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Ready to launch your NFT Streaming Platform like YouTube & Netflix with the power of blockchain technology. Partner with us to build your NFT based OTT Platform backed by Ethereum, Solana, or Polygon Blockchain technology.

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Rock & Roll With NFT Video Streaming Application

Stop investing in a platform without a roadmap for the future. We carefully plan and execute your next-generation NFT streaming marketplace before designing and developing it.

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Time To Start Counting On NFT/Blockchain Video Streaming

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Our Diverse Range Of NFT Based Video Streaming & OTT Platform

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Enjoy Our NFT Live Streaming Platform Services

NFT based ott platform
NFT Video Streaming Platform

Provide an opportunity to mint the creator's unique content and switch for a social moment for the skyrocketing worth in cryptocurrency.

NFT based ott platform
NFT For Pay Per View Video

Offer an exclusive option to users to see what they have paid for and keep all complete control of the platform in your hand.

NFT based ott platform
NFT For Media Collectables

Produce a rare collection that speaks about individuality, and NFT for media can never slip away the right audience without acquiring.

NFT based ott platform
NFT For Artists And Creators

Build an NFT video streaming platform that represents your power & control, and creator’s artworks’ real worth on your NFT platform.

NFT based ott platform
NFT For On-Demand Audio

Never miss any special audio clip left without NFT on your platform, enjoy the full potential of earning through audio via your marketplace.

NFT based ott platform
NFT Audio Streaming Platform

Launch your NFT primarily based audio streaming platform to boost your NFT inventory and win millions of users' hearts in one go.

NFT based ott platform
NFT For Live Streaming Concerts

Celebrate every special event or concert on your platform with the power of NFT and keep the memories of the event special for years.

NFT based ott platform
NFT For Audio Playlists

Blackout the background noise and allow your users to enjoy ad-free music on your platform. Also, allow firms and fans directly connecting each other .

NFT based ott platform
NFT For Amusement Content

Convert exclusive content into lucrative options with your fully-featured NFT marketplace for vodcasting, videos, podcasting, or else.

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Our Extensive Range Of Solana Project Development Services

We develop next-gen Solana blockchain technology-based platforms and products like Web3, web, and mobile applications for the NFT marketplace.

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Our Extensive Range of Polygon Project Development Services

Our extensive range of Polygon-based projects involves NFT video streaming, NFT audio streaming, NFT live streaming platforms and NFT event streaming, and NFT podcast platforms.

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Video NFT Marketplace
Our Extensive Range of Ethereum Project Development Services

We have the expertise to create a Subscription-based NFT platform where the content creators will upload music, videos, photos, etc., and get paid, like Netflix, TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

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NFT Streaming Platform

We Have Already Built NFT Marketplace Solana & Polygon.

Come Up With Your Business Idea To Our Blockchain Networking Experts.

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Nail Your Business Success With Our NFT Streaming Platform

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    The platform lets users access unique content all over the planet, the creator of content can be a newbie or professional with a huge fan-base.

  • nft streaming
    Great Market Visibility

    NFT marketplace has become a buzzword in the modern era that provides greater market reach to artists without spending much time.

  • nft streaming

    The content creators rewarded on the platform with cryptocurrency for every sold NFT that motivates users to enjoy fame over the platform.

  • nft streaming
    Steady Revenue Stream

    NFT marketplaces generate revenue via commission on selling NFTs. Besides that, companies also charge gas fees, minting charges, and dealing charges.

  • nft streaming
    Social Responsibility

    Streaming platforms like YouTube are a major source to bring forward social issues and put positive impact on society for changes.

  • nft streaming
    Improved Traction

    The modern platform for celebrities and fans brings them closer. Fans can directly connect with their favourite artists.

  • nft streaming
    Enhancing Lives

    The worldwide approach of NFT video streaming is able to reach every corner of the world, and with the least efforts, that brings a gigantic change.

  • nft streaming
    Content Ownership

    The real ownership of the content embedded in the token number never gets changed, hence an owner can enjoy lifetime benefits of their creation.

  • nft streaming
    Financial Help

    The content creators are rewarded on the platform with crypto currency and sometimes NFTs in exchange for their special artwork.

  • nft streaming
    Large Scale Trading Support

    With the increasing popularity these days, real estate, sports, ticketing industry, and more provide support to modern platforms.

  • nft streaming

    NFT Streaming platform becomes another way for artists to launch their artwork and promote on social media accounts.

  • nft streaming
    Support From Similar Industry

    NFT subscription streaming platform supports new talents to the film industries and attracts people to contribute more

Partner With Our Blockchain Experts To Launch Your Video NFT Marketplace

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Why NFT for the OTT platform?

Essential Characteristics Of The NFT Marketplace?

  • nft video

    Everything is valued and recognized more when available with rarity. Nuts are assets with maximum scarcity in the market. The restricted number of item creations encourages people to invest more.

  • nft video

    NFTs scarcity is the key characteristic that makes NFTs popular in all areas. NFTs ensure the digital assets' verifiable ownership, reducing the chances of ownership replication/ manipulation.

  • nft video

    Every Nonfungible token is unique and non-interoperable, which ensures that it cannot be used in any other way by anyone present on the network except the original owner of the NFTs.

  • nft video

    As it is clear from the name, it represents the conversion of crypto to cash and vice versa. The high liquidity offered encourages investors and traders to explore more in the crypto market.

  • nft video
    Fully Controlled

    Users have complete control over the Non Fungible tokens listed on the marketplace. Everything from creating a listing to trading is under the user's control.

  • nft video
    Automated listing

    Once the NFT marketplace is ready, the NFTs are listed, which unlocks the various opportunities to earn high revenue by trading the NFTs in real-time.

Blockchain Development Platforms We Work On
We Work On All Major Blockchain Platforms To Develop Customised Solution

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Our Journey Of Building Blockchain OTT Platform And Client’s Viewpoint

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Collaborate With Blockchain Video Streaming Company In CA & USA

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Blockchain Expertise

We have a team of 150+ blockchain technology experts that dedicatedly works on every client and project.

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State of The Art Tools

We use state-of-the-art technologies, methods, and tools to build your large-scale blockchain-powered solution.

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Reputedly Recognised

Our decade of experience in the IT industry and several awards define our goodwill in the industry.

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Turnkey Solutions

We offer ready-to-build fully-featured solutions to meet clients needs, budget, and market demand.

Video NFT Marketplace
End-to-End Services

We provide end-to-end design to development to blockchain and Non Fungible token development services.

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Worldwide Network

We serve global clients with our tailor-made solutions like web3, web, and mobile application services.

Blockchain Development Platforms We Majorly Work On

Non-Fungible Token Standards

  • ERC 721 Standard

    The standard helps to map the address of ownership that helps to identify.

  • ERC 1155 Standard

    The standards assist in reducing transactional and storage costs.

  • ERC 998 Standard

    ERC 998 is an extension of ERC 721 to non-fungible tokens in block space.

  • TRC 21 Standard

    The standard empowered by TomoZ allows token holders to pay transaction fees without holding any TOMO in their wallets.

  • EIP 2309 Standard

    The standard allows minting any number of tokens in a single transaction, EIP is an extension to ERC-721.

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