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Develop the safest cryptocurrency exchange promoting worry-free trading with KuCoin clone script. KuCoin clone is embedded with top-notch features and attributes. Suffescom, the leading cryptocurrency exchange software development company, will help you develop a KuCoin clone app to perform trading anytime, anywhere, without any interruption.

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How Does KuCoin Clone App Work?

Develop a KuCoin like crypto exchange that provides a smooth flow of digital currencies globally with a feature-rich design, high-level security, advanced trading engine, analytics, etc. Popularly known as ‘people’s exchange”, it is fully supported by a P2P exchange and carries out transactions through credit and debit cards. With over 20 million users across 200+ countries, the KuCoin clone app has facilitated a $1.32 Billion trading volume to date. Launch the next-gen and futuristic cryptocurrency exchange platform with us today.

KuCoin Clone Script Features We Offer

Our KuCoin clone script exhibits innovative and dynamic features that make it highly admired and in demand among crypto enthusiasts. We develop an intuitive platform that successfully entices crypto traders, investors, and end-users.

  • Web3 Game Top-Notch Security icon

    Spot Trading

    Allows traders to purchase cryptocurrencies and hold them up until their value increases and also settles the transactions on the spot.

  • Web3 Old Game Integration icon

    Crypto Derivatives

    Enables the crypto exchange owners to reach out to the ancillary investors and provides seamless access to the crypto markets.

  • Web3 Game Unmatched Transparency icon

    Crypto Trading Bots

    KuCoin like crypto exchange, comes with automated software tools and computer programs that perfectly manage the trading of cryptocurrencies.

  • Web3 Game Smart Contract icon

    Margin Trading

    KuCoin clone allows investors to make use of borrowed funds while betting on the constantly fluctuating cryptocurrency coin.

  • Web3 Play To Earn Game icon

    KuCoin Earn

    KuCoin Earn massively supports 50+ assets allowing businesses to earn steady income via staking, savings, and flexible/fixed staking promotion.

  • Web3 Game Decentralized Platform icon

    Hallo Wallet

    Hallo Wallet possesses smart wallet tracking that includes on-chain wallet activities and a customer-friendly social feed.

  • Web3 Game Verified Transactions icon

    Buy Crypto

    The Buy Crypto feature allows quick purchase of cryptocurrencies in just one click through the payment gateway of your choice.

  • Web3 Game Payment Options icon

    Advanced Analytics

    Business owners are provided with the apt information on various key metrics with appealing graphics representing sales and profits.

  • Web3 Game Ownership of Assets icon

    Currency Converter

    Quickly checks price data in real-time by converting cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH to fiat ones like USD, RUB, etc.

Want To Know The Development Cost Of Our KuCoin Clone App?

Take a free consultation from our experts and have a discussion related to your clone app requirements. Schedule a consultation with our team, and get an ultimate cost breakdown for the KuCoin clone app.

KuCoin Clone: Add-on Feature Sets

KuCoin clone has several additional features, like modern charting tools, contemporary analysis indicators, performance trackers, etc., that attract businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide. Integrate the features you want to upscale your app for your customers.

  • Attractive Game Features icon

    P2P Merchant App

    The app gives the KuCoin P2P merchants permission for Ad posting with 24*7 exclusive technical assistance, certain trading privileges and no additional fees.

  • Quick Payment Options icon

    Proof of Reserves

    PoR authenticates the assets' custody on the decentralized platform and guarantees the 1:1 on-chain reserves on every user's asset, promoting transparency.

  • Reward Management icon

    Bug Bounty

    To provide top security with incentives related to vulnerability analysis, a bug bounty program acts as a reward mechanism for the security researchers.

  • End-To-End Security icon

    Futures Trading

    With futures trading, traders have the freedom to set futures contracts. Thereby, increasing market exposure and access to secondary market products.

  • Decentralized icon

    High-Level Security

    Our KuCoin clone script is secured with advanced security features such as CSRF Protection, DDoS mitigation systems, Jail-Login, SSRF Protection, etc.

  • Transparency icon

    Windvane NFT Marketplace

    Powered by KuCoin, this low-fee NFT marketplace supports all kinds of NFT minting via its NFT launchpad program with a user-friendly interface.

  • End-To-End Security icon

    Social Trading

    The social trading feature allows new traders to interact and learn from avid investors and like, share or comment on useful information.

  • Decentralized icon

    Multi Payment Options

    Increase accessibility of the KuCoin clone app by allowing payments with multiple tokens, such as ETH, BTC, DOGE, SOL, USDC, USDT and more.

  • Transparency icon

    Multi Platform Support

    KuCoin clone application is designed to be compatible with the popular operating systems i.e iOS and all versions of the Android.

Top Benefits Of Our KuCoin Like Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Our KuCoin clone script is a highly customizable ready-made software script that provides amazing business benefits through several discounts and incentives. With the updated tech stacks, smooth crypto transactions save both time and money.

  • Remote Web3 Developers

    Affordable Entry Costs

    Our KuCoin clone offers diverse investment and trading alternatives for as less as $1. With spot, margin, and futures trading, the entry-level costs are extremely affordable.

  • Remote Web3 Game Developers

    Revenue Generation

    A cryptocurrency exchange like KuCoin provides a stable revenue stream via different channels such as token listing fees, borrowing services, trading fees, margin trading, etc.

  • Offshore Web3 Developers

    Incentive Programs

    Market-making incentive programs allow monthly rewards of up to 30,000 KCS to the professional liquidity providers based on top performance and quick market access.

  • Dedicated Web3 Developers

    Sturdy Account Security

    Keeps your account safe and crypto assets secure by implementing top-tier security protocols and solid security practices to provide protection against fraudulent activities.

  • Hire Experienced Web3 Developers

    Wallet Integration

    With the integration of wallets, the platform owners can conveniently document and record transactions and handle all payment-related operations without any hassle.

  • Web3 Developers


    Our KuCoin clone script encompasses an ICO and IEO launchpad offering unparalleled launching services to the crypto businesses and earning huge listing fees on the exchange.

Revenue Model Of Our KuCoin Clone

Gear yourself to view the top revenue models of our developed KuCoin Clone.

  • man with laptop black and white icon
    Trading Fees

    KuCoin clone generates most of its revenue from trading fees by charging a $0.5% trading cryptocurrency fee and $0.1% spot trading.

  • Business Adviser Team black and white icon
    Paid Subscriptions

    To get access to certain exclusive features and functionalities of our KuCoin clone app, a certain amount is charged on a monthly and yearly basis.

  • Market Research black and white icon
    Holding Fees

    Users are charged with significant holding fees like holding 6KCS will provide a daily KCS bonus of 50% of KuCoin's everyday revenue.

  • Growth black and white icon
    Spot Trading

    The most popular feature charges a fixed fee of 0.1% for every spot trade from the users to make huge money and scalable profits and returns.

  • Growth black and white icon
    Withdrawal Fee

    The platform charges a certain withdrawal fee depending upon the crypto token market to lets users withdraw cryptocurrency from the exchange platform.

  • Growth black and white icon
    Affiliate Program

    An affiliate program allows users to earn a 60% commission and, in turn, helps platform owners increase traffic leading to boosted sales.

  • Growth black and white icon
    Referral System

    The referral system enables users to invite their friends to earn 1,000 USDT which in turn attracts more users to the crypto exchange platform.

  • Growth black and white icon
    Reward Hub

    Incentivize user engagement with rewards, such as new user (3200 USDT), first deposit (upto 400 USDT) and on first trade, earn up to 1400 USDT.

  • Growth black and white icon
    Whistleblower Contact

    Fetch users through whistleblowing, where rewards are offered when users inform about theft, bribe and other fraud activities on the platform.

Boost Your Sales And Upgrade Your Business With Our KuCoin Clone App

Upscale your business growth and drive massive profit with our unique KuCoin clone app. Our talented team of experts will help you with the development process and build an error-free application.

Hire Suffescom As Your KuCoin Like Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Partner!

Our tech specialists at Suffescom will help you design and develop a customer-friendly KuCoin clone app embedded with matchless attributes. Utilize our KuCoin clone script to build an exceptionally unique KuCoin app that will exceed your expectations.

  • Trusted Platform

    We develop an immensely secure, foolproof platform with the foremost security elements that ensure swift detection against any cyber attack.

  • Blockchain Services

    Our KuCoin clone app is integrated with custom blockchain software development solutions to ensure amplified transparency and security.

  • 24*7 Availability

    We provide 24/7 technical assistance to our clients in case they face any issues and queries pertaining to the KuCoin clone.

  • Quick Launch

    Our ready-made KuCoin clone script has pre-built features and plugins, making the whole development process quick and easy.

  • Skilled Professionals

    Our development team has top experts that are well-versed in advanced technologies, coding techniques, the latest frameworks, etc.

  • Transparent Pricing Policy

    We follow a transparent pricing policy where our experts quote an exact amount before and after the project completion to avoid confusion.

FAQs Related To KuCoin Like Crypto Exchange

Here are some frequently asked questions based on KuCoin clone app development.

  • Which is the safest cryptocurrency exchange?

    KuCoin is the safest and most trustworthy trading platform.

    How much does it cost to develop a KuCoin clone app?

    The Wise clone app development cost ranges between $10,000 and $80,000. Gain insights from our experts for a more precise cost evaluation.

  • How long does it take to develop a KuCoin clone app?

    KuCoin clone app development takes approx. 2-5 weeks, depending upon the level of customization.

    How can I develop a KuCoin clone app?

    Suffescom’s team of skilled experts will help you develop a KuCoin clone app fully integrated with terrific features.

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