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How Has Blockchain In Pharma Revolutionized The Outlook Of The Healthcare Industry?

By Suffescom Solutions

August 16, 2023

How Has Blockchain In Pharma Revolutionized The Outlook Of The Healthcare Industry?

Blockchain, as of now, has become the favorite choice of entrepreneurs.

Be it in real estate, finance, insurance, education, entertainment sector, etc., the success and potential of blockchain in healthcare industry is no exception. Now, there are a lot of inhibitions among various venture capitalists to implement blockchain in pharma.

In this article, we will talk about the role of blockchain in pharma industry and its impact in the healthcare field.

Now, talking about healthcare, it can be clearly stated that medical management is the most discussed topic around the globe. Pharmacy as a realm is breaking records. Now, blockchain has existed for more than a decade.

Initially, its existence was felt in a few domains but with continuous efforts, its presence is now sensed across various sectors. Blockchain has been successful in creating influence in the healthcare industry.

For more information about the industry trends, let’s look below!

  • Pharma is a $482 billion market industry.
  • The market size of the pharma industry was valued at USD 281 million in 2020. It is assumed to enjoy a significant growth of more than 52.1% CAGR (2021-2027)
  • North America in the U.S has been the most dominant region for having maximum blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry in 2020 and is estimated to reach around USD 1.91 billion by 2027.
  • The blockchain pharmaceutical industry is predicted to reach US$ 25,619 million by 2030.
  • The foreign expenditure on blockchain solutions is predicted to grow by $5.9 billion by 2023.

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How Blockchain is Functioning in the Current Scenario?

The pharmaceutical business is a vital part of the healthcare sector. Let’s suppose there is any kind of issue faced by this specific sector; then, there will be a delay in the drug development, distribution and discovery process.

It is to be known that the pharma industry is in a bad state right now. Now, why is this so, because there are so many drugs that fail to reach the clinical trial phase. This could also mean that there is a very minimal chance that a brand new drug reaches to FDA approval level.

This happens because there is an insufficiency of patient information. This patient’s data is based on the research done by the pharma companies based on their fact finding and approval process.

Let’s look at a few challenges to understand the pharma industry comprehensively!

Data Discrepancy in Pharma:

The use of data in Pharma is applicable because it helps the researchers to understand and launch new drugs. This is required in finding a solution for any disease. Because of disparity, there is the occurrence of a lot of errors that result in inaccuracy. This creates huge problems in solving specific diseases.

Data discrepancy is the major issue because of the reliance on various sources. Besides this, the data on papers and data uploaded show a huge difference. The reason behind this is the utilization of diverse data models and structures.

More usage of Generic Drugs:

FDA, in its resolution, had given the nod to the supply of generic drugs in the market. It was based on the fact that the supply chain will be handled uncomplicated and swiftly. This has massively raised the competition among the medicine manufacturers.

This decision is taken to clear the backlog of generic medicines. But it has created rivalry in the new drug companies because they find it difficult to get approved. There is a 180-day period of exclusivity for the new drugs, thereby making it extremely inflexible to maintain.

Increased Customer Expectation:

Today the people have evolved; it’s impossible to fool them. They are sharp-witted and have a better realization about things around them. They are not satisfied with sub-standard things. As a customer, they have extremely high demand, and with time, their expectations will only grow.

So it’s high time that pharmaceutical companies will take bold steps to enhance the user’s experience. There should be no compromise on the quality standards, and it should meet the needs of the people living across the globe.

Dense Data Analytics:

To get accurate results, appropriate data should be taken. There are multiple sources from which the data can be taken. Moreover, numerous data models and structures are taken into consideration. This shows how data analytics has become an essential part of assembling the data and information together.

To be direct, one can definitely say this entire process is tedious, the system becomes burdensome, and the operation is time-consuming.

Now, to overcome such issues, the companies must start their investigation regarding the data right from the beginning. Correct data should be chosen, and the appropriate analysis should be performed. The data analytics tool should be utilized to ensure that any insights taken should be accurate.

Supply Chain Management:

The hardest of all operations is to maintain the supply chain management. This is the most complicated and risky part of the business requirement. If there is any fraud or fabricated drugs being supplied, then it causes great harm to the pharmaceutical company.

It results in a massive loss of money. This happens with most pharma companies, and it has been estimated that there is a loss of about $200 billion yearly. This is heavily responsible due to counterfeit drugs.

Poor Scientific Productivity:

Recently, in the past few years, the scientific domain is not able to bring something extraordinary to the table. This has been induced by the fact that the output in this field has been the same. No significant changes can be seen in the research and development realm.

From the above, it can be clearly stated that this discovery and evolution field has structurally various shortfalls. Whereas if compared with the other relevant industries, its performance is nothing. It requires tremendous dedication and hard work to get back into the race and boost the effectiveness of the dedicated industry.


The biggest factor responsible for augmenting any industry's business performance is having a proper planning action. Various strategies must be framed, and quality business is maintained in systematic management culture. All the adequate steps are followed in a well-organized manner. Previously, all the conventional methods were adopted that didn't help bring any substantial profit to the industry.

Dedicated enterprise models should be formulated; an advanced blueprint should be set up. The inputs should be taken from industry professionals with complete information about the intricacies of the pharma sector. Some of the contemporaries have somehow managed to change their work ethics, but due to huge competition, their suffering is not ending.

Leverage The Opportunities Of Blockchain In The Pharma Industry

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Points to Keep in Mind Before Executing Blockchain In Pharmaceuticals

This is the most common thing that whenever there is the implementation of any technology, one must carefully look out for the pro and cons that will adhere to. There is no doubt that blockchain will improve the performance of medical business. So, before implementing such a solution to your business, certain things need to be acknowledged first. A few of them are mentioned under;

Analyze Opportunities:

Try evaluating the existing implementation of the blockchain technology in other fields or sectors like education, banking or insurance. One should have a clear idea about the effectiveness of ultra-modern technology. Proper research and analysis should correspond to the latest use cases and pick the most appropriate one for your company.

Inspecting Resources:

Now, if something needs to be implemented in a comprehensive manner, core knowledge and expertise are required. So, without any compromise, the resources should be available in sufficient amounts. If the firm is deficient in any resources, then a proper team with knowledge and skills in developing such platforms should be appointed.

Spot the Areas of Enhancement:

The best thing is to use your own use case to simplify the objectives. One must know what the key areas where one is lacking are. The advancement should be made towards those areas that require improvement. Examining the requirements and categorizing them according to the technology is vital.

Build PoC:

The most determining step before implementation is to see if it's practicable or not. In the remaining stages, PoC will lead to the implementation process. This is basically a synopsis that illustrates how the solution should be carried out in an organizational ecosystem.

Select the Apt Platform:

For getting better results, it’s advisable to go for a suitable platform. Various platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, etc can be used from where the technology can be adopted.

Testing and Developing and Deployment of the Solution:

After check marking all the criteria, it is advantageous to thoroughly test the solution and see it working in the real world. The very next step is to deploy the solution across networks.

Firms Utilizing Blockchain in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Many companies are providing blockchain development solutions in the pharma and healthcare industry. Some of the notable ones are as below.


Pfizer is a Top American pharma industry. It is one of the biggest brands in the market. Due to the emergence of blockchain, this firm is also taking part in the MedilLedger blockchain project. A closed ecosystem is created that helps the firms to monitor and track the drug to the last detail.

The biggest advantage is that it’s focused on ensuring no forgery. Pfizer is taking this project seriously as it is fully aware of its consequences.

NMC Health

This excellent healthcare and chain distribution company is constantly working with small and mid-sized startup companies to enhance the healthcare industry. They are keen on including blockchain technology that will fundamentally bring trust, security, and integrity to the pharma industry. There are a lot of discrepancies that can occur in the database.

The information corresponding to the patients, their reports, healthcare providers, their treatment procedure, medicines, and a lot more are saved in the form of records. Therefore, NMC will be providing a helping hand to the patients to consult any doctor through an impeccable interface.

United Healthcare

United Healthcare is a major Medicaid health insurance company that has a great association with the American pharmacy called “Optum”. There is a blockchain agreement between Quest Diagnostics, Multiplan, and Humana. The objective of having this sort of agreement between these medical companies is to decrease the all-inclusive pricing of the management tasks. Blockchain in the healthcare industry will rationalize the process and update the database regularly compared to the older systems.


The largest pharma company whose name comes among the leading giant ones. Currently, they are working with Pfizer and Abbvie to check the complete supply chain pilot project through its Genentech division. They aim to make use of the digital platform called “Digipharm” that connects crucial healthcare stakeholders to manage the project.

This will help create an acquisition plan with data as it's fundamental and significantly implementing the smart contracts. They are also dedicatedly to working towards framing everything on a real-time system.

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Closing Thoughts!

Blockchain in pharma is just in its initial phase, and its operation has just started. There is so much to explore about the usage of this futuristic technology. For implementing such technologies in the different fields, a futuristic platform should be used to help the organizations build better communication to convey the services to the clients.

We at Suffescom Solutions are a team of excellent blockchain developers that will guide you through the entire process to achieve profit for your business.

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