StormX Clone Script: Build Your Cashback Rewarding Platform

StormX Clone Script: Build Your Cashback Rewarding Platform

By Suffescom Solutions

August 05, 2022

StormX Clone Script: Build Your Cashback Rewarding Platform

Over the past few decades, digital currencies have been gaining high popularity. Therefore, modern platforms noticed a shift and started offering crypto-based rewards systems. The feature enhances shoppers' experience and boosts their interest in digital currency. Moreover, buyers get the opportunity to convert currency into dollars!

It looks COOL to be in two different worlds with one solution. If yes, and you are looking for a similar option, then it's a perfect time to go by your choice.

Build Your Own Cashback Platform With StormX Clone Script

We can help you to build 100% customized and ready-to-develop StormX-like solutions with our StormX clone script. We are a one-stop shop destination for all your needs. Get in touch with our experts now to solve your query!!!

The article also lets you define what StormX is. And what is a StormX clone script? How does it function? Why should I invest in it? Features and more details. Just keep reading and scrolling until you reach the final words.

What is StormX?

StormX is one of the crypto cashback reward offering platforms on every shopping. The platform offers handsome rewards and cashback options that are performed through Ethereum blockchain technology-based smart contracts. StormX is an online shopping partner with major brands like eBay, Microsoft, Uber, Nike, and more for flawless day-to-day purchasing. It also enables a quick money withdrawal option from the wallet.

Let’s know What the Statistics Reveal:-

  • Developed in 2015 by Simon Yu and Calvin Hsieh on Ethereum Blockchain technology
  • STMX has a total supply of 10 billion tokens and a current circulating supply of 8,412,333,047 STMX.
  • StormX has secured over $30 million in funding.
  • StormX was mentioned in 125 out of 1,785,117 social media posts on Twitter and Reddit
  • StormX has 3.5m mobile app downloads
  • $4.3m paid out in crypto rewards
  • 1,000+ stores around the world

What Is a StormX Clone?

The StormX clone is a ready-to-use cryptocurrency cashback offering platform that powers up business with new opportunities and incentive schemes. The platform is built around advanced advanced blockchain development solutions and fully-functional smart contracts that allow only predefined rules transactions. We define a unique business strategy for a seamless and profitable reward system.

Benefits of Using StormX Clone

Let’s explore some advantages of the StormX clone script for your business.

  • A quick solution fulfills all the original platform criteria.
  • Cost effective solution for budding entrepreneurs
  • API integrations
  • Blockchian technology secured platform
  • Opportunity to receive funds in cryptocurrency
  • Check out various cryptocurrencies' performance on the platform
  • Option to refer friends for rewards.
  • Enable quick cashback feature for better performance.

How Does StormX Clone Works?

There are a few stages involved in working on StormX clone script platforms.

Let’s find them out:

  • The app administrator connects to several merchants, just like other ecommerce stores.
  • The administrator will receive a commission on every order purchased from the merchants.
  • Later, the commission will be distributed among admin and customers as cash back rewards in cryptocurrency.
  • Users can also withdraw money from their wallets. For this, they need to reach a minimum withdrawal level.

4 Pillars of StormX Clone App

Have a glance at the working of StormX clone App’s working.


Allow your users to follow the link mentioned on platforms and download mobile apps or from the chrome button.


Enable features like visiting our online store and enjoying handsome crypto rewards on every purchase.


Offer earning options within 24 hours that attract users to shop from your platform.

Go Crypto

You can withdraw cashback from your choice wallet and convert it into native currency.

Allow Users To Store STROM(STMX) Tokens And Earn Maximum Rewards

StormX provides two essential token storage platforms for flawless transactions. Here are these;

1. Trust Wallet


You can also choose these or ask our developers to create your customized digital wallet. We have everything under one roof with development from scratch to ready-made solutions.

Reasons to Invest In The StormX Clone Script

StormX Clone Script provides multiple reasons for investors to invest in the most profitable platform. For users, they can earn a tiny portion as a cashback from the platform of their purchase. Whether it's a piece of hardware, gadget or apparel article, every item involves earnings and attracts your customers to shop more.

For the business, the platform involves ultimate features to catch users' eye-balls. These involve;

  • 100% Data Security
  • Smart contract-oriented transactions
  • Impossible To Crack Platform
  • Ease Of Platform Usage

Avail Key Features of StormX Clone Script


Our designed StormX clone allows users to receive 27% cash back for holding tokens.

Security Concerns

We ensure both data and transactions must be kept confidential on your StormX clone app and website.


Customers who have completed their orders will get cashback in their account within 24 hours of the transaction fulfillment.

Upcoming Brands

We create a special segment for apps to showcase what is upcoming to the platform to keep the flame of shopping and earning rewards burning.

List More Than 1000 Brands

StormX Clone Script not only allows a few items or brands to list on your platform, but you can add 1000+ brands to your catalog.

Guide To Earn Cryptocurrency

Do not leave your users to find everything on their own on your platform. We create a special segment that guides them on how they can shop and earn rewards.

Quick Customer Support

Our designed white-label StormX platform provides 360-degree customer support. Your customers can approach you via email, chat, or telephonically. So, you don’t miss any opportunity.

Supports Browser Extension

After developing, we ensure your platform should be readily available and run flawlessly on browser extensions.

Launch Your Own Cashback Crypto App with StormX Clone Script Development

Our expert team of developers specializes in stormX clone script development, providing you with the tools you need to build your own cashback crypto app. With our help, you can launch a successful app that meets all of your business requirements.

Tap For Advance Features

If you are looking for advanced features on your platform, we are here to develop them. Find out your business needs from the following or approach us for what you are looking for:

Integrated Wallet

Wallet integration from professionals ensures your platform is end-to-end encrypted. We have blockchain experts to integrate customized wallets into your platform. Whether you are seeking ready-made or platform building from scratch, we are a one-stop destination.

Advanced CMS

The open-source add-on-your platform improves the reviewing process and lets users view & review the content of a particular item or whole platform without edit mode access.

Make Market

To ensure you can build strong footprints in the market in less time, we integrate social media platforms that let your users connect with what is trending on your platform. Do not forget to make the market opportunity.

Easy Customization

Our crafted StormX clone platform is easy to use and customize. You can ask for anything to customize and match your business needs.

Option for Payment

If you want to enable native currency options on your online shopping store, we have a solution for that too.

Match And Commerce

Compare the price and other features of similar products offered by various brands and add the most suitable choice to your cart.

Multi-Lingual Support

Multi-Language support systems on platforms let you grab a wider audience's attention. Add it to your platform and enjoy worldwide target customer attraction.

Management of Liquidity

One-click option lets you manage funds in transit and token status on various exchanges.

What are STMX Tokens?

STMX tokens allow users to lock staking accounts and earn handsome interest on their investments. How? Users can earn stake tokens at various exchanges and enjoy an additional cashback of 27%. Here’s a list of various exchanges that can be added through clone script for staking.

  • WazirX
  • Kyber swap
  • Moon pay
  • Uniswap
  • Bitrue
  • FTX
  • HitBTC
  • UP
  • VCC Exchange
  • bitbns
  • Blockfolio
  • Kucoin

List Out the Cryptocurrencies That Can be Gained As Cashback

Here we have a list of cryptocurrencies offered by StormX.

  1. Ethereum(ETH)
  2. Bitcoin(BTC)
  3. Litecoin(LTC)
  4. Dai(DAI)
  5. StormX(STMX)
  6. Yearn.Finance(YFT)

You can add more to your StormX clone platform. We are also regarded as the best Crypto Wallet Development Company. You can ask us about your requirements and get the best cryptocurrency solution for your business needs.

Security Features Of Our StormX Clone Script


We care for your platform security; therefore design and develop end-to-end encrypted business solutions. You can enjoy a scam-free StormX Clone website and application.

Two-Factor Authentication

2-factor authentication lets you verify clients quickly and easily. You can ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password.

Data Encryption

Our developers make sure your platform must be able to access information based on security keys.

SMS/Email Verification

Add another layer of security to your platform by utilizing SMS and email verification code sent to mobile numbers. It enables platforms to double-check everything and protect against fraudulent activities.

Create Your Own Rewarding Crypto App with StormX Clone Script Development!

Our stormX clone script development services enable you to create a unique and profitable crypto app that rewards users for their purchases. As a service provider, we will work closely with you to develop an app that delivers exceptional value to your customers while generating revenue for your business.

Why Should You Choose Us For StormX Clone Development?

There is no dearth of website development platforms available worldwide. But it’s hard to trust everyone, especially when it's about advanced technology. We have 13+ years of experience in the IT industry and more than 6 years of experience in blockchain networking. As a top-notch Clone App Development Company, we have already developed various reward-winning platforms from scratch as well as with clone scripts.

Our designed StormX Clone script is embedded with secure data transactions, cashback in 24 hours, merchant store support, and more advanced features. Let’s explore more about us;

  • 100% Customized Platform
  • 24*7 Technical Support
  • Pocket-Friendly Prices
  • Advanced Blockchain Technology
  • Multiple Payment Method

Wrap up

Undeniably, the Blockchain industry has become a billion-dollar economy with a decentralized nature and high-end security features. Modern people and businesses around the globe highly rely on and join it as the economy's future. Participating in the most flourishing economy lets you generate more revenue-generating opportunities.

With StormX clone development services, we are ready to listen to your demand and meet your business criteria.

What is The Timeframe to Develop a StormX clone?

Before giving any timeline or estimation, we have access to your business requirements, such as technologies requirements, features, functionalities, and more, to find the most suitable time.

Do You Offer Blockchain Consulting Services?

Yes, we offer blockchain consulting services that ensure our clients can get the best decision and top-notch services.

How do I connect with your team?

To connect with our team, you can email us at or call us - at +1-844-899-00030. We are ready to swerve 24*7

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