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ERC721 Token Development Services: Build A Flexible And Scalable Architecture For Digital Transactions

By Suffescom Solutions

August 05, 2022

ERC721 Token Development Services: Build A Flexible And Scalable Architecture For Digital Transactions

If you are a budding entrepreneur planning to create a token standard for crypto-based projects, you are at the right place. With the rise in the trend of Non-Fungible assets, token standards are gaining great hype in the NFT marketplace and have the potential to be sold in an open marketplace in exchange for digital wallets.

But when it's about choosing the best token standard, popular blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, Tron, Binance smart chain, and more come to mind. Among these, Ethereum is a widely popular and reliable platform for modern entrepreneurs. The platform offers various token standards based on functionality and features like ERC20, ERC721, ERC223, ERC777, ERC827, ERC1155, etc. When it's about choosing the most prominent ones, most startups trust on ERC721 token standards only to create secure non-fungible tokens.

At Suffescom Solutions we have 13+ years in the IT industry and more than 5 years in blockchain technology to build customized platforms. We have already designed OpenSea like the popular NFT marketplace and various play-to-earn platforms that let clients enjoy the next-gen solutions. Approach our experts to know more about our development products and services.

In this article, we have also framed what ERC721 is, use cases, benefits, prominent ERC token standard services, cost and more. Let's explore and find your business needs with us.

What is the ERC721 Token?

The Ethereum community developers completely approve Ethereum blockchain-based ERC721 token standards. The token standard is a replica of ERC20 with advanced smart contract features that offer high-security functionality on any platform. These tokens become a prominent choice to secure digital property, physical property, collectibles, and digital art, such as paintings, GIFs, and in-game assets.

ERC 721 token standards are easy to install also, If the Ethereum blockchain developers or businesses need any assistance, the platform provides quick support from the Open Zeppelin library. Moreover, these tokens are more similar to ERC20, and ERC223 tokens as these cannot be interchanged with other same token values, but users need to trade in the NFT marketplace for launching and making profits.

Use Cases of ERC 721 Token Standards

We design ERC 721 Token Standards for various industries. Here's a list, check out whether your industry is listed or not. If not, come to us with your business requirement.

Gaming Industry

Allow in-game assets to trade with the power NFT token standards. You can also sell token standards to play games or offer special rewards with smart contracts.

Real Estate

Enable virtual property owners to sell their property and monetize their plots by leasing out them.

NFT for Domain

The most innovative way to grab a wider audience's attention and enjoy a crypto wallet.


Decentralize your artist's works with the unique featured token standards that are ready to capture wider audience attention.

Trading Cards

Enjoy card trading on your platform for gamers to acquire more assets in the gaming world.


Sell unique featured clips on your platform, having the ability to capture fans' attention and boost your platform visibility.

Music And Videos

Create a complete NFT streaming platform to incentive the content creators.


Tokenize merchandise work and enable authenticity in the fashion world with blockchain.

Leverage End-To-End Ethereum721 Token Development Services

Develop your own ERC721 token to tokenize your digital assets with top-level security. As a top-notch ERC721 token development company, Suffescom implements reinforced logic and tools for creating your Ethereum blockchain-empowered tokens on high-quality standards.

Key Highlights of ERC721 Tokens

Here we list a few of the highlights of ERC721 tokens that you need to know.


Token-based products such as in the gaming industry can be expired or renewed by paying additional amounts.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketers can enjoy sale prices at discounted rates to normal market prices.

Embeddable Web3 Checkout

ERC721 tokens are embedded with a UMD JavaScript checkout button and Metamask wallet support.

Roles-based Permissions

ERC721 tokens play a 3-in-1 role in organizations such as CEO, CFO, and COO on predefined conditions for particular operations.

Multiple Products

ERC-based smart contracts can handle multiple products or inventories with a single command.

CLI Tools

The tool allows you to enjoy entire access to the admin panel to handle wallets and keep the platform updated with advanced technology.


ERC721 tokens are highly compatible with non-fungible and semi-fungible digital assets.

Outstanding Features of ERC721 Token Development

Here is the list of extraordinary features you can get in the best ERC721 token development service.

  • High non-fungible functions
  • High compliance
  • Unique ID
  • ERC721 token wallet app
  • Easy transfers
  • Subscriptions
  • Affiliate Program
  • Roles-based permission
  • Full ERC721 compatibility
  • High-end security systems

Benefits of ERC-721 Token Development

ERC-721 Token standards include certain predefined rules and criteria that every user needs to fulfill before proceeding on the platform. These tokens also eliminate third-party interference on the platform. Let's deep dive into more details of ERC721 token development benefits.

Many Business One Solution

ERC 721 token standards are one-spot solutions for various industries such as finance, retail, e-learning, entertainment, healthcare, and real estate to secure their virtual properties.

Piracy Free

Undeniable security enables management and project handling privacy-free.

Surveillance Free

Platform owners do not have to look for additional surveillance services from third-party apps. From transactions to digital assets, everything is secured on your platform.

Limited Access

ERC 721 tokens offer limited and scarce resources access to create platforms and digital assets of curiosity among users.

Transferable License

Token standards are easy to transfer from one to another due to non-fungibility for the sake of crypto wallet.

Top ERC721 Tokens in the NFT Marketplace

We all know that most popular NFTs use the ERC721 token standard to secure the platform. Therefore the ERC721 is gaining high popularity among traders and investors and is a better place for the NFT marketplace platform. Here we have listed top brands using ERC721 token standards to develop the prevailing NFT marketplace.

  • Axie
  • Crypto kitties
  • Avatar
  • VNFT
  • Swapo
  • Sorare
  • God unchained cards
  • DCL registrar, and the list goes on

These are widely popular ERC721 tokens standards using platforms.

Our Prominent ERC20 Token Development Services

We have expertise in various niches. Check out some of our services, May your desired services be listed here. Do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

Token Development

Lead the industry with your customized tokens on the platform. Our crypto token development services are used to send and receive money hassle-free on gaming or other platforms.

Token Transfer

Enable quick token transfer opportunities on your platform with our dedicated developer's support. We have knowledge and tools for digital wallet development that can communicate through any mode.

Token Marketing

We have a marketing team too to build your business strategies and provide a unique identity on Google to buy and sell tokens.

Cold Storage

You can secure your platform from hackers with a cold storage security option. We design client requirements-based wallets to store tokens in the wallet.

Token Listing

Our experts can support you in listing crypto token standards on various top exchanges to grab more users' attention in less time.

Choosing The Top-Notch ERC 721 Token development Company

Create your own game in blockchain with ERC 721 token standard that rules the blockchain gaming world in recent trends. Come up with your business ideas to our blockchain networking experts!

How Much Does it Cost to Create an ERC721 Token For Business?

If you are planning to create the ERC721 token standard, the first thing that strikes every mind is cost or budget. To help you, here we have listed a few essential factors defining costing.

  • Business Type
  • Features of ERC721 token
  • Design of the ERC721 token
  • Project complexity
  • ERC721 token development team location
  • ERC721 token creation team size
  • Distribution channel
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Above mentioned factors decide the ERC721 token standard cost by the ERC721 token development company. An experienced company like us charges $6K to 8K token development cost. Further, the cost can be segregated according to business requirements and needs.

Why Choose us?

Get the opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors with ERC721 token development services. We have delivered projects to more than 3000 clients across nations. Our services are incomparable in the trade.

Technical Expertise

We have top-notch blockchain industry experts to deliver secure and scalable results. Our developers love to accept challenging projects, So come to us with the most complex business issues and get healthy business solutions.


Our years of experience in the token development industry ensure 100% data security and have the potential to get rid of hackers.

Customer Support

We always care for time and business needs. We have a committed professional team to support us at every step. We guide the call.

Instant Updates And Fast Response

Token prices can be updated quickly on the platform, and developers help you to provide quick responses.

Cost Effective

We offer affordable and cost-effective services that fit every customer's business.


What is ERC Token Development?

ERC tokens employ smart contracts and work on Ethereum blockchain technology to trade digital assets securely. ERC tokens can be featured with fungible, non-fungible, and semi-fungible properties.

What is The Timeframe For Developing ERC20 Tokens?

Timeframe to build ERC 721 tokens can be easily estimated if we have your requirements. Connect our experts with your platform or tokens needed, and we provide you with a mutually agreed timeframe to deliver the same.

Do I Own Tokens?

Yes, you can own the token as soon as developed by our experts. You can enjoy complete ownership rights of it.

Do You Offer Consulting Services?

Yes, we offer Ethereum consultancy services for those who have no idea about what is trending in the market. Our experts are always ready to answer your queries 24*7.

How do I connect with your team?

Connect us over a call - at +1-844-899-0003 or email us - at You can also fill out our form to schedule a call.

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