Automotive Showrooms in Metaverse

Start Virtual Automotive Showrooms in Metaverse: Boost Sale

By Suffescom Solutions

June 14, 2023

Start Virtual Automotive Showrooms in Metaverse: Boost Sale

What does the Future of the Automotive Industry rely on?

The automotive industry keeps on evolving after every year with technology acing innovators. In the year 2020, the revenue generated by the automotive industry of the U.S.A. was 1.249 trillion dollars. This revenue mold is strong enough to tear away the ceilings of any platform the automotive industry decides to step in. People are obsessed with automobiles, and with the rising population numbers, the need for convenient transportation is increasing considerably.

Looking towards the roads that will drive your automobile business straight into the metaverse?

In this post, we will drive past the roads of the metaverse and study the role of the Metaverse In The Future Of the Automotive Industry.

Wheeling The Automotive Industry Towards The Roads of The Metaverse

Suffescom Solutions Inc. aims to lead you in the correct direction for a smooth ride straight through the metaverse. With our tech experts who have aced Metaverse app Development for more than six years, we are backed by the support of more than thousands of clients worldwide.

Plus-Points of Introducing Automotive In the Metaverse:

Here is How-

Decentralized Designing

Undoubtedly, there are possibilities that a car created in the realms of the metaverse can be made technology-driven in the real world.

It is possible to design a car in the metaverse and produce it in the real world—and to do so in a decentralized manner. Chinese smart car development and manufacturing company PIX Moving is known for organizing computer programming events called hackathons. In these Hackathons, talks and tasks are held for artificial intelligence-driven technologies, manufacturing, and developing smart tools for the automotive industry are tagged. PIX has created a mini-passenger car in the realms of the metaverse, this year in its Decentralized Auto Hackathon.

PIX Moving has also spread awareness for creating NFTs as a symbol of rareness for marketing efficiently, especially regarding the Metaverse.

Commendable Customer Engagement

Without a doubt when buying a limited edition version of a virtual car will enable the users to have an exclusive run of physical cars. This is similar to what the sports brands do to create their NFT projects. In the same way, while buying a physical vehicle, your clients can earn virtual badges. They can also earn one-of-a-kind NFTs, and exciting car skin NFTs for driving the vehicle for a given set of reasons mentioned by the car company.

Notable partnerships with numerous game developers can rise with the rise of the metaverse. The user groups will be able to make or buy custom-made physical cars by winning tasks in the virtual world through their digital vehicles. The scope of the Metaverse will continue to expand with the rising power of the web3 world and blockchain technology.

Accepting the Changes and Evolving With Them

Aftermarket and the resale infrastructure are two notable mentions when thinking strategically about building customized digital commodities.

Unique and customer-centric approaches should permanently reside in the mind of car business owners. Crafting a user experience perfect for developing platforms and communications is also essential in accepting challenges for the transformation of automobiles.

Splendid NFT Generation

Many automobile industrialists are launching unique NFTs that come past a QR code stuck in products. These have a special and rare NFT attached to the QR. Recently, Lamborghini aced the development of NFT game with its first NFT project, Space-Time Memory. The NFT was created by Swiss artist Fabian Oefner, who took months to create a masterpiece with more than 1500 pieces of an actual car.

Next level Advertising

We know that the metaverse is thriving, with numerous car brands opening their showrooms. Creating virtual showrooms is a next-level mode of advertising as the users can experience the product in 3D without traveling for hours to reach the physical showrooms. The advertising industry is not just a two-dimensional newspaper ad anymore, and it has upscaled itself to skyscraping heights via the aid of the metaverse.

Get Success In You Metaverse Automotive Business Idea?

Let us understand and answer the following question: How will the Metaverse Affect the Automotive Industry?.

Automotive Companies That Have Already Driven Towards The Metaverse

Let us now focus on what the Automotive Brands are entering in Metaverse with some noteworthy examples:


Audi aces its customer-centric approaches by giving birth to the concept of “holorides.” A holoride is a VR-powered virtual experience that passengers can enjoy in the back seat. The Holoride technology will extract the car’s data in real time, and the virtual experience will be based on the same data. From entering old victorian roads to futuristic roads.


Undoubtedly, reputed automotive companies leverage the metaverse to access faster prototyping. Digital twins enter the scene to enhance productivity and optimize the processes. BMW’S iX1 Metaverse enables the users to enter a world inside three surreal dreams. In their Metaverse, the users can move around freely, discover their wonders, and create fantastic memories. Their virtual factory uses NVIDIA’s Omniverse enabling the birth of digital twins in their vehicles.


South Korean automobile company Hyundai established in 14967, has recently partnered with the game engine Unity to create a Meta-factory, a digital twin of their original factory. The Hyundai motors have reached the metaverse with their Zepeto Metaverse, where users can interact with each other through their separate virtual avatars.


Mercedes has entered the Metaverse with its full speed by creating NFTs for its famous G-Wagon Car. Artists generate these NFTs from various domains such as music, fashion, luxe, creative marketing, and architecture. Mercedes has also launched trials with a blockchain development company to check that the cobalt emissions are traced successfully throughout their supply chain.


Italian luxe car brand Lamborghini entered the Metaverse recently by launching its stunning NFT series named Space Time Memory. The NFT took months of hard work as over fifteen hundred mechanical parts of Lamborghini were drawn separately with precision.


Volvo XC 40 Recharge, an SUV by Swedish luxury car company Volvo, became the first Luxury car model to be launched in India on a metaverse platform. The virtual world is named the Volvoverse, highlighting the first solar energy-based car, the Volvo XC 40 Recharge.


The well-known automobile company Nissan has driven into the metaverse with the involvement of visible AR to the I2V invisible concept. This concept analyzes the real and virtual world elements mixed with each other to create a breathtaking experience for drivers and passengers in 2019. This system involves creating a smart screen that is capable of highlighting obstacles inside the vehicle for driver safety and the comfort of the passengers.

The splendidly smart systems can highlight individuals in the car or pedestals in virtual avatars. Nissan is aiming to be completely technology-driven from 2025.

Leadership in Automotive Showroom Metaverse Development

Our metaverse development team employs the best tech stack for metaverse platform development to take your business a step ahead of your competitors.

Creating Your Virtual Automotive Showroom

Many massive car production companies like Toyota, Mercedes, and BMW are moving toward the virtual world after creating their virtual showrooms. Virtual showrooms are a plus point for car companies nowadays as the potential drivers can take a 3D, virtual tour of the actual real-world showroom via the virtual one. They can also view the products from all angles to better understand the car and its mechanical parts.

If car business owners create their virtual platforms in the metaverse, the options of virtual test drives using the VR headset will benefit these businesses. Many car companies have started practicing it. But what is required is the creation of separate metaverses that act like a gamified metaverse for an overall immersive experience for the buyers. This will provide a unique yet real-world-like experience and increase customer traffic to your virtual and physical showrooms.

Options for customizations and pre-booking of the automobile in the virtual platform can benefit the car business people to have a higher reach. This can also be useful as their virtual platform can be accessed anywhere in the world and not just limited to a city.

With the capable team of Metaverse Developers at Suffescom Solutions Inc., your car business will cruise and turn heads in the metaverse, for sure. We are not just potential talkers but active doers, with national and international media like Hindustan Times and Business Insider’s positive recognition.

Choosing Suffescom

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We have the utmost respect for our clients, and they are always entertained on a priority basis. We are all set to equip your business with the best technical innovations before entering the Metaverse.

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It's time for your business to glide towards the kingdom of the Metaverse and skyrocket your revenue histogram charts. It's pretty adamant that the metaverse will enable your car business to drift successfully on its virtual platforms while reaching millions of customers globally.

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