Quorum Blockchain Development: Launch Your Own Platform For Advanced Security

Quorum Blockchain Development: Launch Your Own Platform For Advanced Security

By Suffescom Solutions

September 09, 2022

Quorum Blockchain Development: Launch Your Own Platform For Advanced Security

Blockchain has been the buzzword in the virtual market. The main aspect of the blockchain was to provide decentralization, interoperability, transparency and security. There were constant efforts applied to enhance the working module of the blockchain. All these specifications were included in the first generation of blockchain technology. The only thing was that it didn't serve a purpose beyond that.

Talking about quorum blockchain, it can be said that it is an enterprise project developed by JP Morgon - An American investment bank. It was developed to enhance blockchain technology to upgrade the security element. Certain features like tracking digital assets, supply chain, digital tokenisation, rewards etc., are the top-grade services provided by the quorum blockchain.

What is Quorum Blockchain?

The financial sector requires high-level security and inflated throughput. These are the basic concerns while implementing such a blockchain. This blockchain framework is completely based on the ethereum blockchain. It has incredible amenities that are not compatible with ethereum. So, a layer above ethereum is authorised to perform transactions via consensus algorithms. This makes the platform more sturdy. The biggest advantage is the decision-making capability encompassing various network members.

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Quorum vs Other Private Blockchains

Depending upon the challenges and the requirements, Quorum is definitely among the best. Numerous factors are taken into consideration.

Let's have a quick look at their comparison;

Smart Contract LogicPrivate/Public contractsChainCodeRicardian contracts
Node permissionSmart contract permissioningConsortium level configurationFile based configuration
Consensus AlgorithmQuorum chain / BFT / RAFTRAFT / KAFKAVerified by Notaries
IdentityPublic/Private keyNative organisational identityIndividual/Organizational identity

Working Mechanism of Quorum

The working of the quorum blockchain is completely based on private transactions. The node linked with the private transactions allows the data decryption before sending it to the EVM(ethereum virtual machine). The private state data is in the parties' database participating in the transaction.

The transactions in the quorum blockchain take place with the help of public keys. They have the ability to detect the parties that forms part of the transaction. The payload is essentially the hash function of the encrypted data. The transaction includes the cryptographic hash that shifts to the quorum node and eventually passes on to every node.

The quorum blockchain supports both public and private transactions with the help of an off-chain mechanism. Depending upon the transactions, there are two forms of signing mechanisms. Ethereum EIP-155 signing mechanism is used for public transactions, and ethereum Homestead-based transaction is used for private transactions. Such type of characteristic exhibits security and flexibility.

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Features of Quorum Blockchain Development


The important element of any blockchain network is privacy. There are lots of transactions that take place at every level within the network. In executing these transactions, the privacy of a top-notch level is applied. The attributes are not fixed and are open to alterations. One thing that plays an important role in the customisation is the smart contracts. Every node verifies every transaction about the smart contracts.


The key factor of the quorum blockchain network is its throughput value. The performance is directly proportional to the transactional speed. The network that handles more transactions per second is liable to produce higher performance. More advancement in the enhancement and optimisation results in better performance. Various consensus algorithms like QuorumChain RAFT and Istanbul BFT are responsible for the higher output value.


The functioning of smart contracts within the network requires proper security and transparency. Along with this, privacy is the biggest factor. Therefore zero-knowledge security layer helps in the exclusive settlement. There is no compromise on maintaining the security of the system.


Quorum is an open-source and free-to-use network that financial institutions use. More than anything else, a great trust allows the parties to communicate with no governing entity.

Here, the codes are properly validated, and trust in a network is maintained due to the signature validation. These virtual signatures work in a way that other networks will not use them.


The principal characteristics of the Ethereum Blockchain are already present in the Quorum. There are repetitions in the ethereum that create maturity in the network. This maturity is able to make them evolve like ethereum.

Permission Management

For the transactions to take place, it is essential to take permission from the security point of view. Quorum blockchain allows transactions to take place between the members that have got access. The management of such transactions is done only manually, but there is also the utilisation of a tool based on a smart contract development to obey cybersecurity practices.

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Advantages of Quorum Blockchain Development

Hybrid Smart Contracts

There are a set of hybrid smart contracts where a private smart contract development cannot be transformed into a private one and vice versa. This attribute results in making the network more secure. These smart contracts are programmed with the help of a solidity programming language.

Consensus Algorithm

In a blockchain network, everything is decentralised. There is no central governance of any entity. All the decisions are taken with the help of the network participants. The Quorum-chain is based on the majority voting system. Whatever the majority members decide, the decision is made accordingly. But all the nodes are not permitted to vote; a few chosen ones help verify the transaction.


A better and improved version of transparency is maintained throughout the process. The decentralised network enhances the network's transparency. This is because there is no approval required for any transaction, but in case of any validation, a consensus procedure is adopted.

Quorum Blockchain Use Cases

The popularity of the quorum blockchain is not hidden and continues to be the top priority of enterprises. Its effective and secure network has enticed several industries to make it a part of their business. We offer a variety of use cases of the quorum blockchain network.


Quorum was categorically developed for uplifting financial services. It has completely revolutionised the banking sector by implementing various applications. It has strengthened trade finance and successfully aligned supply chain finance. All the payments taking place through commercial banks are steadily monitored. The main significance is building a ledger that is useful in auditing the transactions, maintaining transparency, issuing debts, etc.


The most important point of concern in the healthcare industry is the data breach. The proper management of healthcare data is required. There should not be any compromise made on any data leakage. Data security is the utmost concern of healthcare amenity providers.

The smooth functioning of the healthcare industry in blockchain depends upon creating a database that includes all important patient information. Administrative costs are reduced when all records are managed appropriately with enhanced data quality. Every piece of information is shared within the distributed ledger that is accessible to every network member.

Supply Chain Management

The most daunting task that requires precision is blockchain supply chain management. Slight mismanagement leads to issues in tracking. The best application of the quorum blockchain in the supply chain is monitoring shipment and inventory tracking. Several luxurious items require proper validation and authenticity; this blockchain network adequately maintains that.

Virtual Identity

Several identity management platforms can move the identification records, be it digital or physical, to their mobile phones. For this smooth shifting of data, biometrics and near-field communication techniques are utilised. The transferred items are susceptible to getting forged. Therefore, the quorum blockchain keeps intact the integrity of the documents.

Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry has also successfully applied the quorum blockchain. Top tourist spots have launched EMR (electronic medical records) to reward clients. This is done via loyalty and business referrals. The platform rewards the EMR tokens, which are redeemed for various hotels, malls, real estate properties etc. Similarly, certain airline sectors have utilised such blockchain to allow for compensation and refunds to passengers without haste.


The most significant application of quorum blockchain is in the gaming industry. Various video game royalties show the effectiveness of such a blockchain. The basic thing is to limit the processing time to allow the swift tracking of the royalties. There is a higher level of trust and transparency offered by various collaborators.


The hurdle insurance companies have faced in recent years is the excessive use of paperwork. Also, the a larger volume of cheques, documents, and other important stuff. There are also paper-enabled processes corresponding to the participating agencies. The old mechanisms are replaced by the new subrogation mechanism for delivering top-notch efficiency. There are a lot of benefits that save time, money, and effort. All this is possible due to automation that allows rapid transfer of data and money.

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