Transforming Healthcare With Blockchain App Development

Transforming Healthcare With Blockchain App Development

By Suffescom Solutions

January 19, 2023

Transforming Healthcare With Blockchain App Development

Blockchain is the future technology that has proved its worth in numerous sectors like real estate, banking, entertainment, logistics, healthcare, etc. In healthcare, its importance is felt the most. Today, the healthcare infrastructure in most countries is poor, which is reflected in the people's health criteria.

To overcome this issue, blockchain technology is used that rectifies all the problems faced by patients. This single network performs various activities like storing patient details, doctors' information, laboratories, pharmacy companies, etc. Whatever issues are faced, they are smoothly detected and rectified. Blockchain is known for enhancing the overall performance of the healthcare system. The implementation of Blockchain services for healthcare have streamlined the workflow and have offered multiple opportunities in this realm.

Statistics Related To Blockchain Healthcare

  • The market size value will be $1.97 billion in 2022.
  • In 2030, the revenue forecast is estimated to be $126 billion
  • The CAGR growth rate is predicted to be around 68.1% ( 2022 - 2030 )
  • On a broader level, it has covered regions like North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America; MEA
  • It has opportunities in countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Estonia, Switzerland, Japan, China, India, and more.
  • The companies utilizing this technology are IBM, PATIENTORY INC., Guardtime, iSolve LLC, etc.

Here in this blog, we will tell you about all the steps involved in the blockchain healthcare app development process;

How Does Blockchain Work In Healthcare?

Here is the complete information about how the blockchain will enhance the healthcare industry:

Storing Medical Records of Patients

Before recommending medication or surgery, the patient must undergo a series of tests. These encompass regular blood tests, brain mapping, CT Scans, MRIs, colonoscopies etc. Numerous people live through these experiences, and subsequently, it results in a large number of records that require proper maintenance. Sometimes the information gets lost or gets overlapped.

Blockchain uses cryptographic methods that focus on secure data sharing. The patient’s name, age, gender, disease diagnosis, treatment, and medical history are recorded in the EHR (electronic health record) format. All the information is available on the cloud that can be accessed anytime.

Pharmaceutical Business

Pharma has gained a lot from blockchain technology. It's well understood that the patient's information is stored on various blocks, thus becoming convenient to manage the patient’s details. Pharma blockchain technology helps in detecting the medical problem as per the geographical location. It helps them discover the major disease in a particular region.

The pharma companies get the information in real-time to deliver medicines in large quantities, i.e. as per demand. This data is extremely beneficial as it acts before the demand arises. Also, the patients are instructed on how to take the medicines, and doctors can witness the disease stage. This even helps them to avert any unforeseen situation.

Effective Diagnosis

Healthcare facilities are substandard everywhere except in a few countries. The biggest disadvantage lies in the ineffective diagnosis because of the need for more resources. Blockchain in healthcare has paved the way for advanced tools and software that accurately predicts diseases and can tell patients about forthcoming diseases based on their current health parameters.

This saves time and, ultimately, money in the long run. It provides an easy data exchange that results in streamlined medical therapies, performing complex operation procedures in a transparent and affordable ecosystem.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are performed for the health and betterment of the people. New drugs are tested to find cures for complicated diseases to save people's lives. It takes more time, and sometimes the results need to be corrected, damaging the whole purpose of this health assessment. It applies to new medicine, medical equipment, and contemporary diet that is effective on people.

Blockchain technology has rightfully tackled these problems and served the objective appropriately. It helps address the live issues automatically with clinical trials and, therefore, enhances the research and management of clinical trials. It eventually increases the credibility of the clinical experiments.

Patient Supervision

Blockchain provides direct access to the equipment to medical practitioners. The professionals spend more time analyzing the patients and physically checking on them, which is cumbersome. Pharma has gained a lot from blockchain technology, which is one of the current pharma trends.

The blockchain-based remote patient monitoring system allows effective patient monitoring by providing data through a remote device. There is the proper observation of temperatures present inside the patient’s room, availability of the supplies, and other stuff. Right from responsiveness, to logistics, to transparency are maintained by the utilization of IoT technologies.

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Blockchain Healthcare App Development Process

The healthcare system globally is spending heavily on irrelevant procedures with obsolete management and, on top of that, miscommunication issues. Everything is just so complicated, as certain operations are handled manually. This expenditure is massive and should be avoidable at any cost.

Blockchain has come to the rescue for such things that involve protecting sensitive data. Also, automating the manual and removing the unnecessary intermediaries that amplify transparency.

Defining The Concept

Today, people have a craze for healthcare/fitness apps. That type of app should be developed to solve the problem of the users that other apps available in the market cannot. People have become fitness freaks, and there is a huge market for health-tracking systems. Various sectors like weight loss, sleep, meditation, water intake, and calculating steps have different applications. So, carefully reviewing the user's needs, one should build an app.

Choosing A Reliable Technical Partner

To properly understand the requirement, it's time to find a great tech partner to help you build the app. Go for a company with the necessary experience, skills, and knowledge about app building. You need to tell them your specifications according to which they will work.

Hire professionals from Suffescom Solutions Inc. that has 13+ years of total experience in the IT industry and 5+ years of experience in blockchain technology. We have experienced professionals who will help you select the best tech stacks for an intuitive blockchain healthcare app.

Developing An Intuitive User Interface

The strength of any app depends upon its design and its interface. If that’s not as per the user’s liking, it becomes hard to impress them.

For instance, in the case of a water reminder app, the first thing that should be visible on the user's screen is the daily water quantity according to the height and weight of the person. Also, a timer is available that shows water intake at regular intervals. There is even an in-built dashboard that shows the progress in the form of graphs that can be easily comprehended. Such attributes impress the users and encourage them to download and recommend the app to others.

Testing, Launching, And Maintenance

The developed app undergoes testing to check performance by eliminating bugs and errors. After this stage, the app is launched in the market and in case of any issues, our tech experts promise maintenance

Top Blockchain Healthcare App Features

Booking Appointment

This feature enables the patients to find out the slots that are available and make the booking. The patients can read out the reviews given by previous patients. On the contrary, doctors can check their calendars and see how they can adjust their schedules. This feature is kept quite simple so that it is easily operated by the user.

Video Conferencing

The robust framework allows superior video conferencing to take place between the patients and the doctors. The patients do not need to wait for long hours in the waiting rooms, and are actually economical, as no money is spent on commuting.

E-Prescription Feature

On detecting the disease, an electronic prescription is generated that is super easy to download and store. Most of the time, the prescriptions get lost and it becomes difficult to purchase the medicines.

Wearable Device Integration

The availability of this feature helps the patients to perform the normal testing of their body, which includes checking the heart rate, blood pressure, sugar levels, etc.; the best thing is that all the generated reports can be stored on the app.

EHR (Electronic Health Records)

Doctors can access the patient's medical history from anywhere through this attribute. This takes place online, and once the session ends, the practitioner needs to update the related hospital about the health record. A distinctive interface is available to the doctors that allows the data transfer.

Push Notifications

The most important feature is that reminds the patients to have a consultation with the doctors. This is for the patients' betterment and to keep them healthy and in good shape.

Best Programming Languages For Blockchain Healthcare App Development


It is a cross-platform programming language that is mostly used in android mobile phones. It ensures code safety, increases productivity and is completely interoperable with Java.


Java is an object-oriented programming language that allows the creation of modular programs with reusable codes.


JavaScript is the popular coding language that helps in the development of website features. It specially deals with front-end interactive design elements.


Most of the iOS-based apps are built by using this programming language. It helps the developers to check the errors in codes and ultimately lowers the time spent on debugging.

Blockchain App Development Solution With Experts!

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Cost Estimation For The Blockchain Healthcare App

The cost depends upon multiple factors that are mentioned below;

As Per The Development Phases

Development PhaseBasic ComplexityMedium ComplexityHigh Complexity
UI/UX Design$1600$10,000$10,000
Custom Development$20,000$50,000>$60,000
Project Management$2000$13,000$8000
Business Analysis$1200$3000$7000

As Per The Operating System


Bottom Line!!

The adoption of blockchain technology has transformed the world and is on the verge of becoming an essential part of human lives. The healthcare sector has benefited immensely from this emerging technology. Seeing its perks, a lot of medical health centers have partnered with blockchain development companies to implement advanced solutions in a secure way.

If you are looking forward to developing a blockchain-based app, then contact our development team. We are the top blockchain development company that will provide you with all the essential guidance required for building your dream project.

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