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Design, develop and deploy crypto exchange platforms like Bitfinex with advanced features, smooth user interface, and multi-currency support. With margin funding, trading, API integration, and security features, launch a crypto exchange platform like Bitfinex with our clone script solutions. Get in touch with Suffescom, the top Bitfinex clone app development company, and enter the crypto market with us today.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange: Remarkable Stats

  • 3 Billion+

    Registered Users

  • 946.4K+

    Site Visits

  • $124.64M+

    Trading Volume

  • 500K+


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How Does Bifinex Clone App Work?

Provide crypto investors and traders with a secure and reliable crypto exchange platform like BitFinex with multiple trading modules, order types, customizable interface, and crypto wallets. Our Bitfinex clone script replicates the core features and functionality of the popular BitFinex crypto exchange. We add advanced features to the platform to make it stand out and boost your business growth. Launch a futuristic and scalable crypto exchange platform with us today.

Build And Launch Your Own Bitfinex Like Crypto Exchange Platform

Our white label Bitfinex clone solutions are packed with next-gen features, stunning design, Appealing UI/UX elements and customizable interfaces. Get in touch with us today.

White Label Bitfinex Clone Script: Features And Functionalities

Several features of Bitfinex make it a popular crypto exchange platform among investors and traders. Explore what our white label crypto exchange solutions bring to the table to build a powerful platform like Bitfinex.

  • Web3 Game Top-Notch Security icon

    P2P Trading

    From Litecoin and EOS to Ethereum and NEO, any digital asset and currency can be easily exchanged with your peers.

  • Web3 Old Game Integration icon

    Customizable Interface

    Choose themes, set up notifications or compose a layout, and organize the workspace per preferences and requirements.

  • Web3 Game Unmatched Transparency icon

    Margin Funding

    Traders can leverage borrowed funds to bet or buy cryptocurrency at various rates and periods and generate yield.

  • Web3 Game Smart Contract icon

    Mardin Trading

    Access to the peer-to-peer lending market and meet the shortfall of funds to continue betting, trading, and buying crypto.

  • Web3 Play To Earn Game icon


    With deposited digital tokens for staking, the platform automatically deposits staking rewards into the user’s account.

  • Web3 Game Decentralized Platform icon

    Order Types

    Automatically create multiple orders instead of entering them manually, allowing to focus on strategy and saving time.

  • Web3 Game Verified Transactions icon


    Trade derivative products with a derivative wallet with USDt0 and digital tokens accessible by converting USDt.

  • Web3 Game Payment Options icon

    Paper Trading

    Test strategies without depositing real funds in a simulated market environment, allowing to master crypto trading.

  • Web3 Game Ownership of Assets icon

    Bitfinex Honey

    Gain an edge over trading peers with algorithmic orders created by Bifinex, or craft your own with Honey libraries.

Advanced Features We Add To Your Bitfinex Clone App

With white label features, we add advanced and customized features to Bitfinex like crypto exchange platform, to make your platform stand out from others in the market.

  • Attractive Game Features icon
    150+ Cryptocurrency Support

    Buy, sell, or trade more than 150 cryptocurrencies within the platform with ease, ensuring the liquidity of digital assets.

  • Quick Payment Options icon
    Payment Gateway

    We integrate multiple payment gateways to the platform to ease the transaction process of fiat and cryptocurrencies.

  • Reward Management icon
    Advanced Charting Tools

    Visualize orders, price alerts and perform in-depth market analysis to make informed trading decisions and strategies.

  • End-To-End Security icon
    Wallet Integration

    Be in Metamask, Ethereum Wallet, or Coinbase, and add any crypto wallet to your platform. Or develop a crypto wallet from scratch as per your requirements.

  • Decentralized icon
    User-Friendly Interface

    Easy-to-navigate features and visually appealing interface to buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies on the platform without any difficulties.

  • Transparency icon
    Multilingual Support

    Grow your audience base by providing an exchange platform in multiple languages for them to understand the platform's workflows easily.

Security Features Of Our Bitfinex Clone Script

In our Bitfinex clone script solutions, we add advanced security features and measures to make the platform reliable and secure from hackers.

  • Remote Web3 Developers

    Jail Login

    Prevent multiple failed login attempts and block the user from trying to log in for security concerns.

  • Remote Web3 Game Developers

    Data Encryption

    Prevent hackers from accessing users’ data, reduce fraud, making it safer to buy, trade, or sell crypto.

  • Offshore Web3 Developers

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Verify the identity of the users with two steps to ensure there is no attacker trying to hack the platform.

  • Dedicated Web3 Developers


    Protect the crypto exchange platform from overflowing traffic originating from multiple sources.

  • Hire Experienced Web3 Developers

    Server-Side Request Forgery Protection

    This security feature protects your internal system from vulnerability attacks from any server.

  • Web3 Developers

    HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection

    Prevents attackers who try to retrieve data for web attacks by crafting HTTP requests on the platform.

Whitelabel Bitfinex Clone App: Revenue Models

Developing a Bitfinex clone app is a million-dollar idea for business owners. It opens up multiple revenue generation streams and brings huge ROIs. Explore how owners can earn in millions with the Bitfinex app.

  • man with laptop black and white icon
    Transaction Fees

    For each withdrawal or exchange of cryptocurrency or fiat currency within the platform, users have to pay a predefined fee to the platform.

  • Business Adviser Team black and white icon
    Listing Fees

    Charge a specific fee for listing new cryptocurrencies on IEO on the platform. On average, exchanges charge 10 BTC- 50BTC per listing.

  • Market Research black and white icon
    Margin Trading

    Provide margin trading services, enabling users to trade and exchange with borrowed funds and earn interest on the borrowed amount.

  • Growth black and white icon

    Create an ad space for sellers to display their product advertisements on your platform. Earn profit on every click on the advertisement.

Upscale Crypto Business Growth With Customized Bitfinex Clone App Solutions

Join hands with us and venture into the crypto market with our high-end Bitfinex clone script. Leverage our expertise and build a customzied, secure and reliable crypto exchange platform.

Choose Suffescom For Bitfinex Clone App Development

As a pioneer in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, we specialize in developing robust, scalable and innovative Bitfinex clone platforms. Explore why we are the best technology partner for your next project.

  • Secure Crypto Exchange

    With our expertise in the latest technologies, we develop highly secured and reliable crypto exchanges.

  • On-Time Delivery

    We deliver crypto exchange solutions on time, as discussed, without compromising any quality.

  • In-House Expert Team

    We are a team of developers, marketers, analysts, managers and testers who ensure seamless delivery.

  • Cost-Effective

    We provide cost-effective solutions that fit our client's budgets. We do not charge extra and hidden fees.

  • Quick Launch

    Launch your crypto exchange platform within a few days with our white label crypto exchange solutions.

  • Quality Services

    We focus on the quality of our services so that our clients come back to us for their future development projects.

FAQs Related To Bitfinex Clone App Development

Top-rated Bitfinex clone app development-related questions we have been asked countless times.

  • How much does it cost to develop a Bitfinex clone app?

    On average, developing a Bitfinex clone app ranges between $10,000 - $50,000. Rest, it depends on the complexity of your project. Consult our experts to know the exact cost.

    How can I make money with Bitfinex clone script?

    Bitfinex clone app involves multiple revenue streams such as transaction fees, trading fees, advertisements and in-app purchases.

  • Why choose Suffescom’s Bitfinex clone script solutions?

    Our Bitfinex clone is equipped with advanced features and functionalities. We can build your crypto exchange platform as per your needs, requirements and budget.

    How long does it take to build a Bitfinex clone app?

    On average, it can take 10-15 days to build a Bitfinex clone app. To know the exact time of developing your Bitfinex platform, consult our experts today.

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