Suffescom will develop a blockchain healthcare industry solution that addresses industry difficulties and improves your workflows. We eliminate barriers in long-standing healthcare operations with distributed, cryptography-backed, and automation-first blockchain healthcare solutions.

  • Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

    Extensive Data Assessment

    You can precisely acquire and upload data at various stages of the industry with our blockchain healthcare solutions. With our blockchain healthcare development platform, you can eliminate document manipulation.

  • Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

    Enhanced Interoperability

    You can transfer files with an unlimited number of people, and everyone can access and see a specific record in its original format. It will shorten the time needed to fetch information and improve interoperability.

  • Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

    High Security, Low Costs

    The rising price that makes them unattainable for regular people is another major problem the industry is dealing with. Our blockchain healthcare industry platform solution reduces costs and provides the utmost security.

  • Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

    Pocket Friendly

    Despite being less expensive than conventional platforms, our healthcare blockchain platform is far more efficient. Our Blockchain healthcare app is a minimal platform, yet it is superior at handling high traffic volumes.

  • Blockchain Technology in Healthcare


    Better traceability provided by blockchain for healthcare data management is very useful for the healthcare sector. Business owners and users can track any medical operation, including the sale of drugs, in real time.

  • Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

    Superior Security

    Our platform lessens the possibility of outsiders breaking into the system. Additionally, the healthcare platform enables enterprises to collaborate and exchange resources for quicker and better end-user interaction.

Substantial Blockchain Applications For Healthcare

Blockchain is a comparatively new and developing technology that offers creative uses in its efficient use in the healthcare industry. By implementing Blockchain technologies in the healthcare industry, numerous applications will result in favourable outcomes for organisations.


Algorithms in a blockchain evaluate operations before they are connected to the network. The legitimacy is guarded until the content is encrypted, digitally signed, and preserved.

Single Patient Information

Health records and patient files are generated before and during the diverse diagnostic study phases. Cloud computing using blockchain is where this data is kept.

Keeping Health Records

Blockchain technology has the potential to be ideal for electronic health records. Its uses range from handling insurance to exchanging and maintaining records electronically.

Clinical Pathways

Blockchain is utilised in clinical testing to address misleading results and data breakdowns that do not meet the objectives and the research's goals to increase strength.

Information Display

The blockchain technology system will reveal the drug's provenance to guarantee good quality and prevent conflicts over who actually manufactures the authorised drug.

Patient Observation

Medical personnel make sure they have access to medical devices when they need them because of the blockchain. It could take extra time for doctors to observe medical events.

We‘re a Top Blockchain Healthcare Solution Provider in NYC, CA, USA

Our superior blockchain expertise and hands-on development experience make us one of the top healthcare blockchain development platform in NYC, CA, USA.

  • Blockchain Expertise

    We at Suffescom Solutions INC. have a pool of 200 professionals well versed in leading blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, EOS, TRON, etc.

  • Custom Solutions

    While integrating blockchain in healthcare, we provide customized blockchain healthcare app solutions to meet our clientele’s busienss needs.

  • End To End Services

    Hire our blockchain experts to get end to end services such as tech consultation, web & app solutions, web3 healthcare solutions, etc.

  • Recognized Worldwide

    Suffescom Solutions Inc. is one of the leading blockchain development solution provider not only in NYC, CA, USA but also recognized worldwide.

  • Round the Clock Support

    We at Suffescom Solutions are ready to assist our clients whether blockchain app solutions development or queries, you can reach our experts anytime.

  • Worldwide Network

    Our worldwide network enables us to deliver efficient blockchain powered solutions to our clientele worldwide and addresses all tech needs.

FAQ Related To Blockchain Healthcare Development

Top-rated Blockchain Healthcare-related questions we have been asked countless times.

  • How much does it cost to develop blockchain healthcare solutions?

    The cost to implement blockchain technology in healthcare depends on various things, including the company you are hiring for, features on the platform, the complexity of the platform, etc. Approximately it will cost around $90,000K to $12,00,000.

    How much time does it take to develop a healthcare blockchain development platform?

    The minimum time consumption for the development of the blockchain healthcare application is around 6-7 months but can exceed or can take lesser time as per the requirement of the features and complexity of the platform.

  • When will blockchain healthcare will become mainstream?

    The blockchain industry is spreading like a fire in the jungle, and in the coming next 3-4 years, the blockchain industry will cover most industries globally.

    Is blockchain healthcare technology hackable?

    The answer is NO! Any of the platforms on the blockchain technology cannot be edited or hacked by any technology. Till today there are no such tricks that will help any hacker to hack the application on blockchain technology.

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