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Digital Crypto Wallet

Crytosage is a US-based company that approached Suffescom Solution for building digital currency exchange. They required a Blockchain Technology based platform with the ability to trade more than 100 financial assets.


Being a market leader in finance and technology, Crytosage approached us to build a platform where users can trade in multiple exchanges using a crypto wallet. While focusing on Blockchain and decentralized technologies, clients want to work on lower process fees and high earnings on the platform without the interference of the middleman. Thus, our challenge is to bring a budget-friendly project embedded with high-scale technology in one place.


While developing the wireframe, our core focus was to provide all essential features in the platform at a distance of spending no time. Moving toward security, we do not want to compromise with the wrong choice of blockchain technology. We were also focusing on making the client-side (dashboard) strong and powered with all the essential features. Since the client was not technically sound, we have more responsibility to protect the client's platform after building too.

Our Strategy


To build a featured enriched app for clients, we started by building MVP. The feature costs less for the client and gives a brief of the project. The client can be sure of project ideas, business competitors, and market trends. Once the client gave approval, we moved forward with the plan.

  • UX

The Solution

Easy Transaction Process

Our robust and efficient solution includes easy transaction processing and lower transactional charges. Users have the option to choose the desired coin among several options and start trading promptly. Admin has complete control of adding more crypto on the platform. An analytical dashboard keeps track of new users and every transaction.

Integrated With Powerful Technologies

Crytosage is integrated with the latest market trends and technologies. Under no more private keys requirement, we have developed wallets that use facial biometrics to validate control to the users. The wallet supports iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. We used Python, Ruby, or any programming languages for smart contract development. Most importantly, our solution compliance with government norms for KYC and other details.

The Result

Suffescom bears a solid market reputation to build comprehensive solutions in Blockchain and crypto technology. Considering the jumbo challenges in projects, our experts handle everything efficiently. Our solution provides easy-to-use features and 360-degree server and data security to the company and users.

Now, customers can confidently trade in more than 100 financial assets. Our decentralized solution ensures safety from money laundering or other fraudulent activities in the market. Our brand grade wallet helps users to transfer money into crypto wallets directly from credit cards.

We were astounded by seeing the work of suffescom solutions and their teamwork , as they developed a whole new platform to give users a new experience. Highly recommended to others!



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