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Pharma Aid App

Omega X is devoted and true to its creations, delivering medicines with care on time. It generates the confidence to build relations among suppliers, doctors, and patients. From providing medication safety to drug information; it has it all.

Pharma Aid App


An innovative solution ensures the gathering of doctors, medicine suppliers and providing proper consultation to patients. Omega x bridges the gap to link patients directly to the doctors concerned to get the finest medicine as per their needs. Our client aspired to develop a pharma application that can assist patients in need to have the right medicines at the right time with the counselling of doctors.


To align the right technology with the idea is the challenge most entrepreneurs face. Our client wanted to develop the application with the right expertise to turn the idea into a venture to earn profit and trust. After a lot of digging, they discovered us for creating the amazing pharma aid application with the combination of getting advice and care at the same time. In addition to that, features should be more compelling and advanced with the quick response technology.

The Strategy We Implemented


To develop an efficient application as per the client's needs, we developes a full-fledged strategy to fulfill the requirements. All were compiled and built accordingly, from validating the detailed business model to other important aspects. Further, all the features were analyzed and tested. After developing the application was completed, ensuring the working of the software.

  • UX

The Solution

The enrolling

The first thing to do is sign up for the application, for starters. The app's design is way more commendable as it allows to enlist users providing their information like name, email, phone number, etc. Other than that, some features consist of having a virtual exchange of words with the respective consultants via texts or calls. This app is particularly created to solve those doubts about any drugs and give the users authentic information.

Blockchain Networking

We understand the customer's and business needs regarding platform security. Especially pharma business apps need high-end security to protect doctors' and clients’ data. Therefore, we have embedded blockchain technology that protects customers' financial and personal information. The system speeds up pulling medical records and allowing for more timely treatment. Clients also get the benefit of removing duplicates and errors on the platform.

The Result

The Suffescom team auspiciously launched the Omega X within a few weeks. The application is highly adaptable, flexible, and optimized for better performance.

As soon as the Omega X got launched, it delivered tons of medications with a pleasing user experience and successfully entered the competitive market. The application won more than 1k users in less than a month and consistently confronted the challenges.

Today the app has more than 400 healthcare providers on board. The drug suppliers, doctors, and other proficients in medicine are consecutively benefiting from this app by polishing their skills and earning user reviews for improvement.


I am delighted and thankful for getting my idea developed successfully into an established software by them. When it comes to blockchain technology development, they have all the expertise—highly recommended to others as well!


Omega X

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