Bloom Your Gaming Business With MIR4 NFT Game Clone Development

Bloom Your Gaming Business With MIR4 NFT Game Clone Development

By Suffescom Solutions

July 28, 2022

Bloom Your Gaming Business With MIR4 NFT Game Clone Development

The MIR4 Clone game will have several exciting features through which you can boom your gaming business quickly. The clone script game will have five classes of players with unique set of powers that will be customized according to the wish of our client. Not just assets but the entire character can be sold as an NFT in the MIR4 Clone.

What is MIR4?

MIR4 is one of the most played K-fantasy MMORPG, open-world games. The players strive to fight with other players to push their ranks to be a king. Once the player reaches the level of a king, the player will win the absolute powers and bring honor to the clan they play in.

While playing the MIR4 Clone, only powers won't matter; war strategy is the key. The game will have sudden raids, mines, and money, with several more features constantly added. Our platform will allow the users to mint NFTs in the form of player skin, weapons, powers, and even the entire character on the open marketplace.

Experience The Potential of NFT Gaming With MIR4 NFT Game Clone Development Services

Want to customize your NFT game? We can help you develop your clone game script with our skilled team of game developers.

MIR4 Game Clone:

The MIR4 NFT game clone is a breathtaking NFT-based game that is all set to revolutionize the gaming industry by helping players earn while playing. The gamers can build their own clans, fight amongst each other through powerful characters, and use their gaming skills for the other players to compete.

Without a doubt, gamers can improve their gaming skill by buying NFTs in the form of a real character that a player sells and by playing with its gaming skills.

The game will function with the following five Classes of players with customization depending upon the wish of the client:

1. Character 1

Blessed with powers like ground rupture, a sword that creates an unbreakable stance with an outstanding crescent-shaped sword force. This character's roar will be strong enough to shake heaven and earth. The client can also add in more powers.

2. Character 2

Character 2 will be a mage that is blessed to throw deadly spell-caster moves and can create dragon tornados. She can develop fireballs of energy that can immobilize the enemy while delivering a heavy strike. The character can throw spells that can cause "soul damage" while producing ice blizzards to freeze up the enemy. We can add more features to the character depending upon the demand of the client.

3. Character 3

Character 3 will be the spreader of energy who can unleash the power of sword attack with the fusion of spell power. Character 3 can rain shadow sword attacks on enemies while treating allies' wounds. Character 3 can also cause explosions while creating vacuums that can suck its enemies.

4. Character 4

The powers of a Slayer as our Character 4 can outlaw the laws of nature as its lethal spear brings wrath on his enemies. This slayer can spin its spear like a tornado to sweep off the enemies. Spinning the spear can form a wall to protect the character and repel enemy attacks. Many more exciting powers can also be added.

5. Character 5

Character 5 can rain down arrows while teleporting enemies from different areas. Character 5 is blessed to lower the sight range of enemies, preventing them from preparing for other attacks. The tricks can fool the enemy while there is hardly a chance to dodge the heavenly bow of Character 5. More powers can be added depending upon the client's requirements.

Utility Token In MIR4 Clone- "XYZ"

You can name the native utility token used in the MIR4 Clone according to your preference. It can be achieved by rescuing Darksteel from the mines in the clone game. The dark steel can be easily exchanged in return for utility tokens that can be used for acquiring several game assets. This token is a utility cryptocurrency token from the MIR4 world. This will help the players trade, store, move and buy numerous acquisitions in the game. The total number of tokens used in the game will also be limited based on the emission capacity.

Experience The Potential Of MIR4 Game Clone Script Platform

Get ready to launch your NFT role-playing gaming platform with a smart chain-powered NFT-based game solution, MIR4 Clone Script.

Key Features of the MIR4 Clone Script

Here are some potential features of MIR4 Clone Script:

NFT in MIR4 Clone

In MIR4 Clone Script, you can customize your characters, help them reach different ranks, and even sell them after. You must brand your character NFT and sell them in the open marketplace. You can not use your character again but will have to buy another character for yourself to continue playing.

Collectible Items

Collectible items will also be NFTs like weapons, armour, shoes, and other things that a player acquires through loot, and they can be sold as NTFS.

Highly Secured

Unlike traditional gaming, NFT gaming in MIR4 Clone Script is heavily secured as they exist on blockchain networks independent of any gaming platform. Therefore the assets of the gamer are safe in the hands of the gamers themselves without being shared with the gaming platforms.


The platform of MIR4 Clone Script is decentralized, without any possible restrictions. Every gamer playing the MIR4 clone script will have the right to convert their gaming assets into real-world money happily.

Rarity is Verifiable

Modern-day gamers are said to be fond of collecting rare and unique items. For these collectors, the NFT gaming platform offers a blockchain ledger, making it relatively easy to know the uniqueness of a particular NFT with correct ownership details.

Complete Transparency

The transactions made by the gamers in the MIR4 clone script will be stored in a common blockchain ledger that will evade any possible scam.

Smart Contracts and NTFS

The smart contract can be embedded into the NFT to access assets within the NFT. The combination of NFTs with smart contacts can give the gamers of MIR4 Clone Script the flexibility to unlock a wide box of use cases. The underlying blockchain mechanisms will make the contracts transparent, auditable, and tamper-proof in real-time. This will speed up the arbitration process.

In-app Purchases

The items will be available in the MIR4 clone script for sale, where the user will most likely use them. In-app purchases will encourage more investments, increasing the revenue of the game. For example, when the player is about to die, in-app purchases will hint him to buy health or first aid.

The Payment Options

The payments in the game will be made without asking for personal information like credit card numbers or verification codes unless required. The MIR4 Clone Script gaming platform will offer a variety of payment modes like credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and mobile wallets.


The players can buy the premium version of the game to dodge the advertisements. The creator can earn a good amount of money via the ads.

Metaverse Indulgence

The game will also provide a metaverse platform for people to raise events like concerts and open the way for brands to release their merchandise on the platform, which can also be used for customizing the character features.

Excel Your NFT Gaming With MIR4 Game Clone Development Services

Have you been waiting to enter the blockchain gaming business with a game that will break off the charts but lacking the guidance to do so? Here comes the MIR4 Clone to your rescue!!!

Revenue Model

The game's revenue model will have ads and banners that will help raise revenues from the advertisers and sponsors of your game. The initial ads will also serve the creator to sell more and more premium memberships for MIR4 Clone Script. The payments can be collected via multiple payment options. The revenue model will also have time restraints where gamers must pay to increase their game hours.

Premium Model

The premium model of the game will be without any possible ads giving the users the best possible gameplay experience. The user will have no time restraints, and they can also access the locked places on the map that a revenue model will be unlocked only with acquiring higher ranks, based on the players' performance.

Benefits of the MIR4 Clone Game Script

The main benefits of our NFT game will include:

  1. The development of NFT games can pave the way for massive revenue generation opportunities.
  2. NFTs in the game will help claim ownership of the in-game assets. With blockchain technology, players can save or sell their assets to other players.
  3. With the changing trends in the gaming industry, the demand for the NFT game market has considerably increased, attracting a large audience.
  4. The distributed community ledger will verify the number and ownership of each NFT.
  5. There are going to be several game rewards awarded to the NFT players.
  6. The game assets that NFTs represent can be designed to work in a variety of locations as decentralized NFT games exist on independent blockchains.

Why Choose Suffescom Solutions Inc.?

We at Suffescom Solutions offer white-label solutions to uplift your game ideas and provide you with a rich multi-featured gaming platform. We are always pleased to match the expectations of our clients. To develop an NFT game Like MIR4, hire dedicated nft developers from our team. Hurry up!! We give our best shot to meet the client's requirements by customizing an already-made clone script platform.

A Solid Approach

MIR4 Clone allows you to earn real money from your in-game items. These items are in the form of popular digital assets like crypto and NFTs.

A Quicker Launch

The p2e gaming platform that suffescom creates will help businesses to outmaneuver competitors with effective white label solutions that are highly time and cost-efficient.

More Expensive Knowledge about the Concepts

Suffescom excels at launching applications related to many technologies. Whether it is the NFTs, smart contracts, or blockchain, we can work on every technology according to the client's requirements.

On-time Delivery

Although the game development time will depend on several factors, we can guarantee that your MIR4 Clone will be developed in around 12-20 minimum weeks. The cost might vary based on the features you wish to add. If we take into consideration all the possible factors, then the cost estimation would be somewhere around $40000-$80000.

Suffescom Solutions as a leading Clone App Development Company, provides the exact cost estimate for a clone script development, and we don't ask for any hidden charges from our clients.

Providing Multiverse Gaming

Developers can launch cutting-edge technology like blockchain for a unified gaming multiverse or collective gaming reality. Suffescom excels in providing either of them on time with perfection.

MIR4 NFT Game Clone Script

Want to know more? It is advisable not to waste any more time and get in touch with our game developers and get the MIR4 clone game ASAP!! We excel at providing the best clone script solutions, so we should guide you well in your journey.

MIR4 is one of the largest NFT marketplace development platforms in the world that is taking up the gaming world to a whole new level. It is not at all challenging for you to start developing a fantastic gaming app like MIR4 Game Clone with our top-notch clone script solutions. You can easily list and purchase NFTs and switch characters and weapons with the gaming community worldwide.

You must remember that Suffescom Solutions provide completely bug-free clone platforms with full customer support that is always ready to solve even the smallest of queries.

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