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IoT-Based Smart Parking Mobile Application Development, Cost and Use Cases

By Suffescom Solutions

September 09, 2022

IoT-Based Smart Parking Mobile Application Development, Cost and Use Cases

We are living in an era where living within city infrastructure is quite difficult. The same is true for parking your own vehicle in the city areas. The inner-city traffic not only causes parking issues but increases the number of accidents in the city.

Is there any solution? Yes, the smart parking mobile application is a solution for this issue.

Like other scenarios, smart parking app development is useful and gaining popularity in finding free space. Smart parking solutions will help vehicle owners to find the nearest and vacant parking area and navigate people to that area. It will save time and remove all the stress of finding the parking area.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a renowned Blockchain IoT Development Company that can provide the best solutions to develop an IoT-based smart parking application to remove all your parking issues. Our team of experts provides the best mobile app solutions with cutting-edge inbuilt features to generate more revenue.

Before discussing the smart parking app development cost, let's look at the basics of this futuristic concept.

IoT-Based Smart Parking Solutions

IoT-based smart parking app solutions facilitate users with a hassle-free way to find ample parking areas, GPS functionalities, and flexible payment facilities. Smart parking systems use IoT to send free data and parking area information through a website or a mobile app. This system uses sensors and micro-controllers that are available in every parking space.

With the rising parking issues and the low-cost smart parking solutions, we expect a rise in smart parking systems. This system uses Optical Recognition technology to process the license number of a vehicle to identify it. Visual image processing automatically opens the parking space gate and lets the driver park the vehicle accordingly.

IoT Smart Parking System Components

Parking Lot Sensors

The parking sensors track the vacant and available spaces in the parking lot. It uses ultrasonic sensors to detect the vehicle's presence in the area. It indicates the driver about the vacant space to park their vehicle.

Processing Data Unit

The central connectivity between the cloud platform and the parking sensors is the processor unit. It uses a processor-on-a-chip that acts as a data communicator that transmits information.

Mobile Application

A mobile application is a visual interface through which the end-users interact with the parking system and get all the information.

Cloud Platform

The cloud platform is the repository area of all the system data. It stores all the records and data connected to the parking area and the end-users who can access the system.

There is a very promising future for IoT-based smart parking systems. We at Suffescom help owners grow smart parking systems’ effectiveness by approaching tech stacks like IoT, AI, machine learning, and AR/VR. Contact our professionals to know the exact Blockchain IoT Development Cost.

Are You Ready To To Develop An IoT-based Parking App?

Build smart IoT-based parking app to get hassle free parking space without actually visiting the place. Get live updates about the parking area on your mobile app in the real-time due to the presence of micro-controllers and sensors.

Captivating Features of Smart Parking System Application

Smart Parking system development needs compelling features to make their application more effective. The system features are divided into basic and advanced according to their complexity. Creating an MVP with basic features is the best way to develop an application. Further, you can integrate other advanced robust features to make it more effective.

Let's discuss some basic smart parking system features.

User App Features

The app features allow users to find and book the nearby ample parking space easily. Have a look at some below-mentioned user app features.


This feature allows users to register themselves to the app using their Gmail or social media accounts.

Location Tracker

The navigation feature in the smart parking app allows users to have an estimated travel time between the vehicle and booked parking space location.

Search Availability

Users can use this feature to search for the availability of free parking spaces nearby any particular location or city. They can book the location after searching and selecting.

Estimated Time

The Estimated Time feature provides the arrival and departure estimated time from the available parking slot. As per the time, the user will be charged.

Ample Space Booking

One of the main features of the smart parking app is that it allows users to pre-book or book the parking slot before reaching the location. This allows secure vehicle parking without any users' hustle.


The smart parking application provides users multiple payment options, including cash, card, UPIs, or digital payment.

Review & Rating

The review and rating feature will increase user engagement by helping them book a particular space.

Further, we’ll explain the features of the parking owner app.

Smart Parking Owner App Features

The parking owner app allows parking owners to accept the booking requests done by the users. If the request is accepted, they provide the users with complete information about the ample slot. They need some features to access the app. These are:


Just like the user app, this feature allows parking owners to register in the app using their Gmail or social media accounts.

Parking Slots

The parking owners add the free parking slots available in the parking lot. This gives information to the users about any free availability of the parking area.

Price Management

The parking owners control the charged price according to the total time the slot is booked and the spot demand. The price varies according to the vehicle type.


The owners cross-check the total number of bookings in the parking space using this feature. This allows users to accept or reject any booking request by the users.

Accept Payment

The owners collect the payment from the users through multiple payment gateways for every parking slot booking done by the users.

Lastly, we will explain the admin panel features for business owners.

Discuss IoT-Based Parking Mobile Application Features & Cost

IoT-Based Smart Parking Development Cost is variable and does not depend upon a specific factor. The average cost lies between $40-$50k. Want to know about the exact cost, give us a call.

Admin Panel Features

The admin panel is the management application designed to control all the operations between the user and the parking owner app. It gives the app overview to the business owners for marketing activities.

Users Management

The admin overviews the user activities and manages the operations like transaction history, payment details, and many more to give a hassle-free experience to the users.

Parking Area Management

This feature manages and controls the parking owner's activities, like registration, booking charges, etc.

Bookings Management

This admin feature allows them to manage all the bookings done by the users for free parking spaces, charged booking prices, and a total number of slots available.

Payment Management

The admin can manage the payment according to the type of vehicle parked in the area, user payments, parking costs, and the payment given to the owners.

Offers Management

Using this feature, the admin can manage the offers and discounts given to the users during bookings.

Add-on Features Of IoT-Based Smart Parking Application

Real-Time Tracking

Our smart parking app solutions have in-built sensors that provide effective real-time tracking. The users will be updated automatically about the free parking space.

GPS Integration

We provide smart parking applications with in-built GPS and maps. This allows users to reach the selected parking area in the application easily. The GPS provides users with the availability of free parking areas in their location.

Push Notifications

This feature is counted as the engaging user feature as the admin can send notifications about updates, new discounts, and other important information. By this, users know about the app notifications in a single area without scrolling through the full app.

Location Tagging

Using this feature, users can save the place where they have parked their vehicles. Further, they can also share the location information through social media or messengers.

Multiple Cities

Our IoT-based smart parking application has multiple cities on one platform that helps users easily access other cities' parking. The users can pre-book the parking before planning to visit any other city.

Perks Of Using Smart Parking System Applications

A revolutionized parking app uses inexpensive sensors and in-the-moment data to give customers parking information. These are a few prominent advantages of parking-related apps.

More Effective Parking Management

Users of parking apps may quickly find and reserve parking spaces for their cars. They can thus significantly reduce the time and effort typically required to seek parking spaces manually.

Enhancement of the User Experience

A parking location app can simplify payment methods, offer suggestions, and easily locate parking places. Users have access to a wealth of management tools at their fingertips.

Reduced Management Costs

Service providers and businesses can benefit from the potential of automation in their parking spaces with the parking apps. With parking apps that use automated technologies, less manual labor is involved. It might significantly contribute to reducing labor costs.

Smart Parking Use Cases

Tourism Destinations

The tourism sector is considered an important sector to generate economy around the world, which results in the overcrowded tourists struggling to park cars during the peak seasons. This results in a traffic increase and affects the popularity of the destination.

Smart parking monitors the real-time parking space occupancy of the parking lots. This will show people ample parking space so that people can move accordingly to the area.

City Area

Many people depend on their vehicles to travel to the cities for work. This often causes traffic jams, that is caused just because of the searching of the parking area. This lowers the living quality of the city and also impacts the environment by emitting CO gasses.

The smart parking system monitors the parking availability and provides parking spaces. It indicates to the drivers about the free space through the sensors.

Corporate Areas

In many cases, drivers park their vehicles wrongly on the corporate campuses, which leads other vehicles to find the areas under time pressure. Lack of communication affects parking solutions in large workplaces.

Smart parking solutions are integrated with numerous features that will help users easily search the free space and reduce the waste of time parking their vehicles.

Empower Your Business With IoT Services

Amplify your business with the accurate implementation of the IoT services that enhances the operational efficiency with data-driven understanding leading to quick decision-making.

IoT-Based Parking App Development Cost

The price of developing a smart parking app relies on several variables. To make your struggle easier, we have compiled a list of some key elements that directly affect the cost of developing smart parking. You can assess each of these elements as a business owner to determine the price of your smart parking solution.

The cost of developing an IoT-based smart parking system relies on:

  • Project difficulty
  • Extra capabilities of a smart parking app
  • Security components
  • Development company location
  • Hourly development fees
  • Development approaches, such as Whitelabel or Scratch
  • Stack of technologies
  • Integrating APIs
  • Any extra services

Consult our experts to get the final costing to build your own smart parking platform.

Why Choose Suffescom For Smart Parking IoT App Development?

Suffescom Solutions Inc. has vast experience in Iot Device Management Software Development and thus creating the best solutions to current and future parking issues. We create reliable, bug-free services to ensure your smart parking business growth.

We provide:

  • Reliable App Development Services
  • Expertise in Leading Tech Stacks
  • Secure business solutions
  • Top-notch Testing Experts
  • Transparent Costing
  • Post-deployment Services

Hurry up and get the high-quality smart parking app at pocket-friendly rates. Opt for us as your one-stop tech partner for IoT Development Smart Parking app and take your business to different levels.

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